You may not want your kids to watch Glenn’s CNN interview tonight

Glenn sat down for a full hour interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live that aired Friday at 9pm ET – and let’s just say it’s not your typical CNN programming. TheBlazeTV and CNN commentator S.E. Cupp interviews Glenn on several subjects including politics, Santa, and the oh-so controversial name this time of year: Jesus Christ.

In a preview clip released by CNN, Glenn lamented the nation’s focus on irrelevant controversies like the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality and “what race is Santa?”.

“Are we too sensitive? Are those debates we should not be having?” S.E. asked.

“Is that a serious question?” Glenn responded.

Glenn laughed and told parents to take their kids out of the room, before ridiculing the amount of time and energy people have wasted on the debate.

“Santa Claus isn’t real. He’s a fictional character. I don’t know what color your imaginary friends are…what are you nuts? That’s the conversation we’re having?” Glenn said.

Meanwhile, a Russian actor has said that he would burn gay people alive in ovens, and it gets minimal airtime in the United States.

Glenn said he would stand with anyone who spoke out against that level of hatred and violence, and that those are the kind of issues people need to be worried about, not what is happening with Duck Dynasty.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is kind of sad really the media is doing everything in their power to make Obamacare go away from our minds and this is the end result white Santa is racist.

    • DL Hancock

      What do you mean, the MS Liberal media isnt mentioning anything about the problems Obamacare is having and just like in Obamas speech today, he’s trying to make them believe that its ALL republicans fault and it would not surprise me if they wqere stupid enough to buy it. They bought every other lie the man has told, except this time it really does hit them in their pocket book. They ALL thought they were geting free healthcare, oopps, didnt happen and even worse, Millions more lost healthcare that they themselves were doling the responsible thing and buying their own. Just wait until next year right after the election, the 90 million more that will be losing their healthcare the same way.
      What kills me is that NO ONE has mentioned that Obama and his family are the ONLY ones that DO NOT have to have Obamacare. That should upset people more then anything. These next three years will seem longer then the last 5 years. How much more damage can he do to this country?

      • Dustin Hampton

        I am honestly kind of curious how this will play out if delays ect that obama has put in place. To shelter people from the full blowback of this law till after the election.

        I seriously wonder if it is just going to make it carry the obamacare blues into midterms and presidential. Because right now obamacare support is right around 35% and doesnt look like its going up anytime soon.

        But while alot of people are getting screwed now a majority of the people who are going to just get railroaded by this new law. Have had certain things postponed till after midterm elections. So I just have to hope that his tactics of bypassing congress and changing congressional set law for political reasons isnt going to just kill the Democratic party.

    • joe michael villa

      Remind everyone again who said Santa was white?

      you’re the idiots that keep opening your mouths with ignorant comments.

      shut it for once.

      • Sam Fisher

        Remind me again who in the hell cares!

      • Crassus

        Soros Troll Rule #2: Refer to conservatives as idiots, bigots, racists, homophobes, etc.

        • Brent Bach

          Can I be a right troll and tell him to STFU?

  • Elton J

    What is ironic is that S-A-N-T-A is really something we shouldn’t be focusing on in this time of year. Whether he is black, white, or a little green man from Mars. Maybe he should be a green man from Mars. That will shut everyone up or at least yell in unison. “We don’t want an Alien Santa!” Ha! :)

  • Jacqueline Dana

    I am an adult and have the ability to change the channel when a program or celebrity goes against my values. Unfortunately liberals have lost that ability. If something offends them or even disagrees with them, they become the queen of hearts, “off with their heads’ is heard around the nation on tv, radio, internet and print. I am a Christian, I believe in the Bible and its teaching. I do not force my beliefs on others but I am allowed to have them. I also believe in the constitution and I’m tired of people trying to tear it down. Glen thank you for rational common sense in this liberal firestorm we are having to live through.

  • Jim

    When is that on…central time?

    • Diane Thompson

      I think that is Eastern time, but not positive!

  • Jim

    I wouldn’t watch any other time…but Glenn and SE…I’m in!

  • Diane Thompson

    I rarely, if ever watch CNN, but I will watch this tonight! Yeah, Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    How sad it is that today’s political correctness is trying to destroy our culture. Santa is the fictional character who evolved from the real man, Saint Nicholas who was a Catholic Bishop. Folks in the Netherlands recognized the good works of the man who would leave fruit, candy, nuts, and sometimes gold for dowries of poorer girls to save them from a life of prostitution. He was white. When my children reached the age of disbelief, I told them the story of the real man, St. Nicholas and talked with them about how parents of today carry on his work. I also incorporated the act of my children helping me to do some charitable giving making them a part of playing Santa. What a beautiful story and a beautiful man of long ago. He was a white man who did good and charitable acts for people of all races. Let’s keep that alive. After all it was history. So we can all say we believe!

    • joe michael villa

      oh please this is not about political correctness or free speech.

      Santa is the color your parents are.

      write an email to Megyn Kelly to keep her racist thoughts to herself.

      • Sam Fisher

        Oh look idiots race baiting on an issue started by a liberal. Oh look at the person who Santa is based off of hum he don’t look black to me

        • Jeff Lambeau

          I agree, St. Nicholas was definitely white, but Jesus wasn’t. He was a Middle Eastern Jew who’s skin color and ethnicity is closer to the crown prince Abdullah than it is anybody in Europe or America.

          • Sam Fisher

            Agreed friend.

        • BlueMN

          Olive skin color, actually. This is the anthropologists forensic facial reconstruction of St. Nicholas head based on his actual skull and his Greek (Turkish) ethnicity.

          • Sam Fisher

            Stand corrected.

      • Dan Heizinger

        Santa Clause is a combination of three characters

        1) St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra (Greek White)
        2) Odin (Scandinavian White)

        3) Father Christmas (English White)

        You’re a tool.

  • Anonymous

    The Fascism that is spewed by the left and absorbed, massaged and sensationally broadcasted by the left-wing media is an intentional one-sided look at society. They create their own racism, homosexual-bashing and intolerance by their very reaction and skewing of facts and figures . . . each and every day. These are very bitter people who have preyed upon The left is so concerned with “equal” treatment, that they ignore the torrents of unnecessary and asinine attention to the matter at-hand . . . each and every time. They believe they are creating a better world when they are only creating a larger and larger pocket of resentment in the part of the world where common-sense and sanity once was the standard. Sane and reasonable protesters (hard to find) would serve themselves well by adopting a sensible program of change . . . this present administration’s full-intent is to foster dissent among the people to mask and bury the atrocities and crimes against the American people that has pervaded our daily life . . . if you don’t know of what I am speaking . . . put down your Kool-Aid for a moment and read some (not-so) current events online or in print! We have been lulled to sleep by Mr. Kool (Aid) and his scheming posse of defilers ! The discussions about Santa Claus and his color as well as Phil Robertson’s personal views are nothing but smoke and mirrors, fostered by a failed presidential administration.

    • Brent Bach

      Doh, create the problem, sweep in with the answer, that of course always takes away our rights and freedom, I recommend reading 1984 to those that haven’t read it.

  • Audrey Grenier-Williams

    Do you guys even understand what you are doing ??? You are thinking republicans and democrats but they are only puppets in the show that do the dirty work for the big bankers! You guys need to wake up now and stop what’s going on under your noses. Fema camps are real folks and this is coming from a member of the liberal party of canada. They even have them here in canada too…..scary stuff :(

    • Sam Fisher

      Show me proof.

      • nutt

        With you there, Sam – don’t hold your breath waiting for proof…

  • Audrey Grenier-Williams

    Glenn Beck tried to debunk the fema camps but he couldn’t because there is so much proof.

  • Stephan Bruno

    That scrotumless prick Glenn Beck didn’t have the guts to take on a real interviewer on a live set. What a coward.

    • Nathan Lazenby

      If you’re going to throw that kind of insult around you need sources. Was it his choice, or did they simply have not have time on their recording schedule to do it to you’re standards?

      • Finch

        He had agreed to do the interview only if it would be hosted by SE, that was pretty obvious. Hence all the joking on the radio about it (and it was rescheduled anyway, so it clearly could have been Pierce).

        • Stephan Bruno


        • Nathan Lazenby

          Ok, well for someone who doesn’t listen to his radio show regularly and has no idea who this Pierce person is, you can see how such a comment that has no context in it comes across as just an offensive rant. I got to this page while following links about the Russian actor’s comments.

        • Anonymous

          To do an interview with Piers would have been giving Piers acknowledgement as a credible journalist, which he isn’t. His own country won’t even acknowledge him as a credible journalist. He constantly uses vulgarities and obscenities against people whose ideals differ from his and he uses convoluted lies because there are no true facts upon which he can base his opinions.

    • Sam Fisher

      Hay racist get a life.

  • Dan Heizinger

    Heterofascism? I bet Glenn will never say homofascism. He wouldn’t dare/

  • Gary Lee Smith

    Beck, you’re a great man. I miss watching you on Fox!
    Gary Lee Smith
    Kaplan University
    Honor Student
    Legal Studies

  • twolazy

    … don’t rush me, I know it in here somewhere .. my Constitutional right not to be offended .. I know its here, its got to be the liberals told me so…. Maybe in the 2nd Amendment, oh God no a good lib would never read the 2nd … 3rd, no, 4th, no, 5th, no … now where the heck is it … anybody know?

    • historyguy48

      It’s in between the “Good and Plenty” clause and the “Separation of Church and State” Clause. You know section BS 1.

  • ssejhill

    Holy cr*p on a cracker … I agree with Glenn Beck on something. Can we stick with real issues, please?!?

    whoa … what’s this about Miley Cyrus and her new video? I’ve got go check that out … [sarcasm]

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    Certainly, the “freedom” to vote one’s self into servitude, and thus give up liberty in the original sense of it, is not liberty at all.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Although some claim that society was “designed”, the liberty school understands that civilization results from the actions of individuals.

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