Glenn returned from his holiday break this morning with a striking new accessory: A beard. And it did not take long for those watching on TheBlaze TV to take notice.

“I’m reading some tweets. People are asking interesting questions,” Stu said on radio this morning. “Well, people are asking: ‘Is Glenn Beck slowly morphing into Santa Claus?’ The beard is what people are noticing more than anything. At this point, it is a white beard. We’ve come to that point.”

“And I will tell you, I’ve had a hard time keeping the weight off. I’ve shaved this morning and it’s back already,” Glenn quipped. “Yes, we’ve come to this point.”

Within minutes, the beard had taken on a life of its own – quite literally – with its very own Twitter account.

“There’s a Twitter account,” Stu exclaimed. “ It’s on Twitter…. It will be tweeting. I don’t know who created it. A listener. I don’t know what it’s going to tweet. I’m scared.”

“I didn’t know it had a phone,” Glenn joked.

While the social media reaction to the new facial hair was mixed – some suggested Glenn looked like a Founding Father or mountain man, others weren’t so sure it was the most flattering look – Pat had his own opinion.

“Did somebody refer to him as Papa Smurf,” Pat asked. “Other than not being blue, I would say that’s fairly apt as well.”

So is this new look something we should expect to see past, say, noon today?

“You are going to keep facial hair to spite us,” Stu concluded.

“[Yes], to spite you,” Glenn admitted. “I started to shave last night and I was like, no, I’m going to leave it.”