Web Exclusive: TheBlaze Breathing Room with Marcus Luttrell

After the interview with Glenn Beck, it’s time for some breathing room – an intimate conversation with Marcus Luttrell, the writer of “Lone Survivor,” portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the movie out now.

  • Brandy Schneider

    Hah! Funny interview. We need more interviews like this. Cant wait to see Lone Survivor

  • Jbird

    Would like to say to Mark, “Thanks for your service and dedication! Wish our leaders had 1/10 of your dedication.”

  • Anonymous

    Great interview. I really like that side of Marcus when he’s not talking about the war and is more relaxed. Cool guy !!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I am going to see this movie next week with a few friends. You should do this with everyone you interview. It makes them seem more down to earth.

  • Johnathan Read

    Great interview.

  • RicanzDrummer

    Watched the movie last night. It was really good-very realistic, and well produced. I hope more people go out to support this type of movie, since it reflects reality more than a lot of garbage coming out of Hollywood. Thanks for promoting his story so much. Even though I am a Veteran, all the hype really got me into the mood to see it.

    • Joanne Christie

      I have read the book but don’t feel the need to see the movie. I pray for Lives Lost……

    • Anonymous

      I saw the film last night, “good” isn’t necessarily the way I would describe it. Well produced – Yes…great acting – Yes, but good, is not in any way a good description.

      Americans are foolishly loosing their lives – bravely I might add, but foolishly…and….Its Not Their Fault. Did you get that last part, because its true. The war in Afghanistan should be over…period, now that does not mean we should pull our troops out of the Middle East!

      America today is a divided nation – almost evenly down the middle, especially when it comes to the use of our military forces. As it should be.We should question our political leaders as to why and where they’re sending our bravest sons. Who are we after all – why should America be involved in the first place and what exactly is our mission?

      Many of our citizens at the moment, are calling for America to back off in the affairs of other nations. Is this the best policy, after all, America doesn’t want to appear the bad guy – image is everything you know, but in my opinion, that is absolutely the wrong route to take. As in the movie (based on actual events) the decision was made to allow the three men who were walking their sheep to go free…something about unarmed combatants…and the decision was made to allow these three men to quickly run off and tip off their comrades, to the location of the four man American squad. A political reasoning for this release was based on the fear of CNN getting hold of the story, that is – if these three men were shot and killed, and that alone, was the biggest factor that kept these – four of Americas finest and brightest soldiers – from completing their mission.

      These four men were faced with a life or death decision and political correctness kept them from doing their job, they – as the story proves out, made the wrong decision.

      This nation must stop this on going political manipulation of our finest men and women, or we will never get out of that God Forsaken Sewer.

      America is at her crossroads, by now, history is recording, as in this account (lone survivor) and how many untold others that this current political correct path, is the wrong path. My point is this. The war in Afghanistan should be fought with all the might we have to muster. Do the job and finish the job…period and bring our hero’s back home safely.

      The only way to achieve this goal, is we must take the fight where the fight belongs. Certainly that calls for staying in Afghanistan, but that should not be the major objective target. No, it should be the nation of Iran.

      Iran is known the world over, to be the major supplier of most terror groups, a list of groups, that by the way, is rapidly becoming larger, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that America is not winning the war on terror and these groups such as Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Taliban, Hamas etc are becoming more brazen by the day.

      Again, as in the film, there was a choice to be made, the outcome of that “wrong” choice ended up in the slaughter of brave warriors. Will America make the wrong choice by deciding not to take the battle where it belongs?

      The way, in fact, the only way to stop this terror threat from reaching our shores will be to eliminate the the greatest strength – Iran. American pride in her power is now in question, either we use it, or we make the tactical decision hiding our heads in the sand and not facing reality, a mistake which result in the lose of our nation – it is that simple. But political correctness seems to carry far greater weight than does proper decision making.

      Eliminate the source Iran…with that goal accomplished, the terror groups instantly run for cover, then, the job becomes one of seek and destroy. This of course will not bode well in the East, for both Russia and China are currently flexing their military muscle and challenging American resolve around every corner. Its do or die – that is plain and simple ugly truth – we either do our job – there, or bring our boys home and do it – here. The latter, not being the better choice.

      Lets face it, Iran is currently building an atomic bomb, when complete, they have openly disclosed where they intend to use it. When they do, it will spark off another world war. So once again – America is faced with a crossroads, a life or death decision must soon be made and to make the choice to continue fighting on as we presently do – is to make the wrong decision.

    • Anonymous

      You did.

  • Anonymous

    That there is one hell of a man. I don’t even know how to say “thank you” for
    his service and everything. It would be a tremendous honor someday to shake his hand and have a “coldie” with him. Mr. Marcus Luttrell: Thank You.

  • Scott Corrigan

    Bush could have blown his mind telling him HIS DAD shot Kennedy.

  • Anonymous

    the one question we would ask God when we get a chance? My eldest brother told me (he was dying of cancer at the time), “I want to know how He rolled the stone away from Jesus’ tomb”. I fell over laughing…and said ‘Really?” and he said yes…he always wondered that. My sweetest memory…

    • Anonymous

      My younger brother died last year. I have many happy memories with him. he would have answered,,, ‘He’s God! That’s how he rolled the stone away”.

      After that, he would have probably made me buy him a drink and kick my butt at 8 ball.

      He was always a better pool player than I.

  • Tracy Miller

    The Afghan “terrorists” were repelling invaders (the U.S.) and Luttrell and his fellow seals were part of that invasion. Now the “hero” and lone survivor Luttrell comes away with an unverifiable tale of heroics and He and G. Beck are making bank on it? Sorry sheep, but I refuse to stand up and cheer for the load of faux patriotic war porn bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Your hatred of our country is pathetic. Go move to Afghanistan or Iraq and see how your idiocy is tolerated there.

      • Tracy Miller

        As a Southerner, I DO hate this rotten country and I couldn’t give less of a shit if american invaders are getting killed elsewhere for doing what they did to my people. It’s sad to see you dopes waving flags and marching off to get maimed and killed to make the bankers and the arms makers a little bit richer but if you’re going to die for nothing, I guess it’s better for you and your loved ones to THINK you died for “freedom” or some other patriotic bullshit. Now judging from your last masterful reply, I can’t wait to see your next one. lol

        • Anonymous

          So what I’m getting from you’re comment, is you are a patriot American who sees his country falling apart, right before his very eyes. Or did I miss something? Who are you and why are you here at this site?

        • Joe Sobotka

          If you hate this country Get the f*ck out. The sooner the better.

          • Tracy Miller

            I love MY country where I live, I hate america you illiterate dumbass.

          • Joe Sobotka

            You’re a person full of hate. May God Bless You.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t ask God anything. I trust in Him

  • Jamie Wishert

    He said he doesn’t read sci-fi, but a few things he said begs to differ. I think he is awesome and it sounds like we share a lot of things in common. I was, after all. born in Texas at Fort Hood. He should have pressed Bush on who killed Kennedy, because if anyone on the planet knows he does and as far as aliens, he was a Navy Seal and Navy Seals all know stories of other seals and aliens, so I am calling him out on that one. The tell is that he doesn’t read sci-fi yet still talks about aliens. Just say’n, your busted Marcus and I mean that with the most respect possible. Glenn if you are reading any of these I would like to be your Atlanta Ga correspondent if you are looking for someone who can ask the right questions and as a subscriber to theblaze, please bring back your black board and go back to some earlier on methods of connecting the dots. I find it hard to know who the players are these days. I mean Van Jones is sitting beside Newt on a CNN panel, what the hell??

  • Don Spencer

    Great interview….
    keep on trancin’ because in the final analysis….. that’s all we got… http://www.sleepnow.com

  • Joshua Buckingham

    awesome pure beauty!

  • Cheery

    What a true American hero….God bless you Mark..and THANK YOU for all you have done for me and my family as Americans..

  • Fido Shery

    Individualism does not imply isolated individuals or opposition to our social nature, but rather recognition that our most positive contribution to our fellows is that of making the most of ourselves.

  • Constitutionalist

    Great interview. I first listened to it on the radio. Glen CUT THE MUSIC on the radio during the interview in the “breathing room” I had a difficult time hearing Marcus. When I hear the interview on your web sight it seems to be different music and is not as loud and annoying. That was annoying. That is all. Dean

  • Byron Rider

    On Sept 03, 2007 I listened to Glenn interview Marcus. I thank God for men and women like Marcus and I am so glad Marcus is doing so much better today and in Sept 03, 2007. I still have that interview saved on my computer. I read his book again the 2nd time and listened to the interview again and going to see Lone Survivor tomorrow. God Bless you Marcus and thank you for your service.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to sit down and buy Marcus a beer or two. Just say thank you and God bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    But Marcus if you were with the Almighty God and actually talking to Him, none of what ever happened here would probably never enter your mind.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    marcus seems happy here, relaxed, funny.

    great interview.

  • NB Forrest

    We should take all of the politicians and drop them over there!

  • Tracy Miller

    As long as I’m here this morning; You BeckBots do know that most of Luttrell’s story is pure bullsh*t right? No? Perhaps you should turn off “The Blaze”, “Fox News” and the rest of the main stream media propaganda outlets (right or left) and do some research for yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Semper Fi! Thank you for your service–from my heart-from my families heart! Words can never say enough. We have a Ranger, in our family, over there now! Not a day goes by that we don’t pray for him and his team!
    God Bless you Marc and your family…
    Sgt Shel
    Viet Nam ’67

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