Glenn sat down for a full hour interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live that aired Friday at 9pm ET – and let’s just say it’s not your typical CNN programming. TheBlazeTV and CNN commentator S.E. Cupp interviews Glenn on several subjects including politics, Santa, and the oh-so controversial name this time of year: Jesus Christ.

In a preview clip released by CNN, Glenn lamented the nation’s focus on irrelevant controversies like the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality and “what race is Santa?”.

“Are we too sensitive? Are those debates we should not be having?” S.E. asked.

“Is that a serious question?” Glenn responded.

Glenn laughed and told parents to take their kids out of the room, before ridiculing the amount of time and energy people have wasted on the debate.

“Santa Claus isn’t real. He’s a fictional character. I don’t know what color your imaginary friends are…what are you nuts? That’s the conversation we’re having?” Glenn said.

Meanwhile, a Russian actor has said that he would burn gay people alive in ovens, and it gets minimal airtime in the United States.

Glenn said he would stand with anyone who spoke out against that level of hatred and violence, and that those are the kind of issues people need to be worried about, not what is happening with Duck Dynasty.