‘The School of No!': Do you really need more evidence than this that progressivism has failed America’s youth?

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How many times have you heard the argument in your lifetime, if it just helps one child, then it’s worth it, just one child, one, you know, big-eyed, little, one-eyed child? If we just help them, then it’s worth it. They use it all the time. Don’t believe me?

Jay Carney: If even one child’s life can be saved by the actions we take here in Washington, we must take those actions.

President Obama: This act is about doing what’s right for our children.

Michelle Obama: There is nothing Democratic or Republican, liberal or conservative, about doing what’s best for our kids.

Arne Duncan: Most importantly for our children.

President Obama: This is our first task, caring for our children.

Michelle Obama: In the end, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our children, nothing.

Does anybody buy any of this bull crap from these people anymore? And I mean that for the right as well. I hear a Conservative say yeah, we’ve got to do it for the children, shut up, shut up. We’ll just do it for the children, it’s so stupid. Even if it just saves one child, let’s save the stupidity of that argument for a minute, and let’s focus just on the reality, because it isn’t about the children, and that’s what makes me so angry about it. It isn’t about the children. If things for the children were really getting better, well then maybe.

Let me take you to schools here for a second. Do you remember the union thug that was one of the only ones that was willing to admit the truth because he was leaving the union? Watch.

Bob Chanin: Which is why at least in my opinion NEA and its affiliates are such effective advocates. Despite what some among us would like to believe, it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merits of our positions. It is not because we care about children, and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.

Wow, is that amazing? Oh, there goes Glenn Beck again, throwing around baseless allegations – did you hear this guy? It’s because they have power, one truthful union member. Okay, so what are they doing with that power? Are they helping the kids? Because they get things done because they have power, but in the end, does it help the kids?

I want to introduce you to another public school. This one’s in Far Rockaway Queens. Prepare yourself to be horrified and see something that I think this is what it’s like in North Korea. It’s a Title 1 school, which means they get extra federal funding, but nobody seems to know where it’s going, and they’re wondering because it certainly is not going to the school.

They’re getting an additional about $2.5 million every year. Two hundred thirty-four kids show up to school every day in this building, but there’s no art class. There is no gym class. There’s no music class. Oh see, see what you Conservatives are doing? You’re cutting the gym. You’re cutting the music. You’re cutting the art. No, there is also no nurse’s office. There are no substitute teachers when a teacher is out. There is no special ed, even though a teacher for special ed is required.

There are no books even for the Common Core curriculum. When you’re supposed to be teaching Common Core, how are you doing it without books? Now, sure, the art, the gym, all conservatives hate that, but how about math? There’s no math program. The kindergarten class sit down in trailers that “reek of animal urine.” “Rats and squirrels noisily scamper in the walls and ceiling.”

Well, what is it the kids are doing all day? What are they doing? They don’t have math. They don’t have gym. They don’t have art. They don’t have reading. They don’t have books. What are they doing? Are you ready? They’re watching movies all day, lots and lots of movies, not educational films. Monsters, Inc. was one film that they aired last week for the whole school.

You’d ask yourself who is in charge of this childhood hell? Well, the principal’s name is Marcella Sills. She’s been the principal there for almost a decade. Predictably she is rarely showing up for work, and when she does, it’s usually after 11:00 AM. Oh boy, are you judging her because she’s black? According to the New York Post last week, Sills missed every day except one, and the day she showed up, it wasn’t until the kids had already been dismissed for the day.

Okay, alright, let’s cut her some slack. She was probably sick. Yeah, not really. She didn’t appear that way. Here she is spotted driving around in her BMW all around town when she wasn’t at school. Boy, she looks really nice. I mean, she’s all dressed up. She’s got the glamour lipstick on. She’s got that nice fur coat and hat, huh? Now she’s a struggling educator. For her efforts when she shows up, she is paid $128,207 a year, but that’s not all. She also gets bonuses on top of that because of all of the overtime that she works.

Nothing is about the children, nothing. Nothing is being done, they’re not doing anything for these 234 kids, and no one seems to care in the system. You know what, let me take that back. See, there he goes again, Glenn Beck flying off the handle saying she’s not done anything for the kids. That’s not true. That’s not true. Every year she does make the parents pay $200 each so their kids can attend some sort of strange annual prom-like wedding event.

The boys have to dress in mini tuxedos, and the women have to wear like white gowns. Isn’t that great? Uh huh, and then Queen Sills, the principal, enters. She is the queen of the ball, of course.

I’m going to give you an update that should make this better, but it doesn’t. There’s an investigation now into the school, and because of the investigation, Sills showed up on work on time on Monday, first time in six or seven years according to sources inside the school. Wow! Do you have the picture of her showing up at school? There she is. And what’s nice is she was dressed to impress. I don’t know if she had to go right out afterwards, you know, for, you know, a night on the town or what, but she looks good. She looks good.

Also, the Department of Education investigator, not really troubled by anything that they saw there. In fact, I’ll let them explain.

Dorita Gibson: I don’t know if I’ll be recommending further investigation, but we will be making some recommendations, because, as you know, this is Far Rockaway, and this school was part of the tragedy of Sandy.


Tiffany: Yes?

Why didn’t you tell me that this school was hit by Hurricane Sandy?

Tiffany: I know, it totally changes the story.

It totally changes the story. I didn’t know that. Sandy just happened how long ago, just like not very long ago, okay? Nothing to see here. I apologize. There was a storm which obviously means kids can watch movies all day for the next year and a half while principal bunny fur takes a spin in her BMW. It’s great.

Now, it has taken just a few reports by the New York Post for someone to actually check into things, but you saw what they’re going to do. Nearly a decade this school has been churning kids through this system and sending them out into the world with absolutely no chance of success, unless they want to replace Siskel and/or Ebert. That’s it. Nearly a decade, and no one really has cared.

Now, there’s two indictments here: Number one indictment, parents. How long would you let your kids sit in that school? How long? Now, if you’re underprivileged, what do you do? You raise holy hell, that’s what you do. But do you think very many kids, 234 kids, been going on for a decade, this is the way it’s been, do you think any of the parents are sitting down with their kids and saying, “Hey, what happened in school today? What did you learn in math today?”

This has been going. They don’t have math books. They don’t have book books. They don’t have a library. They have nothing. Anybody ask? So number one indictment, parents, where are they? Number two, media, where are they? You know what they’re doing with their time today? I kid you not, there is currently or there was 20 minutes before we went on air, there was a banner. Do we have the pictures? Yeah, here it is.

Here’s CNN. They got a chopper over Justin Bieber’s house, okay? FOX and CNN, breaking news alerts, they’re investigating at Justin Bieber’s house – I better sit down for this – an egg throwing incident. Yes, Justin Bieber, can you believe it, has been in a spat with his neighbors. Why is TheBlaze – Tiffany?

Tiffany Yes?

Glenn Thank you. First of all, you give me a story, and you left out the hurricane, and now Justin Bieber, and what are we covering? We’re covering the neglected crumbling public school.

Here’s why I think this is really an important story for you to share with a friend, because the world is absolutely upside down. I don’t think I need to remind you, but you need to remind your friends that the people who brought you this fail, this factory fail of a school are the same people who are going to be running America’s healthcare system. See, greed is an interesting thing. You want to talk about greed, they always talk about the capitalists that are greedy.

People are greedy, people. Racism, that’s a human disease, okay? Greed, racism, human disease, all people have it. And I can tell you right now that you’re greedy. If I said to you right now that everybody in your office except maybe 20% are going to be laid off, are you the one that’s going to march in and say, you know what, I’m probably the weakest link in the chain, or do you keep your mouth shut and your head down, and you try to be the one? You’re greedy. Or are you a survivalist?

You see, greed comes in many forms. Hey, how come people in Poland and all across Europe didn’t raise their hand and say hey, maybe we should stop putting Jews into the ovens? You know why? Greed. What are you talking about? Well, some people got rich running that system.

Do you know that there is a trademark on the door of the crematorium, a trademark? Because that company thought they were going to – this is true – they thought they were going to get rich making the crematoriums because once Nazism hits the whole world, we’re going to be burning people in ovens all over the world.

Greed, but how about the people who didn’t raise their hand and say hey, what happened to my neighbor? That was greed too. You were greedy for your children, your time, your life. See, greed is human, and greed happens. And it happens with Socialism and Progressivism like nobody’s business, and it hits the poor the hardest because they’re the ones whose kids are forced first into the rat-infested schools. They are the ones who are forced into an awful healthcare system.

You go there as well. Everybody goes there unless you’re willing to compromise and play ball with the people at the top. And their friends, the greediest of them all, they get in. It seems no amount of failure ever stops Socialism and Progressivism from marching on, and we are watching the progressive mecca that is Detroit crumble right in front of us. And yet, we’re saying hey, let’s do that again around the whole country. Let’s do that everywhere.

There’s an amazing YouTube video out right now with 14 million views. It’s called Income Inequality in America, and it makes a really good case if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. We have to put together a response to this, 14 million views. Socialism fails every time. They don’t explain this, because there’s always somebody that wants to get wealthy, and how do you get wealthy in a socialist system? You’re the one that says no, I’m going to make sure everything is equal. That way you get kickbacks.

Never ever, ever, in all of human history has big government Progressivism, Communism, or Marxism, ever, ever, ever worked, never; However, where there is capitalism, yes, there is greed, and there is inequality; however, because of the free market, people live. Because of the free market, people change stations, people who are poor. I was flat broke in 1999, flat broke. I couldn’t afford my apartment. It was like $700 a month. I couldn’t afford it. Now look at me.

What happened? I can lift myself out of poverty. I can change my station in life. Now I’m a greedy capitalist. Before I was a poor schlub that somebody had to help. Yesterday, we had a guy on from the Tea Party in Italy, and he gets it better than most Americans. Why? Because he’s in the belly of the beast, the far-left beast, the socialist beast, the communist beast, the fascist beast, the Mussolini beast. He’s seen it. He had the answer for America and the rest of the world. Listen.

Carlo: In the Second World War, the German army and the SS take some people from their home, and they put these people on the oven. They kill more than 6 million people. The SS, it was under respect to the German Nazist rules. But these kind of rules is the human rules. The natural rules is another kind of rules, and they come from the God. I think that if we stay concentrate – of course, it’s not easy, but if we stay concentrate on these rules, we really can build a better world.

  • landofaahs

    We have failed our youth by not passing down those values of love for country, family and especially GOD. We could stand the use of a little dose of old fashioned morality of self restraint, self control, and all around selflessness toward others, not by force of the state but by the genuine selflessness that can only come to us through Christ. But we don’t have the Jimmy Stewart idea of “looking out for the other guy” attitude in the movie “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”. Hell the democrat Senate destroyed that with their abolition of the filibuster rule. Nope, the democrats can’t abide for any of that constitutional business.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderfully written essay. Sadly, nobody reads more than a few sentences tops these days. Perhaps you should have lead with “HELICOPTERS OVER BIEBER”S HOUSE”

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe how slow conservatives are to see past the benevolent smokescreen that liberals put up. It was never intended to work!

    At least, “work” in the sense of making things better for people.

    Liberalism is of, by and for elites. It is intended to create and solidify a system in which the privileged few can live in ease and luxury without ever having to worry about competing with the masses.

    Sure, the useful idiots on the left get to bask in the self-ritiousness of believing that they are providing for the needs of the “oppressed”, but those at the top of the movement know that the programs that give hand-outs to the non-connected classes are really there to keep them in a state of dependence and shame.

    It’s amazing to see how Obama has created so much greater income and wealth disparity, and then attempts to use that disparity to promote even more of the same policies that caused it in the first place.

    Then we get to see useful idiots on the right telling us how disparity is a GOOD thing! (essentially endorsing Obama’s policies along the way). Why? Because the talking heads on the right are privileged elites as well. They don’t want to have to compete either,

    That’s why they love illegal immigrants. It creates an officially-sanctioned underclass who can not rise to the level of any real economic threat.

    The difference between right and left is simply that those on the right are merely selfish. They don’t understand that the ever-constricting noose of economic restraint being placed on the population not only solidifies the positions of the upper classes, it degrades the over-all economic, moral and spiritual health of the nation.

    But the left, or at least those in positions of power on the left DO know that.

    Wake up America – almost no one in power is looking out for your interests.Left or right.

    • Anonymous

      Most importantly, liberalism relieves ones conscience.

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t just the east coast. I live in Kingwood Texas. Suburb of Houston. I pulled my son out of public school . Humble ISD is supposed to be a good school district. In the 4 years he attended the elementary school he never had a book. No ,the textbooks are not kept at school either. There are no text books. They have photocopy worksheets from somewhere. Try as a parent to really help your child its impossible, because there are no textbooks to review or prepare in advance. Most Texas schools are already well into common core. Just read the TEKS for the state of Texas. They read common core without saying so.They keep parents in the dark with only vague reference to what is being done. Math where its more important to have elaborate ways to do problems rather than getting a correct answer. I feel it will only get worse with time. Parents need to get on board and look into what their children are being taught. Don’t settle for their vague explanations. School should be more than just a baby sitting service.

  • Anonymous

    Boy the fun around here never stops…yes, the progressive approach which is currently fashionable here in the States (or around the world for that matter) is most definitely destroying the fabric of the American Dream and our society as we know it.

    I myself, am a staunch conservative, one might even suggest that I lean to the right..and what’s wrong with being right…right?

    Today, it has become painfully obvious that our youth are fleeing away from long held traditions such as Marriage, Family, Children, and are turning instead, to Abortion, Same-Sex-Marriage, Drugs – which have repeatedly demonstrated their destructive path throughout strong societies time in and time out. I suppose the thinking is – “We shall reinvent the wheel”

    My biggest concern though – our children are also turning away from the Eternal God at record speed.

    Our colleges, all academia for that matter, are actually quite pleased with themselves, in teaching their new revolutionary concept – “God no longer exists”. Even though that practice for many nations has been around for generations, its relatively new around here. I mean, this is America after all and if, not for the keen observation and wisdom of our founders, who greatly mirrored the concepts found in the holy bible, to help them structure the wording found in the Constitution of the United States, we would be the same as everybody else, but God and the Freedom of Religion made us so different from everybody else.

    So why are we suddenly throwing it all away?

    To tell you the truth – I really don’t think it has come upon us all that fast, but now that it’s here – “IT” meaning, the New America – what can done to reverse the damage.

    The answer may come in the form of asking ourselves another question, meaning, “How can any of us, truly expect our children to believe in a Higher Being if we are not willing to believe ourselves?”

    Now I’m nudging a nerve, after-all, isn’t that a bit too personal…”who do you think you are anyway?”

    My take is..’it always has been, if there is but one God, who has but one Gospel, then why so many churches. Are we to expect our children to believe in a one God concept, when there are thousands of differing denominations all teaching different things about the one same God…its ludicrous for any of us to think so.

    Therefore, it is our responsibility, as good stewards for the future of our nation, to get it right. God simply says – Prove Me at My Word, isn’t it about time we did that, that is, if continuing on as a great nation means anything to us.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    This is what happens when you put unions before children and it is amazing that liberals cannot see that. Clearly their stealing money from the government to pay for their own greed instead of teaching children. Then you got the union in Detroit defending the rights of a child rapist while at the same time going after the victim’s mother who is apart of the same union by telling her she cannot take off to get cancer treatment. These unions can care less about the children and I feel sorry for all the teachers who want to make a difference but are held back because of union greed and even threaten if they do not sit down and shut up. It is time to take power away from the unions.

    • Anonymous

      Many friends of mine are union workers, we have many things in common – but whenever the discussion turns to – how the unions are ruining America, the conversation quickly sours and becomes hostile…and mother always said, talking “politics and religion” were dangerous, I agree with your comment, something tell me Sam, you’ll get feedback for sure. When it comes to talking politics…the unions are always under the radar.

  • Connie Tonsgard

    They no what people will go with that. But the truth is, they don’t care about kids or us. They are with Lucifer, the devil. — http://youtu.be/0Jhx_2TqffE

  • Anonymous

    If that school is for special ed kids it’s no wonder there isn’t anything except movies. Special ed kids aren’t supposed to be able to learn according to teachers unions and the Board of Education. Especially if the kids are on the sliding scale of special education. It seems to have gone from teaching high schoolers things that third graders learn and having tons of non-academic stuff back in the mid to late 70s to sending the kids off in the morning, giving them things to keep them busy and then sending them home eight hours later. If the school has vermin and is falling apart people figure “so what, they would be in homes for the feeble-minded if it weren’t for us”. It’s always been that way, Glenn, the kids that aren’t able to be mainstreamed/ integrated get neglected or undereducated. Sort of like how regular schools were for black kids back in the day only much worse.

  • Elizabeth Andonian

    NOTE: While attending an “AMC” movie theater in Houma LA and waiting for our husbands to finish their movie my friend and I questioned 2 women in the restroom. They were extremely intoxicated, cursing, and holding hands & etc. lesbian’s each holding a 32 oz. plastic container of alcohol (looked like beer). We told them that they couldn’t have alcohol in the theater. They noted that they had bought it in the theater. Of course we two Christian mom’s were shocked. Long story short we complained and noted all of the issues that would come from a bar in, as AMC deems a family friendly theater. They were removed from the premise. I did contact AMC and further discussed in detail the issues. The progressives of this company bragged that they had 60 theaters with bars and were family friendly. I will not attend these theaters anymore. Standing alone by the back door exit was a 5 yr. old girl waiting by the rest room for her dad to come out. When he did I informed him of the incident and to be careful in future.

    • B D

      You’re pathetic.

    • B D

      You’re pathetic.

  • Jim

    I can’t resist. “Bow ties are cool!”

  • Binny

    It frustrates me that all we get is the report. Lets go fix it… lets talk more about the ideas on how to fix this issue…instead of we have a problem. Its like when my 4 year old brings me a problem…we identify it quickly, we then talk about how he can resolve it, and then we both roll up our sleeves and go to work an resolve the issue.. We need to refocus our energies on the solution rather than the problem.I’m not scared to fight the fight…i just want us all to focus on the solutions on how to fix it ….in other words less crying and more doing….Come on People just do something to fix the problem…..I wish we had reporters that had some back bone when they see and issue like this…they do more then just report….report with a solution or an idea on how to fix the issue. Why not do all that is in their power to organize the solution…Words are powerful….choose them wisely..Report with a solution in mind….even if its a bad one at least its starts the resolve..

    Kind Regards,

  • B D

    Glenn – the beard doesn’t make your double chin go away.

  • Anonymous

    There are many and varied methods to capture the attention of those who are hijacking our schools, our churches, our local government, and our state and federal government. Those methods are legal, moral and many times somewhat unpleasant, however, they are effective. We are a resourceful, creative people of great resolve. Speaking and acting upon the truth is never inappropriate, or for that matter ill advised, especially when our lives are dependent upon that expression.

  • Anonymous

    If it helps one child and harms 1000, is it still worth it?

  • The truth is that …

    Despite seductive illusions and promises of equality, the spoils of collectivism’s plunder are practically available only to the collective’s masters.

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