More-On Trivia: Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Last week, More-On Trivia incorrectly predicted the Dallas Cowboys would defeat Pat’s beloved Green Bay Packers. In the latest installment, Stu’s Philadelphia Eagles square off against the Chicago Bears. Which city’s convenience store workers will emerge triumphant?

Much to Stu’s delight, after four full quarters of play, the Philadelphia Eagles came out on top in a nail biting 9-8 finish. Much of the Eagles’ success came courtesy of ‘Bob the female’, who had a little fun with Pat and Stu because they were surprised to learn she was actually a female.

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  • Sam Fisher

    Wow that is a new one.

  • Sam Fisher

    I thought his true name is Berry Marxist Obama.

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    A lamp of liberty, illuminating candid facts in the dark of our patient sufferance:

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, I heard it. They called people trying to work the Friday before Christmas and mocked them. Several of the people they called tried to politely tell them they were trying to work but they still stayed on the phone and mocked them. Because that’s what the spirit of Christmas is all about – making fun of people who have less money than you do. Well done, guys – this says more about you than the people you called. All that’s missing is the weepy Glen “the self-appointed BIlly Graham” Beck monologue where he goes on for a half an hour ordering you to get on your knees and remembering the true meaning of Christmas because he’s oh so much closer to God than you will ever be.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Standing against the injustice of plunder in no way implies that one regards advancement of the less fortunate as an unworthy cause.

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