On radio this morning, Glenn admitted that when he first came across TheBlaze headline “She probably never expected her boss to react like this upon learning of her brain tumor,” he assumed the story would have a bad ending. But he was pleasantly surprised by what he found.

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“This is a story on TheBlaze that I think you are going to be amazed by,” Glenn said. “I immediately thought the dirt bag fired her.”

“Yeah, I thought that [too],” Pat added. “Isn’t that sad that we go to the worse case scenario?”

What actually transpired is truly inspiring.

When 19-year-old Brittney Mathis approached her boss to tell him she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, she probably never could of guessed he would have reacted like this. Michael De Beyer, the owner of a Texas restaurant, Kaiserhof, is selling his business to help Mathis, who is one of his waitresses, pay for her medical treatment.

As TheBlaze reported, doctors first discovered that Mathis had a brain tumor after she had noticed a rash on her leg. She doesn’t have insurance and reportedly can’t even afford to learn whether her tumor is benign or malignant. De Beyer told KHOU-TV that he felt a moral imperative to help Mathis pay the medical bills piling up around her. He has decided to sell his 6,000-square foot restaurant and donate the money to Mathis.

“Michael De Beyer. This is who Americans are,” Glenn concluded. “This is who Texans are.”

Check out a local TV report about the story below: