WATCH: Glenn & Tania share their resolutions for the new year

  • Cindy Tefft Morgan

    I don’t appreciate watching foreigners celebrate New Years in our country what you could not find any Americans wanting to celebrate this holiday. I would rather watch nothing than watch a bunch of foreigners celebrating our Holiday

  • Anonymous

    Resolution each and every year — try more to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. The rest will fall into place.

  • Charles Hurst

    Here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions for Congress

    Act with honesty. We have a debt problem. 17 trillion. If you aren’t reelected for taking action on this you’ll still retire rich. So do the right thing.

    Enforce the law. An illegal invader is just that–illegal. The only allotment that needs to be discussed is a rapid enforcement system of deportation. To every one of them. Have the courage to say “yes, you broke the law. And if you’re offended then you are. I’m offended you illegally came to our country.”

    Say out loud that gay marriage is deviant and not in the normal realm of society. That they have the right to do what they want behind closed doors. But we aren’t going to celebrate the deviant lifestyle. That marriage and child rearing are designed for a man and a woman. When they ask why you feel that way tell them to refer to common sense.

    Reinstate God. Understand the separation of church and state but negate the persecution of Christianity which our country was founded on. And tell someone if they are offended by the phrase Merry Christmas then they are. Leave.

    Declare organizations like CAIR, ACORN, GLAAD and La RAZ outlaw entities. As the end goal is to force illegality, deviance, and Marxism on the United States. Say out loud that you have no right to an organization if the organization’s end goal is to undermine the United States and our tradtions.

    Declare any instance of forcing Sharia law or even the mention of it will result in immediate deportation.

    Say out loud that most who are collecting entitlements are capable of some type of work. And begin the reduce entitlements–on a massive level. Say out loud that if your laziness and poor life choices results in you being homeless then it does.

    That would be a start to retrieving our nation in 2014.

    Oh one more thing–impeach that filthy Marxist sitting in our Oval Office. He is a disgrace to everything we stand for and what many have died for.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • B D

      People who think as you do have dark, ignorant, frightened little minds. Having laws on the books that would allow many of the things you’re advocating would be a disaster if they were turned against freedom loving Americans. You’re obviously not a very deep thinker.

      • Tom Musso

        The only thing frightening is YOU on this site. Why don’t you go find an I love Obama site and get out of here? We are here because we like Glenn Beck. If you have issues with him then take them somewhere else. Most of us here do not care! How ignorant is that?

        • B D

          If you can’t behave in a civil manner and make some sense Tom, you don’t belong here. Take your emotional issues and go meltdown somewhere else. Try Alex Jones’ website. You’ll fit in great over there.

          • Anonymous

            Alex is a fucking shill too, you can’t win

          • B D

            Your head needs to roll to the nearest shrink. You’re paranoid in a dangerous way. Get some help.

          • Anonymous

            paranoid? How delusional you must be, read much?

        • Anonymous

          Beck is a NWO patsy. He is there to placate those of us that would otherwise do something. A yale flunky and a bonesman, he was handpicked for the job that he does :) he is just an entertainer, might as well watch big time wrestling. You can catch most of his news stories on jones website, beck rips his stories off constantly. And Jones too is an NWO patsy, put in place by the NWO to fill the void left by the death of William Cooper. Beck is a government shill, we are all being lied too. I removed all my news programming from off of dish, beck included. Just lies. How about beck address the issue that Rumsfeld gave a press conference on 9/10/2001 stating 2.3 trillion dollars went missing, then the next day a “plane” wipes out the part of the pentagon along with the personal and paper trail associated. And well of course you need a diversion, so down the towers went.
          Have lauri dhue do a piece on that? Nope. The guy is vehement when someone says the govt was complicate in 9/11. Beck is a PHONY because of that, he can go fuck himself. He is a paid NWO shill. Plain and simple. Just like Alex Jones. I’m sure they both have quite a flat in one of the underground D.U.M.B.’s already secured. Assholes, both of them. You here me Beck? “You could say I am pissed” I hate you now, you fucking crying coward. And this from an asshole that wants to push Jesus Christ aside and scribble his name in the book of Life, how big? ↓

          • B D

            You’re nuts dude. No wonder Beck has to have a security team. Wow.

          • Anonymous

            Oh so now we stick up for Beck, Beck has said that so many times “I want my name in the Book of Life as big as John Hancock’s is on the constitution”. And I posted facts about the events leading up to 911. Would you bother to read the press release given by Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001?

            here is the quote verbatim asshole

            ” The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector, but not ours, not fully, not yet. We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain. Our financial systems are decades old. According to
            some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it’s stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or
            incompatible. ”

            taken DIRECTLY from DoD archives


            How convenient, a “plane” “crashed” into the exact spot in the pentagon where the “technological systems” were. And they took out the twin towers to cover THAT up. Yup, tens of millions of us are “nuts”, because in a world filled with lies the truth is considered “nuts”.

            The Bush family alone would pull that off if they could put 2.3 trillion in their pockets, plus destabilize the entire world in the process, get the Patriot Act, create DHS, pass NDAA, and eviscerate the Constitution in the process. All awesome stuff for the military/police state industrial complex. You have a family member of the Carlyle group as sitting president and the CEO of Halliburton as VP while all this happened. How does ignorance feel? Is it bliss like they say? You must be giddy. The whole thing is a NWO masterminded plan. Funny how all the “jews” stayed home that day huh? You must be a paid beck shill at the very least if you are not beck himself. Yes I’m fucking nuts, I’m the craziest mother fucker you’ll ever meet, asshole.

          • Elaine Lopez

            I almost never respond to hateful posts, but there are times…like now. You’re wrong about Glenn Beck, but I really didn’t have to tell you that, that’s why you hate him. You hate him because he’s a good man, an honest man, a better man. Guys like you will persecute men like him relentlessly, and have throughout the ages, it’s always the same. But, and perhaps you’re unaware of it, it’s cause to rejoice…. figure that one out.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, I’m wrong , I lost my mind. I hope he becomes president, that make you happy now? Your side won, congrats. Liberty and Freedom restored. Enjoy your delusion.

  • B D

    LOL, Nice try Mr. Beck. You have a lot to answer for. Dragging your wife out to use as a shield to deflect your accountability isn’t working.

    • a disgruntled libertarian

      Oh shut up.

      • B D

        I agree. Shut up Glenn.

        • Anonymous

          See beck would do this, so are you beck? Control both sides of the argument. I’ve listened to the bitch for years. Or should I say you? hmmmm, I’m wondering.

  • G26

    It’s up to each of us to help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity:

    • Anonymous

      Quit bringing in foreigners who have no idea of or respect for our country..They bring their country here and ruin ours…..Should not be….

    • Anonymous

      Yes I have to agree, we all must indeed pick up that torch and burn the communist bastards that infected this great land from off of it. This also helps.

  • Anonymous

    I not a New Year’s Resolution type of person but if I had to a resolution this would be it – To help the Democrats retain the Senate and to retake control of the House to push the United States towards being a more Socialist Country and closing the income gap. Between the 1% and the 99 %

    • B D

      Socialism doesn’t work. It never has. The world’s not fair. Get used to it.

      • Bill Braski

        In what ways, specifically does socialism not work? It seems like a very broad and sweeping statement considering how socialism isn’t really one specific thing.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Hallmark channel. Not only is this video incredibly boring, but like he did with his son, Glenn’s has a camera crew filming a fake intimate moment with his wife for content on his increasingly boring network, complete with mind numbing music. Who cares.

    • Fat Lip

      Obviously not you so best of luck to you , and with the picture you picked there are you sure you hit a few keys wrong and looking for some sick child porn site , negative ,negative .negative .sad life there you have but your right who cares right think of all the grown up stuff you will be able to write when you get to be a big fella’

      • Anonymous

        Your response is a poorly constructed run-on sentence with fragmented and incongruous thoughts. Anyway, I get the impression that you find it nice that Glenn wants to loose weight and have more joy. That’s very nice.

      • Anonymous

        Who gives a flying fuck about Glenn or his new years resolution? The republic is going down in flames.

    • B D

      Beck really believes he’s fooling the rubes who make up his audience and fatten his bank account and he’s probably right.

  • Fat Lip

    learn what I’ve learned being in debt is right where they want you move back to true freedom stay out of debt and live a much more free and Godly life give it a try friends I tell you this so you have less burden Deuteronomy chapter 19 will give you all you need to know about debt May God Bless you all .

  • LivinDaDream

    I have only kept one resolution in my whole life: to not make any more New Years resolutions.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I found this almost embarrassing to watch. It feels staged and contrived. Glenn, please don’t do reality TV. I don’t want Duck Dynasty on The Blaze.

    I respect, admire, and deeply appreciate your contributions … the history you have studied and presented, the research and perspective you’ve shared about our great country; the good, the bad, the evil. I believe you can become a moral compass by presenting the truth and exposing the deception and lies, and underscoring the difference between right and wrong. But at the same time, I don’t want you to preach or become a on-the-air minister either. Your message is best broadcast if it’s not about your personal, strong belief in God, and your adherence to the scriptures (all of which is admirable), but rather that the unique and remarkable thing about this nation are the freedoms that are guaranteed to its citizens by the Constitution, which was conceived and written by men of God. And that includes the freedom to worship as you wish extended to people of all faiths.

    • B D

      It was uncomfortable to watch. Beck is the king of Bogus though, so what do you expect? I agree. The new bow tie, plaid shirt, golly-shucks, I looove GAWD & Je$u$ routine is B O R I N G. I think it’s all a smoke screen to help defend himself in an upcoming defamation lawsuit that could cost him tens of millions of dollars, but that’s just speculation. Did you notice how he’s calling himself a multimedia personality now too, instead of a pundit and an information and news source? What’s that all about??? I smell a court case.

  • Wise words …

    Since we tend to hear about scientific advances, we tend to remember intellectual freedom while forgetting about the freedom to do things.

  • The Beech Bums

    Those attempting to displace our moral standards with savage instincts may yet destroy the framework upon which liberty and prosperity depend.

  • Bozeman

    Collectivism is particularly insidious because its fatal flaws force centralized governments into a downward spiral where they have no choice but to attempt to support themselves through more and more plunder.

  • Bruno’s Beach

    Just as competition is the essence of natural selection, the competition found within free markets brings out the best in people while motivating them to create new things, make better things, and be more efficient.

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