Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell opens up about the film adaptation of his bestselling book Lone Survivor

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn welcomed his good friend, former Navy SEAL and author Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie for an emotional conversation about his bestselling book and now critically acclaimed film Lone Survivor. Glenn, who attended the premiere of the film with Marcus, has called it the greatest war film he has ever seen.

While Hollywood is certainly not known for being a pro-military community, the movie adaptation of Lone Survivor offers a very real look into the tragic story of Operation Redwing. A mission that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.

Having authored the book, Marcus served as a consultant throughout the production process, getting to know the cast and crew very well and enlightening them to the realities of the situation. Glenn asked Marcus to describe that process.

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The attention then turned to Marcus’ wife Melanie, who described what it was like to see her husband’s journey played out on film. Glenn has talked about the shock and pain seeing the film caused him, and Melanie explained that she, along with the wives of the SEALS that were lost in the mission, finds the film hard to watch. They are, however, very pleased with the outcome.

Marcus founded the Lone Survivor Foundation in 2010 to help returning service members transition back to everyday life. Glenn presented Marcus a check for $50,000 from Mercury One to aid the Lone Survivor Foundation in its heroic efforts.

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On Thursday morning, Marcus joined the Glenn Beck Radio Program to offer further insight into what it is was like to watch his book be transformed into a major motion picture. Check out the interview below:

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Lone Survivor opens in theaters nationwide Friday, January 10.

  • Sam Fisher

    Marcus what you been doing spreading your story to the masses shows what you guys go through in a time of war and words cannot tell how blessed we are that we have men like you and your team protecting us from people who want to kill us and so from the bottom of my heart i would like to thank you and your friends and their families that you where willing to go to defend us.

    • Anonymous

      i like it when you say ‘spreading’ and ‘bottom’. Good Times, Ave Satanas!

  • Raxtoren

    Sam Fisher (the person with that name) btw was a NSA agent 😉

    • Sam Fisher

      Shut up you’re not supposed to tell people that.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      Don’t blow his cover, man! What are you thinking? 😀

  • Anonymous

    A month ago, Anderson Cooper at CBS gave great converge of Marcus Luttrell and his close friendship with an Afgan:
    From its financial statements, Lone Survivor Foundation is doing well. It had 1.7 million in contributions in 2012 and spent about 1/2 million providing services.

    • Sam Fisher

      That was a good interview.

  • Russ Toell


  • Fat Lip

    Marcus one more time brother THANK YOU now go and find that peace you so long have been waiting on God bless you HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    I read the book and now I need to see the movie. I don’t watch R rated movies but here I will make an exception.

  • Quaoar

    Glenn, lose the beard, keep the goatee!! You and I have a pudgy face. Your beard does nothing positive.

  • Frederick Allen

    than you Marcus and may God Bless you and your family

  • Anonymous

    Saw the movie this past weekend. Our people need to gain something from this sort of presentation, other than, America has brave men and women who place their lives on the line every single day. Don’t get me wrong, we need these people, but should we allow this to ever happen again. If we don’t change our middle east strategy it will. This movie should serve as a platform for debate. After all, what is our mission in the middle east other than to stop terrorism dead in its tracks. Is Afghanistan the primary target, or should we get serious with ourselves and face reality. We all know who’s sponsoring and funding terrorism, Afghanistan is primarily a training area for those who are hell-bent on destroying the west.

    By now, the whole world understands that the Iranians are the number one sponsoring nation behind all of this fanatical evil, and its predominantly based on and fueled by their religion, but yet, they go unscathed and are now, frantically working to develop their own atomic bomb – when complete – they have sworn an oath to Alla, that they will wipe Israel off the map. What don’t we understand about that. Are we so naive as to think they are bluffing…isn’t that what the world thought about Adolph Hitler after he openly warned …and well in advance, of his world-compassing fascist ideas. It wasn’t until he made good on his threat, did anyone believe him, are we willing to take that chance in today’s nuclear world, after watching the movie and witnessing the pure hatred of the Islamic world toward America and the west in general and what their desires are for Israel. Time is running out.

    If this motion picture isn’t enough to get us thinking about our mission in the world I don’t know what would.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of Pashtunistans in the Hindu Kush region are so xenophobic that they have only read the Koran and no other book. As long as they stay in the mountains and don’t try to hurt anybody, I say let them be their crazy Muslim selves. But alas, the Taliban, men who have access and exposure to Western thought and know better, recruit innocent young men to kill non-Muslims without any conscience. In essence, Afghanistan is a hotbed for robots who commit violence in the name of Allah. Why so many people can’t see this is beyond my comprehension.

      • Anonymous

        Shortly after world war two, when the North Koreans got fire-ants-in-their-pants, Douglas MacArthur advised DC to open up the American nuclear arsenal on them bastards, Truman, hated MacArthur, but feared him in the political arena and ultimately, decided not to go that route. That conflict still haunts us to this day, in fact, North Korea is a constant thorn in our side and routinely make fools out of us. We haven’t used our most feared weapon since – not that MacArthur wasn’t ready and willing. From then, till now, American leadership no longer possesses the will – I think its frowned upon around the political correct neighborhood of Washington and other nations such as Iran, Syria, Egypt – the whole Mid-east Region for that matter, are banking on the status-qua. If there was ever a time in our history, that one well placed nuclear bomb would accomplish so much – its now.

        The opposing argument of course will be – that this type response, will set off a ‘nuclear-world-war-three’, – they may even be right, but just to sit back and become standing targets, is self defeating. My take is, if we used our strength (nuclear) the terrorist element will go in hiding, instantly, that is after Iran has felt the full effect of real power. The Russians and the Chinese would have to much to loose for them to retaliate and the threat of MAD will once again take center stage. If it results in another cold war, so be it, as of late, these two nations especially, haven’t exhibited what I would call – friendly behavior towards us.

    • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

      The movie is fake, didn’t come close to what really happened

  • On Guard!

    By attacking private property, collectivism redirects aggression outward and furthers modern systems of plunder, serfdom, and injustice.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so sure about Glenn’s assertion that Hollywood’s doesn’t like the military. Tinseltown has produced hundreds if not thousands of GREAT war movies…

    Paths of Glory (1957)

    Patton (1970)

    MASH (1970)

    The Thin Red Line (1998)

    Apocalypse Now (1979)

    Grand Illusion (1937)

    Full Metal Jacket (1987)

    Come and See (1985)

    Army of Shadows (1969)

    Starship Troopers (1997)

    Men in War (1957)

    Das Boot (1981)

    Inglourious Basterds (2009)

    Ride with the Devil (1999)

    Twelve O’Clock High (1949)

    Hell in the Pacific (1968)


    • Jaymz13

      Not to mention:
      The Dirty Dozen
      To Hell and Back: the Audie Murphy Story
      Flying Leathernecks
      Sergeant York (a personal favorite of mine)
      Back to Bataan
      U-571 (I watched the scene where Jon Bon Jovi dies numerous times)
      Band of Brothers
      The Green Berets
      Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
      Gung Ho!
      Memphis Belle
      I’m not sure I’d include Starship Troopers for two reasons: 1) It’s a futuristic sci-fi movie, and while it centers around a war, it’s not an actual war. 2) It wasn’t all that good. It completely missed the point of the book.
      I also don’t think I’d include MASH, not because it was a bad movie, but because it was more of a protest movie. It did very little to honor those who served.

      • Anonymous

        Fair criticisms, for sure. There are so many great war flicks. The Dirty Dozen is one of my faves.

  • Jaymz13

    Went to see Lone Survivor opening night. Wow…Do yourself a favor; see this movie!

  • Anonymous

    Bless you for sharing. You are brave in taking action in that hell and also for reliving it so that others may understand in some way the horrors which you and your brothers experience. You and yours are, indeed always faithful.

  • Alec

    Marcus, Glenn I am huge fans. Marcus thank you so much for your service, may god bless you and your family. Glenn thank you for spreading the truth.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Serving a free market’s customers depends upon knowing a thousand particulars that will be learned only by those interested in knowing them.

  • Shawn Woomer

    marcus i hope u realize just how much your movie and your interviews mean to us.It is very sad that you lost your brothes and a very big part of yourself that day!I believe you tell the horrible day just how it really was,I just want you to know i do not in way shape or form think that you are or was a coward for putting your riffle down when you heard your friend scream your name man you are a hero hands down brother i wish that one day i could really tal to you you are down to earth GOD BLESS YOU and your family!!!!!

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