Meet the Arkansas mom who is fighting back against Common Core

After exposing the horror show that is PS 106 in Far Rockaway, Queens yesterday, Glenn continued the education theme on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program. We are beginning to see the effects of the progressivism in our school system, and the Common Core standards are just another iteration of that encroachment.

But there is hope. Concerned parents and legislators around the country are beginning to fight back, speaking up at school board meetings and, in some cases, drawing media attention to problems with Common Core. Glenn was joined by Arkansas mom Karen Lamoreoux to discuss her very persistent and dedicated fight against the Common Core standards.

While many people are willing to talk about the problems, Karen offered solutions. And much like Glenn always advocated, defeating Common Core will require parents, educators, and legislators to do their homework and understand the intricacies of the standards.

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  • Billy Beefcaked

    Can we just say what it is and stop tippy toe around it….COMMUNISM!

    • Reddlegg99

      Exactly how is this communism? The idea behind this bipartisan Governor Association and educators led movement is to establish constuincy in education standards. That all students are adequately prepared for college or the work force. This isn’t communism but a great idea for a capitalist driven country. Educate the workforce is makes good business sense. However, as I stated this is a good idea and most of us have had run ins with the “good idea fairy”. Communism, capitalism, progressivism one size fits all concepts are good ideas but they never seem to work as that fairy had in mind especially when the government is involved.

      • Dathan A. Paterno

        I’m sorry, but the Governors Association is not a group of state governors. It is a trade organization–bureaucrats. They get their money from the federal government. Common Core might be a good thing, but it is absolutely NOT and never has been state led.

        • Wenddie Mikulcik

          Common core isn’t a good thing, every kid is not at the same level at the same time. Did NCLB work? No why would this? Common core is only letting the gov decide what is important to teach our children. Have you seen any of the crap material that is common core? Do your research it isn’t good.

          • Dave Wukusick

            I agree. And they are teaching elements of history incorrectly. One instance I remember well: The history teacher told my son’s class that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a defensive move by Japan. That we had openly been aggressive towards them. I do not know who is writing the material that they teach, but a lot of it is incorrect. My son took her a book on Pearl Harbor and WW2 to show her the correct version and we were called in for a meeting with her. My son is a history buff and can not stand to be in classes anymore, due to the fact that most of what they are teaching is wrong, misinformation..

          • Penny McElroy

            Is he in a K-12 curriculum, American History B (United States after 1920)? If so, my son is in the same class. The author of the book is Joy Hakim–a political science “expert”. My second oldest daughter is a History Major, and wants to teach K-12. Joy Hakim is a joke with the Historical Professors on most college campuses. She tried to tell about FDR’s reasons for the things he did, which is not what we were taught in American History about 40 years ago.

          • Dave Wukusick

            yes he was… He is a Senior now. Now he has to correct his sociology teacher when she gives out statistics. Apparently she makes up the #’s she presents in class to give a skewed liberal perspective. So now, he comes home and researches what she tells them and has corrected her 4 times in the last 2 weeks. AMAZING.

          • Anonymous

            “CC” is simply another tax payer funded payback to those in the education industry, who wish to get in on the gravy train that is this administration. Those who helped create “CC” now get hired by the testing companies who will grade students performance on “CC” tests. It’s another Progressive scam that is rotten to it’s “core,” and sold by the now standard mantra: “It’s for the children…” Many good people, (SHEEPLE,) are all for spending “free” money on all those great do-good programs that should have made every 1960’s child a billionaire and a genius by now! What happened?

            We fail to realize the obvious. There is no one program that fits each child in education. There is no one method that fits each classroom. Why? Children are (God forbid) DIFFERENT and unique. Some children are visual learners. Some learn better by hands on teaching. Some children are too concerned with Mama being on Crack, and gone from home. (There is NO Daddy). Can these different children, from different backgrounds and situations, all be expected to perform the same? Not on your life. The changing teaching and testing standards are targeted to lower the bar by giving credit to subjective answers, rather than to demonstrate subject mastery. Dumb down the masses, and indoctrinate every child to be a useful idiot, serving the empire. Make money off the taxpayers, while it lasts. Meanwhile, the chosen elite will rule for the “good of all,” and laugh at the peasants who bought this bill of goods.

        • Anonymous

          And it is not a good thing.

        • KCaprioni

          Exactly, if I remember right the testing companies are the ones who did a lot of the research etc along with some others.

      • Ma Donna Klendworth

        Does CC really better prepare our kids for college? Or is it just a dumbing down of the gifted student to the level of the less gifted, and eventually lowering the college requirements so the less gifted can get to college (sort of a radical redistribution of education) -just my idea. The other complaint: CC is a “purchased” (by Bill Gates Foundation) system. Our states took $ bribes to implement CC. And now will have to spend additional millions to totally implement this atrocity to be in compliance /c the computers, etc. It will break the state’s coffers. Is THAT the plan, to break states, so Federal Government can then totally run our education, just like Obamacare????? That is my radical view, but is daily coming true. (He, Obama, says he has a pen and he has a phone, and will issue more executive orders if Congress doesn’t act. DICTATOR!

        • Jenny Rodriguez

          That’s the plan! Control the children, control the future.

      • Aaron Elliott

        CC has absolutely nothing to do with “adequately preparing kids for college”. Do some research and don’t just believe the BS shovelled at you people.

        • lisa

          Actually you are the one who needs to do the research. Let me assist you with the following link: Find out the your frustration stems from curriculum that suggests that it meets Common Core Standards however the curriculum and the standards are not one and the same.

          • Aaron Elliott

            Actually I have been on that site and read it extensively. My issues stems from your point. The curriculum fails the standards miserably. Although the standards are grandiose in their presentation and ideals, they do not carry through to the curriculum. I also take issue with how the CCSSO is put together and who it incorporates and who it doesn’t. It is a federal government style takeover of education. A “nationalizing” if you will of our education system, which kicks out any say of my children’s education on the local level. This is not a “state lead effort” as is stated on, which is why some states did not join and many are now pushing to leave.

          • Aaron Elliott

            You are making my point and still missing the point. I have been all through that website. Curriculum and standards are connected. One drives the other.

        • Aaron Elliott

          Look at who the CCSSO (People who came up with Commom Core} partners are….Pearson, Scantron, Microsoft, Blackboard, McGraw-Hill……all companies who will profit greatly by the curriculum and money pushed back to them. Oh and for the record I know no teacher or parent or anyone locally who was involved in the planning, creating or any other part of CC, so no this is not true as the website states. Look deeply at this, it is not what it is advertised to be. If we want to fix education, lets start by teaching real facts to our kids, not re-written history, and liberalized propaganda, holding teachers accountable, to actually teach all the kids in their classes, as well as students, i.e. no passing them on even when they fail. How about kids going to school as long as we used to without early out days and teacher prep days, and then have teachers accessibly to students, not running for the door as soon as the bell rings. And I don’t mean to impugn all teachers, but I have seen plenty who are like this. And we need a lot of parents to wake up and care more and get involved with their kids education as well.


        Communism and progressivism along with Marxism and big government has never EVER worked in all of history.

        • Jonathon Howton

          Not that I would support them, but the Nazis did keep the trains running on time. Big government only works when it can literally control every aspect of the citizens’ lives. The question eventually comes down to “which system do you prefer: voluntary choices and contracts entered into and carried out in the name of self-interest, or force?”.

          Government, in any capacity, derives its power from the latter.

      • M.Emmett Townsend

        um…. the Governors did not approve it so not bi partisan and not governors…

        • KCaprioni

          The only thing a few governors had a part in is the idea of standardizing education so that if a child moved to another state they wouldn’t be behind because every school would be teaching the same thing.

      • M.Emmett Townsend

        see “I’m sorry, but the Governors Association is not a group of state governors. It is a trade organization–bureaucrats. They get their money from the federal government. Common Core might be a good thing, but it is absolutely NOT and never has been state led.”

      • KCaprioni

        Last semester I did a paper on CC. Fact: if you don’t go with the program your state will be denied money etc yet they don’t tell you that. This is suppose to get kids ready for college/workforce, it is also suppose to raise the graduation rate. Reality is that kids will be so bored and frustrated that the drop out rate will be on the rise. The great authors of our times will be no more in the classroom instead they will read what the GOVERNMENT tells them to read. They will have testing given by at least two companies who just so happen to also produce the school books and programs. I have done two math classes put forth by one of these companies, Pierson Vue. Yes I did pass them and why because I was given endless chances to get the answers right and could redo most everything until I got 100%. Did I learn anything? I learned only how to get an A in the class but not much else and I only took it last semester. There is so much information out there about CC but you have to look for it. Please take the time and read about it. I am very sad that we are falling so far behind other countries in the education of our children but CC is not the solution in fact it is the opposite.

      • Anonymous

        I’m having trouble understanding your post. Are you the “One Child left behind?”

    • Mike Nelson

      I don’t think it’s communism… I think it’s a preparation for and endorsement of despotism, or at least, a further solidification of oligarchy.

      The institutions to which these kids are going to be further educated are all shills for the power of politics, and our politics are sliding to the esoteric and unapproachable.

      The only difference between what we are now (when it’s already hard to keep up with mere law, let alone legislative changes) and what “leaders” and politicians and business elites want, is our participation level. Preparing the youth to fill a role is only Another Brick in the Wall, as Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) might sing.

      • Anonymous

        Y’all might wanna read the book “Agenda 21″ which the U.N. ,Hillary Clinton & “Pinocchio” ..the ‘puppets’ of the puppet master, George Soros & his billions are utilizing to create a ‘one world government’..Remember the “Star Trek” series segment featuring the
        “Cyborgs”’s similarities abound in Common Core..Plus while reading it you may have ‘flash backs’ of Rod Sterlings ‘Twilight Zone” or the “Outer Limits” series..I did !!

        • Mike Nelson

          Bought it in the first week it was out, read it in about 5 days. It is an excellent read.

          In fact, I thought about referencing it as I was writing the above post.

          Astutely observed, AA1.

    • Anonymous

      It’s closer to fascism, which by definition is corporate nationalism: push national standards and let corporations run the testing and publish the books and write the laws. That’s fascism.

      And perhaps it’s Stalism, but it’s not communism.


  • Anonymous

    In the early 1970’s It came to a teacher’s attention that a fifth grader was reading books outside his “level”. This fifth-grader was called out in front of his classmates and publicly chastised for doing so.

    IPI (Individually Prescribed Instruction) look it up.

    Perceptions of “school” and “education” were never quite the same after that.

    Common Core: “If we get it wrong, everyone will be equally wrong until a fix is approved for distribution. Until then, everyone must remain equally wrong.”

    • Dave Wukusick

      And the quality of our students have gone down ever since then. No wonder we are so far behind the rest of the world. But at least we have sex education in 2nd grade!!!(sic)

    • Jenny Rodriguez

      Tonybigs, I was in elementary in the 70’s and if a student was at a higher level, they were placed at a higher level, oh gosh, but then again I did go to a private school that actually educated the students.

      • Anonymous

        I went to public school. Nothing in place (at the time) for advanced students. However when there was an (infrequent) PTA meeting with the parents (Spaghetti dinner!) the purpose was to ask parents to write local officials and state government to request a raise for teachers.

      • Catherine Maio

        Yes, same here. I was always an advanced reader. It was encouraged and if you could read at a higher level you did the higher level work. And yes, I also went to public school.

  • Nanette Jones

    I’m trying to find the “Park Agreement” she spoke of. If anyone else finds the link to that please post it here for the rest of us. Thanks much.

    • CH

      It’s PARCC. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. It is a testing consortium to implement standardized test aligned with common core. Common core standards are one thing, but when you add PARCC testing, it’s a whole new ballgame. PARCC is the standardized testing that will be given to our kids that will force teachers who are in local control school districts to teach full common core. It is my belief that PARCC is the key to controlling/getting rid of CC. We have to get our states that are involved in PARCC to pull out.

    • Anonymous

      Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College (PARCC)

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    How is it a great idea for kids to not know basic math? How is it a great idea for kids to not learn how to write in cursive? How are they supposed to sign there names, or do we just go back to make your mark? Who will teach math in the future, because nobody will know how to multiply so they won’t be able to learn higher math, you see how it snowballs?

    • Anonymous

      And how will America ever play catch-up to the rest of the world who do insist their students have a good education, this is liberal dumbing down at its finest, and it brings out the worst in our children..but yet, they are rewarded with trophies… which become a reassuring reminder, that they’re as good as everybody else, and that simply is no longer the truth. America is quickly being left behind in the dust, when it comes to our children’s education,

  • Ambie

    Policy implemented where nobody is accountable. Shameful.

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    Even though I am in TX, I still will not have my child in public school. Thank you Glen for continuing to focus on this issue. I was surprised about the “appointed” members in Arkansas, that is really alarming. Parents should be in control and we can’t back down. This is America and it’s future!

  • Jason Holzer

    I was in the education for 15 years. Common core is a good idea, but my question was, “What if a student is not at class level?” I was told give them the same work and supplemental reading to help them. Until they solve this problem, it will not work. I taught high school, if you can not read above the 6th grade how are you ready for college or the work force. If this is truly going to work student needs to be held back until he/she is at grade level. As I see it until there are consequences for students that effects the student, students will not take school or test seriously. It does not matter what program is in place. I think that common core standards are lower. They have changed the math and english standards to what I think are lower standards. More reading and discussion based, but the students do not have enough background on the information to make a logical or persuasive argument. If they want me to teach college readiness, then give me college ready freshman with background in math, science, history, and english.


      Taking away the teacher’s flexibility is a big problem with CC. If the student isn’t at class level the teachers still have to ‘press on’ or ‘press forward’. Not fair to that student. All children learn differently and at different levels. Kept back? Not if some remedial lessons can get him/her up to task.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry, I think they plan to water down, (dumb down) the curriculum to the point of the mindless reality shows. As I sat in on a 2 hour phone conference with concerned educators, I was appalled at the changes planned. Just think…when you eliminate American History, and cut American Literature 50%, replacing it with “Issues of the Day”, like Trayvon Martin classes, Global Warming (scam) seminars, Selling Obamacare to your parents…who can fail?

        Our precious children will now be in a government propaganda liberal indoctrination institution. Teachers with integrity will be outraged, while the lazy teachers will be elated….there will be little effort needed from teachers to implement THAT kind of curriculum!!! And best of all, teachers will no longer be worried about ‘accountability’.

        Don’t forget, there is a REQUIREMENT in COMMON CORE that your child MUST REGISTER TO VOTE BEFORE GRADUATION. This should tell you the political motive behind their tactics. They plan to thoroughly liberalize the masses…hopefully create a PERMANENT Democratic Majority. If I had a school age child, I would home school, or enroll in religious schools, or a well scrutinized private school, non-unionized staff.

        • Paul Adcock

          Too bad we can’t talk at home at use that register to vote thing against them. (But they are having kids monitored and being asked to spy on parents, or so I’ve heard.)

        • Catherine Maio

          Unfortunately more and more private and faith based schools are being required to teach to CC standards, Homeschoolers as well. The government clearly wants *everyone* participating.

          We should remember though, no matter what educational situation we have our children in (some can’t homeschool or afford private), that’s not the end all/be all. There is still the library, where we can expose our children to literally worlds of creativity and real education. What I’ve done with my son is to notice when he takes an interest in something, then I do everything I can to support him in that activity. I think he’s learned more on his own than the entire time he’s been in school. I’ve had problems with CC, but I look at it this way and have even expressed it to my son this way- CC is the minimum you have to learn according to the government. It’s frustrating and boring, bit you simply have to do your lessons. When they are done, you are free to spend as much time on another educational activity that interests you (for at least an hour but I never have to push him about it). That crappy homework is done in a flash and then I start to see my boy blossom while learning about things he likes and will contribute to his life in the future. CC is just another way to teach to a test so schools can get more money/supplies. As an aside, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having students register to vote before graduation. If they’ve really been indoctrinated, they are going to register with a party you don’t like or agree with anyway. If you teach them to be free thinkers they will register according to their ideals and morals. The schools can’t make the students register to any one party, so I don’t see the problem. Having the students already registered to vote when they get out of school just might encourage them to actually vote! If they wait, the chances of a typical HS graduate registering to vote and actually voting seem smaller to me, they might wait until they are older and miss out on the great right and privilege we have in this country. Too few people vote now as it is, we should be encouraging civics lessons at home (if they aren’t taught in school) and what your responsibilities are as a citizen, how to accurately research a political candidate, to always follow the money- it’s a good thing to be teaching the next generation.

    • Anonymous

      Jason, the standards ARE lower…see my posts. I am impressed with your concern about the students. I wish all teachers were this concerned..

    • Paul Adcock

      I was wondering, do you think their next move is to ban homeschooling like they do in Germany where kids can be taken by government workers if they don’t go to public school and as Obama sent back a family that came here for refuge (ironic considering that he’s willing to let in 9 million people that came here illegally and I think these people came here legally) and said that homeschooling was not a civil right. I fear that will be their next move.

      Too bad we can’t get enough states to pass a right to homeschool without having to be made to teach everything the government says.

  • Sam Fisher

    Their has to be away to fire bad teachers and you know the type I am talking about. It is the only way to clean up this mess and it would help if parents took the time in their kids lives.

    • Alrightalready

      Apparently, your English teacher needs fired! It is ” ‘there’ has to be a way”, not “their”, which is for possession, as in “their” shoes or “their” opinion. You got “their” right as in “their kids”, but “kids” should also show possession with an apostrophe after it, as ” ‘kids’ “. So, it should read, “their kids’ lives”. This goes hand in hand with this article. We really need quality curriculum and teachers back in our schools. You won’t find that in “Common Core” or with teachers’ unions! Thank you for the example. I’m SURE it was intentional! 😉

      • Jonathon Howton

        As much as I hope Mr. Fisher’s grammatical errors were intentional, I am concerned that Common Core will do much worse than simply validate the “it don’t matter” mindset that has become far too common among the “educated”.

    • KCaprioni

      Don’t blame the teachers they aren’t the ones who put this in motion they are only doing what they are told to do to keep their jobs.

    • Anonymous

      You cannot fire bad teachers, nor make them accountable for work merits. The Teachers Unions are one of the most militant political collective in America. In the Scott Walker debacle, they bad mouthed Conservative candidates, they marched in protest…leaving the schoolchildren without teachers. When Right to Work was being bandied about in states, they told students how bad the legislation was for the states. Professors, who are paid exceptionally well, use the University as an avenue to spread their political views.

      Some students (several that I know of personally,) were penalized for their conservative views. It is egregious that ANY political discussions should be allowed to be thrown upon our children. I know many parents, who have raised their children with morals, faith and love of country. They send their children to college, only to see them transform…coming home hating their parents and hating their country. Liberal indoctrination is dangerous.

      Teachers are paid very well for a 9 or 10 month job per year, with many ‘breaks and holidays in between. Have you ever added up the total days worked by the educators? If they are making 55K, with nearly 25K benefits, let alone their utopian pensions for life. In actuality, as they only work 3/4 of a year, those wages equal about 75K on an annual scale. They knew from the get-go it was a decent career for a 3/4 time job. The Unions have empowered them, and their allegiance is to their Union collective, NOT the students.

      • Sam Fisher

        Part of the thing that needs to be done is to take pwoer away from the unions.

      • Paul Adcock

        Too bad we can’t use the teachers on our side that have tenure to fight back. I mean, doesn’t tenure work both ways of making somebody hard to get rid of? Also, if we got enough of those with tenure to organize a strike, could the unions refuse to recognize it or can they strike without the approval of the union? Marx may have intended unions to destroy republicanism and capitalism, but can’t it be used to destroy socialism/communism and liberalism if we took over that group?

  • landofaahs

    Change the name from “Common Core” to “Common Whore” and say it’s a fluke.

  • Charles Summers

    Common core is bullshit and I don’t care if Obama use his executive orders his executive orders only effect the federal government they are not laws nor effect states and if they enforce them and enact them like laws then they are unconstitutional and against the law and then he is acting as a dictator and as our four fathers have said if a law or amendment to are unlawful or unconstitutional then they are mute and we should ignore them cuz they are unlawful and unconstitutional

  • Anonymous

    The curriculum that I had in 7th grade (in 60’s) was the same my son had in 9th grade in 90’s. Common Core will set your child back another 2 years from the 90’s.

    Our education system has become political…the UNION teachers and UNION professors have become militant and political, advancing their agenda on our children. The Unions prevent any of these educators to be accountable for their teaching. If you notice, our education system began its demise with the implementation the Unions in the Public Sector.. As in the IRS army, attempting to destroy any conservative voice, ye shall see the same in our school systems. Their goals are no longer educating our children, but to indocrinate them.

    The Common Core will finish the job. They have decided to phase out all American History, and American Literature will be cut 50%, to be replaced with “issues of the day”, like selling Obamacare to parents, Trayvon Martin courses, Global Warming courses. The curriculum after being analyzed by educator experts, is about 2 years behind a graduate of 2000, and 4 years behind graduates of the 50/60s. They will be very concerned with your private information, and CommonCore will be the ‘hub” containing your complete childs medical/parental/social/religious/political/criminal history.

    At a glance, the teachers will know if your parents vote Republican or donated to a conservative candidate. They will know your parents court history, anything that involved the law, your religion, etc etc. AND…the MOST frightening of all….CommonCore will REQUIRE your child to REGISTER TO VOTE before graduation. Do you all see now what the motive of our public schools have for our children? If we do not abolish Public Unions, and resume the citizens’ PRIVATE CONTROL of our children, our society will be lost.., the #reich#

  • Anonymous

    COMMON CORE has to go.Good to hear some legislators are fighting back.Need to do that.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that many of us who have done some research, do not want or need the Common Core Curriculum or the Department of Education.

  • Jamie Wishert

    You guys, it is Communism and it is about government control plain and simple. They have already gotten rid of history, that is the first step in communism. Have you guys read the text books, goto Amazon and buy them for 10 to 20 bucks and read them. It is scary stuff, not to mention that this whole plan was put together by a bunch of Chicago statisticians. Statisticians?? They are not educators. This takes competition out. My kid likes to get an A, that is what drives her. With out competition what will drive her? There is so much wrong with CC that no one even knows where to start. We need to make it go away. We made all of our schools in Fulton County GA, Carter Schools and now at least the Principals have the power to over ride parts of CC.

  • Dave Wukusick

    You know what else is wrong with CC. Literature… books that 20-30 years ago were classics are now racist… What did I miss something? I never cared to read between the lines when I read Steinbeck or Kerouac. I didn’t care about symbolism in Dickens or Twain or Poe. I just loved to read… but now they don’t read any of these..1984 or Fahrenheit 451 or even Animal Farm….where are they?

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that they want to rewrite history and have our children learn that history.

      “Don’t read those books you aren’t supposed to be reading.”

      Indeed. We might actually learn something — like not rewriting history.

  • vener8r

    Politics is one of the myriad things kids should learn about in school, not one of the things that govern their schools and the curriculum. It is bad enough that our schools are full of communist, socialist, and progressive teachers and professors tickling our kids naivety. All we need now is for the government to take over the system (moreso) to make it ALL better. To quote a much beloved American character of the late 20th century…….”NOT”. Yeah, I did it. I channeled Wayne Campbell. (Waynes World)

  • Ronald Christiopher Roman

    How or where can I find the park agreement she mentioned in this interview?

  • Ronald Christiopher Roman

    I feel like I am screaming about Soylent Green. “It’s not communism. It’s not communism. PARCC is a grant, its a grant.” PARCC is the vehicle moving common core through the States. The federal government is calling it a collaborative agreement, so the organizations that want this grant money don’t have to go though the red tape that is grant writing today. Therefore, all of the States that have adopted common core are willing to destroy our children’s future, for grant money. I guess it makes sense, because by excepting using the monies from this grant (I read the language used in 34 CFR 75.200(b)(4), and it is still a grant). They do not have to have the local districts raise money through property taxes, or raise state taxes. As Karen Lamoreoux said they are playing semantics. 34 CFR 75.200(b)(4) is the federal government’s way of getting around the red tap they have placed upon an organizations ability to get grant money. So back to my original point it is not communism. It is our States politicians looking to make quick buck from the federal government, so they do not get blamed for tax hikes in their States. Thank you Mr. Beck, and thank you Karen for giving me the information I need to help my children.

  • Maxi

    I am so glad my children are out of school. I can only pray that this has been terminated before my great grandchildren start school. And I shudder to think what will happen when the children educated under Common Core enter “the workforce.” Do we really want doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who can’t do the math well enough to prescribe or administer a correct dose of medicine? Or worse, voters who have been taught to accept whatever the politicians tell them?

  • Anonymous

    Well, if Common Core math, for example, is so good, then let’s make it a law that all legislators, public officials, school boards, et cetera, et cetera, USE Common Core math procedures in all their math work. If this is what we are producing the future “work force” to use, then let’s get started with EVERYBODY using it, right now !!! Gotta get all of us used to it, so they can move right in to college, and on in to the “workforce.”

    HINT: Ask your local school board the same math question she proposed on the video, then tell them they are doing it wrong, then show them how it is to be done, using Common Core methods. Tell them it is mandatory now that they use those methods now, from now on.

    Let’s make this a basic question to ask of our wanna-be legislators in this upcoming mid-term election. So we get laughed down. Then ask them — does this mean you are laughing down Common Core too? Might prove interesting and informative.

    And, as always, Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    If today’s liberals will callously murder the unborn, who won’t they attack?

  • Bill Tilghman

    The left thinks they can give something a catchy title, like Common Core, and the rubes will embrace it in their ignorance and laziness. They think that the common people will not question what is in the package, and if they are told it is either the wave of the future or it is good for the kids, that they will all accept the poisoning of their minds.

    We have to make it clear that this isn’t going to happen. Reject Common Core curriculum and the Agenda 21 initiative that will steal your freedom and the freedom of generations to come.

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