The scary implications of Google’s relationship with the military

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Well, what a surprise, Lone Survivor was the number one movie at the box office this weekend. It wasn’t even close, opening with $38.5 million. It was the second biggest January opening ever, and the box office victory exceeded industry expectations. Now, I am shocked that Hollywood wouldn’t see the success of this film coming. They expected $14 million at the box office.

I am shocked that a story about real people in our military who display unparalleled bravery, loyalty, honor, and sacrifice has been largely overlooked by the Hollywood crowd. I am shocked that an industry that feasts on America’s darkest, dirtiest temptations didn’t see this movie coming, didn’t see that audiences are starving for something decent.

This movie is not a success because it’s an action-packed thriller with lots of gratuitous violence and nudity and sex like The Wolf of Wall Street or the next Spiderman. This is number one because despite the odds, some Navy SEALs never quit. Despite knowing what would happen to themselves if they let goat herders free, they chose not to become murderers.

This movie showed us exactly what the men and women in our military really are made of, and it is everything that we hope and dream them to be and quite honestly hope and dream we can be, brave, loyal, honorable, selfless. We want to know that in our own lives we can do that, when our own personal safety or security is threatened, that we would handle it with dignity, honor, and courage.

Marcus and his teammates did just that. I don’t know if you saw the movie this weekend. If you haven’t, you need to, but one detail that you may have overlooked in this movie, when Lieutenant Mike Murphy leaves his cover and ventures out into the open ground to call in air support, he’s getting shot up so badly. He knows he is going to die. He ends the call with “thank you.” We know this happened because Marcus Luttrell heard it happen. It’s in the movie. Watch for it.

That is the kind of men and women that we have raised up through our military; however, I don’t think I’m alone to say I’m a little concerned that the backbone and the system that has generated some of the best and the bravest human beings the planet has ever known in wartime is being torn apart. The very values that build strong character are being systematically dismantled at home and abroad, at home in our own homes but also in our military schools.

The values that brought us no soldier left behind is being replaced by the Benghazi model, which is leave them behind and shut up about it. The heritage of Christianity in the military is under attack. They took Christian ethics out, one of the first things this president did. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult now for soldiers to pray in public and share their faith with others.

Bibles are being banned from Walter Reed Medical Center. Excuse me, what? And some soldiers are being taught that they shouldn’t join Christian groups like the AFA, American Families Association, because they’re a hate group.

I want to make it very clear, I’m not suggesting that you have to be a Christian to be in the military, but what you do have to have is a moral set of standards, and for most people, those moral lines come from God. God gives us moral lines, natural rights, and natural laws that everyone can agree on. When your erase God or nature’s God and nature’s law, and you take them out of the picture, you erase our moral standards, and a society with no moral compass will not last.

Now, I want you to combine what you know about the dissolving of our ethical and moral structures with this new piece of information that came out this weekend. Google has increasingly positioned itself as a key contractor for the U.S. military. So now Google, do no evil, is now part of the industrial complex, working closely with the NSA now for at least six years that we know of, and now they are expanding their ties to the U.S. defense as they have purchased at least eight robotics companies that we know of with the sole purpose of supplying the U.S. military with these things.

Okay, robots that are humanoid, humanoid robots, that’s good. Did anybody see, did you guys see the Star Wars where Emperor Palpatine was like yes, just as I have foreseen? Oh, there they are. Look, the humanoid robots. A giant technology company ingratiating itself and engraining itself into the U.S. military, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that probably ends very well.

Have we seen the movies? Do you remember Terminator? There’s another one. See, he comes back, says where is John Connor? Yeah, I don’t believe in time travel, wish I did, but nobody’s going to come in from the future and say where is John Connor’s mother? If you’re John Connor’s mother, please teach him what the future is. It’s not good.

Eisenhower, I think this is the last speech that any president gave us that actually really truly told the truth. Here is a general who then became president, and in the 1950s, he warned us. He’s the man who came out and coined the phrase that you’re about to hear.

President Eisenhower: In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.


We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Glenn Oh, sorry, I lost him, something about alert. I’m all about using robots and machines and drones when we can. I’m more than happy to watch a drone get blown out of the sky over one of our pilots. I’m more than happy to see a robot blown up trying to defuse a bomb rather than one of our troops, but does anybody think we should be looking for the line?

The technology isn’t quite there yet, but it will be. We will have self driven tanks, self driven Jeeps, and full-sized humanoid robot soldiers sweeping cities all around the globe and rooting out “the enemy.” That doesn’t sound good. Let’s just start here on the least insane of the scenarios. Can we really expect robots to make split-second life-and-death decisions?

Oh, and then there’s this part, the information aspect of Google. They can track nearly 2 billion people worldwide. They’re tracking you. One billion people use Google search engines, maps, YouTube. Half a billion use Gmail. Their potential for intelligence gathering is limitless and should be breathtaking. They recognize that. The military recognizes that. When will America recognize that?

When Google went down a few months ago, 40% of the world’s Internet traffic was halted, 40% all around the globe because of one company. Where were the calls that that company is out of control and too big? I remember the calls for the Bell system to be broken apart. They weren’t mapping our brains and our DNA.

I don’t know about you, but I love the robot thing. I love the diffusing bombs. I love the drones, kind of. But I like the fact that we’re taking troops out of harm’s way, but down the road seems a little frightening. It’s far more insidious than an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. There was another movie this weekend that is resembling reality. It’s called Her. It’s a romantic comedy about a guy who falls in love with a girl, except the girl isn’t really a girl. It’s a computer program. It’s a computer with a female voice, basically like dating Siri on your iPhone, except she’s everywhere. Watch.

Yeah, except Theodore is a little spooky. He’s dating a chick that isn’t there. There is also a trilogy of books out. I started reading right after Christmas Divergent. I went to read Insurgent after, and now I’m on the third one. I don’t know, it’s Detergent or whatever. But it’s written by a 26-year-old girl. It’s brilliant. But I’m about halfway through now on book number three. Wait until you get to book number three. Hello, Google genome project.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and yet, morality and ethics are afterthoughts. We’re excited about discovery and advancement, you know? We’re in fact so excited that we don’t even take the time to discuss or debate the moral dilemmas and implications of new technology. Sure, we’re still in control of technology now, but does there come a time when we’re not? Who will be the one that says turn it off? When do things go wrong?

I don’t see anyone at Google or in the government or anyone at the forefront of technology boom that is contemplating the ethics and morality issues. Now that is a truly scary thought that doesn’t come in a movie.

We wanted to get a couple of people on today that are experts:

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  • Sam Fisher

    That is all we need robots that have no feelings.

    • Draxx

      Sam, we already have them running America…
      Progressives and Communist need people to become numb to Very Bad Situations, and they have been working hard and being rather successful Unfortunately for all of us in the World!!!

    • Anonymous

      Remember obama statement he wanted a youth army just as well arm as U.S Army and larger in size,maybe try to rush the bill pass so this army have no rules,regulations,laws when operating in U.S ,mostly young not knowing right from wrong or the constitution, won’t say no to orders !!! Since this attempt fail now he uniting googles,NSA,Military department,googles,Homeland security to create and program callous goons robitics drones to be police and soldiers to operate in U.S ,this be obama thug army of goons robotics drones ,that will be far worst than any German SS during World War Two !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Like they are really going to worry about ethics and morality, give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    QUESTION Where in the world is our U.S senators and U.S reps when goggles,NSA,military invade our privacy with no probably cause or warrants ???? They should pass a electronic device law when you turn off your phone it completely cut power circuit from phone or other devices ,that cut off connection to Wi-fi ,cell towers etc off is off ,same goes to your dish washer a switch to block connection to Wi-fi ,or communications though electrical hook-up be up to the owner if he wants to advertise to the world on ever little thing a person does in his own home ,U.S citizens should have this choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe make a physical throw switch for smart TV so it completely break the circuit to hidden camera in your samsung TV from spying into your home by government ,stalkers,hackers ,googles etc !!! If someone is watching you ever minute of your life ,then your setting yourself for judgement and punishment if you don’t live by their whims,eat per their whims,exercise per their whims, associate with people per their whims your letting googles and government turn you into to slave to their whims !!!! What next it won’t be force to house a goon soldiers in the near future you be force to have a goon robotic drone drill sergeant in ever home tell when to get up or order you when,to eat,exercise etc per the drone or else per the collective police state government of obama P.S You better be lockstep with obama policy and better not have different opinion or speak it

    • Anonymous

      Question instead obama and the progressives using the ovens like Nazi Germany to get rid of opposition and silence people. Our senators and Reps letting obama and government obtain this power in a stealth way to get rid of people who speak out and not lock step with the obama progressive policy !! The obama administration will make judgement and deem that your not worthy of treatment or place you on his blacklist for extreme ration medical care !! Just a way to get rid of you ,without raising a public alarm !! You could live and work enjoying another good 15 to 20 years if got treatment !! While someone in the same situation who in lockstep with obama and progressive will have full access to treatment with no restrictions !! Our president already show how goverment can misuse un-check power 1.) close down sound auto dealerships who were not lockstep with obama 2.) IRS for group approvals and giving out donors information to progressive Democrats party 3.) spying on people to silence them !! No one should give up their choice of medical care that concerns their life and death to government,bean counters, or to a group who might be in power who like to get rid of you !! Where is it the constitution that we put our lives at the mercy of others or to their whims if not in lockstep with them ??? We should decide our insurance,doctors,hospital, treatments ,plus for government to butt out !!!For obama stop in trying to take our cherish hard earn medical benefits for employers and unions we gave up pay raises and individuals plans that we like and are more affordable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The world is on the threshold of immense gain in know how and science in advance technology will mankind be the master of this technology or will mankind be a slave to this technology?? Will we have the widsom to use this new knowledge wisely ??? Will this new technology be for the few warp minds for the greed of control to make slaves of the many ??? Or will this new technology for the many to be the master of this technology and for freedom for the many???

    • Socialism: Organized Evil

      CS Lewis’s “The Abolition of Man” is well worth reading.

  • ken.

    how could anyone in government and the military be so stupid as to use the same technology and operating systems as the general public opening them up to be easily hacked? it had to be intentional to destroy our country. the same with our nations power grid, etc,…

  • Fat Lip

    Hell they let illegal Mexicans in our country and there all Mexicans to right
    Wake up they will do as they choose they do anyway

  • John Scott

    I don’t see many leaving Google or cancelling their accounts? Yea, I think many issues about Google and the NSA are in question. I myself don’t think I can trust Google. But we also have a President willing to use Executive orders to do what he wants. He makes a deal with Iran without congressional approval. I see more security people saying reduce your online foot print now. That is if you value your privacy.

  • fire lion

    Christianity ultimately lost the crusades. Christians nearly wiped out europe with their wars.

    Christians were conquered by Ghengis Khan. The only reason we dont speak mongol is because he died and his sons fought each other.

    Also christians have this commandment ” Thou shalt not kill” Oh but christians thought of a million ways around that. Where in the bible does it say its ok to ignore commandments because the federal government said so?

    People have been fighting wars long before christianity and even judaism was invented. And they fought with honor and fearlessness too.

    • Socialism: Organized Evil

      The commandment is that one shall not murder. War can be just, Thomas Aquinas articulated the theory of just war very clearly.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    If you need a daily reminder to “Do No Evil”, what does that say about your moral standards?

  • Anonymous

    Today obama press conference on NSA calling for a debate and congress to do something is it just a ruse cover he doing something to correct NSA faults ??? Because we all know obama and his cronies can circumvent any law congress pass, or obama selectly enforce laws on certain party when he wants and the time,or new secret excutive orders for the secret operations of NSA ???
    Question what does obama admisnstration deem criteriia for national security to invade a indiividual privacy ( someone stating opposing views to obama policy ????)

  • Anonymous

    Question is there a secret agreement among our allies you scratch my back I scratch your back ???? Now would our NSA ask a foreign intelligence service to spy on U.S citizens in the U.S to circumvent our laws and pass this information to overseas NSA operation then pass it over to U.S ??? Then we do the same for our allies for them to get around their laws ?????

  • Ocean Sprayz

    It’s important to remember that Obamacare is designed to deny health care to older, mostly conservative people.

  • Anonymous

    New scary hidden regulation in obama care is it to make sure your employers drop your health insurance you like ?? Then force you to fend for yourself which will force you into obama care at much highter cost and ration care !! Now the well pay executive can afford a gold plated individual care for themselves but not for every employee ,maybe they are good employers who would up grade your present health insurance to meet obama care criteria ,but cannot not afford cold plated plan for everyone so they pay the fine and you be force into obama single payer collective scam of obama at higher cost and less care ??????????????????

  • Guest

    Bibles aren’t banned at Walter Reed.

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