For the last 12 months, President Obama’s name has been contraband from the Glenn Beck Radio Program. In January, Glenn vowed not to mention the name of a certain President of the United States, instead known as ‘that guy’, and anyone who did not abide was the rule would face a $20 penalty. The money raised would be given to Mercury One.

Well, this morning was the final broadcast day of the year for Pat, Stu, and Jeffy, and the totals are in. How much money do the guys owe?

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“By the way, speaking of heartwarming stories, we started this year with a promise to you that we would not say the President’s name, and if we did, we would fine ourselves $20 every time we said it,” Stu said on radio this morning. “What’s heartwarming about this story is the fact that we actually stuck to it for an entire year… Do we have the totals, Jeffy?”

The grand total, when you account for offenses from Glenn, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy, is… drum roll, please… $4,600.

When you break the numbers down further, Glenn is far and away the biggest offender:

Jeffy: $280

Stu: $620

Pat: $1,160

Glenn: $2,540

“All that, by the way, is going to Mercury One. You can go to It is the charity that Glenn put together. It’s done so much great work this year.”

Now that the penalty has been lifted, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Glenn, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy to get back into the rhythm of saying the President’s name again. Tune in January 6, 2014 to find out…

Front page image courtesy of the AP