We have been asking you to call and email your television providers for months now to request they add TheBlaze to their channel lineups, and your hard work paying off!

On Monday, it was announced that TheBlaze TV will be added to Buckeye CableSystem, America’s 20th largest cable operator, and Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel), which provides cable TV service in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.

“It doesn’t happen instantly,” Stu said. “This took a lot of calls from a lot of people over a decent amount of time.”

“We thank you for calls,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It made a huge difference. There are a couple other operators making the decision right now.”

Glenn said that AT&T U-Verse was a provider currently in discussions with TheBlaze, and encouraged listeners to call them and let them know you want TheBlaze.

“Call up a DirecTV or U-Verse and say whoever picks this up first I am going with. That’s completely appropriate,” Stu said. “You are spend ago lot of money for programming, you might as well get shows you want to watch.”

Despite the success, Glenn teased that there were a few providers like DirecTV and Comcast who weren’t listening to their customers the same like Buckeye Cable has.

Within the last month, TheBlaze TV was also added to Central Indiana Cable (Greenfield, IN), West Carolina Communications (Abbeyville, SC), Comporium Communications (Rock Hill, SC), and Daktel Communications (Carrington, ND). TheBlaze TV is now distributed on 50 television providers nationwide – including six of the top 30.

If you are interested in seeing TheBlaze added to your channel lineup, we ask you to get involved in the ‘Get TheBlaze’ campaign. Make your voice heard by calling 1.800.996.2529 or visiting GetTheBlaze.com.