Google now has the technology to control your thermostat

We all know Google has access to a lot of personal information. From email to social media, search engines to robotics, Google has its hand in just about every aspect of cyber life and, with its latest acquisition, Google now has the technology to come into your home.

“Let me tell you another story here. Google reach expands into your home. They just bought Nest for $3.2 billion,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “What is Nest? Oh, they are the ones that make your smart thermostats and fire alarms.”

It was announced late yesterday that Google plans to purchase Nest Labs for $3.2 billion – its second-largest acquisition ever. Nest Labs develops high-tech versions of devices like thermostats and smoke detectors.

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On the surface, ‘smart’ home technology like the thermostats and smoke detectors developed by Nest don’t sound all that bad. After all, we all enjoy modern conveniences that at one point in time may have seemed incomprehensible. But when you consider how this technology can evolve, the scope of information gathering is frightening.

“So do you remember when we said that they are going to be able to turn down your thermostat; they will be able to control the temperature in your house,” Glenn asked. “[We told] you, don’t put these thing this is your house because they will also gather information on what your sleeping patterns are; when are you leaving; where are you going; who’s coming over? Because they will have all that information.”

“I don’t think Google is necessarily going to be doing that on a daily basis,” Stu interjected.

“Not today,” Glenn agreed. “But why give them the power?”

Privacy concerns are clearly one of the major concerns surrounding this merger. The New York Times reports Nest will continue to operate independently under its own brand and expand its portfolio of connected versions of what it calls “unloved but important devices in the home.” Tony Fadell, Nest’s chief executive, will report to Larry Page, co-founder and chief executive of Google.

Fadell recently addressed the privacy concerns associated with the Google merge, explaining Google agreed to continue using Nest’s privacy policy, which states Nest only uses customer information to improve its products and services.

To Glenn’s point, Google might not be interested in the depth the information available from Nest immediately, but with time, the benefits of that data will reveal itself. Technology companies are obviously trying to one-up each other in terms of the services they offer and the information available to them, and this acquisition places Google surely in the forefront.

“Look, many of [Google’s] competitors seem to be stuck in the present,” Glenn observed. “I wrote on the top of the chalkboard [in my office], ‘Forget about today because by the time you figure out today, tomorrow is already here.’ It’s all about tomorrow because of the increasing rapidity of technology, the growth of technology… You have got to be looking over the horizon.”

From Stu’s perspective, the most frightening part of the this technology boom is the opportunity it gives the government to access some or all of this data.

“All this stuff is scary, but that’s the only part that really bothers me. I want them to see what’s coming in the future. I don’t want them to monitor me. I don’t want them to turn information over to the government,” Stu explained. “That’s where these things fall apart. It was the same problem Michael Moore talked about in his movie about how big companies wind up working so closely with the government, that it’s not a big company anymore. It’s just an arm of the government. It’s crony capitalism.”

In the case of Google, however, Glenn sees the future unfolding a little differently.

“[Google] will not be an arm of the government. The government will be an arm of Google in the end. That’s what you have to understand. Who in the government is going to stand against Google? They will have every bit of information, especially if we keep electing the worst of our society,” Glenn concluded. “I’m telling you, Google has the goods on everybody. Forget the NSA. Google will have the goods on everybody. You stand against the corporation; you are done… The world’s changing in such a rapid and very exciting way – unless Google traps all of us, and they are the ones that could trap us all.”

  • Sam Fisher

    Yeah like I am going to trust google.

    • Anonymous

      Now that Google controls our thermostats, are we supposed to send them our Gas Bill, is that how it works…

      • Sam Fisher

        There’s an idea.

  • Bonnie Somer

    frightening isn’t it this is where the unibomber was right. Big companies and their control over people. Govt now is not where we need to be and this is y i say DO NOT PUT EVERYTHING ON COMPUTER BK TO PAPER AND WE R IN CONTROL

  • Anonymous

    If I had one of those thermostats I would rip it out. No smart meters or smart thermostats for me thank you. I fought 38 days without gas when the gas company shut my gas off because I refused the smart meter upgrade. I won. Our rights can’t be taken, they are surrendered.

    • Anonymous

      How did you win? I admire your determination.

      • Anonymous

        I contacted all the news media and the anti smart meter advocates. One person was Liz Barris. She is on you tube. The senators and congresspersons were also contacted. I kept writing letters requesting the law. After reading the actual laws I found out the gas company was actually breaking the law and lying. I recorded every conversation. They want you to give up easement rights in order to come in your house. I would not allow that unless they signed a paper saying they would not touch my analog meter. There are many people available to help you if you are in this situation. Knowledge is power. They don’t want you to know the law.

        • Chris D

          thanks for that explanation. most of us don’t know and knowledge is power. thank you much!

  • sea-libtard

    Time to take off the tin foil hat. It’s really not that big of deal. If I can access my thermostat remotely through my android device, that is great. If the government decides to operate my thermostat for me, then I’ll just swap it out with an old tech one. It’s only 4 color coded wires. I can say with much certainty, that the government knows most people’s sleep patterns already. It’s called night time.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that liberals can never see the big picture and can only focus on very selective minutia? Also “switching it out” might not be as easy in a few years from now since almost everything is being monitored. Once hooked up to the smart stuff, the government might not like you changing back to old school, and might even fine you.

      As for when people sleep…”it’s called night time”…seriously? I used to work graveyard shift, so I went to sleep from noon until 9 pm. That’s called afternoon, evening and night.

      At least your username is accurate. Libtard

      • sea-libtard

        I am far from being a liberal, but I also don’t buy into the “everybody panic google and the government is gonna git you” freak out. So you worked graveyard, good for you. Most people don’t. The gov’t can currently look at the power grid and traffic patterns for when people are coming and going and when they sleep. I can’t believe people are afraid of a thermostat. Look out, there are satellites hovering above you!

        • Troy White

          Its people like you who scare me the most. You will never see the danger until its too late. Its none of the government’s damned business when I sleep or how high I set my thermostat. Comprende, libtard?!

          • sea-libtard

            1st off, google bought a tech company, not the goverment. 2nd, the government can already find out anything about you, it’s called the NSA. They can already get your emails, spending habits, what websites you visit, and what p0rn you jack off to. I suggest you purchase a space heater and some firewood if you are afraid of your thermostat. There’s only one thing the corporate/bank run government wants from you is money.

          • Anonymous

            It’s pretty sad that for someone that thinks they know it all, knows nothing. You’re obviously a liberal, or a very ignorant troll. The progressives have been slowly working on getting rid of the Constitution and replacing it with THEIR vision of government, which is dictating to others how to live their lives.

            Yeah, you were real cute with the satellite comment, ha, ha…but it’s not JUST the thermostat. It’s the chip in the dishwasher, washing machine, your refrigerator, your electric meter, your cable box, the ability of the government to turn on your computer and watch you. They know how warm you keep your house, when you wash your dishes (and whether or not you use the “green” cycle) when and how often you use your washing machine, or how often you open your refrigerator door (watch out! michelle or bloomberg might not like THAT) as for that thermostat that you think will be easy to replace if you don’t LIKE what’s going on? The power company will be able to see that it has been removed and you could face either a fine or a termination of service if you don’t comply. I’m sure you’re laughing, but it’s not that far off. With the smart meters, if the power company thinks you’re using too much energy, they will shut you down.

            “Google bought a tech company, not the government” Wow, REALLY? Google is a company run by left wing supporters. They have the power to collect information and have already agreed to hand it over to the government. I’m sure it was for some tax breaks since they park their money overseas.

            By the time you see the big picture, it will be too late. To understand the depths of the spying that is going on with appliances and smart thermostats you obviously need to see people wearing fedora hats and trench coats with the word “spy” embroidered over a breast flap, or obamacare death panels must be dressed as grim reapers.

          • sea-libtard

            Wow! A bit of advice, seek help.

          • Anonymous

            LOL It’s YOU that needs help…and maybe a few lessons in history. You’re obviously lacking.

          • sea-libtard

            Technology is here to stay. I submit if you are afraid of your thermostat and energy saving appliances, you should get some solar panels for power, firewood for heat, and do your dishes by hand. Oh wait, you can’t use solar panels, those are too technical. Either way, the government is on to you, watch out!

          • sea-libtard

            I apologize for my comments, I was being an ass. I totally understand where you are coming from, but sometimes technology is technology. I am an advocate of technology. I love having a car that doesn’t overheat going over a hill, tires that don’t pop when hitting a pothole, a device the size of a credit card that holds 5000 songs. I recycle, not because I am some hippy greeny, but because I hate waste. I invested in LED light bulbs, not because the gov’t, but because they use 1/32 the power of an incandescent bulb with the same brightness and color. They are expensive, but worth it in the long run. (I’m talking LEDs, not compact fluorescents, which are the tool of the devil). I also understand our republic is all but dead and in the hands of the big banks. But I don’t have time to go into the stock market, the federal reserve, and outright theft of people’s savings. cheers.

    • Chris D

      I am keeping 3 of the old turn style ones on hand. I suggest people buy up these before they are gone. remember the light bulb!!! they banned those, so now they will go after your furnace. fight back with old school!

  • landofaahs

    This was all reported over 6 months ago by Alex Jones. You know Alex Glenn; he’s the one you said was a nutcase.

  • Anonymous

    If you are ever forced to live somewhere that has one of these thermostats and you feel like you’re freezing to death. All you have to do is set an ice cube tray on top of this “smart” thermostat. If Google tells the thermostat to maintain your house at 65 degrees, the ice cube tray will make the thermostat think its much colder than that–maybe 55 degrees–and will run your furnace full blast until the smart thermostat thinks it’s 65 again. You’ll have to play around with how many ice cubes to put in the tray and how far above the thermostat to put it. You don’t want the thermostat thinking its only 64 degrees when the rest of your house gets up to 85. That thermostat set at 65 could make you uncomfortably hot.

  • Fat Lip

    | | | No. of man
    Get It

  • Carol Stone King

    Discussing this on Fox News right now.

  • Anonymous

    Like they are really going to worry about ethics and morality, give me a break. Those who really care about ethics and morality are those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Like it or not that’s just the way it is. I didn’t post this comment to incense anyone but to enlighten and awaken those who don’t believe

  • Chris D

    Ive been warned by a friend at West Penn Power or First Energy in western PA, that we will have those smart meters some day. Hey, I got a letter from the west penn power that I used more electric that my neighbors. I am sending the letter back with a note, yeah, I put up griswolds Christmas! I don’t care, I pay for the use, so go screw off.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, now THAT is creepy. I wonder if your neighbor got a letter stating that they have a GREEDY neighbor that used up more electricity than they did and suggested that they have a “conversation” with you about the concerns of global change, CO2 etc. The government is encouraging neighbors to rat out other neighbors. Reminds me of the early days of communism when children were encouraged by their teachers to spy on their parents.

  • Chris D

    Well remember they gave energy credits for insulation and windows????? gee that was the first step in getting the house warm, so they can turn your furnace down to 60. if mine is on 66. the rooms are freezing upstairs. I mean its like 62 up there. Im tired of this crap. we have tons of Natural gas in PA. They want to ship this to the east coast via pipeline. Ramp down our rates so the people can live. we could have mini gas powered turbines for our own electric power if they are worried about coal power plants. that’s their whole goal. EPA, EPA, EPA. they crunch the PPM of CO2 to like below 0 and force the company to comply. the light bulbs were free, switch over now!!!! why, because they were told to do it. banned the regular bulb now. I know it makes sense with bulbs, but now I have to pay out 45 bucks for recessed 6″ bulbs. they made me pay more and more and they save. jag-offs!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This all looks like a way to allow the controllers to THINK they’re controlling us when they aren’t.

    All one has to do is put an ice cube tray on top of one of their thermostats. If they want it 65 degrees in our house and we want it to be 70, the thermostat will think a 68 degree room is only 60 degrees and it will turn on the heat until the area under the ice cube tray is 65.

    Could do the same thing with a peltier device and a 6v power supply.

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