Arianna Huffington probably won’t like this…

The Mercury Studios in Dallas, TX got some new artwork today featuring a David and Goliath battle between TheBlaze and The New York Times. But it’s not just old media that Glenn wants to take aim at, he wants to take on the progressive new media outlets that have risen up over the past years as well. And who better to represent that movement that The Huffington Post and their leader Arianna Huffington, who just announced her elite-centric Word Post. 

How did Glenn respond? Watch the below to find out.

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  • Charles Hurst

    Sure The Huffington Post banned me from commenting after I continued to write that homosexuality was abnormal and deviant.As my reasoning to prohibit gay marriage. Not a condemnation–but by definition that is what it is. I looked at their guidelines–I wasn’t spamming only noted the book I wrote in regular type. I wasn’t using hateful terms. I wasn’t being racist and no foul language was involved. The reason I was banned was because I stated a truth out loud to the Progressive. The Progressive becomes enraged when truth is pointed out to them. Their mantra, as exhibited by the attack on Phil Robertson, is you will agree with us or we will take whatever action we can to hurt you.
    Now the Huff isn’t really hurting me as I don’t need them. My sales are picking up. Because if they would step outside of their newspaper they would realize that most of us are far less vocal but greatly outnumber them.
    The Huff, another Marxist newspaper that sides with the professionally entitled, the weak and the immoral. They should read my book–the collapse I predict was based on this funny thing called history.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Christopher Berg

      I don’t like Huffpo either but I probably would have banned you myself. It sounds like you repeatedly posted your “thoughts & feelings” regarding homosexuality. Mr Charles Hurst Darling, have you ever thought that maybe people thought you were Abnormal for thinking the way that you do?

      • Michael David Davis

        So you put “thoughts & feelings” in quotation marks when they happen to be different from your “thoughts & feelings?” Gosh, could it be?? Another self-righteous lib???

        • Christopher Berg

          Absolutely NOT! Just an average Gay Libertarian

      • Anonymous

        ab·nor·mal [ab-nawr-muhl]
        not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard: (e.g.)abnormal powers of concentration; an abnormal amount of snow; abnormal behavior.

        • Think People

          If this is the standard for abnormal, so is mixed-race marriage. I don’t think we’re suggesting we disallow that!

          • JOE


          • Christopher Berg

            Caps lock dear – no need to yell. Oh wait I mean Daaaarling!

          • Nick Berner

            handgunnar defined it as abnormal, not that we should disallow because it it is abnormal. Before you start slinging emotionally charged rhetoric, challenge your own reactionary language.

          • Anonymous

            Mixed-race marriage isn’t abnormal anywhere in my neighborhood. Maybe you need to move, Think.

          • David D Kirk

            You do realize the absolute complete folly in that argument right.. please tell me you did not just compare apples and oranges and expect to be taken seriously.

        • David D Kirk

          probably should have thrown the the definition of deviant in there too… people forget that because we accept them without hating them that the behavior is still deviant. It goes against biology, not to mention every deity ever imagined.

          • Christopher Berg

            Talking to you is like trying to convince Glenn Beck that “That Guy” is the best president ever

        • Think People

          Charles Hurst wrote “homosexuality was abnormal and deviant.As my reasoning to prohibit gay marriage.” So yes it was presented as a reason for banning it, Nick.

          And to handgunnar about 97% of marriages in America are same race, and it’s been estimated that 3.8% of Americans are gay (and this is based only on people who are “out,” not counting those who are hiding their sexual orientation). It’s awesome (totally serious) that you live in an area where interracial marriage is common!

          David D Kirk I disagree entirely! Research (although not yet conclusive) continues to suggest that homosexuality is a biological predisposition. I’m not sure it does oppose biology. It certainly opposes every deity ever imagined, but I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state.

          • Christopher Berg

            I had a date like that once! A “deity” ha!

        • Christopher Berg

          Maybe 98.6% of your friends yes. Please try again.

          • Anonymous

            Nah, it’s pretty much 98.6% of planet Earth.

      • Sam Fisher

        I say why shut down free speech even if you disagree with it. Like my favorite General once said.
        “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” ― George S. Patton Jr.

        • Christopher Berg

          Who’s shutting down free speech? I never told him he couldn’t say what he did. I just vehemently disagree with him. Last I checked that wasn’t shutting anyone down for speaking inaccuracies

          • Sam Fisher

            Well you where justifying Huffpo doing so.

      • Ryan

        Last time I checked, he still had the right to have different “thoughts and feelings” that you. I pray to the dear Lord above that we always have that right.

        • Nick Berner

          We will always have that right because it is God-given.

      • dusty

        I do not think Him Abnormal. BUT even if he is, When did it become
        abnormal rto speak you mind..oh I forgot since O’Bummer took
        office..right. Freedom of speech is no longer tolerated by those who are
        liberals exceptr their freedom to speek stupidity

        and ignorance

        • Charles Hurst

          Here is the problem. I had never made a comment on this issue before the last six months. Not on my blog or on sites. Not even in my prior fiction.
          Then The Progressive made it his point of existence to force this deviant lifestyle on the rest of the non deviant society. That is the issue. First it started with marriage. Attempting to tell us that a normal family could be two gay fathers with an adopted child. Common sense and the order of nature prevails–it is nonsense.
          But that wasn’t good enough. Then they went after the military. There are about a thousand close quarters activity reasons why this is not conducive to the military. And they are all common sense. It disrupts the cohesion. They didn’t care. And even that wasn’t good enough. One of my articles in my ezine was defending Sgt Monk. Who was relieved of his post for not concurring with his gay lesbian commander about the homosexual lifestyle. Then the gay lifestyle was forced on the Boy Scouts–never mind the practical close quarters activities there either–the deviant must be catered to. Then bakeries were protested if they weren’t willing to produce a gay wedding cake. Then churches were targeted. Never mind the church’s beliefs–the gay must be catered to. Then Phil Robertson–GLAAD demanding he be removed because he does not condone the lifestyle.
          The simple fact is I was perfectly willing to live and let live. The gay community has started this. They don’t want to simply be left alone. They want us to step in lockstep march and state out loud “yes, we condone your lifestyle and accept it.” And if you will not then they use every means available for repercussion. I get comments back all the time insisting that no one is forcing anything. The examples above state they most certainly are. I get comments back that the gay lifestyle is very normal. Ideology aside the lifestyle by definition is not normal. It is deviant. If a couple was not married and wished to adopt I would be against it as well–a heterosexual couple. Because that would be deviant as well. To the family structure that holds society together. Stating the homosexual lifestyle and adoption is normal is a lie. It is anti reason. And a society that caters to anti reason will be a society that eventually will be no more.

          Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

          • Michael Hrnicek

            Well put.

          • David McCallister

            Well said sir, well said.

          • Christopher Berg

            A good friend of mine retired from the military “gay” his commander knew he was gay and there was never an issue. This was long before it was “ok” to be gay in the military. Stating that something is gay means nothing other than “Stop asking me when I’m going to “settle down” and get married to a women” it gets really irritating when asked that over and over – Straight people force their sexuality in our faces everyday. You walk hand in hand with your wives and not think anything of it. You see 2 men walking hand in hand and OMG that’s disgusting. I as well as everyone else who is gay has been forced into your sex life. It’s in advertising, it’s on the news, it’s in your grocery store it’s everywhere. But that’s ok because you’re straight and you think that’s normal. Well I don’t think it’s normal. Why not think about it this way Sir. Everyone around you is gay and society is telling you that is the way you should be but your not you have these feelings that aren’t like the rest of society – you want to be gay to fit in but you can’t because you’re straight.

            I must also stress that I agree with you about the bakery and the churches and Phil Robertson. Not all gay men are created equal. We don’t all have the same political beliefs and let me tell you being gay and a conservative Libertarian OMG NOT GOOD!

          • Jack South

            CHarile….you are “preaching to the preacher” here. I feel JUST like you do. Over 25 years ago–January of 1987…I nearly got RAPED and then KILLED by one of those who just “want to be left alone”. He HATED me–mainly because I was a CHristian and did NOT go along with the “typical talk and actions of others at the store we worked at. SO one day…he let me know i QUITE GRAPHIC terms he was going to rape me and THEN, he and several other stockguys were gong to KILL me !! The “CHristian” manager would do NOTHING to protect me–nor would anyone else–no one really liked me there. This guy, an, found out I talked to the manager and told me–“we know you talked to RIck. well…tomorrow is the big day, Jack. We will kill you”. SO….having NO ONE to turn to….I quit.

            SO I do NOT feel “they just want o be left alone. No they want to be felt as either equal or even SUPERIOR to “normal” people now. ANd they have a LOT of money and power–to make that happen too. Sine so FEW real “CHristians” will even take a stand for normalcy anymore, or for much of ANYTHING…..they find it easy to have their way.

            I am NOT even able to have a decent conversation about this kind of thing, or for that matter, any political things– with nearly ANYONE I know. NO One on my family, no friends….even my one closest friendship has “strings attached” anymore, it seems in that this person wants “one foot (or even LESS ) in the bible–the REST in the WORLD— and STILL claims to be a “CHristian”. and I do NOT feel that way. I feel so alone anymore… I stand almost ALONE

          • Linus77

            I would to mention in the Bible, The four cities that God destroyed, namely the major two were Sodom and Gemorrah, at the time of destruction, the reason Lot was so adamant about getting the two angels into his home was because the LAW, created by the judges of the city, stated that ANY man who came into the city, the men of the city were to take him to the mandatory mattresses placed in the center of the city and RAPE them.

            Thus, this is why the men pounded on Lot’s door, demanding the visitors and verbally assaulting Lot for “judging” their practices.

            The Bible also says, in the last days, so as it was in the days of Noah and Lot.

          • Wm. from NC

            Amen Charles !!

        • Christopher Berg

          Just because I disagreed with someone on here makes me a Liberal? LOL funny. Let me check, nope still Libertarian!

    • Dusk Ryder

      I’m not replying to anyone in particular, just stating my beliefs. I don’t think gay marriage should be illegal or banned, but on the other hand, if two gay people walk into a church and won’t to be married and the church says “No, that is against our religion,” the church is entirely justified because the are not denying anyone a right. Marriage is a privilege, not a right. If the church you go to doesn’t want to marry you, go somewhere else. I do believe it is wrong for the law to say two homo’s can’t be married because if two people love each other it is alright if they get married, and let’s face, marriage is in the shit hole anyway. Just look at the divorce rate. But it is wrong to deny people their religious freedom by not allowing them to say no. This is because church and state are separate, or at least that’s what I have been raised to believe. I do believe that homosexuality is a sin. I don’t think however, homosexuality alone is going to damn you. EVERYONE SINS, and homosexuality is just one sin. But hey, I am not God, and I don’t know how judgement works; they may go to Hell or they may not. But if they want to take the gamble, so be it. But, I repeat, they cannot demand that someone change who they are or go against their morals, when really they are doing nothing wrong. Finally, I do believe homosexuality is abnormal, because it is. First off, its uncommon, which is practically what being abnormal is. Secondly, it inhabits natural reproduction, furthering its abnormality. It is not abnormal to think that Homosexuality is abnormal, because, according to the facts, it is. Some may take this as hate speech, but the truth is that I have several Homosexual and Bisexual friends and acquaintances. I do not think, and would never think, that they are inferior to me, they are simply different and that is okay. But to say that other people must change what they believe or suffer the consequences, is the same as saying you are superior to them, and that is wrong.

      Anyone with a brain can see I have said nothing wrong or offensive. But if this offends you, truth is I don’t care. If you are offended, that’s a “you problem.” Thank you for your time.

    • Troy

      Check out John Rankin, he has a great mind and great love for people, and cannot be beaten in debate, because he is grounded completely in Christ Jesus. His voice must be heard in this debate.

    • Anonymous

      Y’know, if I were married to Arianna Huffington, I’d probably turn gay.

      Oh, wait, that’s already happened!

  • Anonymous

    way to go Glenn and crew

  • Jarrod A Smith


  • Peter Davison

    Yes, I am also done with Huff-Puff-Post and their ridiculous “moderators” of independent conservative thought. Yes….who needs them anyway, elite progressives and just downright dumb leftist morons are the order.
    But the drawing of Soros-Gates and Arianna is CLASSIC stuff, where can this be shared?

    • sea-libtard

      HuffPo’s comment board is just a bunch of like minded people self congratulating themselves and demeaning the few conservatives that troll their site. It’s really hard to get around the moderators if you have a differing opinion, even if it is a logical, civilized, coherent thought.

  • conservachick

    Josh west is freakin adorable!!!

    this was pretty cool to watch! its fascinating to watch someone so creative as glenn with the resources behind him and the team under him to be able to make his idea come to life. how cool must that be!

    • Anonymous

      That does have to be pretty cool.

      “I want this. Can you do this?”

  • James Walker

    the HuffingSoros progressive is hypocrisy personified. They hate income inequality unless it’s their income,of course. Their great wealth and power is justified by the progressive beast they serve. So they can demagogue and exploit the resentment of the hoi polloi toward the hated “rich” just pay no attention to the factcat behind the curtain.

  • Anonymous

    What are they waiting for, they need to be the first to give up at least 3/4’s of their income so many others can have an income as well.

  • gildyslast1

    Huff-puff – what a bunch a maroons! Nuttin’ but rubes!

  • Christopher Berg

    Once again Glenn is amazing (side note) your graphic artist very handsome! :)

  • Anonymous

    You are at your best when you point out the complete hypocrisy of the left.
    This was brilliant.
    I particularly loved the response of your graphic artist to the challenge. He’s not only a talented man, but I can tell that he’s someone who relishes an artistic challenge.
    Bravo and well done.

  • Anonymous

    Any thing a Progressive does can be beat by a Republican except lying to the pubic.

  • John Raymond

    You are all missing every point thats important.First everything in life is a choice,We all know anatomy,yet some choose to ignore reality and choose to do as they wish.I dont care as long as they leave me and mine alone,and dont attempt to flaunt theirselves in any kind of menacing way. Second that is their right,pursuit of happiness.Third point,if we truly had a separation of church and state ,marriage would not be liecensed by the state but controlled at the church level,But to tax us more the government has adopted marriage as a means to extract more revenue.So in summary,government should not control marriage,gays need to stop lying to themselves about the realities of anatomy,and everyone should realize,all people,organizations,and companies (huffpo) included have the right of free association and should not be force under theat to go alone just to get along.

  • Anonymous

    It just needed Lenin, Stalin and the Castro Bros peering through a window from the past in the background.

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