Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has been under fire since his first trip to North Korea in February 2013. His most recent visit came over the Christmas holiday – just weeks after it was announced that Kim Jong Un had ordered the execution of his uncle. In the past, Rodman has called Kim a “friend for life” who has “got a great heart,” while refusing to discuss any of human rights violations or wrongdoings of the country.

Rodman appeared on CNN’s New Day Tuesday morning and was peppered with questions about the timing and intentions of his visit. He was also asked about the captivity of American Kenneth Bay, which led to an epic meltdown.

“Dennis Rodman was on CNN, and he was asked about Kenneth Bae,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Kenneth Bae is an American citizen. He’s the longest held prisoner in North Korea, since the Korean War. He’s been charged with trying to topple the North Korean government… And he’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Now, here’s Dennis Rodman on CNN with Chris Cuomo.”

“Let me ask you a question. You are on the team with Dennis Rodman. Do you go to the owner of the team and say, ‘Please, we got to get away from this guy,’” Glenn asked. “Are you going over [to North Korea] with him now?”

“Well, now… there’s no owner of the team. They are just doing some sort of bizarre humanitarian basketball mission. Didn’t you hear him explain that clearly,” Stu quipped.

As Glenn, Pat, and Stu agreed, Rodman is clearly unstable and is probably doing more harm than good.

“He seriously has gone nuts,” Pat said. “He was crazy as a basketball player, but he’s a lot more nuts now.”

“Really,” Glenn concluded. “Flying across the world and meeting with a dictator? You think?”

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