What has Glenn been up to since coming back from vacation? Check out some of his photos from Twitter!

Glenn’s back from vacation and a beard is not all he’s been working on!  Catch up on the latest social media pictures to see the end of his vacation and a behind the scenes look at some of what Glenn worked on this week!

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  • Anonymous

    Please Glenn, get rid of the beard. It’s the equivalent of a niqab worn by muslim women. It hides most of the face except the eyes. A beard is no different. It doesn’t allow you to read a man’s face. Not only that, beards make a man look unkempt — like they just rolled out of bed in the morning and didn’t bother to clean up. (Please spare us the nonsense about how much effort it takes to trim a beard.)

    • Bringhomethemeat

      Two kinds of people in this world who don’t wear beards… Women and children. (Phil Robertson) Nothing more manly that a gentleman with a beard! Keep it! Looking good. Keep an eye on Tania’s reaction whether she likes it or not… Glenn baby will be more attractive!

    • Lee Fuller

      Hey, if a beard was good enough for the Messiah, it’s good enough for Glenn, or any man who wants to follow the Savior’s example.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    what are those upper second from right? candy bars?

  • George Allegro

    Patriots and Citizens: Slice through the illusions conjured up by clowns like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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