‘This is a horror show’: You won’t believe the condition of one NYC public school

A shocking new report does not reflect well on the New York City public school system. The New York Post is reporting PS 106, is allocated $2.9 million to serve a low-income population in Far Rockaway, Queens. 98% of the school’s student body is eligible for free lunch. And as a ‘Title 1 school,’ it receives additional federal funds.

But there’s one small problem, whistleblowers now claim the school is in complete and utter disrepair. The students have no math or reading and writing books to compliment the Common Core curriculum that has been implemented in New York. The school’s 234 students have no gym or art classes, and the library has been described as a “junk room.” The school nurse does not have an office equipped with a sink, refrigerator, or cot. And there are no substitute teachers. Instead, students in classrooms without teachers are reallocated amongst other classes.

To make matters worse, the Post reports a classroom that includes learning-disabled children doesn’t have the required special-ed co-teacher. Meanwhile, parents have said about 40 kindergartners are forced sit in dilapidated trailers that reek of “animal urine,” while rats and squirrels noisily scamper in the walls and ceiling.

The principle, Marcella Sills, who joined PS 106 nine years ago, rarely shows up to school despite her $128,207 per year salary.

Read the entire New York Post report HERE.

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“If the claims are true, it might be the worst school ever in America,” Glenn said. “Let me ask you a question: When will we, as a people decide: I don’t need to have my kid in your crappy school… I have a right to pull my kid out of your school. If I were a parent there, and I didn’t send my kid to that school, they would come and collect my kid, because they would say that I was being a bad parent. When do we have the right to stand up and say: Who does the state think they are?”

There are several disturbing layers to this story, but one involves a lack of parental input and concern. While the Post report of the story contains quotes from several frustrated parents, where are the other 200 plus parents whose children attend that school?

“Now, the problem here is, there are very few parents who care,” Glenn said. “There are very few parents sitting down at a meal with their kids saying ‘How was school today?’ ‘We have watched Fat Albert.’ ‘What do you mean?’”

That is not to say, however, the school boards and state/local governments that run the schools are not to blame. In fact, they bare the brunt of the responsibility. But as citizens, we bare the responsibility of fighting back against the crimes we see.

“This is a horror show,” Glenn said. “And people always talk about the greed of those people who aren’t willing to pay their fair share in taxes, the greed of companies, but nobody is willing to talk about the greed of the politician. Nobody is willing to talk about the greed of the government because the government is deemed by the press as benevolent. It’s not benevolent. It’s fire. Unless you treat it like fire, it will burn you. If you are alert and knowledgeable, you will be able to make sure that it remains in its rightful place.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I bet all those children voted for Obama in 2012 as well. Liberals + unions that can care less= this school.

    • Crassus

      I think you meant to say that their parents voted for Obama.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

        No I meant the children it would not be the first time liberals used people to vote who it is illegal for them to vote. Just ask the people that live six feet under ground in cemeteries.

        • Crassus

          Children walking into voting booths and pulling a lever just doesn’t happen. There are much smarter ways of vote fraud. Take it from someone who grew up in a county where voter fraud was rampant.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

            But the dead can get up an vote? You see there’s a thing called using other people’s names and lying about it.

          • Anonymous

            I think he may have meant that people were using the kids’ identities to vote. Identity theft among kids is rampant today.

    • SiRobertson

      These types contributed to the stealing of the 2012 election. Most honest people know that there was massive voter fraud that made it appear homobama won.

      That reminds me….why won’t any of these media Conservative leaders bring up the fact that obama is a homosexual and always has been?

  • Draxx

    First Progressives Obliterated Detroit and now they are working on NYC…
    It shouldn’t take long after the New Facist/Communist Mayor has a couple years to jack it up further!!!

    • Draxx

      Question – If after a couple more years of degredation in NYC and the People get upset and riot, how much Trade and how many Financial Institutions will be affected by workers not being able to make it to work (NYSE for example)? Plus, how will that affect the rest of America…?

  • Crassus

    Most of the parents could care less about the condition of the school. They see schools as a baby sitter to get their kids out of their hair during the day so they can drink, drug, and watch soap operas.

    • orisda42

      We out grew the need for compulsory school several years ago. Volunteer attendance would put pressure on the parents to help keep order in the classroom. Because they would still want free babysitting. If their child was sent home for disrupting, they would make sure they stopped disrupting.

      • Mike Nelson


        In the old days, the parents could spank, slap, ground, take privileges, or otherwise make the lives of disrespectful, shitty kids miserable at home.

        What are parents going to do now? Use harsh language? Make them stand in a corner? These have been determined in some municipalities as “cruel and unusual”… and the cops show up and tell parents, “It’s not the same world we grew up in.”

        So I tell you, true as high tide, I’m on your side in your evaluation, given a strong family and respect between parents and kids… but those kids are not the problem. So what exactly are parents of the type you describe going to do?

        Our culture itself is a monstrous parody of civilization, and our kids are a shade of what they could be due to PC politics and idiot laws that are enforced only because we adults are too scared to stand up and tell the gov’t to get the hell back into their own buildings and out of our lives.

        And men are no longer a part of family life at all, in most of these places… so I ask you… how are parents, cowed by the system, going to “make sure” their kids do anything?

        This is the breeding ground for the Revolution that is to come, and when it does, we’d damn well better be ready to make a brutal statement and act in a manner focused on self-preservation, because the kids are a pure reflection of the shit we’ve allowed them to be spoonfed in the interests of “safety” and “compassion”.

        We’re pretty screwed.

        • Anonymous

          Not only are parents barred from discipline, we as a society are. Just try saying a particular behavior is bad. You’ll be called judgemental/racist/bigot/phobic.

      • Anonymous

        Wanna bet? These parents would likely become a nuisance, too.

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree with Amren. When a school suspends a kid, they are sent home. The parent doesn’t care, so the kid either sits around playing video games or running feral in the street. How is that a punishment? You just let the kid cut school.

    • SiRobertson

      There are way too many black homes like the one portrayed in the movie, “Precious”.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Good GOD has no one learned unions plus pub schools or govt indoctrination centers are a HORROR

    • Anonymous

      Not when millions of $$$$ are involved. The saddest part about this system is that there will be NO failures upon graduation. This is the dumbing of America according to progressives. Next stop will be communism as witnessed ages ago.

  • Anonymous

    The leftist/democrat policies over the past several decades have completely ruined our schools. Despite spending vast sums of money on these kinds of bizarre “schools” we have zero to show for it, and the children are getting no education. This is criminal and those who abuse their positions and children this way belong in jail. Parents need to wake up, take responsibility for their children, and make these freaks accountable for their actions.

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine was an NYPD detective and at one point assigned to the school system. He caught a teacher at lunchtime in the act of buying drugs. She did not get fired, and instead was sent to what is called the “rubber room” where teachers go to hang out all day. They get paid, but aren’t allowed to teach. I am not sure if she eventually got canned after a couple of years or not. I just don’t recall the specifics for her situation, but this is the norm.

  • Anonymous

    She is a “principal”, not a “principle”. For heaven’s sake! Did the author of this article attend PS 106?. So sad. I hoped that the journalists for the Blaze would have better spelling, grammar and usage skills. Buy Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” (I can’t underline the title of the book in this format.). Please hire a copy editor. Please.

    • Anonymous

      Also, the line should read “…books to COMPLEMENT the Common Core curriculum…”, not COMPLIMENT. I doubt the books said, “You’re looking very nice today, Common Core.” I agree with you. If you’re going to critique an education system, don’t use poor grammar.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, GREAT to hear you! Just wanted to add, if I’m reading “the signs of the times” correctly(i.e., Deuteronomy 17:15 & the “forbidden foreigner”(Non-Anglo-Saxon) put over(under) US) with Revelation 11, WATCH: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2014! I’m just repeating what’s already been written a long, long, LONG time ago…Again Glenn, WATCH…

  • hmschoolmom

    Yet people want to question those who homeschool and think they are incapable of teaching their children. Surely home educators can provide a much better education and environment than those neglected students get. Where is all that money going? Oh yeah–to pay the stupid principal who goes AWOL. This is just sick on so many levels.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to follow the rest of the money. Somewhere there has to be an administrator pulling in a big fat salary as well. Tell us again, unions, why school vouchers were such a horrible idea, and how they are supposed to ‘hurt’ the poor kids?

      • SiRobertson

        The Unions don’t give a rat’s behind about the kids, only the money they ciphen off the dumb teachers who support them in order to launder money through the dems.

  • John Burleson

    Some–not all–communities demand the right to live as their cave man ancestors lived following the dictates of the society their ancestors fought and died trying to get out of. My solution is to let the animals live as they want and kill the ones who decide our stuff is theirs. That way we’ll accomplish two objectives at once: all the stupid ones will be fertilizer and all the less stupid ones will quickly figure out that if they want to live in this country, they will live by the same moral principles the rest of us live by. In closing I’d like to respond to those who will bleat “YOUZE A RACIAL” by gently reminding them that STOOPID AIN’T A RACE.

    John Burleson

    • Anonymous

      All the writes need to do is use the automatic spelling option, but I guess they’re too lazy to do so.

      • SiRobertson

        “All the writes”….what does that mean?

    • Denise B

      But is is. Race and IQ are one and the same thing. Average American African IQ is 80 points. Average African African IQ is 60-70 points. The Mestizo immigrants average an 80 point IQ as well. The general Rule of IQ is the Lighter the Brighter and the Darker the Dumber.

      I rarely comment on this site, as most of the Commenters are HOPELESS Conservatards. I know the demographics of this “school” without even looking them up.

      Becktards will never admit the glaring facts, though. It’s all about RACE.

      • SiRobertson

        This is the first time I’ve been on this site. You are right about everything you said. Anyone doing just a little research, not to mention observation, know that blacks have the lowest collective I.Q. of any race. Haitian blacks’ come in on average between 50-60.

        Blacks destroy everything they touch when they congregate anywhere and they are the reason for places like Detroit (it’s not just dem politics!), Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago and every other high crime city or country. There are other lib run cities that aren’t in the shape these black cities are because they have a low number of blacks.

        Whites’ average I.Q. is around 100, Asians about 105, hispanics about 90, blacks 85, retarded is 70. Each race has specific attributes both good and not so good, but the black race is the one with serious issues like low impulse control and others.

        I respect Glenn a lot and listen to him daily. One think that annoys the heck of me is that he pays homage to MLK ad nauseum, who was nothing a sorry degenerate commie.

        it’s very easy to find the info about that jerk and why the FBI was following him and bugging his conversations. As they did, they discovered what a lying, whoring POS he was, as well as his real communist agenda and connections. He was a reverend about like J Jackson, A Sharpton and Rev. Wright are.

        I was raised to see everyone as the same, but as I matured I realized that was a silly notion. I’m a race realist and it bugs me that rarely anyone in the national spotlight admits these truths. YES, there are some fine blacks with integrity and who honestly don’t act black like Allen West, Ben Carson and others. These fine people don’t lie about their race which is why they’re hated by most blacks.

        Ok, if I catch a bunch of verbal abuse now I won’t be surprised but no one can prove I’m not right. It sure isn’t white flash mobs, or whites playing the “knockout game” 99.99% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    NYers voted for the condition their condition is in. Let’s make sure they stay there.

    • SiRobertson

      Sadly, this is not unusual for the way blacks think, live and do business. Just like the black mobs, etc., that are terrorizing the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I respect you so much. Please lose the beard. really not cool

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It makes him look much more old and tired.


    These people who tolerate the conditions of the school are the VERY same voters who gave odumbass and his minions another 4 year (hopefully) term. Just so long as the freebies keep on coming. WAKE UP AMERICA!! Its only going to get worse. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy

  • Tim

    Glenn! please get a haircut and shave all of the fuzz off of your face!

  • Anonymous

    SOMEBODY knew that this school was in terrible condition so WHY didn’t they speak up–go take pictures and ask around–then go to an honest news source and RAT THEM OUT?!? SOMEBODY who had an ounce of sense didn’t come forward–WHY?? I know whistle blowers get the shaft most of the time but come on!
    With cops beating a homeless man to death and getting away with it–it won’t be too long before we’ll all climb back into the trees whence we came and some need to start the climb as they are as useless as apes (no disrespect to the apes intended)!

    • Anonymous

      An ‘honest’ news source? You’re kidding, right?

    • SiRobertson

      Would you go into that neighborhood without a tank and heavy artillary?

  • Denise B
    • Anonymous

      Man, she looks like a street walker with a hangover.

      • Denise B

        And that’s a pretty accurate summation.

    • SiRobertson

      How typical of a black woman…reminds me of Sheila J Lee, Maxine Waters and their ilk. They’re the type that drive Escalades and live in shacks, wear fur coats and don’t bathe. MaInly, they’re all crooks. Yuck!

  • Jenn

    very sad….

  • landofaahs

    Every failed school has one thing in common; Demo RATS. Told ya so.

    • Denise B

      No. That’s not the real reason.

      • SiRobertson

        Yeah, it IS the real reason. The NEA union is mostly dems, too.

  • ken.

    being that the school is just a communist indoctrination center and not an education center does it really matter? maybe the students are better off being encouraged that school is extremely dangerous and a health hazard and dropping out is in their best interest.

  • Anonymous

    Gammon’s Law; the more money bureaucrats throw at the project the productivity will fall proportionately, according to Friedman and witnesses to socialism/communism.

  • Fat Lip

    Hey HEy HEY is just AMERICA

  • John Galt

    Don’t forget that these kids are required to take state proficiency tests at the end of the school year. You can be guaranteed that the scores are well below passing, but they get passed through nonetheless, all in order to receive federal funding from the board of ed. It’s one huge scandal of corruption.

  • Defend Liberty

    The worth of our skills in a free country depends upon our ability to make our talents known to those who can best make use of them.

    • John Burleson


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