Waste, fraud, and abuse: Congress cuts military benefits, keeps tax loophole for illegals

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn and opened the show with a scathing monologue condemning the military benefits cuts found in the Murray-Ryan budget. Admitting that she has never considered defense spending to be a ‘sacred cow’, Dana found herself appalled by fact that tax loophole for illegal aliens was spared while cutting the cost-of-living adjustment to one percent below the consumer price index for military retirees younger than 62. That portion of the budget will take effect in 2015.

Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), who, along with Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), authored the budget, defended controversial cuts to military retirement pay in the budget deal, saying that the need for military compensation reform is “undeniable.” In an op-ed for USA Today, Rep. Ryan wrote: “To be clear, the money we save from this reform will go right back to the military.”

Dana was joined by Stephen Yates, CEO of D.C. International Advisory, to discuss the implications of these benefits cuts and whether or not Congress will take action to reform the measure when they return to session in January.

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  • Anonymous

    The longer the progressives are allowed to continue their insane agenda, the longer in time, resources, lives, and riches will have to be expended to undo the collective damage inflicted upon all of us and the generations to come.

  • Charles Hurst

    My question isn’t why the Congressional members are propagating illegal aliens. My question is why aren’t they in jail for doing so.
    When one actively propagates an illegal behavior then one would be placed under arrest or has my common sense been completely replaced by political correctness that states ah yes the illegal isn’t illegal–he is an undocumented worker.
    These officials are committing treason. And undermining the sovereignty of our nation. Not to mention expecting us to pay for it. The cut for our veterans is only the final slap in the face. As a vet to me as well. The fact they would keep benefits for the illegal who should be deported in all cases but take from the ones who place their lives on the line for this nations is despicable. These people are traitors.
    People, I have written fiction on this matter which is the same in history in different flavors all under the mixture of tyranny. It ends one way or another. Either you stand up to it–or you become imprisoned.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.
    And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE.

    • Bonnie Somer

      I cannot agree more it is past time for us to do what must be done either use social media to demand obama and his left wing zealots be impeached and of course his czars or just simply march on DC and demand it y b/c we the people run the govt and it is time they remember it. PS: ART IV SECT 4 OF THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWS STATES TO GO TO THE FED GOVT TO ASK FOR HELP W/FOREIGN INVADERS LIKE AZ SB 1070 DID BUT NOT TO BE SUED FOR IT BUT TO GET AID AN ELECTRIC FENCE ACROSS THE ENTIRE BORDER AND TO ENFORCE NOT IGNORE OUR FED IMMIG LAWS THAT WOULD BE NICE BUT W/DHS AND THE PRO AMNESTY ATTYS THERE IT IS UP TO US OUR GOVT IS NOT DOING THEIR JOB

    • Anonymous

      They need them for votes! Now, the repubs have jumped on that bandwagon, with a budget by ryan, and murray, giving them tax exemptions! Yet, reducing past, present, and future military retirees. They spend more time fundraising, than writing and actually reading bills! The govt won’t admit it, but american birthrates are down to the point that they cannot support the govt in the future. Our babies are aborted, and obamacare could pay younger girls to be sterilized, or wait until their thirities not to have babies. This is why the prez argues for amnesty. They NEED those people to contribute to taxes, and the gdp, to support them.

  • Anonymous

    How slow we are to secure our southern border, allowing illegal aliens to be here unlawfully – how quick we are to seal-up the fate of our most honorable citizens, leaving them little or no security.

    • bumpkin

      “…WE…”? -You STILL consider yourself one of THEM? I do not. I (needs bold-faced) personally am not slow to close the border- I wanted it closed years ago. I cannot be one of ‘them’, the lying connivers, the sneaks, the backstabbers the thieves, the TAXERS… – the politicians, because, you see, I am not LIKE that, and I (bold-it, again) am an American. THEY are NOT! THEY want a one-world government- s’pose they will call themselves Earthlings? -Annunaki? Or Illuminati? I call them JERKS. They want their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Agenda 21– they are NOT “Americans” ie, they want to RULE THE WORLD! (they say, jaws dripping, slathering over our bruised, raw meat.) I merely want to serve my household and family. NO desire to be like THEM. They are not, nor never will be, part of MY “we”.

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough, valid observation. We – you and me, are on the same page.

  • landofaahs

    But hey, Obama can take record numbers of expensive vacations.

    • Anonymous

      He does work really hard, with all the in house photo’s released, that show this. He has his feet on the desk constantly as he’s on the phone doing the people’s business. He works really hard deciding where to send our military next. He works really hard, taking selfies with other nations leaders. Plus, signing bills with all those pens could hamper his golf score, so he deserves all those vacations. We use to take an annual vaction, but haven’t since he became our popular leader to the world.

  • landofaahs

    But hey, Obama can take record numbers of expensive vacations.

  • Anonymous

    It is Christmas eve. Give thanks to the Lord that upon this day we celebrate His birth so that a wretched world may have an opportunity to come to know and love Him. Ask for and trust in His help. He is coming and time is short.

    • Anonymous

      I give thanks our Lord, was conceived during Christmas. His birth would have been the 25th through the 29th of September. No matter. He same to tabernacle among us during this season, and this world is straining for his return as King of Kings! I agree with one’s post that time is short to repent, and learn his word, so that the gospel armor can protect us during this time.

  • ken.

    the simple answer is wealth redistribution, the progressives marxist policies at work.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, they are always first at the feeding station! All of them, not just the democratic socialist party, or the marxist progressives members. They are about to bankrupt the middle class, and when the button pops off their pants from eating constantly at the middle class, then who will support them. The rich? The very poor? But, they’ll keep feeding until then!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    This is what happens when you cave to liberals. They take money out of the retirement funds of our brave men and women fighting for our freedom and give it to a bunch of people with very little respect for the rules of our country and sometimes have pure hate for this country and are to lazy to fill out the paper work for a green card

    • landofaahs

      Divorces are expensive because they are worth it.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it seems this ryan guy simply focuses on anything touching the american people. He calls them entitlement programs, but fails to acknowledge that govt takes the lion’s share of wealth from people, to support their pet projects. Why not argue that the raise congress, and senate received must be reduced or we won’t have them in the future. The govt spends more onbooze that what they will save, disrespecting military service. They are constantly fundraising, to the point they don’t have time to read bills, or not be available to vote on a bill, because they are fundraising. We are under constant surveillence for national security. But, that dog won’t hunt, when they fail to secure our borders!

  • Elena

    Why not stop all discretionary spending? Why not stop borrowing Chinese money to pay foreign support doles to gov’ts who hate us anyhow? The US Constitution requires nor even addresses these. The US Constitution does address the defense of our nation. I should think Constitutional mandates should come first!

  • Joergen Larsen

    We have the same problem here in Denmark. The sad
    sack bitch who took the selfie with Osama/bama in SA is the main instigator, but
    we have several like her. Many of our soldiers who have been sent to Afghanistan
    suffer from PTSS and are (of course) not receiving the support and help that
    they should. So shameful, that our finest young men are sent out to muslim
    cesspools and then are abandoned when they have been ruined, while at the same
    time our borders are flooded with muslim immigrants claiming to be
    asylumseekers, and once they are inside Denmark they try their hardest to
    destroy Denmark and our customs. But I guess that is what happens when the people voted in are selfserving bastards who are only in it to get a free ride on the gravy train.

    • Anonymous

      Seems as if the end of the road is very near, for the white English-speaking nations…liberal lunatics rule – having a liking and admiration, for policy that greatly emulates that of the late Adolf Hitler.

  • Patrick Ramirez

    Everyday, i fight pain and issues i endure from serving my country, it took along time and lots of fighting to get help from the VA, now every time i turn around I find my sacrifice means nothing and that people that have done nothing for this country get taken care of better than the men and women including their families who have sacrificed as I have, I pray to the Lord almighty that we get men and women in office that care for this country and will honor it has it should be. Merry christmas to you all and may your new year be prosperous and great.

  • Defend Liberty

    Liberals’ ongoing attempts to bankrupt these united states could reasonably be interpreted as acts of economic terrorism.

  • One Thirsty Bear

    There is neither empathy nor compassion in condemning the children of these united states further into the hock of hostile foreign creditors

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