A New Year’s Message from Glenn

Hello America,

I hate New Year’s resolutions.

A yearly classic of my own is vowing to lose weight and get in shape. I say that just about every year, and, well, the camera speaks for itself – I fail every year.

Why do I fail?

For starters, it’s easy to say ‘I’m going to get serious about dieting and health‘ during the Christmas break as my tummy sits comfortably stuffed with turkey, cookies, cake… and more cookies. Dieting sure sounds easy when I’m full. The problem occurs the next day, when I awake to find myself hungry again. ‘What’s one more cookie?‘ Fat Glenn reasons. Skinny Glenn tries to respond, but it’s too late, Fat Glenn is already too busy chewing a mouthful of Snickerdoodles and peanut butter blossoms. And so goes my endless, lopsided struggle with fatness.

My love for cookies and most fattening foods, however, is not the only reason for my frequent resolution failures. I am beginning to think the reason my New Year’s goals always fail is because as much as I joke about my weight – I’m not exactly on the verge of needing a crane lift to pry myself off the couch. Yes, I would like to lose weight, but it’s not a matter of life and death (at least not yet anyway). There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but I believe the real reason I hate most resolutions is because they are meaningless. How does the world change if I weigh a few less pounds (insert gravity/axis joke here)? Truth is, I fail because I haven’t been choosing goals with any real meaning.

This year I have set the bar much higher: I want to be a better man.

That may sound cliché, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. As I ponder this new resolution, a particular Bible verse keeps popping up in my head. It’s found in the Book of Joshua, when Joshua says to the Israelites: Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

To consecrate means to set yourself apart from evil and prepare to be used by God. It’s a spiritual cleansing of all the junk in your life. Once you do this, it opens the door for God to draw closer to you and work wonders. When Joshua said this to the Israelites, they were camped near the Jordan River a night away from entering the promised land. They probably had no idea how they were going to cross the raging river and defeat the enemy.

Furthermore, what did Joshua ask the Israelites to do just hours before ‘go time’? He didn’t tell them to sharpen their swords, do extra push-ups, or whatever else ancient warriors did before battle. No, he asked them to consecrate themselves. They did just that – and God halted the waters of the Jordan and led the Israelites to victory in Canaan.

Heading into 2014, I’m not going to limit my goals to reigning in my mockable-yet-relatively-insignificant weight fluctuations. Instead, I’m going to consecrate myself and be a better husband, dad, and boss.

I will serve more than I am served. I will help more people in need. I will be less cynical and highlight as many stories of decency, hope, and love as I can find. I will be an encouragement to others rather than a stumbling block. I will love my neighbor as myself.

I’m as guilty as the next guy for falling short on these simple things. But this year, I’m recommitting myself. And I firmly believe, if we all do the same, we can expect to see the Lord work wonders among us in 2014.

Here’s to a great year!

Laus Deo,

  • Teresa Connor

    LOVE IT!! You’ve already changed by life in so many ways, Thank you! Happy New Year and God Bless :-)

  • Anonymous

    but I’m tired of the new RAH RAH! Glenn. Not what I signed up for.
    Sorry Glenn… but I really don’t need lectures everyday on how to be a
    better person… nor a daily history lesson. Sad to say… but looks like I
    need to find something else to do at 5pm. And p.s…. your comment board at TheBlaze.com really does suck… the so-called upgrades stink.

  • B D

    So does Glenn still agree with John Hagee that the Biblical End Times are arriving in 2027 and that the so-called Anti-Christ is now living among us?

    • Anonymous

      No one knows, including you. While there is life there is mercy.

      • B D

        Everyone who can think knows that ancient superstitious nonsense written by primitive ignorant men is not a reliable indicator of future events. Smarten up and T H I N K for a change.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t like ancient superstitious nonsense written by ignorant men, either. I’ll let you when I encounter some. Right now I’m working through present-day nonsense.

          • B D

            Be honest for a change. You know I’m referring to religious scriptures. Glenn has done a lot of harm to gullible people by spreading fear, gloom and doom, and end times predictions over the past few years. It’s sad to see seniors citizens who listened to Glenn’s fear talk stuck with gold now that the price has crashed. not to mention the money they squandered on freeze dried food that went into Glenn’s LDS-owned network of business contacts. “Fear fear fear! The devil’s on the way!” has been Beck’s rant for years. Wearing a plaid shirt and a bow tie for a few weeks with his tail tucked between his legs doesn’t excuse it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8-cduo2Wgk

  • Anonymous

    Hello Glenn Beck! Happy New Year! Blessings to you, your family and to those with whom you work. The following post by me is directed to those who presume to know all about everything. As you know out of antiquity have come many discoveries regarding man and the universe. The ancients studied and applied math, science, philosophy,and the arts. Some of them also recognized many gods and goddesses.At some juncture, mankind recognized the existence of one triune God. That recognition is a matter of choice for each person. Each of us can believe or not believe. We can also choose to be civil toward those who make choices which differ from our own. We so called humans have been at one another’s throats from the morning of our history. We have insulted, maimed, murdered, raped, robbed, extorted, bent and stapled every part of our humanity. We have done these things for many reasons but for no excuses what-so-ever. And these behaviors have been committed by believers and by non believers alike. My point? Those who do or don’t believe in The Christian God, the God of Abraham, the God of Islam or no God, need to believe whatever you want to believe., Share what you want to share but you are on notice regarding your style and. intent. Do not try to force your beliefs on me. I shall not force mine on you. Historically, minor or major atrocities against my particular belief, Chritianity, does not sway me or my kind. And apparently it does not sway the Godspeak or lack thereof. Ironically, it seems that all of our beliefs are somewhat related. I grow weary of those who keep telling people like me that we believe in fairy tales. Without going into detail, I experience reality every day of my life. Again, I shall not attempt the destruction of your belief system. You leave mine alone. Your programs are great! Thank you for all that you do.

  • Bonnie Somer

    i feel that Americans are seeing what we have for the past 5 yrs w/obama and his big govt only nation. His policies are communistic and very destructive Americans i feel are waking up to his i own u methods by exec order. We need to defend this nation and i feel that we will. When the govt tells u what light bulb to use that is not free. WE THE PEOPLE the 3 most important words ever written are our slavation along w/ GOD and our constitution. Our lawmakers are not doing their job we must

    • B D

      Your candidate will never win a national election again. The world has moved on and left you behind still fighting long lost battles over prayer in public schools, abortion rights and anti-gay laws. Conservatives will never have a chance to push their important issues when they’re dragging those anchors. Conservatism will die out completely unless their leaders wake up and focus on economic, foreign policy and personal liberty issues.

  • Anonymous

    My resolution is to fight tyranny in all its malicious forms.

    • B D

      And how will you implement that plan to “fight tyranny?” Open a Twitter account?

      • Anonymous

        coup d’etat :)

  • Benjamin Dover

    At the end of the proverbial day, preserving liberty is up to each of us: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Marco Benelli

    Glen Beck made a long statement concerning Americas obsessive treatment of their children with relation to team sports. I agree totally. Americans love teaching their children that “winning is everything”. While they neglect to let them learn anything really valuable about the REAL world. There is more to life then just “winning”. This primitive attitude is the reason the USA is seen as a major threat to peace in the world. How about teaching children something about the cultures of the world? Why not even let them hear the music of other cultures? Stuffing their heads with loud, violent Rock n Roll and HIP-HOP while screaming at them “Go go go! Win, win win ! Is a poor excuse for education !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Here we find an opportunity to sow the seeds of liberty across the fruited plain: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

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  • Frank

    Pretty sure that being a better person is a lifelong goal that could never be fully accomplished in any given year, as many of us are always learning something new, gaining more experience and generally refining our own well being while hopefully helping others when we can along the way.

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