Congratulations! America has it’s own Rob Ford

Glenn brought back the WBCK News Now! team to cover the news of the day from around the country. From John McCain being censured by Arizona Republicans to an Oregon pimp complaining that the Nike shoes he used to brutally beat a man lacked a warning label, the Action 5 (or was it 6?) News Team had it all. But perhaps the worst offender was Detroit city councilman George Cushingberry Jr., quickly becoming America’s version of Rob Ford. TheBlaze reported that he was pulled over after leaving a strip club when “police found marijuana, open alcohol, and detected a strong odor of marijuana in Cushingberry’s vehicle during a routine traffic stop.”

Cushingberry’s response? “We never saw a t*t. Fox news is full of ___t.”

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  • Johnathan Read

    Should “Blacks” be required to undergo ‘Background Checks ‘before being allowed to buy Nikes ?

    Should Nike sizes be limited to a Maxium Size 12 because anything over that is definitely a dangerous weapon.

  • Johnathan Read

    News Flash !!

    A new study has revealed that your typical Democrat Politician gives off more Flatulence in a day then your average Cow.

    Film at 11 .

    • Bob

      Plug them up!

  • Heath Groves

    Someone PLEASE tell Glenn he is looking more and more like Santa each day! Love Blaze.. dislike beard!

    • Rose Ingram

      I think all men should wear beards!! But neatly trimmed like Glenn’s..I love the Duck Dynasty men but I do wish they would trim those beards!!

      • Mike Nelson

        Never!!… unless it was done as a public shearing, for a charity cause… now THAT would generate some serious $$$!

  • Remy

    I love you Glenn Beck.

  • Sam Fisher

    I bet the terrorist are laughing at this country right now. Thanks Obama for siding with people who want to kill us time and time again.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Cushingberry is just a spec of sand on the beach. Why doesn’t Glen investigate how much booze and drugs are used in Washington as a whole?

    • Maya

      Cushingberry is a Detroit councilman. That isn’t very close to Washington

  • AlgeBrad needs a grammar checker. The headline should be “Congratulations! America has its own Rob Ford” not “Congratulations! America has it’s own Rob Ford”. Its is a possessive pronoun, it’s is a contraction of “it is”. This is more obvious when you substitute in for the contraction: “Congratulations! America has it is own Rob Ford” sounds ridiculous.

  • Troy Lund

    KEEP SPREADING NOTHING BUT BAD NEWS GLENN and you will become a part of it

    • Maya

      Is that a threat? Keep spreading Socialism Troy and all the ills of the world will go away. No more starvation, huger, war and everyone gets an Escallaide.

  • dan rayl

    did you hear the end yup I can hear them now Beck is for bashing kitty cats heads in and suggest Nike’s shoes man it was a good video though he was spot on as always

  • Anonymous

    Since science tends to trace today’s events to yesterday, it can easily lead to the false notion that our motivations and actions result from prior events and are therefore not our own responsibility.

  • Aven Brauer

    No we don’t Rob Ford is hilarious Glenn Beck is a stooge.

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