A Christmas message from Glenn

Hello America,

Over Thanksgiving, I kicked off what I refer to as the ‘trilogy of holidays': Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. One gives us the opportunity to give thanks, the next to wipe the slate clean, and, finally, the opportunity to renew ourselves ahead of the new year.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the real gift of Christmas: Redemption. You have been given the opportunity to put the past behind you and hit the reset button. All the baggage, all the mistakes, all the guilt – wiped clean by a servant King who humbled Himself and gave His life so that you may have it… and have it abundantly.

Behind all the madness of shopping and all the watered down messaging that is why we give at Christmas. It’s a celebration and a reminder of the free gift we’ve been given. As much as the current culture may try to ignore it, there is deep meaning behind the gift giving, generosity, and love this time of year.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably know that people make us handmade quilts all the time. It’s one of my family’s favorite things to receive from viewers and listeners. One of the reasons we love them so much is because it is obvious how much time, thought, and love were put into them. Time may very well be the most important gift we can give this year – especially considering how many things compete for it.

We all get so busy doing the things we’re supposed to do, the things we have to do just to keep our lives running, and, quite frankly, the things that are a complete and total waste of time. We’re so busy that we may be missing out by not giving our family the one thing they want most: Us. Take inventory on what’s eating up most of your time and ask: Is it worth it? Should I really be checking Facebook again?

Now that I am a grandfather, I think about time an awful lot. Mostly, I think about how much time I spend with my wife, my children, and my granddaughter Lorelai. I know I have dropped the ball with my kids as I get bogged down with work-related projects. It’s why I have found myself spending more and more of my free time at the ranch. It’s a chance to get away and really be with my family – far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York and Dallas.

This Christmas, as you give a gift, I urge you to ask: What is it you can really give that is important? We love the quilts because people took the time to make them and they thought about us when they made them. We try to do those things for our own kids. And it may not be the fancy one, but in the end, it will be the only present they remember.

A few years ago, I wrote the book The Christmas Sweater. It’s the story of my childhood. In the book, all Eddie wanted for Christmas was a bike. But his family couldn’t afford one. So his mom made him a sweater – made it by hand. It was a gift that he didn’t appreciate until after she was gone… long after she was gone.

Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out until I was 35-years-old what the real meaning of that sweater was; what the real meaning of Christmas is. It’s not only the birth of the baby Jesus. It’s about the death of the man and what He willingly did for you and for me.

Don’t lose sight of what’s real and what really matters this Christmas. Don’t waste another second being miserable, angry, bitter, or ashamed. You no longer have to carry that burden because Jesus carried it for you. You have been washed clean and given the opportunity to start fresh. All you have to do is accept it.

Redemption is waiting for you – so what are you waiting for?

Laus Deo,

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas everybody !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful letter. Praise the Lord indeed ! Merry CHRISTmas to all.

  • Mary Hansen

    Mr.Beck..Thank you for your Christmas message… A word in due season for me …There is a particular part of your message I needed to hear…Thank you. May God bless you as He blessed me through you His faithful servant.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Since each of us has unique intellect, talents, and experience, the only way to make us all equal is to treat each of us unequally.

  • Barb Williams

    Mr. Beck – I can’t begin to Thank You for your message. I had a break-in at my home and my jewelry was stolen – most of it gifts from my husband and children. It hurt beyond words and took away my sense of peace and security. I have finally managed to “let go and let God”. I am safe and was fortunate not to be home when this happened.

    As for Christmas gifts – at 63 years old, the gifts I remember the most were the ones from my grandmother when I was a little girl. Every year she made new pajamas for all her grandchildren ( all 28 of us) until her arthritis got so bad in her hands that she couldn’t cut the material anymore. We all knew we would get those pajamas every year but we were so excited to see what the patterns would be on the material and, the fact that we would get NEW pajamas to wear until the next Christmas.

    Our society has lost the true meaning of Christmas – it’s not the cost of the gift – it’s the giving of self and that is more precious and priceless than you can imagine.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that it’s never too late to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. I believe that Christmas happens every day in some way. So Merry Christmas everyone every day!

  • Defend The Constitution

    In many ways, the ideology of liberalism offers an emotional crutch for those who mindlessly reject the simple truths of Christianity.

  • The Savage Hombre

    Those who oppose liberty tend to insist that civilization was somehow magically designed and that our knowledge depends upon intellect that exists apart from experience.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    As part of his personal jihad against our Constitution, Obama has dictated that law enforcement training not take Islam-ist jihad seriously.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    When the confusion of liberty and power confuses liberty with wealth, more demands for “liberty” can be conjured up to attack true liberty.

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