You have to learn about the miracles AND the massacres

On Friday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn was joined by TheBlaze’s Andrew Wilkow for an hour devoted to Glenn’s new book Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America. While you may have heard Glenn talk about the 12 remarkable stories that comprise the book, you may not know how the idea for the book came about.

Glenn explains how an encounter with his daughter completely changed his perspective on teaching and learning history, and why plans to publish entertaining and truthful historical books from here on out below:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Restore the military that Obama has purged. This will happen right away if we tie Obama’s hands, and the massacres will stop.

    Impeachment proceedings against Obama will stop him from further purging the military even if he’s not impeached. Paper-whacking Obama will stop him from further damage before his term is up.

  • Sam Fisher

    Big government killed my people but now they want me to trust them yeah that is never going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Fisher,

      What big government has done to many people around the world, and in this nation the Native American tribes especially, is reprehensible at the minimal. Unforgivable at the most.

      In the history of India, we have suffered repeatedly under numerous ‘visiting’ governments who invaded: islam was one, the English and French in more ‘modern’ history.

      All of us in America must learn from history, all of the good and evil as Mr Beck has provided a window into, and ensure it does not happen again.

      • Sam Fisher

        My people are still getting screwed by big government. most of the reservations still own by the government meaning many cannot not build or just simple given up building up reservations because of that very thing. Some tho have been let to own their own land after much fighting with the government and those reservations have been growing, A lot of people walked away from the reservation for good to find work and to get away from the handouts. I guess both of our people are still getting the sort end of the stick.

        • Anonymous

          From a different perspective of outside the reservations I have seen something of the Federal governments efforts to hinder the peoples efforts.

          One Indian tribe in my now home state desired to develop a small portion of land for a casino. Since the owner of said property is a native American, the government declared it to be a portion of the reservation.

          After five years of court battles, the land has finally been found and declared to be private property, and the judge ordered that the casino can go forward.

          As of the last update I heard, about two weeks ago, the Federal government is pushing new ‘environmental studies’ that ‘need to be concluded’ before they will permit building to begin.

          I have heard the horror stories of reservation health care.

          I dread what is coming under the ACA, and can only envision the ghettos of my youth.

          • Sam Fisher

            It is really the Obama dream to turn our entire country into one big reservation. If liberals want proof that Marxism does not work all they would have to do is to step on one of the reservations that are still controlled by the government.

          • Anonymous

            Mr Fisher,

            i agree with your statement. Though I wonder how many of the Marxists would actually understand that they have been sold a pack of lies for their entire lives?

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  • Igor Shafarevich

    Know liberty. Sow liberty’s seeds. Reap the rewards:

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  • Bruno’s Beach

    Those of the liberty school know that the ideas, institutions, and traditions upon which our civilization rests were discovered over time.

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