Glenn has been vocal about the importance of conservatives taking back and influencing culture. From Man in the Moon to the Believe Again Christmas album to 1791 jeans, Glenn and his team have been working hard to offer an alternative, and on radio this morning, Glenn unveiled some new artwork from the American Dream Lab.

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“If you happen to be watching us on TV or online, I want to show you a piece of art. We brought in Ben McPherson. He is one of the best artists in the country today. He’s a filmmaker, and he is the head of the American Dream Labs. And we just relocated the American Dream Labs here to Texas,” Glenn said. “He sent me an e-mail last night… and he’s like, ‘I just put some artwork up because I was tired of looking at this wall.’”

Below is a peek at the art:

“So he puts this artwork up. That’s the main hallway of our studio center here. It is enormous. It’s David and Goliath,” Glenn explained. “And it is this unbelievable graffiti art that he did of the New York Times trying to stamp out the little guy. And the little guy has a slingshot and the head of TheBlaze.”

While the mural is certainly incredible, it is the message behind it that is even more important. The juggernaut that was the mainstream media and giant corporations is losing it’s influence to small but mighty groups of passionate individuals who are working to make a difference and make a name for themselves through hard work and dedication.

“I was talking to our artists here at TheBlaze yesterday. I went into the section of the building where we have all of our graphic designers, and I said, ‘Guys, we are the new revolutionaries. And it’s time we start acting like it,’” Glenn said. “We are the new revolutionaries – like it or not… We’re a little guy. We’re David. They’re Goliath. The little guy wins, but we have to stop acting and looking and sounding like the establishment because we’re not. We are anti-establishment. I am proud to say it. I am anti-establishment, and I don’t care.”

It wasn’t long ago that the only way to have your voice heard was to write to the editor of your local paper and hope your letter was read or published. It wasn’t long ago that the ‘big three’ of CBS, ABC, and NBC were the only choices for news and entertainment. But now anyone with internet connection has the ability to reach millions.

“Everybody under 30 understands this. There are no limits anymore… You don’t have to go through certain gates,” Glenn said. “This is the American Dream. This is the time for the American Dream to really flourish.”

Glenn put a call out to the audience to reach out to TheBlaze if they have building or a large space anywhere in this country that would like to display this artwork and stand with the message it represents.

“You may have a building someplace. If you believe in TheBlaze, if you believe in us, we’d like to send this artwork you way,” Glenn offered. “Put it up on your building for us. Show us pictures. We’ll show your office. We will show your buidling. We’d love to have your help.”

If you are interested in learning more about the artwork, please send an email to