‘It’s not about money; it’s about freedom of speech’: Glenn responds to Duck Dynasty controversy

A&E has placed Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson on indefinite hiatus because of candid comments he made about homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine. Robertson offered honest – and crass – insight into his views on homosexuality in an interview that appears in the January issue of GQ.

“I want to start with Duck Dynasty and what happened with Duck Dynasty. It is one of the most incredible stories I have heard,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now and I don’t know what the Robertsons are going to do. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t imagine that A&E is going to cancel that thing, but if they do, I want to make it very clear to the Robertsons: If they fire you, TheBlaze would love to be in business with you. And it’s not about money. It’s about freedom of speech. You know, I said this with Paula Deen. I didn’t agree with what Paula Deen said by any stretch of the imagination, but you don’t destroy people like that. We’re not those people.”

In the interview, Robertson crassly explains why he personally does not understand homosexually, but he also clarifies that he does judge anyone because “that’s the Almighty’s job.”

Feeling the pressure of LGBT groups like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign, A&E decided to suspend the reality star from the show he stars in with his family. In a statement, A&E said:

“We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

Robertson released his own statement prior to the news of his hiatus:

“I myself am a product of the ’60s; I centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the Bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

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While Glenn did not necessarily agree with Robertson’s choice of words, he unfailingly defended his right to speak his mind. Glenn offered the Robertson family a bit of advice that might go against traditional counsel but would certainly force A&E to make a decision:

Now, if I am in the Robertson family, I sit down with my family and say, “Is this the way we’re going to let him be treated? Is this who we are? We’re just going to be quiet because he has an opinion about the scriptures? Well, I got news for ya. I don’t care.”


So what you do is you call up GQ and say, you know what? The whole family wants to do an interview. Whole family. GQ will… invent the teleporter to be able to be there within five minutes. And they will have the cameras and they will have all the best writers. And you say, “Look, this is going to be a really short interview. We agree with Phil.”… And you say exactly what Phil said.

And then I guess A&E has to make a decision: Gee, are we going to make a stand because all A&E cares about… is the cash. And this is the biggest cash cow they have ever had. So do you think they’re going to cut you loose? Answer: Yep. Yes, they will because they have already caved once, they will now have to cave every time after.

You should be giving interview after interview… You all memorize the exact words that Phil said and that’s the only way you answer every question… No matter what they ask you, you only answer that way. And you force A&E to make a decision. And you will either be out, or you will be the most powerful people the country has ever seen on television. You already have all of the juice you’re ever gonna get. It’s never going to get more powerful than this – unless you take a stand.

And if you take a stand and they fire you, TheBlaze will… be on the phone… We’d like you at TheBlaze. We’re not ashamed. We won’t fold. We have people of diverse opinion here. There are people here that are godly and atheist. There are people here that are liberal and very conservative. There are straight people. There are gay people. There are white people. There are black people. They all have an opinion, and they’re all welcome at TheBlaze.

Duck Dynasty, we would be proud to have you. May I suggest: Make your stand. You will never have a better chance. And quite honestly, you’re our best shot as people. If we don’t get people to wake up to the fact that this is fascism, that we are not allowed to have another opinion. If we don’t get them to make up now, they’re never going to wake up, and you’re our best shot. Diversity of thought.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone stop and think for a moment that what Phil Robertson said just may be right?

    How many people are going to embrace the permissive, left-wing narrative and not even contemplate (or even read) Mr. Robertson’s words? Basically put: Mr. Robertson warns that there are consequences for actions and he makes it clear that he cannot administer the consequences.

    The permissive agenda has no tolerance for anyone who questions or criticizes their behavior. We all have behaviors — it does not mean that we should necessarily embrace them. Can a person with good behaviors embrace the bad? Yes. Can a person with bad behaviors embrace the good? Yes. The permissive agenda has toiled mightily to blur and distort what is good behavior, bad behavior and personal responsibility thus opening the doors for whatever the permissive agenda desires.

    There are individual court cases around the world taking place in an attempt to create and redefine what humans are and what humans will permit. The unthinkable is now thinkable, embraced by a few (for now) and those few people demand permission and complicity from everyone.

    Do not give the impression that we have any authority to grant it to them.

    • Kathy Creager Cash

      I don’t particularly agree with Phil’s characterization of homosexuality, but he had every right to state an opinion… which he clearly said it was his opinion only.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly, the words were a bit crude/coarse/stark and could have been expressed differently for different sensibilities — different sensibilities that would like to dismiss or lessen the seriousness of the discussed topic, perhaps?

        • Kathy Creager Cash

          I don’t disagree with you at all. Too many people want to block much needed discussion by getting outraged by people’s honest opinion. That stops all progress.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. For them, another way to progress is not up for opinion.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t agree with you. Phil’s words were a bit graphic, but they were not crude/coarse/stark. On the other hand the word of GLAAD were crude/rude and offensive!

          • bumpkin

            Here’s A&E’s feedback email address:


            Tell them how you feel about their attack on our Constitution. I just did.

          • Anonymous

            I agree Mr. Roberton’s words were graphic and that doesn’t make them any less true.

          • defiant1

            Mr. Robinson used the correct name of the body parts which all males and/or females have. I do not find them either crude or graphic, they are the correct names for the body parts. We are not used to hearing these words unless they are in the comedic genre, a play etc. Apparently this interview was not a lighthearted comedic interview but a serious one. Hence the distress over his “words”. He answered the question as I would have expected Mr. Robinson, after all he is a good-ole country boy who happened grow up to create a successful business after being a rough and tumble young man. I admire the family’s strength, ingenuity and personal standards.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t find it objectionable either! but there are those that do. The point I was making was that GLAAD’s opinion was most offensive!

          • Kevin

            WELL SAID. My hat is off. Even an old atheist like me appreciates a family that loves and respects each other.

      • Anonymous

        And A&E has every right to terminate his contract if they want to. Freedom of speech is freedom from government persecution, not protecting us in the work field.

        • El_Conquistador_de_la_Cadena

          Then a bakery run and owned by Christians should have the right to refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. It cuts both ways, but you liberals only want things when they work in your favor and not the other way around.
          The fact is that he was asked a question and he answered it honestly. When is Obama going to be honest about Benghazi or ObamaCare or Fast and Furious…

          • Kris

            Umm… if I’m not mistaken Hobby Lobby is in a lawsuit about not providing insurance that covers birth control. Doesn’t A&E have rights? I see it this way, I went to a private school, I signed a piece of paper that said I would not say anything on the internet that would make my school look bad. This is a business thing, not a “right”. I didn’t have rights when I was forced to take down a picture from Myspace of me in a spaghetti strapped dress because it went against the schools dress code. How is this any different? I was hired on at Victorias Secret, I had to do the same thing, I had to sign a piece of paper saying I wouldn’t act in a way that would reflect badly on the company, thats just business. A&E has every right to do what they want just like any other company in America.

          • Anonymous

            As I see it he did not say anything against A&E, he just stated his Christian opinion on things which are not compatible with his believes.

          • Cathy

            Phil’s personal opinion has NOTHING to do with A&E. He told them it was his personal opinion when he answered the question. The school I went to had a dress code too. We weren’t allowed to put tasteless things up. But, if we were asked a question and we answered it. We weren’t expelled for our answer either. Which is basically what A&E did to Phil. They didn’t like his answer. In college one of my professors was also a minister. A lot of times we would have discussions and I would disagree with him. He never had me expelled because I didn’t think the same way he did. He praised me for thinking for myself and seeking out different points of view. A&E DID NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DO WHAT THEY DID JUST BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T AGREE WITH PHIL. Regardless, what anyone thought.

          • Nina Barber

            Whereas I think A&E was wrong and made a stupid decision they did have the right. Just as Phil had his rights.

          • Watch it

            Not necessarily – it depends on what was in his contract.

          • Kathy Smith

            That;s what I was thinking. They asked a question. Was he supposed to lie to please them and make them look good or answer the question honestly as he did. Kathy

          • Watch it

            He didn’t compromise himself just to be politically correct, and that is something to be respected.

          • Anonymous

            Yep and watch what happens to A&E’s popularity.

            WHAT THEY DID WHEN PEOPLE HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD IT WITH THE DAMNED QUEERS AND THEIR TENDER SENSITIVITIES. Yeah I’m going to FIRE anyone that supports the oxymoron of same sex marriage.

            You say it’s a business thing?? Why did that bed and breakfast get fined for refusing to allow a Gay couple to stay there as husband and,, I dunno,, his butt lover.

            That was purely a business decision. Why did the Mayor of Chicago start erecting all kinds of red tape for Chick Fil-A when they were expanding there merely because the CEO of the franchise had the common sense to know Marriage is impossible for tow of the same sex.

          • Jerry G

            Number one – You’re an idiot and here’s why:
            Number two – The bed and breakfast owners were fined because THEY BROKE THE LAW. It wasn’t just “a business decision”.
            Number three – It wasn’t the Mayor of Chicago who tried to block Chk-fil-a, it was Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno.
            Number four – You’re an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            Jerry, I assume that you are a college freshman and still in a developmental stage. Therefore, let me offer you some advice: name calling tells us more about you than about your target. It is a very ineffective way of making your argument.

          • Karen LaPerch

            Number 5 your mean. Kent has a right to his thoughts in how he sees it!

          • Anonymous

            Wow Jerry! Where’d that anger come from? Perhaps the B&B did break the law; not such a moral law in my opinion. Rosa Parks did the same once, broke a law, and went to jail for it. I admired that too. I credit her for jump-starting the whole MLK Jr. movement, again, my opinion. While I’m giving opinions, which I believe I’m allowed to do, I think A&E was violating the Robertson’s rights by putting such clauses in their contracts. I am not a Duck Dynasty fan, because I don’t do cable or satellite. I wrote A&E an email asking to fire that family for having the nerve to give an opinion when asked, a very truthful opinion, as I see it, and not meant to do anyone harm. If A&E lets them go, maybe I’ll be able to watch them on The Blaze. We can hope.

          • Kenneth

            Jerry, the bed and breakfast people only broke your INTERPRETATION of MAN’S LAW, they, just like every other Bible believing Christian, chose to obey GOD before MAN. Doing what is right in God’s eyes has NEVER been popular with pagans who hate God, and it never will. Mankind as a whole is in constant HOSTILE opposition to GOD, and has been since the beginning. When our government passes laws that make it illegal to call homosexuality SIN, they are declaring that they are GOD”S enemies. So it makes PERFECT SENSE that people that follow God and His word will ALWAYS choose HIS definition of right and wrong over the GOD haters of this world, including people in our government.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            who’s the idiot?…

          • Anonymous

            AMEN !

          • Lee

            You’re probably a liberal posing as a conservative, that or you have a limited ability to converse and should avoid commenting. Your comments are not a shining example. AS a Christian I must commit myself to hate the sin and love the sinner, because we are all sinners. Your comment just gives ammunition to those who would try to label us all as bigots.

          • Anonymous

            If Phil signed a statement that he would not say anything that would harm A & E – how in the world did his statements harm A & E? The watching audience of Duck Dynasty is very largely in full agreement with Phil’s moral views.

          • Kevin

            A&E had to know this was going to happen! They just rode it as long as they could. Good for them, but this will hurt them in the end, IF like minded people stop watching the channel. Vote with your feet, send them an email. Send the country a message that conservative family values have NOT been lost.

          • Anonymous

            Been doing that all day, Emailed their sponsors too .

          • Skip Knittle

            Kris, you are right, this isn’t about “rights”, it’s about fairness. No one (who understands the issue) is saying that A&E doesn’t have the right to fire Phil, and no one is saying that Phil doesn’t have the right to say what he believes. The issue is a matter of “equality” (to steal a phrase), that people are free to express their opinion no matter if someone finds it offensive or not. I don’t like the TV shows that have gay fashion designers or gay chef wannabe’s. I don’t protest and threaten to boycott those networks or their advertisers, I simply don’t watch the show. Evidently A&E doesn’t understand that concept.

          • Anonymous

            thats what liberals do.

          • Anonymous

            IF Phil signed a contract with A&E saying that he would never say anything that was politically incorrect, then you might have a point, but since the Duck Dynasty is nothing but one big politically incorrect show, I don’t see where they have a case to fire him…and apparently they don’t either, since they suspended him rather than firing him.

          • Watch it

            Remember All in the Family with Archie Bunker? If PC was applied, the show would have been banned after the first episode!

          • bumpkin

            IF he was under contract to not say specific things at the time of his comment, or on their payroll at the time he made his comment, I can see them taking opposition as per the company’s owner’s expectations. I cannot see them taking away his employment on a first offense. I certainly cannot see them attacking him if he wasn’t on A&E’s dime at the moment of his comment. If he had claimed that he was voicing the opinion of A&E, which he did NOT do I can see him getting fired. If he was gay and was promiscuously yapping about having sex with other men, they would have laughed and nothing else! Thus,. A&E is nothing more than prejudiced against straight people for voicing THAT side pf the opinion. WHY? Because of the gay money. Period. IF gays did not offer them income, they wouldn’t have said a peep.

          • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

            You are mixing entitlement mentality with subjective
            evaluation of somebody’s opinion. Reality show obliges
            A&E to be in touch with diversity of real people’s opinions.
            Acting offended is a phony posturing in this case.
            Cookie cutter requirements make them look like an
            advertising agency for LBGT lifestyles. Wouldn’t straight
            people be possibly offended by this one sidedness ?

          • MeanieHead

            Apparently, you slept through History class. We have a Civil Rights Act of 1964. Read it before you make yourself appear to be less intelligent than your post already makes you appear.

          • Anonymous

            You hit the nail on the head. Honesty is not valued anymore since the Left and Progressives took over our way of life.

          • Jerry G

            Wrong. And you should check your facts before you make a comment. The bakery in question does NOT have the right to refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian couple when it breaks the law. Which they did. Their decision clearly violated Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws.
            And you bet he answered the questions honestly. He equated homosexuality with bestiality and spoke about “blacks singing in the fields like Gone With The Wind”. He’s an honest bigot. THAT’S why he was suspended. I defend to the death his right to free-speech but not when those comments are clearly offensive to two groups of people.

          • Chris Klinert

            You need to get your quotes correct about black people…you are so far off base you are doing a disservice to yourself for reporting this crap.

          • Anonymous

            Oh Really, Can you quote me the “law” that says I can’t refuse to serve a customer in MY establishment ???

          • Skip Knittle

            “I defend to the death his right to free-speech but not when those comments are clearly offensive to two groups of people.”
            Are you serious? Evidently you are only going to “defend to the death…” as long as his views are the same as yours. How in the world is that considered free-speech? Here’s a clue Sherlock…it isn’t!

          • Kathy Smith

            So your saying 2 groups of people were offended, what about the Christians that are offended when they try and take Christ out of Christmas, (it is his birthday we are celebrating after all), or ridiculed when we pray in public before a meal or the other many thing that they say against us. Think about it

          • Anonymous

            Did you not even read what he said? Or do you just spew what you are told to spew? He did NOT equate bestiality with homosexuality. Robertson was asked what he considered sinful and he responded, “homosexuality and then morph on out from there to bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men” He in no way equated bestiality to homosexuality, he simply listed it as one of the things he considers a sin. And when he was talking about blacks singing in the fields like Gone with the Wind, he was talking about the time HE was in those same fields, singing along and doing the exact same work that those blacks were doing! Yes, there have been white people working in the fields right beside blacks for a LONG, long time…I even pulled tobacco when I was young in order to help put food on our table after my father died!
            What you are refusing to defend is someone’s opinion, someone’s REAL life story…and no one should have to guard their life’s story against the political correction crowd! We either have the freedom to speak our mind, even when others disagree with us, or we have no freedom of speech at all!

          • Karen LaPerch

            What!? He has a right period! Freedom of speech is for everyone not state to state.
            Oh and it’s not a black and white thing either.

          • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

            Someone deeming it to be offensive is not a criteria making
            the objection universally right. No judgment is going to
            declare subjective offensiveness to rule, without
            muzzling the freedom of speech. Can’t have it both ways.
            Which one is more important to you determines what kind
            of bigot you can call yourself from now on.

          • Watch it

            So, you defend free speech, but only when it is to everyone’s likings. God forbid someone might express something that offends someone else’s tender sensibilities.

          • Anonymous

            he’s just a panzyass

          • Anonymous


          • Guest

            Jerry G, “I defend to the death his right to free-speech but not when those comments are clearly offensive to two groups of people.”

            Free-speech is free speech, whether it is offensive or not. The Constitution provides us with the right to say what we like, no matter WHO it offends. You cannot say you defend free-speech except…. That is the point of free speech. You need to look at some landmark cases like National Socialist Party v. Skokie (1977) and Snyder v. Phelps (2011). The 1st Amendment protects ALL speech, not just polite speech!

          • Dwight

            So Jerry G.has no problem as long as it’s the law? Take a good look folks. This is the kind of person that supported Hitler. Though there was no direct law for killing, he implemented various laws along the way (like Jerry espouses) stripping the Jews of their rights until it was not questioned that he had (though self-appointed) the authority to impose death to the Jews. One day Jerry will understand that man-made laws cannot supercede God’s laws. Until then, teach your children well so they don’t grow up to be another uninformed non-thinking follower of evil like Jerry.

          • El_Conquistador_de_la_Cadena

            And that law breaks a persons right to freedom of religion

          • Anonymous

            Should a bakery owner also have the right to refuse to serve Black Patrons too ? it’s no different

          • El_Conquistador_de_la_Cadena

            It is different. You are trying to justify someone’s choice (and sin) with how someone is born – color. If you are saying people are born gay where is the proff? The Bible say no and if a person is of the Christian faith that is their belief. Do not try to force diviant behaivior down everyones throat. Thsi attack on Phil is a witch hunt. He has his rights and so sdo the owners of that Bakery.

          • El_Conquistador_de_la_Cadena

            It is different. You are trying to justify someone’s choice (and sin) with how someone is born – color. If you are saying people are born gay where is the proof? The Bible say no and if a person is of the Christian faith that is their belief. Do not try to force diviant behaivior down everyones throat. This attack on Phil is a witch hunt. He has his rights and so do the owners of that Bakery.

        • Anonymous

          Phil didn’t speak his mind on Duck Dynasty, and he didn’t say what he did as A&Es representative. Phil spoke as an individual and he was speaking as a Christian. The bible does say homosexuality IS a sin; and that is what Phil said.
          Freedom to silently believe in a differnt opinion isn’t freedom! Gay’s do not shy away from speaking their opinion! AND… when they speak their opinion, if you dare to complain, they tell you its their right. Well its everyones right!
          I hope Phil and family leaves A&E, I hope they take Beck up on his offer! If A&E dates to go to court, I believe the Robertson’s will win. After all, its the Duck Dynasty reality show, a show about bible believing Christians. Which A&E was fully aware of when they signed them up..

          • Anonymous

            Someone tell me if it’s possible that A&E signed Duck Dynasty up thinking that they would come off like “Bible thumpin,” “gun totin,” “right-wing religious fanatics.” A show that Liberals could sit around and laugh at, calling them the stereotypical right-wing conservative. What they didn’t count on was that this family in many good way represents millions of good people here in this country, and perhaps abroad. Do you really think the executives at A&E thought this show would be such a hit. And who makes it a hit? The millions of people they are offending by taking such actions against Phil. How many liberal progressives do you think sit around and watch the show? Again, I only know the show through friends and having watch a couple of episodes with a friend. Put the show on The Blaze and I will watch if every week. Another idea, Netflix can pick it up as an original, and show it weekly. they need the help right now, or soon it sounds.

          • Anonymous

            a&e was wanting to use them to show the world outside of the US, what rednecks Americans were…they try to paint us as unlearned rednecks and thats what they were trying to do with them, but it backfired on their azz’s. The Rest of the world thinks Americans are rednecks and a&e was using them as such… But I am so glad it backfired on them and now it shows that we still stand for somethings…The media will always try to put American shows as stupid as they can make them, just for show to the rest of the world.

        • April Leach

          actually in the workplace the law protects freedom from discrimination from several things-two of which are sex and religion. clearly A&E is violating the law by terminating his position according to the law-if the Robertsons chose to take this to court they will win

        • Mike Catron

          Just as the Robertson’s have every right to terminate every contract they have w/A&E… I’m sure their lawyers made sure of protecting syndication and etc…. I have a bet….A&E pounds sand.

          • Mike Catron

            I’m w/El_Con… below…

        • Anonymous

          Sure they have the right,and I have the right to NEVER tune in to A&E ever again. Firing a man because of his religious convictions and his drop dead common sense answer he gave, tells me what kind of intolerant morons A&E seems to be all about. Ya know they should have told this guy,, that anything that might offend the poor homosexuals,, will get you fired or QUIT ASKING THE QUESTION!

          Unless of course, that was the reason it was asked. Something like that little bitch perez hilton likes to do is ask Christians a question everyone knows how they will answer, then he acts out this mocked up outrage.. Good grief

          I’m starting to think the Laws Putin just passed in Russia,would be a good start here too.

          • Anonymous

            I’m thinking Putin would make a better President than Mr. Girlybike Obammy !

          • Karen LaPerch

            I agree with you and we as Christians are losing are rights are to scare to say something. If we do we get punish!

        • Bobbie LaVictor

          “It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer –

          (1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” – Title 7, Civil Rights Act

        • Haley Marie

          This had nothing to do with A&E. This was not a part of the show. This was a completely separate interview that Phil could have scored with or without his reality television show due to the fact he is a millionaire business man. A&E had no right, in this case, to fire him. Its my understanding that Phil actually has a relatively new contract with A&E that allows him to speak openly about his beliefs.

      • Anonymous

        Kathy,, have you ever REALLY examined what it is you THINK you don’t agree with? Just curious, if you wouldn’t mind sharing what exactly do you disagree with.?

        • Kathy Creager Cash

          I’m not REALLY sure what you are asking here, but Phil Robertson was expressing his fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Despite the fact, that I don’t agree with much of what he said, I acknowledge his right to his opinions. And my latest comment was meant to say that if we don’t talk out our differences… nothing changes. Too many people just want to block others’ right to state their opinion. Besides being selfish and evil, it doesn’t progress dialogue on the subject.

          • Anonymous

            They are NOT JUST fundamentalist Christian belief’s Kathy, and Phil gave his common sense reason for his opinion saying it isn’t logical. This is what many have said about same sex marriage also. It isn’t JUST a fundamentalist Christian “Belief” but it is a BIOLOGICAL FACT of Natural Law that Same Sex couples can not merge, (Marry), their male seed (DNA) as one flesh with that of their gay lover. There is only ONE type of sexual relationship with the unique potential for this natural phenomena and that is between one man and one woman. Hence the reason it was entered into Blacks Law Dictionary by that definition and why the Government went along with the church on this one.

            If homosexuals want to create a ceremony publicly announcing their commitment to their butt lover, and have an annuity rider and civil union contract attached,, THEY SHOULD INVENT THEIR OWN!

            Quit trying to shoehorn their “not so special love” into a legal definition they not only have NO potential to accomplish, but is IMPOSSIBLE to fit according to Natural law and natures God. NOTE the laws surrounding Marriage are also about the unique consequences of this ability to merge or the french author Vatel whose book Law of nations, explains why Natural Law can not be adjudicated by Man and mans municipal courts. As long as we defend Natural law, this way, the right to life liberty etc,. then MAN will have no authority to strip us of those rights we are BORN with, Natural Law makes NO distinction for such absurd and idiotic ideas such as “Marriage Equality” It is asking us to believe PIGS CAN FLY.

            If you are a sperm cell swimming in your gay lovers colon and I asked you if you can marry (merge) your seed or DNA as one flesh with your partner by running head on into what ever debris you run into in there, I don’t care WHAT THE SUPREME COURT SAYS,, GOD SAYS:

            YOU SWIM THE OTHER WAY! Else you’ll be in a world of SHlT. (Pun most certainly intended)

          • Kathy Creager Cash

            Your comments… crude though they may be… are again your opinion and you are entitled to them. I don’t have to agree with them though.

            Since your condemnation of homosexuality seems to be about their inability to procreate, I’m curious whether you see childless marriages as being an abomination as well, because many couples these days CHOOSE not to have children.

            Since I firmly believe that a person is born homosexual, then he/she is part of God’s plan… every bit as much as a child who is born blind, with Down’s Syndrome, etc. Who are YOU to condemn something that God has made? It seems rather hypocritical from someone who professes to follow God’s laws.

            Here’s where I stand on the issue: Since homosexuality is an epigenetic condition, science will likely be able to identify how it happens and keep it from happening in the future. In the meantime, consenting adults can do whatever they want, but the government is under no obligation to put it’s official stamp of approval on their lifestyle. And frankly, that applies to heterosexual marriage as well (FYI, the government didn’t used to be involved in marriages… and I think we need to go back to that formula). Give licenses of civil union to any couple (or group for that matter… there is always polygamy), regardless of sexual orientation. If the couple (or group) wants to further cement their relationship with a ceremony, they can find a religious or nonsectarian institution to do it for them… and there are plenty of them out there.

    • ginger

      The Bible convicts people and perhaps the people don’t want to be reminded that we are sinners and need God. God is not politically correct and his Word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.You may not like it but it is so.

      • Anonymous

        Some people remind us that we are all swimming in manure. We are either:

        1. Splashing about happily.
        2. Dog paddling trying to stay afloat.
        3. Trying hard to get out.
        4. Trying hard to drag those trying to get out to get back in.
        5. Lying dead at the bottom.

    • John Scott

      You have Countries like India who make gay sexuality a crime. I think the US is already a very moderate Country towards gays. Yes, I believe the gay lesbian groups are very vocal but I do agree many more are firm believers in a more traditional man/woman union. Many people can be tolerable of the gay lifestyle but deep down still not believe its correct. I think Mr. Robertson expressed his beliefs and I think he also believes its not his place to judge. I see a disturbing trend where progressives are leaving their religion behind if it does not change. I don’t believe religion should change as its teachings of thousands of years ago still are relevant today. I think the Pope made a good point. Its not for him to judge, but the teachings cannot change just so those who believe otherwise can feel good.

      • Gemini

        1Co_6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

      • Anonymous

        That’s because Homosexuality is the fastest growing religion in the country. As long as they can enjoy that double standard they have for tolerance,, they may as well make it illegal to say anything bad about the queers. Oh MY what would we do without them. Their Bravery, Courage, their wholesome and healthy life style, always so compassionate and polite they are..

        Jeeeez I challenge anyone to peruse ANY gay discussion board on the Internet,,and see for yourselves who the REAL haters and bigots are. When I was asked to do this,, I was stunned at the sick twisted, vulgar, debased and depraved subject matter they were so preoccupied with. Gay people got issues man,, and it’s always Christians who did this or that to them..

        • Anonymous

          Ever wonder why they insist on being called “gay” when I have never met ONE of them that wasn’t angry about something or other ?

    • Anonymous

      You are right the unthinkable is now thinkable as socialism and degenerate behavior has crept into the American culture. Somehow we slipped into this alternate time track like Back to the Future and ended up with the liar Obama and the buffoon Bidden along with the culture they are promoting.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. Amen.

    • Anonymous

      HA HA TONYBIGS, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID WHEN I HEARD THIS. These Homosexuals all think the piss glitter and fart rainbows. You ask a devout Christian that kind of loaded question,, WHAT THE HELL DID THEY EXPECT HIM TO SAY??

      • Karen LaPerch

        LOL! We need more people like you!

    • Kevin

      What a great comment. Thanks for so eloquently making a very good point. We are where we are because many are afraid to make a stand like Phil. I happen to agree with him. Not from a religious standpoint, from a natural selection standpoint. That doesn’t mean I am not tolerant, I am, but I draw the line for anyone who wants me to tolerate just about anything from them while at the same time trying to censor me. I didn’t like the TV show Will and Grace so I didn’t watch it. My advice to A&E is to leave Phil on the show and let the ratings decide if Americans do or do not like the show. Sadly, its just too late for that. As Glenn points out, A&E’s red line was crossed before it was drawn.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I do not see any of them backing down and I also think GQ did this on purpose knowing that he was not going to lie about how he feels and knowing how the intolerant that GLAAD AND LGBT are. It is funny Obama can get away with making a homophobic ad to sell Obamacare but one man cannot even say anything against them because he has an R in front of his name. Where is GLAAD when Obama put this ad out for Obamacare. Their hypocrisy is so freaken mind numbing.


  • Bonnie Somer


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think the Robertson family should tell A&E to shove it!

    • Anonymous

      They should all say the same thing. Then A&E would have to suspend the entire family.

      • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

        Oh don’t worry, the family will be right behind Phil. They are a very tight unit.

    • bumpkin

      YAY! EXACTLY right! EVERY human being is entitles to his/ her own opinion. those freaking facist/commies! How DARE they try to take away someone’s right to their own opinion, or more precisely, to publicly state it!? I will NEVER watch A&E again!~

      • bumpkin

        Here’s A&E’s email address: Tell them how you feel about it!


        • defiant1

          Sean Hannity gave these phone numbers for A&E this afternoon:
          1. 212-210-9007 (CEO line)
          2. 212-210-1400 (general A&E line)

        • Nina Barber

          Already left my two cents.

          • Anonymous

            No doubt worth both pennies.

        • Watch it


      • de

        It looks anyone can speak there minds about people who believe in what the were taught about God and what we believe,and the media is fine with that.But let one man say what he said because he believes in god and his word! and it’s nail him to the cross.

    • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

      Oh don’t worry, as this continues, they will be able to buy their own TV station. A&E does not realize what they have just done.

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee that should they decide to come to The Blaze TV… The word “Jesus” would NOT be bleeped out!!!

    • April Leach

      funny but when Jesus is said as a swear word it does not get censored

  • grassroot

    The Left advocate tolerance for anything, any action anywhere
    but tolerance for other people’s views. Especially and exclusively
    Christian views. This is the spirit of anti-Christ at work.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Beck’s suggestion to the Robertsons to move their program to TheBlaze is nothing short of brilliant. Considering how close knit the family is, I bet they are royally pi$$ed right now and are figuring out some way to leave A&E. It would serve them right.

  • ginger

    Phil did not “compare” homosexuality to beastiality.. he named a bunch of sins that the Bible names…the gays and politically correct jump on anything and everything and make a big deal out of anyone’s thinking differently than they do..and the Robertsons were doing just fine without A&E and will do just fine again…If you wish to support them, make sure anything you purchase is Duck Commander and not duck dynasty…A&E owns the dynasty brand.

    • Nancy Bradshaw

      FINALLY one other person who got that ! No he did not make comparison, like you and I have said it was just a list of sins, why are so many spouting off about it being a comparison, twisting Phils words to fit their argument is I guess the only way they think they can win the argument, glad you got that hope everybody goes back and re reads the interview will get it too. HE MADE NO SUCH COMPARISON

      • ginger

        The insecure “sensitive” lefties seem not to be able to comprehend what is said or written,,they just want something to carp about. I think they must not be too bright…or..the could be evil.?

    • Anonymous

      A list of sins:

      Grand Larceny
      Stealing a piece of candy
      Telling a Lie
      Saying a Cuss word
      Call your parents stupid
      Homosexual Behavior

      Now where in this list is there any comparison between sins? There is none. The “outrage” expressed by the permissive agenda isn’t really the comparison of sins — it’s that it’s called a sin at all.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about both 1st Amendment Constitutional rights to freedom of speech as well as about freedom of religion, two foundations upon which this country has thrived for centuries. I do hope the Blaze will take on that program – it would be a great addition to the lineup!

    • MJS4745

      Freedom of Speech is only protected from government censorship, which A&E is not government. So his freedom of speech wasn’t violated. The spirit of that constitutional right was, but not the right itself.

      As for Freedom of Religion, this I think was violated. Phil was “suspended indefinitely” for his religious views. A violation of his religious civil liberty. Thus it should be actionable by law.

  • BigRed

    Phil Robertson for President!

    • Joe Burge

      Nugent / Robertson 2016

  • Anonymous

    I dont watch this show and I really do not care about his comments but I thought we had a right in this country to speak our minds? I guess not since liberals love to bash people that can actually conjugate a sentence. I think Glenn’s idea to bring them onto The Blaze is an excellent idea! He should try to do that with any show that is suspended or censored! Creating his own network was such a great idea and really took a lot of courage to think outside the box. The one thing I do not understand is this….you attack someone for thinking different than you on the basis that his comments are what? Sexist, its not racist, it did not cause discrimination so what did his OPINION do to to cause someone harm or damages and why would you have him thrown off the show? REALLY? GIVE ME A BREAK! OVER REACTING BY LIBERALS ONCE AGAIN! If you do not think and act like a brainwashed liberal, you are attacked! So its ok to attack someone for an opinion but its not ok to think whats on your mind? Enough already! It’s time to fight back. I will no longer watch or support A&E and their other outlets for what I believe is a clear form of censorship! IGNORANT PARASITES ARE RUINING OUR COUNTRY!

    • Anonymous

      You have the right to free speech without the judgement of our GOVERNMENT, not an employee from a TV station.

    • Dennis Davis

      I agree completely

    • Anonymous

      We need change, real change!!!!!

  • ItalianScallion

    Buy Duck Dynasty stuff now.

  • g55rumpy

    i dodn`t see anything wrong with Phil choice of words. as to him being hunted, he`ll lead them to to the swamps, where de gators is

  • Ruth Porter

    On several posts on Facebook this morning I already suggested that I was sure The Blaze TV would readily welcome the Duck Dynasty show. Great minds……

  • Anonymous

    There are no wrong opinions….they are just a diversity of thought. GQ asked Mr. Robertson questions and his opinions…..he answered them.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I’ll be the devil’s advocate here. I am a Christian who believes that Christian marriage is clearly defined as one man and one woman. I’ve been married to one woman for 29.5 years, have 2 grown sons that are married to women, etc.. I disagree when a church (Episcopal, PCUSA, ELCA) embraces homosexual marriage because a Christian organization should care what scripture says. I don’t believe Christians (or gov’t) have a right to force our ideal of marriage on nonChristians. That all said, Phil’s words were quite crass getting straight into body parts et al … let’s just say it was not a G-rated interview. His apology, however, was well worded. Yes, a Liberal commentator can say far worse about Sarah Palin, and Bill Mahr and his guests are 10x worse than the worst Phil said (I don’t watch him, except when a real show decides to discuss just how depraved the guy is and back it up w/video) … but even-handedness does not exist and tolerance is only in one direction. I will say, however, that Phil let the GQ interview get out of hand … and he said some things that his Lord and Savior would not likely have said (Jesus did not speak coarsely and his primary anger was at the pseudo-religious of his day, not at the regular sinners). So I am pleased that he apologized. As for the family and the show, there may be contractual obligations and I think the family needs to avoid a knee-jerk reaction. That family may be the only representation of Jesus many people see (which is why the GQ interview could have gone a whole lot better). I don’t want them to suddenly become like the apostate churches and claim to love homosexuality … but I would love to see the family be humble about what happened and be Christ-like in their reaction. If A&E pushes them away (a real possibility), then I think they could be a huge success for the Blaze … but their representation of Christ is more important than the rest of what they do and I would hope that they could keep that in mind and not go a little overboard. Our job is to bring folks to Jesus, we’re not perfect, so we’ll never make them perfect before the introduction. Some will see that they need a savior, some will reject the notion, and some will seem to be in the first camp, but really be in the second camp. Either way, I hope that the family shows great class and restraint in their reaction.

  • Carol Dorne

    I agree with Phil, I couldn’t have said it better. I agree one hundred percent. I’m tired of gays telling me what I should think. If they want that life fine style however, It’s not for me and again I agree with Phil. John not Carol

    • Anonymous

      So you’re “tired of gays telling you what to think” but you’re fine with Phil telling people what they should think?

      Don’t think it works that way.

  • steve

    This is Freedom of Speech Phil Robertson don’t back down from these Fruit Cakes what you said is Right On !!! Fruit Cakes can’t handle the truth. God Bless your Family …

  • landofaahs

    For liberals, it’s always about one or all of three things. It’s about power, money and an attitude of self loathing in that you must be as vile as I and I’m going to force you into the gutter with me.

  • Lynn McDonald

    This is all media driven. It’s the left that want’s to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Google Phil Robertson, all the top responses are from media outlets. Fox news has done a great job at bringing out more Black conservatives. I think it’s time people started giving Gay conservative a voice. I’m gay and fully support the tea party. I am also 100% behind Phil.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a straight conservative, agnostic, and I support you 100%.
      You and I probably disagree on a few things, but I will forever support your ability to say whatever you want, and do whatever you want with any other consenting human being.

      • Anonymous

        I’m an American Male and wish people didn’t have to distinguish themselves by a sexual bent! it’s just disturbing. I know guys into midget sex but they don’t make it a MOVEMENT with a Lobby going around asking what people think of their kind of sexual habits, bashing everyone else not into that sort of thing.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Since there is nothing real about reality T.V., this sounds more like a publicity stunt than anything else.

    There is a reason they used to call it, “the idiot box”.

  • Carolyn Carruth

    Agree, how Americans react to this is the tale of what we are or have become.

  • Me Wise Magic

    Breitbart exposed the hypocrisy of A&E in the story below. Two gay men had a show and would go on about how much better gay sex is than straight sex (and they used graphic details) and nothing happened to them. So it shows it is not THE opinion you have but WHAT opinion you have.

    Breitbart Story
    Note also that A&E openly allows their shows and casts to use Jesus’ name as a cuss word which is FAR more offensive than any other word to use in any human language. To take the God that gave you life and use His name as a curse word without even editing it out. Again, hypocricy.

  • Trish Davison

    Typo in the 3rd paragraph? Shouldn’t that be “doesn’t” instead of “does?”

  • Susannah Fedders


    • Anonymous

      Has nothing to do with free speech. The amendment guaranteeing free speech is to prevent the GOVERNMENT from punishing you or me or Phil for what we say. Has nothing to do with a private company firing an employee for what they say.

      Not sure how many times people have to say this until you realize it has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

  • Tony Clifton

    How can A&E put someone on hiatus from their own family? This show is about the Robertson family. Are they just going to blur him out of the picture or beep anything he has to say?

    • Anonymous

      If you think the show isn’t scripted you’re dumber than you sound.

      • Tony Clifton

        Don’t be such a derc! I understand that “reality” tv is mostly scripted or set up but this is a man involved with his family on a daily basis. I don’t think A&E can “disappear” him like some communist regime might with an undesirable. I would assume that they already have a few shows “in the can”.

        • Anonymous

          He’s not always in the show anyways, so yes they can just “disappear” him as they certainly will. Because the family cares more about the money they’re making than the bible they read. Phil may not care about money, but his sons and their wives certainly do.

  • John Scott

    Mr. Robertson has a right to speak his beliefs. Not to fear repercussions because the network he works for is afraid of. Censorship is just wrong in this case. Gays are afraid of religion because they are reminded that religion does not fit their lifestyle. Its like liberals won’t watch Fox news or Glenn Beck because they don’t want to hear what a opposite opinion or belief is. Mr. Robertson has a right to not support gays just as much as those that do. I hope the Robertson walk away from A&E and go to a network that truly respects a belief system.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it trolls like Martin Bashir can wish upon Sarah Palin the most
    excremental consequences and yet nary a word of protest is uttered. And
    yet the Left becomes apoplectic at Mr. Robertson’s comment?

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see them do a live show……and then just do the entire half hour without ever saying one single word.
    We could see this all coming, first from the Uncle Si shirt banning and then the efforts to censor their evening meal blessing.

  • Nancy Garrett

    I think the Robertson family is a phony bunch…. I could care less what they think or how they behave anytime. on or off the program. I watched it once and couldn’t believe so many people support it. What ever………….. it’s pretty stupid.

    • Anonymous

      That’s your opinion and your right! But the issue isn’t about wheather you like the program or not, its about wheather a person has the right to freely give his opinion, without fear of reprisal! Remember too, Phil wasn’t on A&E when he made his statement. Phil was asked a question and he answered according to his faith and belief!

  • Anonymous

    The liberals, the muslims, the atheists and the homosexuals are trying to destroy Christianity and Christians. This is their agenda. The Phil Robertson story is the same as the CEO oof Chiic-Fil-A, the the left, wants to silence Christians!
    If Christians don’t stand strong eventually, this group will attack us at the church level. Our pastor’s will be told what they can and can not preach. Those churches which will not line up with the new ideaology, will be first, censored and finally closed. Eventually, they will come for Christian children, to make sure the right ideaology is being taught!.. The Children will be removed and raised by state approved families, with the privileges of the Christian families being restricted altogether or limited at best. Then bible will no long be allowed to be the final deciding force in a Christian family’s home.
    Think this can’t happen? Its already happening!. Our founding father’s gave us the right to freedom of speech and religion, because they knew the hearts of evil men want to control people. If ‘we” the Christians allow liberals, atheists, muslims, and homosexuals to dictate what freedoms we can have, they will take away our freedoms altogether
    Freedom of speech and religion, gives us the right to be move than “freely silent”. Remember Silence makes cowards of men! And all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

    • Joe Burge

      April please do not buy into the liberal agenda. There is no GAY agenda, there is only liberals courting as many loud minorities as they can to keep us all at each other’s throats so they can maintain their power.
      I am gay, I vote mostly conservative Republican, and abhor the “gay community” that prostitutes their cause to the liberal banner because they think liberals care (about anything other than themselves).
      As long as we the people keep acting like A.D.D. children being distracted by the next big media circus, liberals will keep on corrupting and destroying this country.

      • Anonymous

        I first want to thank you for your honest post. I have been on Yahoo Topic Board, and I was surprised to find homosexauls who supported his right to freedom of speech. Like you they saw through what the liberal Yahoo was doing in its article.
        I don’t hate gay’s, I am a Christian, but I have had many discussion with gay men and women; where I just sat and listened to them. All agreed they knew what they were doing was wrong, some just couldn’t stop. I found compassion for them and understanding, they are after all people who the Jesus I believe is died for too.
        I hope I’m not angering you by what I said, I was just trying to let you know that not all Chrisitans hate homosexuals. Many love them!

      • Anonymous

        There most certainly is a gay agenda and it is to Cheat, Steal Rob and Murder you like all Sin does. The Gay manifesto was read aloud on the House Floor in the 1970’s and as we have seen those steps being taken to achieve their desired results are in lockstep with that same agenda written about and published in the library of congress. I suggest you LOOK IT UP AND READ IT before you go telling people there is no Gay Agenda when it is a bonafide FACT there is and it continues to this very day.

    • Anonymous

      QUote:”liberals, the muslims, the atheists and the homosexuals are trying to destroy Christianity ”

      Christians notwithstanding, Ironically, Obama seems to bend over backwards for each of those groups

  • Anonymous

    Let’s start here:
    Phil wasn’t just suggesting homosexuality was wrong. Here’s his entire statement:

    “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there.
    Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that
    woman and those men: [quoting the bible:] “Don’t
    be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male
    prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the
    slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.
    deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

    So Phil wasn’t just saying that “homosexual behavior” was wrong, but people who sleep around are in there, too… along with drunks and greedy people.
    Now why is it that the people who sleep around, and there are a few million of them, at least, didn’t go batshit crazy at his remarks?
    Or are they just hiding behind his remarks on gay people?

    • Broadway Joe

      or maybe these other groups aren’t pushing an agenda

      • Anonymous

        I think this speaks to the larger point: which is, I’m not insecure in what I believe.
        Most liberal people are.
        Thus, they need other people to believe the same around them, and not question their beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals and liberalism is sickening!

  • Anonymous

    Phil Robertson should move to the Blaze! A&E shouldn’t be allowed to make anymore money off of Christians!
    My cable network won’t give me the option of the Blaze, but may be that would chnage ‘if’ Duck Dynasty was on.

  • MJS4745

    I have to ask, if Phil Robertson was fired because of his religious views isn’t that a violation of his civil rights? Isn’t Freedom of Religion still a civil right in this country? I mean, he didn’t address homosexuals so much as homosexuality as a whole. He gave an opinion based on his religious views, and he was fired for his religious views. That is illegal in this country to fire so0meone because of their religion, or so I thought.

  • foxtrott 1234

    wake up people this is freedom of religion and speech..and if your not gonna stand up for your beliefs and God ..why call yourself a christian?? Is there anything you will stand up for?? I wont be watching A&E if thats how they feel..Any others I can get rid of?? I might save myself alot of money if I get rid of Cable.

  • Erica

    What people are missing is that it was not an opinion, it was fact.

  • Jon Cramer

    If you say that you are a Christian and follow Christ the LORD will test you. Mr. Robertson and family will it be Christ or money?

  • Anonymous

    A&E may have shot themselves in the foot by acting so impulsively, interfering with freedom of speech is dangerous, making a fool of yourself by using dialogue from another interview is even more risky especially since you had no right to that interview.
    If A&E is so dedicated to one sided speech then they need to let go of the Duck Family and replace it with a lgbt family….bets are open A&E will be backing down soon…

  • WASP

    DD should LEAVE the network, A&E sided with the wrong group of people. I wonder if DD goes on without Phil on A&E or does the rest of the crew have the SPINE to tell A&E to GO TO HELL and LEAVE the network.

    ” Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.” Deu. 7:26

    Boohoo let’s ban the Bible now, I’ll post it anyway, go to HELL fagg0ts and fagg0t lovers.

    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” Lev 18:22

    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Lev 20:13


    1. grab remote

    2. press “menu”

    3. scroll to “locks” and press “select”

    4. scroll to “channel locks” and press “select”

    5. scroll down to 118 press “select” and 118 HD “select”

    6. continue on with all the other COMMUNIST channels such as OWN, and MSNBC, etc.

    7. right arrow to “done” press “select”

    8. go to “lock system” and press “select”

    9. enter 4 digit password then “okay”, re-enter then “okay” then “cancel, cancel, cancel” to get out of menu.

    10. enjoy your new DISH lineup sans FAGG0T and COMMIE channels :)

    • Anonymous

      Do you follow these biblical rules?

      Slavery: You may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

      Death: Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death.

      Adultery: If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death.

      Rape: If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

      Look, I like Phil. But if he wants to follow the bible then he shouldn’t pick and choose which rules to follow.

      • Erica

        (Rom 8:2) For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death.
        He’s not picking and choosing. He is using the law that is relevant for today.

      • John

        You evidently don’t understand dispensations,you don’t understand that God changed the rules different times throughout the Bible.

        For example,He told Noah that he could eat anything and then later instituted a daitary law and then changed the dietary law once again.

      • WASP

        Death: Anyone who rejects the LORD OUR GOD must be put to death.

        I edited it for you

      • Mark Cline

        Put it into context, Liderc.

  • bumpkin

    Glenn, I hope you DO get to sign them on! Here is their email address to tell A&E what you think of their facist move: feedbackaetv@aenetworks.com TELL ‘EM, people! I just did! Put a sock in their attack of our Constitution! Fill their mailboxes with your wrath over their attack on freedom!

  • Donna Hinnen

    Happy to see a Christian stand up and not be afraid of persecution. I do the same. It’s not always popular.

  • Mike

    I go back and forth on this controversy, on one hand this Phil guy has the freedom of speech to say what he believes. Homosexuality is a very foreign idea for most of the population and about 3 percent of the population partakes in it. Over the last decade or two, Americans have been bombarded with propaganda from gay activist groups that push society to understand gay lifestyle and to tolerate and embrace it. Perhaps Phil represents the quite thoughts of the majority that feel gay lifestyle is not for them. On the other hand I get nervous with the glee at which a large majority points their finger and says, God says its wrong. We must remember that only a few decades ago beating up a “queer” was acceptable. In fact just after World War II Alan Turing, one of the English mathematicians that broke the Nazi Enigma codes and helped save the world from Nazism and brought us into the dawn of the electronic computer age; was chemically castrated when found to be one of those “queers.” Perhaps it was easy for Phil to say what he did with the knowledge that the majority was with him. I find it interesting to note that he never made any references to other groups that differ from his Christian beliefs, say… Judaism. Just a thought.

  • TimL

    I don’t think Phil cares what all of these liberal “yuppie” folk think. He’ll continue to be happy, happy, happy; esp when he sees A&E fall on its ass.

  • Jack

    Now is the time to boycott both AE and GQ.

    • Mike

      Jack, I can understand your feelings about A&E, but how did GQ get on your bad list?

      • Jack

        Oooops..sorry Mike, I jumped the gun on that one..Folks, do NOT boycott GQ..I made a hasty mistake.

  • Anonymous

    It used to be that to tell the truth was considered good – now it is called evil, hate speach. This world calls what is good, evil and what is evil, good. This is a sign of the times we are living in.
    I agree that the Robertson family should stand together and tell A&E that if they don’t want to air the show perhaps someone else will. If no one stands up and fights to retain the right to speak the truth, it will soon be against the law to tell the truth. This is not just a fight for the Robertsons, every pastor/preacher/evangelist who believes what is written in the Bible and speaks the truth boldly should be standing with them and demanding that freedom of speach remain.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it has come to that and now TRUTH is hate but only to those

      that hate the truth.,

  • Jim Cain

    Seeing that it is the number one show in America speaks volumes. Phil speaks straight from the bible. I and I think most of America are sick and tired of someone always getting their feelings hurt. Phil is exactly right . The day of reckoning is coming and we will ALL be judged Every last one of us. Stick to your Christian beliefs guys and tell A&E to take a hike. They need you more than you need them.

    • angela

      The number 1 REALITY show in America….big difference from #1 show, because it is up against mob wives, garbage pickers, hoarders…etc. If they are so rich anyway, please get off of the air!!…Personally, I think it all staged and they are probably gay actors.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah and you’re probably an albino pygmy unhappy the Government didn’t pay for your sex change reassignment surgery

  • Anonymous

    Not one o the shows I watch but I plan to start watching now. I am sick of the gay lobby trying to push their agenda into every phase of life. too find it offensive but I would never hurt anyone for what they believe but quit trying to infuse your choice into my life.

  • Gail A. Delio

    Phil Robertson gave his opinion when asked. How dare GQ take and use his words against him to further there agenda. IF A&E do take Duck Dynasty off the air they’re going to be pleasantly surprised. The Robertson’s are the true deal and I stand with Phil. This show is exactly what America needs and for this television station to do this to a Godly, Christian family that believes in honest wholesome entertainment and to allow us to see them in there own environment is the hope we need in our country. Go Phil. Stand strong and don’t allow A&E make you choose between there agenda and the truth. GOD IS ALIVE AND HE IS COMING SOON.

    • Mike

      Is God going to smite the Jews and the gays? Maybe God can throw them into the lake of fire and we can all laugh at the Jews and the gays as they scream and cry. Is that your God?

  • Anonymous

    Martin Bashir….nothing happened
    Robertson: gets fired!
    Please explain WTF happened????

  • Mike

    Considering A&E chose to go against its largest and therefore more lucrative audience and stand on the side of morality; I say well done.

  • Claire Elizabeth Brown
  • Fran

    The Best way to tell A&E what you think about the Duck’s dismissal is NOT to BUY
    any thing that is Advertised on Any of A&E’s programs. The pocketbook tells the story.

  • Glenn Yeager

    How many other simlar-thinking shows (people on shows) are currently submitting to liberal pressure, keeping their mouths shut —- yet are waiting to find a home like Glenn Beck with Duck Dynasty ‘Blazing the Trail”? My money says —-more than we know!!!

  • Anonymous

    It could be argued that Phil’s comments about homosexuality
    are in the context with his ability to answer the questions on the topic posed
    by the magazine. Has anyone stopped to think for a moment why would GQ magazine
    bring up this topic in an interview with the type of man Phil Robertson is and
    portrays as his true self in the show? I believe that the GQ magazine
    interviewer bated the interview to get the exact response they expected to get
    from Phil Robertson. As for A&E banning Phil from future episodes, my
    question is why would the Robertson family spend two seconds caring about what
    A&E, GQ, or the LGBT community think? They are a successful family business
    in their own right and seem to not need any of the fame or fortune that A&E
    has bestowed upon them. It would seem reasonable for the Robertson family to
    stand their ground and advise A&E that if they ban one family member, they
    ban them all and they will take their show to another network if that is what
    the Robertson family feels is in their best interest. It appears that the
    Robertson family is solid and could easily bow out of the limelight and
    continue their family business as usual while making it clear that A&E or
    the LGBT community cannot control their thoughts or beliefs.

    • Anonymous

      YOU KNOW HE DID! He did it for the same reason that queer Perez Hilton asked a Christian contestant in the Miss America contest what she thought of same sex marriage and then put on his mocked up performance of phony outrage when she gave the answer most would expect from someone brought up in a Christian home;. Look one doesn’t have to be a Christian to find the Gay’s sexual bent repugnant., I think it is disturbing we have to even identify people by this sexual bent. I mean why is it any of our business to know all this anyway? WHO CARES IF YOU’RE GAY! NO ONE WAS ASKING AND EXPECTING THE WORLD TO GET ALL GAH GAH over a fetish or sexual behavior only a very small percentage of people find exciting is asinine! Gays think they piss glitter and fart rainbows but going by the mess they make http://www.bibleprobe.com/homosexuality.htm

      I have to say, being disgusted is

      pretty damn normal

  • Mike

    What do you think the odds are that Phil doesn’t like the Jews too much either?

  • Anonymous

    A & E needed DD a lot more than the Robertson’s need them ! These liberal, pc, nitwits just killed their number one money making machine ! The boys will stick together on this, if one goes they will ALL leave. They may as well change the name to the “gay” channel because that is ALL that is going to be watching ! I’m finished with A & E AND their sponsors !

  • Anonymous

    Now the progressive mantra is crawl into your mind and think what we tell you. Any other thinking and it’s shock therapy, that takes the first ammendment intrusion to a whole new level.

  • beachmom H

    Pretty sad that you get punished for having a different opinion or belief than certain chosen groups.
    Do the LGBT people get punished for dissing Christians?

  • James E. Jones

    Glen has the perfect idea, A&E would have to put up or shut up

  • Leslie Tyler

    I Think The Robertson Family Should Tell A&E To Get Bent! If Dad goes We All Go!

  • Doug

    It just depends who said it. If someone from the left had voiced there opinion on national tv and the network suspended them, they would be upset that anyone would dare say anything to them about it. Rush is right, A&E did violate his civil rights. So maybe the entire family should walk, and I know another show or network would love to have them. Seems anything Christian people do anymore is a problem with others, both overseas and in this country. All the people who are complaining, have to remember if they were raised in this country then then they were exposed to Christian values. And whether they like that or not, it’s part of their past. So now since they are adults they can make a choice, that’s what is good about America, you can make a choice. Try living in another country, find out the difference. This is still the greatest country on the planet, if you don’t think so then live overseas for a few years. Look at the number of people who still try to live here from other countries. There is a reason for that. We have freedom of choice and other freedoms that don’t exist in other countries.

    • Mike

      A&E didn’t violate his civil rights. A&E saw one of its stars damage its product. They took him off knowing the Christians would go nuts and scream boycott. Just the way the left screams boycott at Rush Limbaugh. After controversy dies down they will bring the Rasputin look-a-like back on the air to push his bronze-age fantasy.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry Mike, Phil didn’t damage one of A&E’s products, PHIL IS THE PRODUCT and the genuine article to BE that product when they hired him. Had he said anything different, it would have been inconsistent with that Christian philosophy A&E knew about when they hired the man. Oh and if you wanna talk Boycott?? Sure lets do that smart ass,, and watch how those Bronze agers bring A&E to the brink of bankruptcy. After all. they are the same that make the show a success and the same group that gave Chick Fil-A record sales when the queers made similar idiotic statements regarding backlash.

        BRING IT moron

        You’ll lose

  • Eddie

    Why do they want to shoot the piano player ? He didn’t write the words, God did. Phil just repeated them with a little extra jam on the bread. But he quoted a scripture. It’s from 1st Corinthians 6 : 9-10. I admire Phil for his courage and his dedication to the Gospel. It would be nice if other Christians stood in the gap like Phil did. A word of warning….if you’re going to serve God you can count on Satan showing up and attacking. What we’re witnessing is a battle between right and wrong. It’s being fought in the spiritual realm and is spilling over into the physical realm. Stay tuned the fireworks are just beginning !

  • Anonymous

    Robertson only said what others were afraid to stand up and say. I commend him and have the upmost respect for him. He stood up for what he believes. Isn’t that what the Constitution says, “freedom of speech.” But Christians are not allow to speak their opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Aand E may have bitten of more than they can chew on this one. These guys are huge. Hope the rest of the clan will back Phil’s play amd decide to take a hiatus with him !

  • Stacia Madsen Shumway

    Well Robertsosns do you have GQ on speed dial yet???

  • Philly Bob

    The next thing you know, the “Red Coalition” will be boycotting you and trying to get you fired because you said you like the color blue. Welcome to the pussification of America!

  • Gordon Brown

    A&E…professional cowards. The man was not speaking for A&E. In effect, he has had his 1st amendment rights smashed.

  • Gary Harvey

    I will never watch the a&e channel again, but I will watch duck dynasty on the blaze, and I will also buy their products when ever I am
    in need of them.

  • John Cattani

    I am not a gay basher. If gays want to marry each other and have sex with each other fine. Don’t bring the rest of America on to watch you carry on in one of your demonstrations and parades. That’s okay to do apparently, but when someone like Mr. Robertson quotes scripture and his entire family prays to God, you gays fall apart at the seams like America owes you something. Mr. Robertson, if A&E wants to treat you and your family this way, then it would be in your best interests to break ranks with them and join Glenn Beck’s Blaze network where you and your family’s message of faith will ring louder and truer.

  • Billy

    I bet there is a fleet of lawyers on both sides howling at the moon to get to who BREECHED what .

  • angela

    Yes please….all say they have no opinion other than the dad….go somewhere else…anywhere else. Like A&E didn’t know what was happening? Yes…the series has run it’s course….out of redneck ideas and they need to go.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind A&E deciding doing what they want with their business, which is private property. However, they should understand that their actions might offend their DD audience. Perhaps they do understand this and just wish Mr. Robertson didn’t say what he did. But guess what? No one regularly in the public eye never verbally stumbles. Just watch Obama, Biden, and even the truly Great Communicator.
    We are a nation of diverse peoples. The Left keeps pretending that they are the tolerant ones yet they are the ones who persecute those they don’t agree with.
    A major reason for federalism is to allow for our diversity. If you don’t like the laws or policies of your state, you are free to move to another that better suits you. But if the Left has their way, federalism is dead and there is no escape from the iron fist of federal laws and regulations except leaving the USA.

  • Mark Cline

    More Americans agree with the Duck Dynasty folks than the not so happy people behind the “Gay” movement. More power to you, Mr. Robertson.

    The thought police have no place in the United States.

  • Tracy Huey

    IF there was a “moral clause” of some sort in his contract they CAN fire him for what he said.
    He spoke his opinion and has every right to do so whether someone agrees with him or not. He isn’t being sued or taken to jail, that is what he is protected from not from losing his job.

    Just as the pigs at Westboro Baptist Church can spew their trash to anyone that will listen. Nothing can be done about the trash that comes out of their mouths when they are protesting Military funerals. Freedom of Speech protects them.

    At a catholic school a female teacher can be fired for taking birth control, which is your RIGHT to do but choosing to do so may have consequences.
    At Geisinger Medical Center you can be fired for smoking,which is your RIGHT to do but choosing to do so may have consequences.

    II am not a huge fan of the show but if he was still there and an episode aired I wanted to see I would still watch it even though I do not agree with him at all. If I was offended I simply would not watch the show at all simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    The Left cares nothing about gays, minorities, women, etc. (BTW, I am not White.) The Left’s goal is establishing their idea of a utopian society. The Left panders to the misfits of society to use them as tools, just like street gangs go after kids from broken homes. The utopian philosophies, such as Plato’s Republc, More’s Utopia, Hobb’s Leviathan, Marx’s Workers’ Paradise, all devalue the individual.
    In those utopian societies, each person is just a cog in the big societal machine. Each person is a servant of the societal machine. People with initiative, self reliance, values family more than society do not make good cogs of the societal machine. So the Left seeks to destroy initiative, self reliance, and traditional families.
    The choice is not Dem vs. Rep, not Left or Right. The choice is tyranny or liberty.

  • angela

    I think if Glenn wants to take on on freedom of speech vs employment rights, let’s not limit it to only A&E. I can get fired for saying the wrong thing…as with probably most working Americans. Private industries have the right to set policy. Some companies won’t pay for certain things for employees (Chick Fil’A, eg) and that is ok.

  • LAOR

    Hiatus? That’s fine, at this time you are trespassing, get the fuck out of my property with all your cameras and microphones.

  • Bman95

    I am very disappointed that A&E decided to take any action involving Phil Robertson’s words in GQ. You don’t own him, silencing him or any member of the show would make the show fake. I watch it for the good ol boys, the family values that shows brings. Duck Dynasty is great TV. Taking one line or highlighting certain words or adding lines like “distain” is typical shameful actions of our media. Way to go A&E you played right in and caved to little pressure. Grow a spine. If your going to sideline Phil are you still going to air Bonnie and Clyde? Those were criminals that robbed banks and killed people, isn’t that worse then a man’s opinion on sex? and religion? Is A&E going to still show Bates Motel? So, its okay to be a serial killer just don’t mention homosexuality? I could go on but I hope you get my point. I actually watch several of your shows, Longmire, The Glades, First 48, Dog the bounty hunter, Billy the exterminator, etc. I for one wont stay watching any shows if A&E continues to censor the public life of their reality tv stars, You can censor and edit your show but to punish them for words said in an interview, Shame Shame. Did you not read where he said he does not judge? Shame on A&E for judging and convicting Phil Robertson. I hope you correct your actions. Publicly apogize to Phil and the Roberstons family and stick to just showing good shows, Stay out of politics and public correctness. After all if your going to take a “high road” on matters of public concerns you will have to cancel several of your other shows, cause several of them are far more distasteful then the entire interview of Phil.

  • Anonymous

    Such cowards at A&E. Phil Robertson was merely voicing his beliefs based on his Christian faith & the Bible. No one has to agree with his views but it is his God-given and Constitution given right to say what he believes. He wasn’t name calling like our ‘friends’ on the left are so prone to do. So lighten up, folks.

  • captain backslap

    Only closet homos care about this ridiculous controversy. Glad to see yall homos exposing urselves

  • Raine

    VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which prohibits
    employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or
    national origin. SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703] (a) Employer practices It
    shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer – (1) to fail
    or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to
    discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation,
    terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such
    individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. That’s a
    pretty clear picture of what discrimination is (according to the
    language of the act). Phil Robertson’s comment revolve around his a)
    belief in natural sexual relationships, and b) his religious beliefs.
    A&E suspended him for sharing his beliefs, which appears to be a
    violation of the civil rights act of 1964. Where is the left on this
    one? Where are the calls for investigation into A&E? –

    • angela

      Stop and think about that. Employers cannot discriminate based on religion, but they can have policies in place about behaviour. I don’t think many businesses would tolerate some one walking into the workplace and calling people sinners and then hide behind their religious beliefs to cover bullying behaviour. This Duck guy’s “office” is the media, and he knows that. Everyone has a right to their beliefs, but business have a right to keep a civil workplace. Not the first “celebrity” to be let go for bad behaviour.

  • Anonymous

    I like what Phil said and if A&E have no stomach for it then I have to say fair well A&E may God watch over you.

  • thedogwalker

    Christians have to be some of the most hateful people on the planet. You worship a god that doesn’t exist and use a book filled with Jewish fairy tales to judge everyone else by. Talk about intolerance, some of the comments here are vile and disgusting. How dare you sit in judgement and openly advocate for the discrimination of your fellow citizens! Do not bother to comment because I will not read them. SHAME ON YOU!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You can’t talk like that! Don’t you realize that we live in a fascist state now, thanks to liberals, atheists, socialists, communists, and so many people who have no idea what planet they are on? SHAME ON YOU!

  • Anonymous

    One of our early revolutionaries had this to say about freedom of speech: “If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington said those words and others of like mind joined him to establish our freedoms. We were not sheep back then. Many of us are not sheep now and many of us shall not be sheep in the future.
    Let’s hope that Thomas Jefferson’s comment regarding “The tree of liberty. . .” never comes to pass.

  • Bella

    For a group of people who DEMAND that everyone be tolerant of them and their beliefs, they have no tolerance for the opinions of anyone else. People need to feel that they can give their honest opinion without fear of their lives or livelihood being adversely affected. The old adage “agree to disagree” needs to be the new normal, not this “you don’t agree with me – you must be evil” type mentality we seem to have now.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when the entire right wing lost their minds over The Dixie Chicks speaking out against war and Baby Bush? Remember the smashing of cd’s and the systematic banning of their music from the radio? Apparently Right Wingers are only concerned about free speech when it’s used to classify an entire group of people as animal f**king terrorists…

    • Skyhawk

      No, the left stood up for the chicks, real Americans exercised their right to stop listening to their product. Those who dont like DD can stop watching (like they ever did in the first place) and avoid their products. Real Americans did not try to get the Chicks fired from their label or have them censored, they just turned away from them. You lefties are not capable of doing the same, you want to hurt those you dont agree with. Your comparison fails. .

  • Dustin Lightner

    This is probably the best thing Glen has ever said. Now I am not a fan of Duck Dynasty at all, I’ve never watched 3 consecutive minutes of the show, but the freedom of speech is the most important issue. Freedom of speech covers all of us, and it even covers the speech we detest the most.

  • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

    Best advice this family will ever get and I hope they take it.

    He’s absolutely correct in that the Robertsons are the best chance we have today.

    We MUST stand up to these fascists: use our GOD given rights to express ourselves and live our faith *anywhere* we wish — just as all other human beings do.

    God grant them the courage to Take a Stand. We all must.

  • dmprisk

    It’s about freedom of speech, PERIOD! If you don’t like what he said, then don’t watch the show. The Grinding Down of America, explains how the Communist Left has this type of censorship in their manifesto.

    Grinding Down America

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s advice is excellent! The Robertson’s have the people behind them and Blaze TV ready to hire them…now is the time to act! I don’t even agree with what Phil Robertson said, but I 100% defend his right to say it! It is HIS opinion and he is entitled to yell it from the roof tops if he so pleases!

  • Doug Morong

    Take it to them Robertson’s and use the podium you have to stand up to our rights.

  • Anonymous

    Political correctness = CENSORSHIP = FASCISM!!! Heaven forbid someone should express an opinion based on his religious teachings and/or upbringing!!! What’s NOT natural is SIMPLY not NATURAL! If A&E doesn’t want these DD guys and gals to tell us what their RELIGIOUS beliefs and convictions are, then let another cable network who DOES appreciate those views bring DD on board. But NO. A&E makes WAAAAAY too much money from DD. MAybe A&E should try being TOLERANT of other peoples beliefs rather than FORCE their politically correct fascism down everyones throats. As for his so-called “racist” remarks. I believe he was SIMPLY saying what he OBSERVED back then. I don’t believe he said that blacks were happier under Jim Crow. But let some “hick” from the south give his opinion on a race issue and everyone wants to throw out the race card. It’s the EASY thing to do. What’s hard is trying to understand why only blacks can call each other the N-word, wear prison fashions like a badge of honor and kill each other way more than the KKK ever did. When you get your OWN house in order, THEN you can call every white you don’t like a racist. Until then, GQ magazine and the A&E network should go duck themselves.

  • Kevin

    For my money, this is not about Phil’s words, or about gays, or people who cheat or any of that. It is about being bullied for cash. You believe what you want to believe, I will do the same. If A&E wants to cave to gays, fine. I won’t watch the channel. They can be the GChannel for all I care, but advertisers will not reach me there.

  • Mari Paccione Stein

    Good for you Glenn! This nonsense has to stop! We have to stop worrying about whose feelings are going to get hurt everytime we say something. People need to get over themselves and just live their lives to the best of their abilities and stop worrying about what someone else thinks! It your life – LIVE IT!

  • Anonymous

    Dang it Gleen beck. You sure make it hard for poor folk to pinch pennies! I am so close to dumping dish now and this may put me over the top and doing what I can to get the Blaze network. Getting hard to find anything on dish since I cut down to bare essentials on dish anyway.
    In my humble opinion (think we are still allowed to have one) A&E was never a conservative place on the dial anyway .Don’t understand why that bunch of exec’s over there would possibly see a hint of gain by cancelling that show. If they do that then the only audience they would gain would be from MSNBC (news?) and that guy has probably moved on over to porn somewhere anyway!
    I’ll be watching to see how all this plays out. If A&E hangs on to this show I can see a brilliant piece of marketing. If they dump it then my opinion of liberals is glaringly reinforced. That is, this (liberalism) has to be a mental illness or they are getting bad stuff from the drug cartels or maybe both!
    Just for the record I’ve only seen that show a few times and it was OK but I don’t consider myself a fan. The basic assult on the guys rights, which I see us losing more each day, will assure me to be in front of whatever media I get the show on when it comes to the Blaze!

  • Brian Snoope Pruter

    Hypocrisy run amuck yet again….whether you agree or disagree with Phil Robertson he was exercising his Freedom of Speech on his beliefs and is silenced yet all of you yahoos that disagree with him exercise your Freedom of Speech to bash him b/c you are “outraged”….pretty sure The Duck Commander hasn’t altered anyone’s way of life by his comments, if it has then you probably have more issues then you know or care to admit!!!!! Land of the Free Home of the Brave my arse….we’re a bunch of Whiney babies that base there lives around political correctness!!! Shake it off and live your own lives, this is beyond ridiculous!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What we are witnessing is what Justice Robert Bork called “coercive virtue”
    being forced upon us. It starts with judicial activism followed by media promoting that banality and finally enforced by the full power of the Federal and State governments. Homosexuality was put on a pedestal and we are asked to admire and love it or else. Phil should stick to his guns. There is nothing normal about homosexuality. I use Alfred Kinsey, a homosexual guru and the father of our sexual revolution, as an example of a homosexual. He was a pederast, a pedophile, a masochist, a necrophiliac and a scientific fraud. He exhibited all the stigmata of the homosexual syndrome which is a collection of perversions and abnormal behavior. Also, male homosexuals, who account for about 2% of adult male population, commit almost 50% of sex crimes against children and adolescents. And that is not all, but I will stop here. There is nothing normal about homosexuals as a group even if some homosexuals lead relatively normal lives, but they are a small minority. In view of what I just posted, how offensive was Phil’s comment? I think that Phil should file a multimillion suit against A&E for defamation and for violating his civil rights.

  • Fat Lip

    It all comes down to tolerance we who live by the word know the truth the word is (ABOMINATION)
    WE as Christians live by that law and trust in the word to tell us the laws so if we express our view and quote a law we know it sit’s not well with the Lord that’s what is tells us to do.
    It also tells us that there will come a time where it will become very unpopular to speak of the Savior or to live by the true laws.
    Sodom &Gomorrah will have to appeared before there eyes and not the masses shall follow the laws toleration will be forced by a false morality.
    Phil did what he knows to be true as i’m doing right now it is an ABOMINATION !!
    If you disagree that doesn’t seem to bother me as much as it does those who care to disagree .

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher
      • Fat Lip

        I’m all in brother the jig is up we have had enough .

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

          You better believe it. You want to know what else is great News A&E try to do a marathon of Duck Dynasty and over 6.7 million out of 8 million boycotted it because of this bull. Let hope they see that we will not put up with it anymore.

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    Fascism under disguises of political correctness. Absolutely disgusting attempt
    of intimidation and silencing opinions differing from theirs. How does demonizing fit into tolerance and freedom of opinion ?
    Hypocrisy to the N’th degree. Are virtues valid only when in agreement with
    Central Committee guide lines ? LBGT champions? Or is it a sorry excuse for what they pretend to be. A&E is not worthy representing or championing anyone.
    Phony reality in their “Reality Show” puts in serious question the rest of their programing. Their ratings will reflect this gross miscalculation.
    Shame on you A&E !

    • Anonymous

      Just easy control of society. As long as they have the victims they fight for.

  • Anonymous

    Who would ever think sodomy would be such a popular thing that men would want to scream about it. Yes, some people have sexual perversions and they are attracted to only certain people or things. Fine but to make it into a freak show of making basically unhealthy non-masculine men into heroic figures is beyond pale.

  • Jason Croskrey

    Glenn, its even more deep than freedom of speech, its freedom of thought, faith and religious conviction. I’m sure you’re familiar but the support religious freedom page on Facebook is great.

  • Belrix

    I agree with Glenn on this one. The entire family should do interviews and say the same things and force A&E to do something. If they all get suspended from the show it will kill A&E off, and it will quite possibly wake people up to what’s going on in the country. If nothing else it will force a discussion of the issue of tolerance. Or hopefully it will. I posted a blog post from Matt walsh on A&E’s Facebook page this morning titled “Congratulations A&E You Have Just Committed Suicide”. I’m still getting likes and comments on it. I’m surprised A&E didn’t take it off the page, but so far they haven’t.

  • Anonymous

    If my memory serves me, didnt this same thing happen on MISS AMERICA ? SHE stated an honest and very personel opinion on gay marriage, and was publically pounded on and lost the contest due to her “OPINION “

  • Sandra Dietze

    Please Edit this you totally missed on the meaning because of your gross mistakes. Not the first time. Get a new editor or check your work

  • Richard B

    I’m getting sick and tired of these homosexuals, and to think I once supported them for legal protection. To these perverts, you can’t even express your sexuality unless it’s like theirs. Isn’t the female genitals better to a heterosexual man, just the anus is better to a homosexual man? Isn’t this reality??? Yet when you say it, they raise hell. I say to hell with them!

  • Watch it
  • Nina Barber

    Glenn Beck, you’re the man! Loved your speech and thanks for defending Phil, he’s my favorite. You are so right about this being the best time for them to make a stand against the “Politically Correct” nonsense. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech is on the line here. GOD bless the Robertson Family and GOD bless you, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they do come over the The Blaze.
    If we don’t stand up now against this tyranny from liberals, we deserve to lose our freedoms. If they can get rid of someone that popular and well known and making money for his employer, they can destroy any of us who speak out against any sin.
    America, wake up.

  • Lucy

    Exactly Glenn, where is the tolerance for these guys? Tolerance only applies to those chosen in the media? It appears that is so. This is so wrong

  • Wayne Moore

    We need to start a movement to draft Phil Robertson for president
    Unlike the incumbent, he loves his country and has run a successful business!

    • Anonymous

      We all Love our country but some of us are not Homophobic Racist backwood Hillbillys

  • Roxanne

    Mr. Beck…have whoever does your website here to change DOES to DOESN’T in the following statement you posted above…….

    In the interview, Robertson crassly explains why he personally does not
    understand homosexually, but he also clarifies that he does judge anyone
    because “that’s the Almighty’s job.”

  • steve

    Phil stand your ground !!! Be Happy Happy Happy …. GODS coming BACK and he’s PISSED ….

  • Kenny Clark

    Glen please apolagise to Alex Jones for your disgusting gay rants about him and Charlie Sheen, I lost all resect for you after that childish nonsense, you are NOT a Libertarian till we say you are…until then you are still a Fox hack.

    • Corrine

      hey ignoramus – learn to spell. Who gives a shit if someone says something bad about gays? Suck it up- Gay people say bad stuff about “God people” all the time.. No one calls the dogs on you. Idiot.

  • susandaytoday

    Good Job Glenn !

  • bllamb

    Yes, phil could have spoke in a more politically correct manner, but personally I don’t think that works. Sometimes being blunt is the best way to get your message across. Phil was quoting the bible as he often does, even on the show. I just hope A&E is dumb enough to follow through with this. I know Phils family will back him 100%. When they due, it will be A&Es turn to decide what to do. I hope they fire them all so Glen can pick there show up for the Blaze network. Until then, phil no longer works for A/E, so he is a free agent Glen. Sign him up.

  • Tim A

    Did you all miss the part where in the same article he said that black people were happy under Jim Crow laws??

    • Gary

      It is idiots like you trying to stir the pot, that is the biggest problem. Here are his exact words.

      In fact, in his childhood experiences growing up in Vivian, La., Robertson suggested he could relate to the black struggles because he was “white trash.” “Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers,” he explained. “I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field … They’re singing and happy.”

      In his recollection, the racism that reportedly occurred between the end of slavery in 1865 and the start of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1940s just didn’t appear to be in existence in the area where he grew up.

      “I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’ — not a word!” he said. “Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

  • Lori Anderson Farmer

    Please take a stand as a family and don’t let A&E do this. One of our greatest freedoms in this country is the right to have our own voice. As a nation, the majority has stood by and watched as one by one the voices have been silenced. We are where we are as a country because we let opportunities pass to right the injustice and say “it is ok”. IT IS NOT OK.!!! And I support you 100%. I love your show and think you guys are great. You are the only real thing about reality tv I have seen in a long time. I can watch you with my daughter and laugh without worrying she will see something I am really not ready to explain to her. Your show is clean, funny and wholesome, proving that you don’t have to be vulgar to make ratings. You do have a great platform to reach so many with Christ’s message. Know that so many are praying for you and will GLADLY stand with you and fight for your right to an opinion as a person that is not dictated or owned by a network, a government or a nation.

    And you do realize GLADD that if Phil loses his rights to have an opinion that is different than yours, the action you see as a victory today could be used as the same tool by someone that does not agree with YOU to take your rights. You would be the one silenced. You don’t have to agree and you can moan all you want, Hey, that is your right but think carefully before you judge too harshly and attack Phil for his beliefs because the same muzzle you put on Phil today will fit you in the hands of the right person or group. The sword cuts both ways. The very argument you use to protect your right to be angry…the same freedom you have screamed for and demanded for yourself, you would steal from another, just because he does not agree with you? Do you not see the danger in doing this? Can you not see how you attack the very thing you want so badly for the rest of us to give you? The right to have your own opinion, lifestyle and do things your own way. You stated that “By taking quick action and removing Robertson from future filming, A&E has sent a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value.” but what you have done is bully a network into discriminating against a man thats only crime is that he has an opinion that is different than your own. You have attacked his character and his right and by your own definition you have become the biggoted, hatemogors you accuse him of being. Get a grip and lets be adults here. This is no 5th grade playground

  • Dee Wools

    I think someone better correct this para in the above:

    “In the interview, Robertson crassly explains why he personally does not understand homosexually, but he also clarifies that he does judge anyone because “that’s the Almighty’s job.””

    Someone better put a NOT in there or this article will blow up in your face!

  • Mariangel Wilkinson

    This is not so much about gay rights or whatever, it’s about freedom of speech and that belongs to all of us. I didn’t like his choice of words, but he has a right to say them.
    They weren’t vulgar, at least he didn’t use the F-word. But then again, I suppose the LGBT folks didn’t like it ‘cuz he used the real words to say what they do! And I don’t think they want us to think about WHAT THEY DO!

  • Anonymous

    Let the medical Evidence Based Research speak for itself on this behavior, check out PUBMED site (even like them on Facebook) with any type of anal sphincter disorder and the lifestyle, you will be astounded on the consequences of this lifestyle and what the medical community is dealing with.

  • steve

    Is what Mr. Robertson said right or wrong theologically? That depends on theology, or even lack thereof as far as that’s concerned. How, what, and if one has any religious opinion is up to the individual. Period. Is what Mr. Robertson said right or wrong physiologically? No it wasn’t. One doesn’t need to be a physiologist thinker or even a philosophical Nostredumbass to figure out what the rectum, colon and anus are for. The odor of feces is repellent for a reason. Anyone who considers the smell of a waste treatment plant or someone breaking wind to be an aphrodisiac has bigger problems than I could ever address. Just an Ignorant Redneck … Merry Christmas ..

  • Pam Haag

    I know several people who have blocked A&E from there TV.s in protest. Frankly I’m tired of these group throwing temper tantrums like some little baby ever time someone expresses their opinion and it doesn’t happen to be what they want. GROW UP GLADD this IS AMERICA…………….

  • Terry Lane

    I support Phil and his family. A&E, I am ashamed to say I bought Duck Dynasty Tee shirts from you. You are so representative of the powers of our country today. Weak, and no morals. Afraid what you say or believe in might piss someone off. You and Barry “O” are probably hand jacking each other right now. There is a reason why they call your kind “Sharks”. You have no backbone.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it is about the money. More specifically it’s about the advertisers A&E possesses and wants to keep. Mr. Robertson has the right to free speech and he exercised it. But he’s also employed by a company with specific guidelines. If they suspend him, it’s not as if similar things haven’t happened before. Bill Simmons, one of the largest media figures in all of sports gets suspended from ESPN yearly for saying bad things about the company. It’s the same reason why I couldn’t tell my boss to F-off and expect it to go over well.

    The First Amendment covers the right to free speech and the government cannot interfere with that. But A&E also reserves the right to cater to the group of advertisers they possess. It wouldn’t be a good idea to cancel this show since it’s wildly popular. The Roberson family doesn’t have to stay at A&E. They won’t make this kind of money on The Blaze, I’ll tell you that much.

  • Karen

    Guys, I just want to say that I’m seeing a lot of hate
    in these comments! It doesn’t matter what side of the issue you’re on, you
    aren’t going to win any arguments by condemning everyone with a different opinion
    than you. To all the Christians out here using the Bible to reject
    homosexuality, the Bible is also pretty clear about loving your neighbor and
    not judging others. But every time someone writes about the terrible things the
    “liberals” or “conservatives” think and do, it’s like they
    aren’t even people, just some faceless enemy. I completely get that these are
    important issues that deserve to be discussed, but not like this. There’s no
    point even having a discussion if you don’t have an open mind. Please, let’s
    put the love and respect back into our arguments and recognize that we are
    talking to fellow humans that happen to have different ideas than us.

  • Anonymous

    Tough call, on one hand A&E knew who they had and who they put on air. The fact that he would hold such views, whatever you think of them, isn’t surprising. So taking him off the air is pretty stupid on their part. On the other hand I have a hard time getting too worked up over it, it’s their channel, their show, nobody has a right to a cable tv show so if they want him gone so be it.

  • Michael Zito

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) protects “protected” employee classes from workplace discrimination and unlawful firing. Christians need to be added, by law, to these protected classes so that workplace bigotry against them can be remedied. And, the remedy is beautiful. Protected classes can sue their employers and their employers pay their legal fees (as long as the employee wins at least $1, which happens 99.9% of the time). So, the lawyers see a money bonanza and work…work…work…billing it all to the company. Naturally, the company eventually surrenders, guilty or not, just to stop the legal bleeding.

    The Left strategy to force your opponent to live up to their own standards must be applied here. STOP SAYING THE EMPLOYER HAS THE RIGHT TO FIRE YOU FOR YOUR BELIEFS! There are all kinds of reasons the LEFT has enacted into law to keep companies under their thumb………use them.

  • Anonymous

    To the left there is no other side. There’s only their side. All other views must be silenced.

  • Anonymous

    The Left would boycott A&E in retaliation for its sins. A&E would capitulate or die under the Left’s rage. Only groups like those formed by the intolerant left-wing bigots seem to hate enough to knowingly attack and hurt others for their personal views.

    The time has come for good people to boycott the haters and their allies.
    Do you have the guts to cancel cable until A&E capitulates?

    Alla Chic fil e, good people should rally behind the victims of the left wing bigots.

    Did you notice how hard Target works at saying Merry Christmas? This is the result of being boycotted, years ago, by good people, who objected to their comment that saying “Christmas” was hurtful and so the store’s policy was to shun any mention of Christmas during the holidays. Remember?

    Like all fakes and phonies, once the $$s stopped coming in, they decided it didn’t matter whose feelings got hurt……imagine the love.

    I never shop at Target as the bigots who formed the hateful anti-christian policy were not fired and continue hating behind the scenes.

    It is my right to hold them accountable.

    What will you do about the Ducks?

  • Anonymous

    “Freedom of Speech” is protection from government action. Private citizens or corporations can react poorly to your speech and tell you to go take a hike.

  • Anonymous

    “Freedom of Speech” is protection from government action. Private citizens or corporations can react poorly to your speech and tell you to go take a hike.

  • Jonathan Michael Bierley

    Thís is not a freedom issue!!!! Phil had every right to say what he wanted and A & E had every right to be offended by it!!! He is not in jail and that is not the only derogatory thing he said! Unless, of course, you believe in freedom only when it’s convienant?

    • Gary

      I didn’t see one derogatory comment made by Mr. Robertson. How someone else perceived them may differ, but that is their problem.

  • Lynn Kasem Osborne Wilfong

    I think although they already are going to air season five, the Robertson’s should somehow shut it down.

  • Shirley Williams

    Why are you saying that Phill Robertson “does judge” in paragraph that begins “In the interview” You need to make a correction because Phill said “does not judge”.

  • Wanda York

    Doesn’t this have more to do with expressing views that your employer does not align themselves with? A&E has already reigned the Duck Dynasty family in on sharing their spiritual beliefs so much. If Robertson wants to share his beliefs against the networks wishes, shouldn’t he just nullify his relationship with the network? For now, the family IS accepting a paycheck which, I would think, makes them obligated to function as A&E tells them. They are basically owned. They don’t need the money. Why don’t they walk away? I was indignant, at first. Now, I feel this may just be a breach between employer and employee. The Roberstons should stand their ground and move on.

  • Ron Vassallo

    You are watching the moral decay of America take place right in front of the world’s eyes. The world wants everyone to conform to their sandards. When you don’t go along comes the strong hand moves they will take to bring one down -Go along, get along, or they will attempt to make you disappear. You are watching them move toward telling the world what you can believe, what you can eat and who you will listen to.
    If you are a Bible Believer you would know that this was forthcoming. Worse s yet to come. This is the time for Bible Believers to unite and do a reversal on the A&E station and watch them squirm when it effects the bottom line.

  • fabdoire

    I have called and written to a+e (intentionally not capitalized). Like so much that is going on today “tolerance” is only for the views and opinions of the libiots and those segments of the country that they protect (gays, muslims, illegals etc). Nauseating!

  • Jeri Swadling Zoerhof

    Seriously they don’t have anything else to bicker about? Someone may want to take a look at the K Mart 2013 Joe boxer commercial! They want to censor Phil Robertson for his opinions? Yet this particular commercial is being aired? I cringe at the thought of children asking questions or mimicking this in public!

  • Jeff Laz

    How come nobody’s talking about his remarks about Blacks?

    • Gary

      Probably because most of the black community doesn’t find anything wrong with what he said. Only people like you that are looking to stir the pot.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how long “Duck Dynasty” has been on A & E. I haven’t seen a lot of the episodes, however, I will say this: it took them a damn long time to put a decent show on their network. This is the best reality tv show on tv by a rather comfortable margin!
    & THIS is how they treat them! Assuming that A & E doesn’t come to their senses, the
    Robertson family should take their show ELSEWHERE! “The Blaze” comes to mind. If A & E doesn’t reverse their error, I will stay as far away form their so-called programming until the network becomes defunct!

  • Matt Chasteen

    Not about money? Yea right Glenn! All this is about money. Every link I go to to read opinion on this situation has a support phil shirt they’re selling for 24 bucks. Not about money my butt. I’m all for free speech but doesn’t A&E also have the right to fire someone under their employ if said person makes statements that may hurt their brand, ratings etc????

    • Gary

      Firing that someone has certainly hurt their ratings far more than the comments.

  • Anonymous

    I wish some pastors has the balls to say what Phil Robertson said, here is a man who believes in God and the bible teaching, not afraid to make his personal views known according to the teaching of the bible; sadly today we have pastors and church leaders align with the Democrats and their fascist, communist agenda, freedom trampling, and destroying anyone who have a different opinion.
    I am a black conservative, who loves the Robertsons and would love to see them on the Blaze Network, I hope they stand up to A&E tell them to shove it. I am sure A&E knew what the Robertson were about, I sure the knew they were Bible following Christians; So why are the surprize at anyone from this family exercising their views on this sin.

  • Anonymous

    Did all those posting here supporting Robertson also support Martin Bashir and Ed Schultz when they said Stupid things ?

  • Charles Davis

    If i may bring up a minor point!!!! Duck Dynasty falls under the heading of REALITY TV. Where is the REALITY when you censor what is said in a personal interview, or the prayers you say at the dinner table??

  • BabyBlueOnes

    The rest of the Duck Dynasty family should support Phil’s right to his own opinion and refuse to film for as long as he is banned from filming; or better yet, just leave A&E. They’re too dumb to appreciate what they have.

  • Akaej47

    I’m not a Catholic , but everyone should take a page from the new Pope…Why do Christians contiue to talk about issues and condemn people and then say they are not judging anyone….Just live your life and if you are a Christian , just show compassione and love to our fellow man/women. One thing I have learned in my walk with God is that no one has a Heaven or Hell to put anyone in….

    • batmanroxus

      The pope is an idiot.

      • Guest

        Projection much? Nothing you write suggests otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        You know him not at all.

    • Anonymous

      Who is being condemned? Only God can perform Final Judgement and condemn the soul if that is His judgement. Judge actions not people.

  • batmanroxus

    One of the Keys to happiness is taking responsibility for your/our own feelings. If “they” can manage to eek out an offence they can get some attention. It’s all about manipulation. It is another failed attempt at political correctness. These so called progressives (failures) would trade social and mental stability, civil rights, personal responsibility, happiness, liberty and freedom for PC. It’s PC that feeds this dysfunction and so perpetuates it’s own misery, which they feel gives their lives meaning, although false meaning and false worth.

  • Guest

    How gullible are folks here? This isn’t about “freedom of speech.” The gov’t has no role in this. A & E does not want to support a homophobe. Simple as that.

    Beck does not believe what he’s saying here. While on Fox, he railed against a school teacher who attended and spoke at anti-capitalism rallies on his own time. Beck wanted him fired!

    No one in their right mind will ever accuse Beck of consistency when it come to principles. Hypocrisy? All the time, but not consistency.

  • Melanie

    Glenn…you need line-ups for The Blaze?

  • John Godsey

    Some Christians are worried that the Gospel is becoming so offensive to a new era that they started changing it to become less offensive to the world system. At last, they changed so much that while their forebears would recognize parts of their liturgy, they would be appalled at their outright unbelief in the absolute essentials of the Christian faith. They have so compromised the fundamental truths of the Gospel that no one can be saved by it.

  • Christine

    we all have to “except” their parades and yet we are the bad guys for speaking our minds on our religious teachings. Talk about a double standard!

    • Gary

      I agree 100%, “except” that you should have used “accept”

  • Anonymous

    Twice and since they are homosexuals twice as big, they will love it and praise the big one that made them so great.

  • Robert William Cadrain

    The Duck people , yes, should tell a&e bye, bye….And head right over to BECK & friends…..they have the power. a & e will never stop this let wing shit, never..

  • Avon Kay Abram

    I hope Phil will stand his ground on what he believes. If they beg him to come back, don’t not go, let them suffer with the loss of money that you have made for them. I for one will not watch A &E after this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malcolm-Krause/100001263810852 Malcolm Krause

    I would say that there brand name has gone up in communities all across the country and even more the world. But of course the PCers get what they, just look who is running the country

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malcolm-Krause/100001263810852 Malcolm Krause

    cutting them lose would be a huge bonus to the family, how fast would another network pick them up. $$$$$$$$

  • Brad Schulte

    Let the channel commit suicide. Maybe they can come up with a show that will appease the homosexual uproar and market it at walmart. Opinions must no longer be like buttholes. Not everybody can have one. Just a few who think they know more than you.

  • Anonymous

    Has America taken enough guff from the Hearst family and criminal-in-chief, ‘Patty’? Did you know her husband (who died recently) was their security chief? Joint 50-50 owners with ABC/Disney of 29 broadcast stations, is Hearst Corp. overdue for its own boycott?


  • Anonymous
  • Charles

    Not certain there is black and white any more. Being born in the 1950’s there was, in my upbringing, definite blacks and whites in my belief system, mores, and rules of living. My religious back ground, to which I adhere to, continues to remind me there are rights and wrongs in society, everything does not go and everything Is not acceptable. I am personally pleased Phil spoke the truth and I think one of the main problems with this story is all the information was not printed. Aberrations of the complete statement were used and slanted to fit a particular agenda. I do think A&E needs to look at the fan base of Duck Dynasty and decide where the cash cow is. Me personally, I have never watched a complete episode of Duck Dynasty. Not suggesting A&E is biased but it appears to be so. Am thinking, had they taken a neutral stance, this hub bub would not be happening. Maybe they are gambling this will be good for ratings?

  • Laurie Gbd

    I’ve read everything Phil Robertson said in that interview. Phil did not attack homosexuality, he stated what sin is. God made the rules what sin is, if these people attacking Phil don’t like what God said, I’d suggest they take it up with God.

  • rhino33

    Is this the same media platform that made me explain a four hour erection to my 8 year old daughter?

  • http://www.yourAVON.com/dcummings Debbie C

    Well let me say, that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. It is wrong and it is immoral. Now if you ask, does a person have a legal right to engage in homosexual sex yes, but they do not have a right to force their beliefs on anyone or any organization. We must stand up for what is right and what is wrong and that is the bottom line. We have a right to speak truth to power no matter how it “offends” someone. It’s called freedom of speech. People say degrading things about Christ and Christians everyday on television but they are not “banned” from networks because of it. It is a double standard, and any freedom loving American would not stand for this mistreatment of someone due to their religious beliefs.

  • Defend Liberty

    Since civilization must be able to adapt to future events, it is impossible to replace it with a “design” based upon knowledge known today.

  • Doug Sawyer

    Mr. Beck, I’d like to point out something…This is just another way A&E has tried to change the members of the Robertson family to “fit their mold”. If you remember last year they asked them to “tone down all the praying and gun action” when the family said “no this is how we are, we aren’t changing” they appeared to back down. I’d love to know who sent Phil to GQ magazine, a publication I’m fairly sure isn’t laying around any Robertson’s household, for an interview. I’ll bet it was the execs from A&E, now they have a chance to try and force them to change, without looking like THEY are forcing the change. They get a magazine that is….well probably not very popular with the duck hunting world, to ask him a question about all things, gays? Hmmm, sounds a bit like a set up to me. Now A&E can try to make them conform under the guise of advertiser pressure. The Robertson family should cut ties with A&E and find a new home. This is a scam.

  • TylerDurden

    Has Beck tried to hire Alec Baldwin?

  • The Roadster

    The more centralized control, the more the forces of liberty that enable prosperity are extinguished and the more the forces of freedom that shaped the very minds attempting to centrally direct it, are destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, it seems the Blaze censors its posters in the same fasion.

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