More-On Trivia: Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

On today’s playoff edition of More-On Trivia, the Indianapolis Colts squared off against the New England Patriots in a down-to-the-wire battle that saw the Colts triumph in a nail biting 9-8 finish. One of the day’s more interesting contestants, however, came from New England, as Brianna tried to explain why she is global warming supporter.

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  • Sam Fisher

    I love Pat’s E.T. impression.

  • Wise words …

    Since civilization and competitive free markets are dynamic, spontaneous, and unpredictable, one must always be ready to adapt to their inevitable changes.

  • Middletown

    It is this specific segment why i will no longer value Glenn as a source.
    For all of his efforts to bring out Christ in us, he goes back to his drunken juvenile roots. but that just must be the mormon view to selectively treat your neighbor with respect and love.

    • Kenny Pick

      Yeah, it’s pretty classless when someone with a powerful platform smacks around a little guy and demeans them. It’s never been funny. Plus the rotten look of disgust on Pat’s face makes me think of a petulant teenager.

      • Edgar

        You guys need to stop being Hypocrites and judging them from your high horse which is behind your keyboard.

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