Brad Meltzer joined the radio program this morning to discuss his two new history books aimed at giving our children a chance to learn about some real American heroes. Brad, who a son and daughter of his own, is on mission to offer kids alternative role models to the athletes, celebrities, and reality stars who often have questionable morals and are rarely heroic. I am Abraham Lincoln and I am Amelia Earhart both share a common theme: We can all be heroes.

“I want to talk about a couple of things. You have two children’s books out: I am Abraham Lincoln and I am Amelia Earhart,” Glenn said. “They are kind of like cartoon books… so you could read them to your kid, and they get an early introduction to two great heroes.”

“Well, the books came about because I was tired of watching my kids look at reality TV show stars and loud mouth athletes and think that’s a hero. I tell my kids all the time: Being famous is very different than being a hero,” Brad explained. “I thought, I have so many better heroes for them… and so we did illustrated children’s books. You will see Lincoln free the slaves and see the things we know about them, but the most vital part of the book is when you see the characters when they are younger.”

What makes Brad’s books different than a traditional children’s history book is the fact that the Abraham Lincoln and Amelia Earhart appear in the book as children, and the stories told about their childhoods are true.

Brad tells the story of a young Lincoln, who happened to be a turtle lover, standing up to a group of boys who were torturing turtles by putting smoldering coals on their backs to make them run faster. In the Earhart book, Brad shares the story of how she built a roller coaster in backyard, and it was her first real experience with flying.

“When I tell my kids, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves… it is obviously a vital fact, but when you give them something like from when he’s young, history is fun again for those kids,” Brad said. “To me, that’s what’s wrong today. We have lost the definition of ‘hero’. The definition of hero is broken, and my goal here is to set it right and give kids heroes again because we need them.”

I am Amelia Earhart and I am Abraham Lincoln, they are available in book stores everywhere,” Glenn said. “Brad Meltzer, a true historian, a guy who gets it, a guy who understands we have to grab onto the culture and grab o to our own history. I urge you
buy the books for your children.”

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