Are we witnessing the early stages of the disintegration of America as a global leader?

TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton once again filled in for Glenn on radio this morning, and he opened the program with a ‘deep dive’ into national security – drawing on his background as a member of the CIA and NYPD Intelligence Division.

“I want to focus in on something that I call the ‘Buck Brief’ which is where I go deep into national security,” Buck explained. “I am a radio host on TheBlaze Radio Network. I do a show Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00, and the ‘Buck Brief’ has become somewhat of a staple where we go into geopolitics into the strategy of our intelligence community, of our military, and that’s what I want to start with now.”

With the Christmas season upon us, Buck decided to take a look at the non-Christmas celebrating world and explain the major shift in geopolitical relations and structure that has been underway for some five years now. Are witnessing the early stages of the disintegration of America as a global hegemon? Buck explains.

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I want to take you away from your presents for a minute, or at least take your attention away from them – from the tree that you are probably dressing up with all sorts of ornaments and from your yuletide cheer. I want to focus on what could accurately be called the world that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, the non-Christmas world. 

You see, news as you know is a construct. News is a construct of journalists, news is a construct of people who work in that business and so while all of us are on or preparing to be on holiday and getting ready to spend time with family, the rest of the world continues on in large part as is. As part of breaking down my sense of geopolitics right now, I want to use a term that has fallen out of use somewhat. If we’re going to speak about the non-Christmas-celebrating world or perhaps the world in which Christmas, if celebrated, is celebrated seldom and by very few, that term is Christendom. It used to correspond with what we now know as or consider to be the West. It is the torch of Western civilization, of course, that America now holds, America as a liberal democracy, and the global hegemon, economically, military, militarily and politically.

But what we are witnessing during this Christmas season is a shift, a shift in geopolitics, a shift in national security strategy that has occurred over the course of not just the past year, really the course of the past five years due to the ideology and proclivity of this Administration. You are witnessing the early stages of the disintegration of America as a global hegemon, and countries that fall out of the designation that we could call the West, formerly Christendom, before that the Roman Empire, before that Greece. 

There are challenges now. You could break it down roughly into three. You could break it down into political Islam, Islamism, which encompasses Sunni and Shia varieties, Jihadis and theocrats, nation states dedicated to the idea of opposing and eventually overcoming the West, like Iran, and groups within nations that seem bent upon either overthrowing those in charge of them now, the near-enemy, or striking out before they can even accomplish that at the far-enemy, which would be us and perhaps Israel. 

There’s also Russia which, while not necessarily right now openly hostile in all acts and intents, has a narrative of politics and a narrative of geopolitics that is different than ours and in many ways contrary to ours. It’s a friend to nonaligned countries, it’s a friend to states that view themselves as oppositional to the United States. Over the past year we’ve seen a tremendous amount of Russian activity that we could easily decide and easily view as being intended to hamper and hobble the U.S., in some cases so openly that it’s become brazen, it’s become almost a point of satire for this when looking at this administration. It’s unbelievable.

And then, of course, you have China whose main power and main opposition seems to be on the economic front. It’s focused regionally more so than it is a global narrative. North Korea and other rogue states, of course, can find a friend in China because the Chinese government acts without a sense of any overarching morality. It’s really just trying to achieve its own somewhat parochial interests now, and those interests will, of course, expand as it secures them over time.

This, if you will, is a time in which America finds itself not out of power, not pushed from the heights of being the hegemon but all of the indicators are showing it moving in that direction. And when you add to that, an administration that so clearly not only lacks a vision for the projection of American power and ideals abroad but actually shirks from that, does not believe in what had been considered the American experiment’s relationship with the rest of the world up until now, wants to change it. And by changing it perhaps they only have to do what they’ve been doing recently, which is either bumbling through it or, just as effective in many ways, doing nothing, refusing to bolster our allies, refusing to scare off our enemies, acting as though everything is a surprise that should have been known weeks or months in advance, acting as though they’ve never been there before. There is an amateurism on display by those in charge of the greatest most powerful nation on the history of the planet. 

We have to understand that no matter how powerful the machine, if those at the levers have no understanding of how to utilize it, and not only that but how to keep it as it is, we will see a degradation of U.S. power abroad, and that is what we are seeing right now. We are seeing a removal of strategic interests and strategic assets in places where one couldn’t have dreamed before this administration had come to power it would ever occur. We’ve seen Russia set up missiles in opposition to close allies.  We’ve seen the Chinese become increasingly bellicose over a bunch of small islands in the East China Sea, and the forces of global jihad – and this perhaps more pronounced than any of the others – see a moment, see an opening. 

At one point it would have been enough for them to strike out at the West, to lash out at us for our perceived wrongdoings. Now there is a shift. There is the possibility in Syria, for example, of a jihadist state undreamed of since the Taliban-ran Afghanistan. There was the possibility for an Iranian nuclear power pushing its Shia Islamic ideals around the region, creating a situation in which we could see a Saudi versus Iranian showdown involving nuclear missiles. This is a dangerous world we live in and that is something you will always hear, but in this case it’s more than a platitude because it’s becoming increasingly dangerous. And as we’ve seen the people in charge right now are absolutely incapable of showing anything that would approach strategic vision and I would offer to you even the most basic competence in international affairs.

  • Anonymous

    Is the global hegemon of the United States coming undone? Are we seeing the early stages of it occur?

    In my opinion: yes, we are seeing this happen, and it has been accelerated dramatically under the policies of the left, and that of president Obama. This has been done in accordance with UN Agenda 21, and the ‘World Without Borders’ agenda established by George Soros.

    • Bonnie Somer


      • mspatdev


    • fire lion



  • Anonymous

    We are indeed witnessing the end of one empire, and the arising of one or more new ones in the near future. Which will emerge triumphant and which will unleash their worst against us?

    • Anonymous

      The king of the West, has lost the pride in her power. This creates a vacuum in world order. Something has to give, or world upheaval rides quick on its heals. The king of the North assumes her new roll as world policeman, this infuriates, the king of the East and tensions rise dramatically. The king of the South suddenly sees her chance of world domination and violently, “PUSHES” her weight around setting off a chain reaction of hostilities, that result in the last World War. This coming global conflict soon goes nuclear, necessitating the return of Christ to save mankind from total annihilation.

      • landofaahs

        Too many arrogant and for the most part liberal morons who wish to push their personal agenda’s on to the rest of the world using Government and tax dollars to force or otherwise bribe countries into the goofy left wing idealism.

        • Anonymous

          Pope Francis, recently declared that western “free market capitalism” was not a good thing , in fact, he went so far as to call it “an enemy of Catholicism” – so is he a Marxist then? At least this man seems to agree with much of what the new liberal America is doing. Hard to imagine, but its true.

          Truthfully, “Catholic Corporatism” is a goal I strongly feel he is aiming for….in my humble opinion, I think the world may be revisited by a form of European Fascism, sooner than later. I read a post earlier (below) where the question of “why does America need to be the strongest nation in the world” well if what is currently shaping up within the Catholic Church is an indication – then – history does, in fact, repeat itself…that’s a very good reason for America to be the top dog among wolves.

          • landofaahs

            Sometimes history just echoes.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is what Obama wants to put us in the dark ages. That is why he keeps pushing for things that kills jobs like Obamacare cap and trade and taxing the rich for everything they own.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Fisher,

      President Obama’s motivation for the ‘fundamental transformation’ of the nation has been the same from the start: revenge.

      He sees the destruction of all that makes the United States truly great (in the area of economics, social, cultural, armed forces, Constitution, and the like) as his heavenly mandate. The matter is, as his popularity crumbles further, and his namesake legislation falls apart completely, how far will he push the matter of ‘revenge’?

      Will he go for a complete scorched earth concept, or go for totalitarian hold over the nation, in which the military will have to help depose him?

      • Anonymous

        As we speak, Obama is in the process of merging the military with our local police agency’s. Seems he’s more concerned with what Americans are doing, than he is with known terrorists the world over.

        To him, I suppose the definition of terrorism, has a different meaning than it does for the rest of us. Now entering the realm of Obamas administrative circle, Americas new Homeland Security Chief, Jeh Johnson. This man represents a dangerous new direction in the way due-process works – sort-of guilty until proven innocent, with the adverse effects of the latter, never happening.

        You mention as you close (the military might be a necessary tool in removing Americas first dictator from office) That statement would be true in a different day and age, but in post-common-sense America, its a far different place than what it was five short years ago before Obama gained office. Single-handed, he has practically purged the military from all commanding officers who openly oppose him. The Air-force, once a power to be reckoned with the world over, has been shredded in-large, ordered to stand down, as this far-left-leaning administration has grounded 25,000 fighter aircraft, rendering 250,000 pilots jobless. There is much more that I won’t go into just now, but my point is – Obama knows precisely what he is doing and there are millions of Americans who feel he is moving the nation in the right direction.

        The answer you pose “will he go for a complete scorched earth concept” is the most likely scenario that will happen, and in the not to distant future I might add. But, I do not feel that he never expects to loose, but he has gravely underestimated the strong will and determination of Americas conservative right.

        Civil War is knocking on our door, not a good time of the year to mention such a depressing topic – but – What could possibly be more important?

        • mspatdev

          I agree with you 100%. Better said then I could say right now. obammy has just put in Podestra to become executive power czar. He’ll ensure that obammy uses his executive power to by pass congress and the Constitution. He is opening us up to be attacked. He’ll remove those in the military loyal to the USA, confiscate guns, waive our election laws and hand over our land and oceans to the UN. He will continue to destroy and destroy the USA. YES HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING. He learned all of this from parents/mother and grandparents that are pure communist. His friends and associates are from Chicago are communist. They are all in our government in all of the high positions. They all are ruining our country along with George Soros, the one who has millions upon millions of dollars. Georgie is always in OUR HOUSE WITH OBAMMY SCEEMING ON WHAT TO DO. They thought that enough of the USA was a sleep and they could walze in and destroy it faster, but they have found out that WE ARE A STRONGER COUNTRY THEN HE THOUGHT. Some of America has woke up and now they are fighting. I think with obammycare and all the lies and more lies that were said that no one believes him. I don’t and haven’t since 2007. He is a dangerous person and to have him in our government is a great sin. Too have him there and no one can even touch him, if they do they are dead. He threatens people to not do things and if they do, their family could be missing or killed. I do not trust him as far as I can pick up my refrigerator/freezer. He is evil. America please wake up and do something. States has to clamp down on the votings, othere wise he will have all demo’s in office. When he gets his single payer socialist sytem h. c. then we will be communist with his traitor police on every corner. Read what Hitler did to gain control and kill millions of Jews and Christians. May God Bless America. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

          • Anonymous

            Its difficult to reason with an administration, which, often times, receive their play-book from the satanic inspired mind of Adolf Hitler.

            As many today, are well aware, Hitler boasted, “What you tell people in mass, in a receptive state of fanatic devotion – will remain; words received under hypnotic influence are radical and impervious to every reasonable explanation”

            Does anything else explain – in a rational way, the radical behavior of the current liberal-left think-tank? Their agenda is full speed ahead. When the rational thinking mind does eventually catch-up to what just took place – usually late in the day on a Friday night, the left has already moved another ten steps ahead early the following Monday. This tactic is a full-fledged attack on the American Constitution and our way of life.

            Its as if the progressive left worship the man, all he has to express to them is “that he won’t lie and he’s telling the truth” and the hypnotic spell continues unabated. Those on the left feel safe and secure after hearing those words and casually, go about their daily business not knowing – nor caring – what is really going on, and in full view all around them.

            Again, and right out of Hitlers play-book – Look what Obama is doing that mirrors almost exactly what took place just prior to the second world war. – In 1938, Hitler made the following executive order – (sound familiar(?) Obama is resorting to the “executive order” more and more, now that he is in his second term and more often than not, illegally, bypassing Congress to keep his destructive agenda on schedule) – quote: “Jews are prohibited from acquiring, possessing and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons and stabbing weapons. Those now possessing such weapons, are to turn them over to the local police authority – whoever willfully, or negligently violates the provisions will be punished with imprisonment and fine….”

            Now hows that for causing chill-bumps to travel down ones spine? Today, Uncle-Sam has acquired enough non-military ammunition – equaling five rounds per citizen. These bullets, we are told, are to keep them out of the hands of the crazed gunman – but what about millions of law abiding citizens. The second amendment was included – not for “deer hunting” but to ward off tyrannical government(s) such as what we’re witnessing today in America.

            If Obama really cared about crime on the streets and for the safety of our youth as he has so often expressed, why hasn’t the inner-city gang plague been addressed – or the drug related crime rampant throughout this land? Truth is, his actions do not match his words. If someone has to tell us “I tell the truth” shouldn’t we at least be a bit skeptical and hold him accountable for his word?

            This man was never vetted – and now honest tax paying Americans know why, what’s even more troubling than a runaway tyranical government, is a lethargic, sympathetic press-core who are hypnotized by smooth talking politicians, along with half the nation.

            Americas house is in big trouble!!!

    • Anonymous

      Mr Fisher, I wish you, your family, and the people of Glenn Beck and more a merry Christmas, a Happy New Years, and keep up the good fight against the Progressives.
      It’s been fun dealing with everyone here save for that identity theft. I have other directions to go in now, and wish you all God speed in the times to come.
      Snowleopard (the real one)

      • Anonymous

        Been nice having you here. Come back around sometime — I’m sure we’ll still be fighting the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    Believe it or not, bible prophecy long ago, foretold of the downfall of America. The warning was written, in hope, that our people would respond to it in a positive way, perhaps open their eyes to the plain, simple truth, freely given, in the good news gospel of Gods nation saving message.

    Our people have not responded – in fact, we have defiantly traveled in the opposite direction.

    Enough time has been allowed for each of us to make our choice, but the vast majority of our people still stubbornly refuse to even consider the consequences of our actions, therefore, the Eternal God said – “He would break the pride of our power” – that, “we would spend our strength in vein” Hasn’t that been the case ever since the end of WWII… America alone, has fulfilled that prophecy within every major skirmish we have waged.

    We have practically gifted to the enemy, all our military successes and now, the climate in America is one of appeasement and weak-isolationism. No longer are we “willing” to use our God Given Military Strength – We still have the power, but we simply do not posses the will to use it, and that my friends, equals a “Broken Will” just as the bible described so long ago.

    • Elena

      Cite the passage. There is nothing in the Bible that remotely mentions the New World, let alone America as a superpower.

      • Anonymous

        Elena, you sound as if you understand what is written in the bible with your emphatic conclusion, that “there is nothing in the bible, that remotely mentions the New World”

        “Cite the passage” (?)

        The passage – is actually about a whole one third of the holy bible, obviously, you have been sold a lie and have swallowed it whole.

        Beware of following smooth talking men who make erroneous claims, it is much better, to prove God at his word and to discover the error in our thinking, then it is, to live out our lives in blissful ignorance.


        • Elena

          You failed to answer my question abt which passage/s speak to the New World. Are you using the Book of Mormon as an adjunct to the OT and NT?

          • Anonymous

            No, not at all, in fact, Jesus Christ answered your question about two thousand years ago, because of a world blinded by religious darkness and confusion – a Savior was sorely needed, so his Father in heaven, sent him here to us, with his (the Fathers) message.

            This same Being, the Word of God (Jesus), also at that time, revealed to the world, that in these very days we now live, he would raise up a certain individual to restore “all things” meaning, the spiritual knowledge that had been lost throughout the centuries from the start of Gods church, knowledge of who he was/is and will be. Also, knowledge pertaining to who we are and what glorious potential we have to become in the next phase of life, if we ourselves chose to do so. He will not force anyone to except his free gift.

            As I said above, you have not done your homework. You have not proven the Word of God the Holy Bible to yourself. What you currently believe as truth, is someone else’s idea of who and what God is – Not His! – Otherwise, you would understand living truth that sets one free. You would also understand and have knowledge of, who the man was, in these very last days, that was used by God to restore all things. You have probably heard of this individual, but, due to your previous excepted knowledge of an Eternal Being, you rejected it the only lifesaving knowledge ever given…for there is no other gospel that saves.

            If one takes God up on his challenge “to prove him at his word” – that person soon discovers mysteries that they themselves never thought about. Including – knowledge of who nations are – even though they may go by another name today – God has not lost their identity, even if they have.

            Prior to the second world war, Adolph Hitler boasted that the new “chosen people” were now become the Germanic race. He was wrong of course, but I say that to make another point, most individuals alive on the planet today – believing that the Jewish people are the chosen race, again that idea is simply not true…not altogether anyway… they are PART of the chosen race, but do not make up the whole number. So by now I’m sure you’re probably wondering – who then, are the people that God himself implies are the chosen people. The answer has been there all along, but due to self appointed men, claiming they represent the Lord, these intruders have deceived and led many astray from true knowledge and understanding. So the answer God clearly gives us – his chosen people are the nation of Israel – not just the one tribe of Judah, there were twelve tribes so where are these people today, and most importantly…who are these people today.

            Find that information – which by the way, can be obtained in the King James, both in the old and new testaments – and you’ve found the link to the New World that has eluded you in your studies.

            But I will add this, when you do discover – that which has eluded you – its only the beginning of true knowledge, meaning, you will have to toss aside certain wrong ideas and thoughts and except knowledge that saves. Not many people are willing to go there…I suppose that’s why in Jesus Christs day, only 120 believed.

          • Elena

            You speak nonsense Zerogon. I have read the Bible cover to cover several times. I have even read portions in the original languages.

            Judah was not the only tribe left after the Assyrian conquest of the North. Simeon and Benjamin survived in the South along w/uncounted refugees fm other tribes fm the North.

            I am left with the knowledge that you cannot cite even one verse for your outlandish teaching. Don’t tickle the people’s ears. Adhere to sound teaching or do not teach at all, lest you be held accountable by a Just Judge.

          • Anonymous

            The bible was written NOT to be understood…lest, God calls the individual and reveal knowledge to him/her first – otherwise, a person such as yourself or anybody, can read and re-read the entire bible from cover to cover and still, not come away with profitable understanding.

            On that note, being that you are so familiar, I’ll present to you a few verses, that should, open your eyes to something that you have obviously glossed over…and by your own account, several times.

            It makes logical sense to start at the beginning, although, the bible cannot be fully understood by simply reading it through from cover to cover. “Whom will he teach knowledge, and to whom will he explain the message [gospel]? Those who are weaned from the milk, those taken away from the breast? For it is precept upon precept , precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.” Isa. 28:9-10

            Weaned from the breast (?) That statement alone, indicates, that there necessitates, a basic understanding of biblical truth before one can fully comprehend, or grasp, the deeper things of God…what he himself calls meat, or food for the spirit. It is written, “man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” – Mt. 4:4 That clearly indicates, that we cannot pick or choose what scripture best fits our particular ‘man-made-gospel’ It also implies, that the old, as well as the new testaments are still valid – although, certain ritual aspects from the pre-Christian era have been done away…these only pointed to Christs yet future first appearance, but once the real Lamb of God had arrived here on the scene, they no longer served a valid purpose, such as, animal sacrifice for instance.

            You have a mere understanding of the events recorded in scripture. Being familiar with the biblical books – the layout and historical events etc. that’s a good start, but you have not yet received a – basic fundamental teaching of knowledge – nothing described by you, that indicates, you are ready for the deeper things Of God – or – ‘meat’.

            It is my aim today, to get you started on your way, with basic knowledge, information sorely needed, allowing one to only begin to understand the more complicated subjects found scattered – here a little, there a little – throughout the bible.

            We started this conversation with the question posed, “Where is the New World mentioned in scripture” Good question actually, not many are willing to ask such a simple, but yet, very profound question, a necessary question that really is the beginning of “basic biblical understanding”

            So with that said, let me show you a few verses that should at least, rouse your interest .

            Why is it, that the bible mentions tiny nations such as Ethiopia, Libya, Lebanon etc. but fails to mention mega nations such as the US. It mentions four major world ruling empires starting with Babylon, Persia, Greek-Macedonia and finally Rome, but why stop there, especially when, world history has recorded much more powerful nations since. Why would a “just God” leave us out of the picture? What about Russia, China, or even Brittan, who’s world empire was so vast in the 1800’s, that the sun never set on her possessions?

            The simple answer is; God does talk about “all of the above”. Although, the “key” to understanding this, lies in how he addresses them, in other words, what does he call them, by what name? Once the “bible student” begins to comprehend and understand this simple basic knowledge, it virtually opens up all other scripture. Then, with some hours given over, to prove to ones self, that which God has been saying all along, the disciple (student) is now ready for the real-meat. Food that lasts a lifetime and truly leads to a more sure and complete understanding of subjects such as, “who God is” and what does he wants from us humans, “Angels”, both good and bad, “Life after death” to name only a few….and until these simple basic questions can be answered, a true understanding that leads to eternal life will never be obtained.

            So lets get started, shall we…..

            In the book of Genesis (the beginning) the Eternal One, calls out a people unto himself and becomes their God – he names this nation Israel – meaning, “walks with God”

            In fact, the bible is a book about Israel alone, it mentions other peoples, or nations – only – when they come into contact with Israel, or Israel comes into contact with them.

            The people of Israel, or nation of Israel, all started with the one man Jacob, whom God later, renamed Israel. His 12 sons, also became Israel – thus, the 12 tribes of Israel. Upon his death (Jacob – Israel) had blessed each of these sons and prophesied about their individual future. That is another “key” to understanding basic scriptural knowledge and that is the subject of prophecy. “For the testimony of Jesus, is the Spirit of Prophecy” Rev. 9:10 – last part.

            In chapter 48, of the book of Genesis is where the bible describes the bulk of the account. It is also worth noting, that one of Jacobs sons, who was thrust into Egyptian captivity (Joseph) as a child, had now become the second most powerful man in Egypt. He had married an Egyptian woman and with her, had two children. Twin boys actually, with the first born given the name of “Manasseh” and the second named “Ephraim”.

            After being in Egypt to ward off starvation, Jacob, now named Israel, became very ill.

            “So he (Joseph) took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him”….”Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty appeared to me at Luz, in the land of Canaan and there he blessed me saying to me, “I am going to make you fruitful and will increase your numbers . I will make you a community of peoples, and I will give this land as an everlasting possession to your descendants after you.”

            Jacob continues addressing his Son Joseph, and what he say’s is key to understand – “Now then, your two sons were born to you in Egypt, before I came to you here – will be reckoned as mine” – did you catch that, these two lads were to be reckoned as Jacobs, not Josephs… continue… “Ephraim and Manasseh will be mine, just as Reuben and Simon are mine. Any children born to you after them will be yours”

            In verse 8, When Israel (Jacob) saw the sons of Joseph he asked, “Who are these?” – “They are sons God has given me here,” Joseph said to his father. Then Israel said, “Bring them to me so I may bless them.”

            Verse 15 states…Then he blessed Joseph and said, “May the God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day, the angel who has delivered me from all harm – may he bless these boys. May they be called by my name (remember Israel is his name) and by the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac and may they increase greatly upon the earth.”

            Then it came time to bless these two lads, Joseph was concerned that Jacob had the order of birth wrong, Talking about Manasseh he said, “No, my father, this one is the firstborn, put your right hand on his head” But his father refused and said, (again, this is a very important key) “I know, my son, I know. He too will become a people, and he too will become great. Nevertheless, his younger brother will be greater than he and his descendants will become a group of nations.”

            So what we find, is the tribe of Joseph actually became Ephraim and Manasseh…later in the 49th chpt, is where all the other sons (tribes) are blessed. As Joseph is blessed it says, “Let all these (his brothers) rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers.”

            The tribe of Joseph, as it is known today, was to become as the 49th chpt reveals, the strongest among all the other tribes. Joseph was made up of the two lads Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim was to become a company of nations – or commonwealth, and Manasseh was to become a great nation.

            There is much more evidence that can be brought to bare, for space here does not permit. What I can tell you though with the little evidence I’ve shared so far, is, Ephraim became the British Empire…indeed it fulfilled bible prophecy, America, became that great nation that Jacob spoke of. This information is “key” to understand. For with it one can come to know and understand the whole bible – from cover to cover – without this little known understanding, men and women become susceptible to interpretation. Without these two modern day nations…both world wars, would have been lost.

            When the bible foretells of prophetic events and they are yet future, and it involves Ephraim – Manasseh – Israel – Jacob etc, it is talking about the Anglo-saxons, the white English speaking peoples of the earth. The other tribes of Israel are today scattered around Europe primarily, and we cannot forget about the tribe of Judah who now reside in the Middle East.

            There is much more evidence than what has been presented here. My point is, in hope, that I might strike a cord in you, and you would agree that without this basic piece of the biblical puzzle, or ingredient, the vast majority of knowledge is hidden from view. Someday, with this simple truth and the knowledge it offers, mankind will be set free.

          • Elena

            Israel means “one who struggles with God” not “one who walks with God.”

            If the Bible was not meant to be understood by all, why were the languages of the people chosen for its written form? Koine Greek was spoken in the ancient world like English is today. The Hebrew used was the language of the common person, not some fancier version of it. God uses Israel as a people to enlighten the rest of the world. Today, Jews and Christians are too numerous to count. Our ethical tradition is the hallmark of Western Civ while our art may still reflect the pagan Greco-Roman world that saw our greatest advances in late antiquity. Furthermore, Paul in the letter to the Romans clearly states that God has made Himself manifest to all nations and tribes — God is not One to hide. He wants all humanity to come to Him and be healed. During His ministry, Jesus stayed away fm some of the authorities since it was not time for Him to be crucified, but He was never hidden, neither is the Father hidden.

            Simcha Jacobovici has found all but Asher. None of the found lost 10 Tribes were anywhere near Germany or England. The Assyrian Empire tended to move them eastward not westward.

            Your theory of the English being descendants of Jacob is old and well refuted. The same applies for the early French kings who claimed Jesus’ bloodline. The Holy Grail is not in Glastonbury either. Those were medieval folklore and a tactic to promote one house above others for the throne.

            You are “reading” into the Genesis narrative things that simple are not so. Will it keep you out of salvation? Unlikely. Will it hinder your further spiritual development? Likely.

            Jesus is the Truth that sets men free.

          • Anonymous

            For the record, the Name Jacob means struggles with God, it wasn’t until the struggle was over, that is, when Jacob became reliant and obedient toward God, did the Eternal give him his proper name – Israel – meaning, walks with God.

            As I said earlier, whatever language the bible was transcribed is not the issue, If God wants an individual to understand the Mystery hidden Within, then that person will understand. The reader – even if understanding the written language, will never get the message, or understand the content, until, first, the Father open that persons mind..

            How is that done, and why doesn’t God call each individual on earth, now at this time – or in this day and age?

            Jesus is the head of his church. That church, will marry him at his soon return. They will become the literal sons of God. That is known as the first resurrection. These, will rule with Christ for a thousand years and then, a second resurrection will take place…this one includes all those people (actually the vast majority of all humans ever born) who never knew, or really understood the saving gospel message of God. They will be brought back to life and given their first real chance of excepting the life saving grace of God.

            So the bible was not meant to be understood by the vast majority today, only those few humble individuals with whom God thinks he can train and teach in this present day and age – they must be submissive to him, and have a repentant heart, otherwise, God simply refuses to waste his most precious time. He is no respecter of persons, so just simply being called isn’t good enough, the student must also walk the walk….that’s where the difficulty begins and that’s why God states: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” He does not say – the vast majority or all men, he simply tells it like it is – many.

            God attempted to use ancient Israel to teach the world about him and how to live according to his laws. They failed miserably and actually preferred a human king to rule over them.

            God has made himself known to the whole world. The problem isn’t on his side, the problem is with stubborn humans who think they know more about him than he does.

            He challenges everyone and anyone, to prove him at his word – the written bible – but most humans would rather take the easy way out and let some professional religious speaker tell them what they need to know..there in lies the problem, instead of proving things for ourselves, we take the word of a complete stranger – over – the most important subject on earth. It is utterly, each mans own responsibility and duty, to prove God, or else he is following a man.

            The Father is in heaven, no man has ever laid eyes on him – ever – so he is hidden. What he is – who he is – what he wants from us stubborn humans is not hidden.

            Jesus came to earth for Israel, he sent all the apostles to Israel…it wasn’t until Paul was converted, did the Gentiles receive the same teaching. Think about this. Israel was lost to the world, in fact, they themselves, by the time Christ appeared, had forgotten most of their own history, that is why God revealed the mystery unto them first among other reasons. But God at that time did not want their identity revealed, that is also why there is nothing written about the other apostles and their exploits – all the books of Paul told precise detail of his sojourns, but nothing from the other men who were all sent to scattered Israel. – The white race, who eventually became known as the English speaking people. .

            Peter, the chief apostle, was commissioned by Jesus, to feed my sheep – Jesus wanted to drive home the point in Peters head just how important that job was, so he asked him three times “Peter do you love me” – remember the story , “yes Lord I love you” – Then feed my sheep was the Lords answer. His sheep are the nation of Israel. When any other than Paul, addresses his letter heading as “To those in exile” -or- “To the Lost house” -or-“To the Lost sheep” That is because they also understood well the mystery of the Lost House of Israel The reason the majority of the apostles journeys were not made published, was because God did not want their whereabouts to be made known – not yet anyway. BUT Today is another matter all together, now God would have us understand our history, but now our people could care less, and actually scoff at the idea.

            The Prophet Jeremiah, restored the throne of David unto England where the stone of destiny sits under the throne chair itself, in West Minster Abby. – It is the unbroken linage of the throne to this very day. This same throne will be sat upon by Christ himself in the soon coming years. The mother of Jesus actually died in England and is buried there with many prophets and apostles. In Scotland – there is buried the arch of the covenant, which will also be made public soon, which carries in its chamber, the two stones of which the finger of God himself, inscribed the Ten Commandments, along with the staff of Moses and the manna that the ancient Israelis miraculously fed for 40 years in the wilderness.

            The Tomb of the Kings (in the old city of David) has been all but discovered, when it is, in the coming months – the world will be in awe when the remains of King David and Solomon and many other righteous kings priests ect will be exhumed before the peering eyes of a disbelieving world.

            When you prove God at his word – he gives one more understanding than most would ever contemplate.

            Your view of God is quite boring, when the student allows God to do the teaching, its breathtaking beyond words, the truth does in fact, set men free from the bondage of stupidity. .

          • Elena

            Jaacov has no “el” in it. “El” means “God” in Hebrew. Jaacov means the supplanter. [As an aside, “yah,” “yahu” are incorporated into a Hebrew name to magnify YHVH. Netanyahu and Jonathan essentially mean YHVH gives.]

            Hebrew, a Semitic language, typically uses 3 consonant roots, and it can add prefixes, suffixes, and change vowels to alter the meaning of the name or word.

            Let’s use a lexicon (the BDB will do nicely) to look at Jaacov and Yisrael.

            Jacob in Hebrew is spelled: yud-aiyn-kuf-beit

            Israel in Hebrew is spelled: yud-shin-resh-alef-lamed, the alef-lamed is the “el” protion of the name.

            Now, do those look similar?

            In English, the passage is Gen 32:28: Then the man said, “You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with man, and have prevailed.” The new name, Israel, is the name for one who strives with God. You may wish to invest in a competent Bible dictionary or other similar tool.

            Jesus Himself ministered to non-Jews: the Canaanite woman w/a sick daughter, the centurion, Legion who was fm the Gentile Decapolis area. Peter also proclaimed the Good News to Gentiles (Acts 10). Philip baptized an Ethiopian eunuch. The church preserves a tradition that Thomas brought the Good News to the Indian subcontinent. To be sure, Saul/Paul became one of the greatest witnesses to Gentiles. So, are you going to discount Luke’s account in the Acts of the Apostles because it displeases you?

            How do you figure that Israel lost knowledge of its history? The Torah was ever before them as were the prophets. As human beings, they failed to keep it, but it was hardly forgotten. Remember how those who heard Jesus preach noted that He had authority unlike their regular teachers.

            There are more of the “white race” than just English speakers. Slavs and Nordic peoples are white and don’t speak English as a mother tongue. I am white because my gene pool, by God’s grace, needed less pigment so we could absorb sunlight to create vitamin D and not die. My friends who are more pigmented came fm areas where there was abundant sunlight and the darker skin tones protected them from vitamin D overdose.

            Jesus was a man with an olive complexion, similar to today’s Middle Eastern population. He was not “white” as seen today.

            Jeremiah did not get to Britannia. There was no way for him to get there. The Roman Republic/Empire had yet to be founded (ca 500 BC). Jeremiah was kidnapped and taken hostage to EGYPT by those fleeing the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

            The whole Mary dies in England and alternately Joseph of Arimathea lands in England with eh Lord’s chalice fm the Last Supper is all part of the medieval Glastonbury grail myth. It was created to give legitimacy to the English throne.

            There is zero evidence that any of the original Apostles or first generation Christians got as far north as Britannia.

            It would please me to no end if the Tombs of the Kings of Judah were found. That won’t make any impact in your argument that white folks are really Israelites who were scattered by the Assyrian conquest in 720 BC. Britannia was still rules by Celts who would begin to fall to G Julius Caesar in 55 BC forward.

            Just make sure you are hearing the Voice of God and not the voice of the enemy. The enemy’s game plan is to get believers to think they are hearing fm God when it’s not Him, but Lucifer, the angel of light.

          • Anonymous

            Again – Israelis are primarily white Anglo-saxon, the Jewish people make up one tribe in twelve

            Yes Jesus was a Jew, therefore his complexion, was more olive in tone.

            Jeremiah did not venture to Egypt after the death of Christ, although, a band of self-righteous fellows did go there – against – Jeremiahs repeated pleas, where they soon met their demise – Jeremiahs commission from God was to “uproot” – “tear down” and “rebuild” and that is precisely what he did. He removed the throne from Jerusalem, and carried it to Britain where it resides today. Retaining the promise made to king David of the unbroken succession of his throne.

            Jesus came to his own – the Jew – and his own received him not. John 1:11

            Most people today erroneously assume, that Jesus turned his attention to the Gentile – but that is not what Jesus said himself, notice what he said to the Gentile woman in Mathew 15:24, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” NKJ

            In this one verse Jesus said he was not sent to the Jew – but instead – to ‘the lost house of Israel ‘

            Upon his death, how then is Christs commission fulfilled, other than, being carried out by the apostles – Read it for yourself, where in Mathew 10:5-6 we find this address where Jesus warns his apostles “not” to teach or preach the gospel in the Gentile regions.- as we all know now, that later became the duty of the apostle Paul – Jesus continued saying, “…but go instead, to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” As I discussed earlier, this is why after the book of Acts, the whereabouts of the original apostles is all but void It was not yet time for God to reveal their true identity.

            Notice the way James introduces his letter – “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad” Now why would Paul be referring to the Jewish people, he surely understood that they weren’t scattered abroad. Have you ever noticed that the book of James does not end with an “Amen” – there are two other new testament books that omit the normal salutations – and why, two reasons really, one was to keep secret the true identity of the House of Israel and the second reason – these books are yet unfinished, but when Christ returns as Lord of lords and King of kings, it will be permitted for these books completion – and – it will include the lost identities of the American and British peoples as well as the Jewish nation – in fact, all the tribes will once again be reunited and regathered in Jerusalem. They will be educated by God himself – He will reform them once again as a whole nation, or one undivided people. They will live in the middle east and the resurrected David shall be their king.

            You have studied the wrong material – it has blinded your eyes from revelation by God himself. There is scripture where God talks about the travels of one tribe in particular – the tribe of Dan, saying “like a serpents tail, Dan will leave his mark” Denmark today, is the ancient tribe of Dan, and during their travel north, they named cities – towns – rivers etc after themselves, such is still common tradition in Europe, The Danube River being only one example. But if one follows the rout of the Assyrians northward one can also follow the trail – or serpents tail of Dan.

            There are vast amounts of information that prove right the information that I present. Again though, one has to humble himself and set aside his or her preconceived ideas that their story is absolute, because, it simply is not the truth.

            Josephus, the first century historian was well aware of Israels settlement in the land of Parthia meaning “exile” . In his writing’s about the days of Ezra and the rebuilding of the second temple he states “But then the entire body of the people of Israel [the lost sheep] remained in that country [they never returned to Samaria] wherefore there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now and are an immense multitude and not to be estimated by numbers”

            Look at the territory Paul traveled while delivering the message of Christ, then know, it was not the same area that the original apostles traversed.- Their areas were in different locations Peter – northern Turkey – Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia,Asia, Bithynia

            In Romans 15:24 Paul wrote that he would visit Spain if permitted. but his primary commission was to the Gentile regions or peoples

            There is overwhelming evidence of the apostles whereabouts and who they addressed in their mission and where.

            Peter, eventually ended up in Britain, as well as the prophet Jeremiah and many others.

            You are missing and purposely foregoing the most exciting mystery found in the holy bible. By doing so, you remain ignorant of the prophecy that will soon unfold to an unsuspecting “me generation”

          • Anonymous

            I take it, that you are not interested in logical debate. So I’ll give you a few more verses that should “tickle” some ears.

            Religion today has the false premise, that God is now (today) desperately trying to save the world…nothing could be further from the truth. Why would I make such a bold claim, because absolutely no body – or at least, very, very few, indeed, will listen to him. How can God save anyone if they Will Not Listen.

            As in my previous post to you, I’ll repeat the fact that America and Britain, as well as the modern Jewish state, are primarily – modern day Israel…that’s right, we are the “chosen people” that the bible refers to so often. The problem is, we were not chosen because of some great quality we possess – no, we were chosen because of a deed a long dead Patriarch, had performed thousands of years ago…but, we were chosen to do a job in these very days we now exist, but, unfortunately – we utterly refuse!

            See what God has to declare:

            “Hear, O Heaven, and give ear, O Earth, for the Lord has spoken, “I have nourished and brought up children and they have rebelled against me. The ox knows his owner and the ass his masters crib; but Israel does not know, my people do not consider. Ah, sinful nation, laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters; they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel to anger, they have gone away backward.” Isa. 1:2-4

            Shouldn’t we, all of us, at least, rethink our current position on who and what God is, could it be, that the very people who claim to know and understand him most, are actually “provoking him to anger”

            “My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” – Colossians 2:2-3

            WHAT MYSTERY – ?????????

          • Elena

            I will agree that God desires the salvation of all humanity, and that we must respond to His offer without dictating terms to Him.

            Yes, Abraham’s faithfulness and righteousness made Israel YHVH’s Chosen People. Why were they chosen? For what task?

            They were chosen to bring light to the Gentiles. To show pagans how to know the one true God and how to worship Him and Him alone.

            If you wish to equate Christians with Jews, I can go along. As a Christian, I am grafted into Abraham via Jesus and His righteousness. The United States was founded by mostly Christians but that does not make us as a nation a Chosen People. We as individuals are Chosen People.

            The English were not always Christian. In fact, King John wanted to sell his soul to the muslims in exchange for their soldiers. Not very faithful there… The British were Christianized thru individual witnesses and later by mission work of the Roman Catholic Church (I’m Protestant). The Vikings had virtually wiped out the organized church; hence, the need to send Augustin.

            There is no historical evidence to support a theory that Jews fm the Assyrian onslaught made it to Britannia and then to America.

          • Anonymous

            The Jewish people are only one of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. The whole of Hebrew people, also include eleven other peoples or tribes – who today, have grown into nations of various size.

            Because of Jacobs “blessing” which I wrote about earlier, the birthright promise primarily, fell upon Josephs two sons Ephraim and Manasseh – that is why these two peoples today, have such an abundance of wealth and prosperity, but along with such blessings comes a grave responsibility, not known, or understood in today’s fast-pace – self-centered world and that’s where America and Britain have gotten themselves into trouble. These people, who now have and desire a liberal progressive mindset to guide them are turning away at record speed from the principles set down by God, lifesaving information intended to direct a moral nation, to be a leader among nations.

            The Jewish nation was the recipient of an altogether different blessing. They were recipients of the Scepter promise which deals more with the spiritual side of things, although, physical blessings and national wealth were also a by product for continued obedience toward God.

            That is why these three people today, primarily, make up modern day Israel, which is discussed in detail throughout biblical scripture – especially pertaining to the last, or end days prophecy.

            I never equated Jews with Christians, for the Jew has never gotten it right, they have never completely understood the simple message that Christ brought from the Father. Although, the Jew can be converted, becoming a Christian and it is known, that the true Christian – is actually a spiritual Jew – hows that for an irony ?

            There is a simple answer to the vast overwhelming biblical illiteracy, not only pertaining to the Jew, who never understand the simple Gospel message in the first place – but neither does the vast majority of those claiming the Christian faith. The true gospel is a mystery and until the individual is able to be reached (on a spiritual level) that person will never be won over, you see, it has to do with our human nature and not wanting to be wrong, that is the biggest problem we face and it always has been, perpetually keeping innocent, unwitting minds, cloaked in darkness.

            The plain and simple truth that solves the hidden mystery from within the true gospel message – is the identity of the whole house of Israel – not just the Jewish people.

            The first time the the nation of Judah is mentioned in scripture, they were at war with Israel (see 1rst Kings) – or, the northern Kingdom. This northern people actually became known as the nation of Israel. These are the people who were eventually defeated in war and taken away captive as slaves by the Assyrians – it was much later, that the Jewish people – of Judah – Judea, were overthrown by the Babylonians and were themselves, subjected to national defeat and cast into slavery. It was the same time period which the Assyrians were defeated in war by the same Babylonians and were driven north into the territories known today as Europe. The house of Israel were driven north along with them, but, they eventually settled in northwestern Europe far separate from the Assyrians

            The Assyrians settled due north known today as Germany.

            Again, the whole MYSTERY contained within the true gospel message, has to do with the understanding of the true identity of modern peoples or nations. Without that understanding, the bible student will never get it.

            God did not forget what happened to the house of Israel and he did not forget where these people went – although, lost to the world, even forgetting their own identity – these people were under a duration of punishment from God, once that period of time was exhausted, the punishment was lifted, immediately afterwards, these birthright nations became blessed just as the prophetic blessings of Jacob said they would. And just as the history of America and Britain confirm.

            The nation Judah went into captivity later – after the house of Israel, so did the punishment they incurred end afterward, and in 1948, the Jewish people once again became a free nation – the problem today consist by what name they refer themselves to, the proper name should have been -Judah or Judea – not Israel, for it is the English peoples of the world who make up the largest portion of the modern nation of Israel. Again – God addresses all three nations today in scripture (America, Britain, the modern Jewish State) as modern day Israel. When “last days” or “end times” prophecy is addressed in scripture, it is primarily talking about these three people, or modern nations.


  • Anonymous

    Early stages my ass!!!

  • landofaahs

    Duh!!! Ya think so? We are being rebuffed by the world because we did not care for our currency and we debased it and in the process transferred the inflation to other countries who are now tired of it. Add to that the fact that our paranoid Federal Government is spying on everyone whether they be friend or foe or even citizen. Now I don’t know for sure if Snowden is a patriot or a traitor for sure, but I do know that what he has exposed of our government is unacceptable. I could understand our government’s policy if they would have the courage and honesty to say that America’s enemy is “ISLAM”. Not radical islam or any other PC name they want to conger up, but Islam. They have no problem calling Tea Party people as terrorists while not discerning between the very few radicals, yet for some “not so strange reason” they will not apply the same standards to the people who really do want to kill us.

  • suz

    well, thanks for that cheer-up buck. unfortunately, every word is true.


  • ken.

    this is not the early stages, it is the later stages.

    • landofaahs

      And I hear prominent republicans state that we cannot run on moral issues or else we will get defeated. I guess to the RINO’s the bottom line is the only bottom line. No amount of money will protect us once the hedge of protection is removed by God’s will.

  • fire lion

    Why does the united states need to be the global leader? I though Jesus was the global leader?

    Aren’t we all brothers and sisters under god? whey should there be a leader nation?
    Oh I forgot American protestants think they are blessed because they are american.
    and everyone should listen to them.

    • Anonymous

      We are all brothers and sisters. Even so, that didn’t stop Cain from killing Abel.

      There are two voices.

      Which one do you listen to? Which one do you believe?

      • Anonymous

        Misunderstanding the real reason mankind was placed here on the earth, has for millennial, created confusion.

        If Jesus were the global leader…the earth would now have peace…on the contrary…the modern world, will soon unleash upon itself such overwhelming slaughter…that men will faint from fear. Nothing macho about that

        To date…..we are not all brothers and sisters under Christ – although, that is and always has been, the general idea that the Eternal had in mind, but, men and women simply choose to do things their own way instead of the right way. That stubbornness, alienates mankind from God and always has.

        Because of this ongoing separation from God, wrong knowledge ensues, including knowledge never obtained – for instance, the understanding of who America really is and where we came from and why we should be the worlds “policeman” – and – what will soon happen because we’re no longer in that noble position. A position that God himself gave us, but warned would be taken away from us, if we continued to walk contrary to him.

        America – says prophecy – will soon fall and be destroyed – God is now in the process of gaining our collective attention, there is a reason God will allow us to be destroyed, it is to bring us closer to him, by teaching us this difficult lesson, we will soon discover, that without him, leading our paths, we will always end up at the wrong destination. Until we – that means all of us…come to that eye-opening realization, nothing will ever get better. There is a day not so far away, that America (once again) will be the worlds single strongest nation. The job of policing the world, will once again be one of our responsibilities and by the way, we will embrace it.

        Other nations will follow our lead and become blessed for doing so.

        • Anonymous

          It’s OK. No problem.

    • Anonymous

      I replied to your comment, unfortunately, I was on “tonybigs” post (below ) It was though, meant for you. Z

    • landofaahs

      America is to be a light; a beacon to the world to show the way, not by force but by example. A gleaming city set high upon a hill as the beacon of hope and freedom. This country was the most free when the constitution had passed. At that time 96% were protestant Christians. I think that is something to be proud of having a part in.

  • fire lion

    More reptile brain fear mongering. Oh no Im not the alpha male! I sense weakness ! i must overcompensate ! The very idea of being a global leader, is what is destroying america.

    Trying to be the world police instead of feeding the hungry is what is killing america.

    Pathetic macho positioning just makes you look naive.

    • Anonymous

      American time, blood and treasure still flows around the world both governmental and private. Can more done? Yes. Look at your own plate.

    • landofaahs

      It’s not the job of the government to feed people either. Free people take care of themselves and join organizations, charities, and churches to help those who cannot help themselves.

  • Charles Hurst

    We have to disintegrate. And collapse.
    As I write in fiction, which is based on history, a nation or empire that loses its moral grasp will only continue for so long. Whether you look at the capture of the ancient Hebrews Jeremiah warned about or Rome.
    We have no morality in this country. We have chronic obesity in children. Apathy. The generation being raised by The Jersey Shore. Art imitates life and that’s who the younger generation is. A vileness that has not been witnessed in this country.
    I always stated we never had an economic problem. We have a moral problem–the economy was just a symptom–from our dishonesty. Everything has become a scam–from Wall Street to healthcare. We are not the WW II generation.
    If this mentality continues it is not a matter of if we will collapse–it is a matter of when.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Guest

    Count on Beck’s minions to wax nostalgic for the vicious, terrorizing American empire. The sooner this empire collapses, the sooner we can have peace on Earth.

    • Anonymous


      I suppose you do not value prophetic writing any more than you now see a need for America among the worlds nations.

      If you did understand our (the US) place in the world, and what happens after we are gone, I’m certain you will rethink your position…of course, it’ll be to late then.

  • Andre Ribeiro Gil Sanchez

    When Glenn was still at Fox (maybe even CNN?) he often spoke of watching the other hand. Consider this. Obamacare is a disaster on multiple levels. Why? Are they really so incompetent that they can’t even put a website up? Could it be because it isn’t meant to work but only to distract? Could it be that Obama is setting America up to be attacked, in order to trigger a series of events that would allow him to hold on to power beyond what the laws of the republic allow him? If you consider that possibility, all of his actions make sense. He is broadcasting weakness in order to invite attack.

    Conservatives need to understand that the founding fathers lived in a world without airplanes and nuclear weapons and that the system they set up is fundamentally different from the one we have today. The social and political structures under which the country operated were fundamentally different from the ones that exist today. A simple example, we speak today of “gay marriage” because paternity testing and birth control have made heterosexual marriage obsolete. Yet conservatives are still trying to protect it when the proper course of action is to get rid of civil marriage entirely and allow the institution to fade back into the domain of religious law. We need to stop living in the past and pretending nothing has changed.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger:

  • fire lion

    World leader? Everytime someone wants to be ” world leader” they fall Rome, The Mongols. Napoleon. The British Empire. The Persians. ALL FELL HARD. Maybe we should just lead ourselves and stop CIA lead coups that interference that create terrorists.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    With the institutions of freedom, private property, and rule of law in place during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the citizens of the West voluntarily unleashed their abilities and created wealth on a scale never before seen.

  • Montesquieu

    Even with civilization’s advance, we have retained the instinct of mass action that typically results from the effects of crowd psychology.

  • The Beech Bums

    The principles of morality and liberty serve as a basis for the rules of law intended to prevent unequal treatment and plunder by the state.

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