The remarkable policy similarities between Chris Christie and President Obama

While you are probably maxed out and exhausted of Chris Christie-related stories at this point, Glenn played some fascinating audio on radio this morning that proves just how not conservative the New Jersey Governor actually is. In fact, his policy preference is more in line with President Obama than a Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

“Chris Christie reminds me a lot of our current president. Why? Because Barack Obama is a progressive, and Chris Christie is a progressive… There are some differences. But sadly, there are too many frightening similarities as well,” Glenn said. “Let me take them one by one. If you still are saying, ‘Well, we’ve got to support him because he might be the candidate,’ here [are] the similarities between Barack Obama and Chris Christie.”

Take a listen to a side-by-side comparison of Christie and Obama’s stances on global warming, gun control, immigration, and more in the video below:

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“They could be each other’s speech writers, couldn’t they… Christie and Obama have a lot in common. Two peas in a pod,” Glenn concluded. “Here’s the truth: Because they have so much in common, I really have no interest in 2016. I will not accept, nor will I ignore, nor will I vote for Barack Obama-light or Barack Obama-heavy. Light policy-wise, heavy otherwise. And that is the truth on who Chris Christie is. And [that is] why we will continue to tell the truth on this program. Whether you choose to like it or not, we will continue to tell you what we believe is the truth.”

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  • Sam Fisher

    Chris Christie is like the fat clone of Obama. No more will I stand with people like him and people who make excuses for him.

  • Anonymous

    Ho hum. Once again – had anybody asked any of the Tea Party members in NJ, we could have told you that – we’ve been trying for quite some while, but everyone was caught up in the Christie love fest promulgated by the RNC. But the RNC doesn’t seem to like us much………..

    • Anonymous

      So, if you are so informed and know so much, with this all being old news to you, why don’t you tell us more… telling us you’re bored and you know all of this already doesn’t help anyone…

      you got beans to spill, then spill the beans…

      We’re all listening….

      • Anonymous

        So you must be RNC, right?

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You sound like a real negative dickhead. How nice to hear of your support of the furthering of our causes, you know – just in case some of those silly common folks hadn’t been keeping up to speed. Just to knock you off your holier-than-thou perch only fit for the high-falutin royalty such as yourself… I bet I’m a thousand effing miles ahead of you on most of the problems that are and have been plaguing our nation – and the republican party… for many decades, yet I’m appreciative that Glenn and company are beating this particular dead horse. Drop the smarmy attitude, jerk-boy. It’s meat-heads like you who fractured the tea party movement within one freakin year of it’s birth. That would be in ’08, in case you’re not half as smart as you seem to think you are.. dick-face. BTW dummy, I instantly dropped Christie like a hot potato; started to despise the piece of crap RINO… THREE and a HALF YEARS AGO when on one sunny summer morning as I waited for my lady friend to come out of the doctor’s office, Glenn informed us all during his 9-12 radio show that Christie was in the tank whole-hog on the man-made global warming lies. I never forget these type things. Anyway, I hope you aren’t in any important position in that NJ tea party, as you’d be sure to drive positive people away. Just trying to help my brethren, snot-nosed and all.

      • Anonymous

        Nice rant – glad your vocabulary is about as good as your brain function, Mr. RNC.
        The Tea Party in NJ supported Steve Lonegan.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals (and I include Christie in that group) always abuse their authority and position to go after their enemies. Christie is just like Obama and Christie election as president would be an Obama 3rd term.

  • landofaahs

    I wonder how those emails got out. NSA maybe.

    • Anonymous

      Obama, maybe? I suppose it’s possible they were leaked through the NSA, but they were sent to a Democratic mayor in NJ. He could’ve just copied and had them saved with his Democratic colleagues to use at just the right moment. Jay Sekulow with the ACLJ made a good point that with this story coming out, we’re not talking about Robert Gates’s book, “Duty,” and what he said about Obama. I mean, those e-mails were sent before last year’s election. Why weren’t they released then? The mayor who was the target could’ve easily done it right after he received them. It would’ve looked awfully embarrassing to Christie, and might’ve cost him re-election. But no. Democrats like Christie where he is. They saved it as ammo for another occasion. You know the old saying, “Kill two birds with one stone”? They needed a distraction from what Gates said, and they now have ammo to use against Christie should he decide to run for president. A pretty good deal if you can get it.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, the story deflects from all of Obama’s big scandals. This is what we have to look forward to, deflect, deflect. Point the finger in the other direction, so people will forget about the real scandals.

  • Anonymous

    Beck (or his staff) did an amazing job putting that comparison together…
    Sure, Christy is a better leader, but he’s running the same agenda as Obama, and to hear their words side by side the way Beck presented each of the issues he covered was pretty amazing….

    It’s hard to comprehend how the Left can even be considering running Hillary after the disaster she was in so many ways as Secretary of State, but after the last RNC presidential candidate fiasco, giving us what, eight different candidates that none of us really wanted and having something like 18 debates controlled and run by the Liberals, finally coming down to a quiet apologetic Mormon, it’s not hard to imagine the RNC Washington Elite trying to push Christy on us despite all the policies that are nearly identical to Obama’s and despite such opposition by those of us what want this Marxist takeover to stop and some sense of sanity to be returned to government in Washington and across the rest of the country through it’s various agencies…

    There has GOT to be a good conservative Constitutional candidate ready to come out of the shadows and present himself somewhere…

    In any case we’ve to 2014 to deal with and take back the Senate and gain more seats in the house first… if we can do that, we can pretty much bring their agenda to a halt for the next two years… 2014 first, then we can worry about Christy and whoever else they want to throw at us…

    • Anonymous

      Let us pray. They all seem to be scum…

    • Anonymous

      Your words in GOD’s ear. We do need better candidates in the GOP!

    • Guest

      Obama is a Marxist/Socialist. Christie is not.
      Obama does what HE wants, Christie does what the people of NJ want.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazingt to me that after Cristie’s “talk” the clown’s came out remarking about his weight….No mention of the Bengazi Bitch’s big hindend…

  • BlueMN

    Glenn draws comparisons between Chris Christie and Neil Armstrong after amazing speech

    “I thought he was off the charts last night,” Glenn said.

    “He was a guy I thought last night that would appeal directly to the Reagan Democrat, to somebody who just doesn’t watch politics very much, and they could
    understand it. He voiced the direction of the country in a way that the
    average person could access. Which I thought was fantastic.”

  • Anonymous

    Christie is a Democrat, I approve of Democrats eating him alive, they can attack Obama next, all we have to do is call Obama a Republican.

  • Micah Chastain

    Please Google “Constitutional Emergency” and sign up – all patriots welcome.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Glenn came down hard on Debra Medina who ran for Gov.of Texas against Rick Perry and She lost the race, because of it. I didn’t watch him for a while but now I have found out that she is endorsing a evil Rino in Texas, Joe Straus! Glenn was right. He is right again! I will not Comply with the Rinos man. I pray that Ted Cruz runs a true Conservative.

  • Anonymous

    I had heard that Christie was another obama kinda guy. I pray that someone surfaces to the top that has character, honor, humility and actually wants to get our country going again and bring us back to where we need to be.

  • muckdog

    The 2016 Decision: Big Belly vs. Big Butt.
    Choose wisely, America.

  • Anonymous

    Many of us saw the real RINO in Christie from the get go … just like McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConnell, Rubio, et. al.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tins6

    Check this out! Type in, ‘Most important movie on America, ever. Period.’

  • Anonymous

    For me, you absolutely made the case Glenn! When you put both audio comparisons side by side, There is no difference between CC and BO. This segment should be made into an ad campaign by a PAC before The establishment decides.

  • Benjamin Dover

    A brief overview of the Obama regime’s attacks upon the good doctors of these united states:

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