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While visiting his ranch over the holidays, Glenn had plenty of time for personal reflection and the importance for people to speak up and tell their personal stories.

“We all have a story to tell, we all have a reason to be here, we all have a job to do,” Glenn said. “But too many people are telling ourselves ‘that’s stupid don’t do it.'”

To illustrate his point, Glenn told two stories that he learned while he was on the ranch.

The first was about the lady from Spokane, WA who made “The American Storyteller Rug”, a rug much like the rag rug that Glenn grew up laying on and watching TV as a kid. The woman who made it was overcome with a feeling years ago that she should make it, but kept telling herself it was a silly idea.

“I want to stop her first and tell you this: Stop saying no. Stop saying it’s a bad idea. Stop saying it can’t be done,” Glenn told the audience.

Glenn continued to tell how the storyteller rug was made from pieces of history salavaged from thrift shops and yard sales. A hunter’s wool, a pieces of a jacket from a first job interview, a solider’s military blanket, a childhood dress.

“Out of everything at our ranch I could lose everything, but I’d hate to lose this rug,” Glenn said.

The other story Glenn told was about his friend Mike Opelka, Director of News Operations for TheBlaze. Glenn said that over the past few years he has had a spiritual awakening, and has spent the past year specifically listening to his promptings and not dismissing them no matter how crazy.

The night of a bad snowstorm in the Northeast, Opelka had a feeling he should go out and check all of his hoses to make sure they were secure wouldn’t freeze. There was one around the corner of the house he never goes too, and when he went to check he smelled gas. He went inside and called the gas company, and when they arrived a few minutes later they told him if he hadn’t noticed the smell and taken action he would have likely lost his home and possibly his life.

“The message I want to give to you tonight before we go into the news is this: tell your story. What is your story?” Glenn asked. “Don’t make it so the gas company comes out and says holy cow someone is looking out for you before you recognize the miracles in your life if you would just tell your story.