Yesterday, Glenn got into a debate with a caller from North Carolina who suggested he was “poisoning the well” by criticizing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his Administration’s involvement in ‘Bridgegate.’ What Judy failed to realize, however, is this scandal is just the latest strike against Christie, who has proven to be more of a progressive Republican than a conservative in the years since first winning the New Jersey governorship in 2009.

But Christie is just one of many establishment Republicans Glenn has chosen not to support, for there is little difference between a progressive Democrat and a progressive Republican. Progressivism is a disease that infects both parties, and it time to look for candidates that reflect small-government values.

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On radio this morning, Glenn explained that over the course of the he has come to the decision that we no longer support Republican candidates just for the heck of it, and anyone listening to the program who is looking for a shill of the GOP should look elsewhere:

Poisoning the well for 2016? I told you last year: This is the year to decide. This is the year to decide who you are. If you are going to break again because people are going to start telling you ‘Shut up, because we have to vote for…’ Judy and anyone else who feels this way, I want you to listen carefully: This isn’t the show for you.

Let me tell you what we do on this show: We tell the truth, as we know it. It’s not our job to make sure the Republicans get elected at any cost. We will tell you what we truly believe. We hope, in the coming year, in a more entertaining way to make sure that you are informed and have some fun along the way. But we have never ever been and never ever will be shills for the Republican Party.

But it isn’t just Glenn who is fed up with the establishment. Conservatives in and around the media are becoming less and less willing to toe the Republican line:

Frankly, I think people like Judy are going to be absolutely shocked during the next few years because I can tell you, I am not the only one who’s had it with the GOP. Sean Hannity has had it with the GOP. Mark Levin has had it with the GOP. The biggest “shill” of the GOP, as they have always liked to say, Rush Limbaugh, has had it with the GOP. We do this for a living. We’ve had our fill. So if you’re looking for shills for a political party, you’re probably going to have to shake talk radio.

Turn on any mainstream media channel and you will hear the same all old regurgitated talking points that you may or may not want to hear. Glenn explained that he will not spend his time focusing on those things:

There are plenty of people who will simply tell you what you want to hear. But on this program, on this show, we don’t care about what you want to hear. We’ll tell you what we think. We’ll tell you what we believe and what we don’t believe in the political parties…

What I’ve said in the past, I hate politics. I’ve never been interested in politics. I don’t think you are either. The only reason I talk politics on the show, is because they’re forcing us to talk politics on this show. I don’t mean the Zionist master. What I mean is: Washington is so up in our face, in our life, we have to spend time battling them. If they would mind their own business, I wouldn’t talk about a donkey or elephant for the rest of my life because I don’t care. What I care about: My family, my faith, my God, my day ahead, my plans, my values.