Controversy abounds after Bing commercial honors Margaret Thatcher

During the Golden Globes broadcast on Sunday, Microsoft unveiled a new commercial for its search engine Bing highlighting the “Heroic Women of 2013,” and it didn’t take long for Microsoft to come under fire. The video features elected leaders and ordinary citizens alike who “stood up” or “persevered” last year. The obvious theme of the clip: Female empowerment.

“I’m so sick and tired of liberals saying that we are closed-minded and they are so open-minded,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who passed away last spring, appears alongside politicians like Angela Merkel and Gabrielle Giffords, as well as Janet Yellen, the first female Federal Reserve Chairman. It also includes Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by terrorists then became the face of education activism; Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dance teacher who lost her foot in the Boston bombing; and Antionette Tuff, who talked a gunman into surrendering at her Georgia elementary school.

It didn’t take long for the Thatcher-haters to call out Microsoft for including Thatcher. Salon and Twitchy shared tweets from Hollywood actresses and the general public who lambasted the company for including the conservative icon among the other notable women.

Check out the commerical in question below:

“I saw that commercial, I thought okay, I don’t really like [Janet Yellen], but she broke the glass ceiling,” Glenn observed. “I think Gabrielle Giffords was used by the left and made into a poster child for gun control to make the TEA Party look bad. The TEA Party had nothing to do with Gabrielle Giffords, but the media didn’t care… But when I saw her in that ad, I though, that’s good. She was a remarkable story this year, coming back and saying, ‘Stand up for yourself. Never give up.’ That’s great.”

While Glenn does not necessarily agree with the politics of all the women Microsoft chose to feature that doesn’t mean they weren’t deserving of the honor. Those who disagree with Thatcher, however, have not extended that same logic to her.

“The left is now trying to say to Bing, ‘How dare you put Margaret Thatcher in there,’ and they are going after them,” Glenn concluded. “And we are the ones that aren’t tolerant? We are the ones that are closed-minded? I’m so sick of it. Don’t even listen to it anymore. Dismiss it as a joke and dismiss them as the joke that they are.”

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t please everybody. Ms Thatched deserved a spot. Obama snubbed her funeral, sent no one. I hope the U.Kind. Returns the favor when it is his time.

  • Brett Dent

    It is a joke. Tolerance is a two-way street, it just so seems that the left can’t grasp that idea.

    • Michael Rice

      It seems the common thing from liberals nowadays is to say “That’s not what tolerance means”..

  • mizznette

    Thatcher was a token. It’s all gonna be blah-blah-blah women this and that ad nauseum for the next year or two. Not because we are deserving—WE ARE— but to pave the way for Hillary-nation!!!! Wake up, ppl.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh no a strong woman! The left would of only been happy with Julia or that idiot that wanted free birth control. Yet this is another example of liberal sexism.

  • tim

    so only certain women with the correct left thinking process are deserving of notability, and expect to see more of this as 2016 gets closer and hillary makes her failed run again.

  • Barbara Kiesling

    The world would be a better place with more Margaret Thatchers.

  • Phil Weingart

    Long, long overdue.

    Leftists come up with an idea (“Why shouldn’t we tolerate everybody who’s different?”) and then imagine that (1) they were the first to think that thought, and (2) the fact that they thought it means that they have perfected it in their lives and conduct. In this, they are very much like young teenagers discovering “world peace” for the first time.

    The truth is that they are among the most intolerant people on the planet. The fact that they imagine themselves tolerant has never been anything more than infantile self-delusion. It’s long overdue for the adults to break the truth to them; if they were going to grow out of it, they would have by now.

  • Kevin

    I was fortunate enough to send a British lib in to apoplectic shock when I told her I wouldn’t mind voting for a woman president. I told her I would gladly vote for Margaret Thatcher for President.

    • Anonymous


  • Me Wise Magic

    Goosebumps alert

    Watch Margaret Thatcher give the eulogy at Ronald Reagan’s funeral. That funeral in 2004 seemed as though it closed a chapter in America’s history. The greatest President of the 20th century being laid to rest and his political soul mate, Margaret, there to say goodbye one final time.

    Thatcher Eulogy

    Coffin moment captured in time

  • BlueMN

    RIP Maggie. A tribute to Ms. Thatcher by The Exploited.

  • suz


  • Anonymous

    Good for Bing. Margaret Thatcher was inspiring. Pass the message along. Dumbed down, go along with lefties Americans don’t really know the truth. They’re just following what they hear other ignorant, low informed people say. They need to educate themselves.

  • landofaahs

    A conservative is a person who is open minded enough to allow a good idea to enter his mind but a liberal is so open minded that when he bends over, his brains fall out.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought that most ‘open minds’ reside in empty heads.

  • landofaahs

    The Iron will from the Iron Lady. Too bad she did not have the Iron support from her people. Thank God for Ronaldo Magnus who had her back and the back of Western civilization. Where are those rock-ribbed beacons now? Where are those who are willing to separate themselves from the lazy, profligate, loser promoters of the welfare state? Original intent of the constitution forever!!!!

  • Anonymous

    With Beck we can see the provincial parochial mindset in action. West and the rest, who cares about Malala Yousafzai.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t consider Gabrielle Giffords to be a hero. She put herself and all of the others with her in danger with her ill thought out ‘Congresswoman On The Corner’ events, where security was zero. It was practically an engraved invitation for any psycho to do what Jarred Loughner did. Too bad that other people nearby paid with their lives so she could score some political points.

  • nutt

    Made sure that General Pinochet avoided justice and lived out his days in comfort. Yeah; she was wonderful.

  • Michelle Reusser

    Concerning Obama snubbing MT’s funeral, I am glad. At least he couldn’t have soured her memorial taking selfies of his ignorant ass as the world watched.

  • Anonymous

    The left is annoyed by the fact that, unlike most left wing females, Lady Thatcher didn’t have to sleep with a powerful man to be empowered. (Are you listening, Hillary?)

  • Michael Stoflet

    I remember things were going so bad in England that people were saying that they were going tohave to join the USA until Maggie took over.

  • Anonymous

    And Gabby Giffords? She survived a shooting and then spoke out against gun ownership in general and gun rights? Even though she was a gun owner herself. A heroine? No.

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