According to the Wall Street Journal, it may be “the bearish call to end all bearish calls.” United-ICAP chief market technician Walter Zimmerman believes 2014 will be the year of “major reversals,” with the Dow Jones Industrial Average beginning a two-year decline that could cause a dip to below 5,000.

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“[This is] a guy who we used to talk to a lot at Fox,” Glenn said of Zimmerman on radio this morning. “He would come on the air with us just to do technical stuff. And he would say, ‘Glenn, you are a little extreme on what you are willing to say on the air… I see the same direction, but I’m not really sure that it’s as bad as you think it is.’ This is the guy who has just made this call: I believe that the Dow Jones is going to start a two-year decline which could eventually take it down more than 70%.”

In a letter to his clients, Zimmerman predicted the Dow could very well rally another 4% or so – reaching a high of around 17,150 – before the great reversal begins.

“Based on our longer-term time cycles the present stock market rally must be considered the bubble to end all bubbles,” Zimmerman wrote.

“The Dow Jones hasn’t seen those levels since 1995. If the Dow does this, it’s going to wipe out the savings pretty much of everybody who is elderly,” Glenn said. “I mean what’s going to happen? You have saved your money. You put it in stocks. What’s going to happen to you now?”

While Social Security was supposed to offer a safety net of sorts for senior citizens, Glenn questioned what people would be left with if the stock market crashes and the U.S. dollar is completely devalued.

“The reason why we have Social Security is because we were told that the stock market is so unstable… So you have to have the government to stand in,” Glenn concluded. “Well, what happens when the dollar has been so devalued by our government? Now nothing is worth anything.”

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