Yesterday, TheBlaze’s faith editor Billy Hallowell published an original story about a young Arizona mother, Rebecca Rizzi, who had made the decision to abort her baby until an experience outside Planned Parenthood changed her mind. On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to an emotional Rebecca and Sherry Pierce of “Refuge in the Desert” ministry, who was the woman who ultimately helped her decide not to terminate her pregnancy.

Despite her qualms about abortion, early last year, Rebecca found herself five weeks pregnant and feeling as though she had no other options. She decided to make an appointment at a Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona last May to learn more about the procedure. She arrived at the clinic to find pro-life protestors standing outside.While she knew the protestors’ message about the sanctity of life was true, she chose to enter the clinic anyway.

Over the course of the next hour, as Rebecca anxiously waited for her appointment, doubt crept into her mind as she could hear the group spreading their message outside the building. Feeling as though she couldn’t go through with the abortion, she walked outside to take a break and that’s when she encountered Sherry, one of the protesters with the “Refuge in the Desert” ministry.

Rebecca explained to Glenn why Sherry and her group’s message resonated so deeply with her:

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As it turns out, Rebecca was pregnant with twins. And while she initially considered giving her babies up for adoption, she ultimately decided to raise the children on her own. She has kept in touch with Sherry throughout the remainder of her pregnancy and since the birth of her beautiful little girls, Olivia Grace and Kara Shea.

Olivia and Kara joined their mom and Sherry during the interview, as Glenn explained his family’s own experience with another courageous young mother:

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