“Socialism actually does work.”

That is probably not a statement you expected to see on this website, let alone hear Glenn say. But, on radio this morning, Glenn explained the very specific instance in which socialist and totalitarian principles actually work quite well. And, in this particular situation, socialism actually works in tandem with freedom.

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Socialism actually does work, and I do believe totalitarianism is the best form of government… in my home.

I’m willing to subsidize my children. They do live in a socialist household. I am willing to take care of then, even if they don’t work – up to a point. And when it comes to totalitarianism in my home, my wife and I will decide what our children eat. We will decide where they go to school. I will decide how much money they have access to. I will decide how much television time they have access to. I will decide when they get up and when they go to bed, what temperature the house is… I’m totally down with totalitarianism. I will decide when they leave the house. I will decide when they can date. I will decide when they need to be back. I will decide who they can play with. I will decide who they can’t. I will make their church decisions for them until they are old enough to live on their own.

That’s where totalitarianism ends. That’s where socialism ends because when they become adults, they are free to live their lives as they choose. We call that liberty.

Ask people: What is liberty? ‘Oh, it’s freedom.’ Not really. Not really… Liberty comes from doing the right things and then choosing how to live your life. You could have freedom to do anything… Freedom doesn’t last very long unless you understand responsibility too, and that’s why I have a totalitarian home. And it becomes less and less totalitarian as the kids become more and more responsible. I am trying to teach them to have liberty and freedom – a way for them to go out and make their own way, make their own choices.

The government is not the parent of my child. It is not the parent of me. Period. The government doesn’t have a right to tell me what to do. The government doesn’t have a right to tell my children what to do or how to do it. I will make those decisions and I will live with those consequences. I will make the decision, and I will live with the consequence. That’s liberty. Whether they are good or bad, I made the decision. I have a right to be free.

But, as more and more people are born to single parents, as more and more people are born to broken homes and to broken people, the government sees more and more opportunity. The government says it is an opportunity to become people’s parents because we have to be their parents. ‘It is about the children!’ No, it’s not. It is about totalitarianism. It gives the government a chance to control not just who’s born in poverty but to control everyone. You think they really want to help the children? More than enough money has been spent over the past 50 years to help the children… It doesn’t help the children. It causes dependency. It causes despondency. It causes poverty. The cycle continues.

Socialism, totalitarianism, I’m totally fine with that – in my own home. No place else. So God help me – or should I say – so God help us because we actually know the truth and we know the truth comes from nature itself and nature’s God. I’ll serve God. I’ll serve my family. I’ll serve my neighbors. But Washington, leave me alone.