During the Golden Globes broadcast on Sunday, Microsoft unveiled a new commercial for its search engine Bing highlighting the “Heroic Women of 2013,” and it didn’t take long for Microsoft to come under fire. The video features elected leaders and ordinary citizens alike who “stood up” or “persevered” last year. The obvious theme of the clip: Female empowerment.

“I’m so sick and tired of liberals saying that we are closed-minded and they are so open-minded,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who passed away last spring, appears alongside politicians like Angela Merkel and Gabrielle Giffords, as well as Janet Yellen, the first female Federal Reserve Chairman. It also includes Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by terrorists then became the face of education activism; Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dance teacher who lost her foot in the Boston bombing; and Antionette Tuff, who talked a gunman into surrendering at her Georgia elementary school.

It didn’t take long for the Thatcher-haters to call out Microsoft for including Thatcher. Salon and Twitchy shared tweets from Hollywood actresses and the general public who lambasted the company for including the conservative icon among the other notable women.

Check out the commerical in question below:

“I saw that commercial, I thought okay, I don’t really like [Janet Yellen], but she broke the glass ceiling,” Glenn observed. “I think Gabrielle Giffords was used by the left and made into a poster child for gun control to make the TEA Party look bad. The TEA Party had nothing to do with Gabrielle Giffords, but the media didn’t care… But when I saw her in that ad, I though, that’s good. She was a remarkable story this year, coming back and saying, ‘Stand up for yourself. Never give up.’ That’s great.”

While Glenn does not necessarily agree with the politics of all the women Microsoft chose to feature that doesn’t mean they weren’t deserving of the honor. Those who disagree with Thatcher, however, have not extended that same logic to her.

“The left is now trying to say to Bing, ‘How dare you put Margaret Thatcher in there,’ and they are going after them,” Glenn concluded. “And we are the ones that aren’t tolerant? We are the ones that are closed-minded? I’m so sick of it. Don’t even listen to it anymore. Dismiss it as a joke and dismiss them as the joke that they are.”