What do the American people really think of Joe Biden? (HINT: It’s not good)

The Media Research Center released a funny – and potentially telling – video earlier this week in which Dan Joseph headed to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to ask ordinary people what they think of Vice President Joe Biden.

Check out what the MRC found in the clip below:

“Think of how amazing this is. The American people know who Joe Biden is. They are laughing at him without any help from the media at all [that] covers for him. They never make fun of him,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Remember, Dan Quayle makes one – and I don’t even know if you can call it mistake…. and he’s the dumbest guy on the planet for 20 years. [But] they haven’t done any of that stuff [with Biden], and the American people know. They know. I can’t wait. Please, Joe Biden, please run for president of the United States.”

When you consider Vice President Biden is considered a likely candidate in the 2016 Democratic primary, those responses are probably not ideal.

Just as the Republican National Committee is in the process of conducting a 2016 straw poll, the Wall Street Journal recently released a list of the potential Democratic candidates. Needless to say, both Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton make the list, but there are a few others on there as well.

“We have a list from the Wall Street Journal of potential democratic candidates,” Stu said. “Hillary Clinton, of course. Joe Biden. Then Martin O’Malley, Maryland governor. Then you have Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York. Duval Patrick, Mark Warner, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar.”

“[Biden] and Hillary Clinton – that’s going to be fascinating to watch,” Glenn concluded. “The Hillary Clinton knives that are going to come out… Her and George Soros, they have been busy.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    I watched the vice presidential debate. I saw a condescending snarky asshole.

    • Anonymous

      I too watched the vp debate and I was highly insulted by his hyena type laughter,, his lack of intelligent/informative answers, continual interruptions and blatant display of disrespect for everyone watching the debate. The first words I think of when I hear Joe Bidden is INSULTING!!!

      • Anonymous

        That is – “motive of operation” liberal style-101, if you notice whenever they do interviews, or are involved in debate, that ever-present gassy-grin is plastered from ear to ear.

        • Anonymous

          Most certainly!

          • Cynthia A. Barnett


            ●●●●● ●●● ●●●●● ●●●● ●●●●●●Clinton is a bag or worse than obama with her really progressive agenda. God help us if she gets elected. GET OUT AND VOTE.

    • Fat Lip

      I must agree with you there brother it makes me want to run out and shoot my shotgun in the air for absolutely no reason this guy is a turd and nothing more than that , Wait i’m wrong he is an old turd .
      Have a great Weekend : )

    • Pierre O’Toole

      That is the Joe Biden I’ll always remember.

  • Justone View

    Joe is a legend in his own mind. He is his own hero. The man he admires most is himself. He is right up there with Obama and Harry Reid. Poser and never saying anything they mean. Just moving their mouths to gain vote. TRUTH is nowhere to be found.

    • fez

      How do people like Biden keep getting re-elected? They have to have the press and lots and lots of money behind them. In Virginia, the newly elected governor had ten times the amount of money spent on his campaign than Ken Cuccinelli and therefore won…even if by a small margin. The people of Virginia really lost out on this past election.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Please liberals I beg you run Joe Biden in 2016. I dare you!

    • sreynolds

      Start demanding voter id requirements now!!!!!!!! call and email everyday, if we do NOT get voter id laws in place nationally the democrats will steal another one……

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

        We already have it in my State.

  • tins6

    The only jacket Joe Biden can fit in perfectly is straight.

  • Anonymous

    The idiot Biden STILL does not realize why he was chosen to be VP !

    • Anonymous

      …But we do, he’s the lead guy on Obama’s security detail, “If’n sumtin wuz ta happen to da prez, why I oughta”, yooz bumbalin wyze gyze.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, admission of ignorance… does anyone else not get the joke about doing an Obama impression with a (pretty weak) Irish accent?
    Is that a reference to something?

  • Omar

    Joe is that kid in high school that masturbated too much and lost his mind.

    • Anonymous

      Bad visual dude. Some things are just apparent and don’t need to be said lol.

    • Anonymous

      You really think Joe has the brains and coordination to figure out how to masturbate?

  • Glennfriend67

    What do I think of when I hear the name Joe Biden? Egotistical idiot who’s constantly high. I really hope they run him in ’16, too. If ever a man screamed to be made fun of, that man is Joe Biden.

  • Anonymous

    If ‘Slo Joe’ was to become President, just think what the rest of the world will think of us, the same as they do now, not much. Right now it’s Dumb and Dumber, then it would be Dumber and WTF.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Biden is a perfect example of a senator who has been sitting in Washington far too long. It seems that ALL those long-standing reps are just as good as Joe…..idiots all.

  • Anonymous

    Not good. He reminds me of a marionette …..a puppet.

  • Anonymous

    I think Old-Joe should be the next man to sit in Americas highest office, at least while we’re being lied to, ripped off, kicked in the teeth, thrown under the bus, we’ll get a daily laugh.

  • BlueMN
  • Anonymous

    Crazy Uncle Joe, need I say more???

  • Jim

    When he said “corrupt community”, my mind immediately told me “Gotham”.

  • Anonymous

    I believe Joe Biden is a token, in that respect makes obama look good. He is a big embarrassment to America. He is a joke and I really hope he runs for President then maybe our forerunner will win. Clinton is a bag or worse than obama with her really progressive agenda. God help us if she gets elected. GET OUT AND VOTE.

    • WM

      If the idea of a second term of Obama couldn’t get conservatives/republicans off their a sses to vote in the last election – AND the republican party is virtually indisguinshable from the democrats and we have lost our conservative principles – then what hope do you think we have in defeating Clinton in 2016? Plus, she’s got the media on her side. If Obama couldn’t lose with such an abysmal economy what chance do you think we really have?

      • russellmuscle1

        I know, the whole 2012 election is just amazing. Everybody was unhappy with Washington but virtually didn’t change a thing about it. The 2012 election was the biggest waist of an opportunity in US election history. Mitt Romney?? Come on, GOP, what the hell?

  • Anonymous

    When Hussein Obama was elected, the home ownership rate in the United States was 67.5 percent. Today, it is around 65.0 percent – the lowest in 18 years.Reference: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-21/33-shocking-facts-which-show-how-badly-economy-has-tanked-under-obama

    • Anonymous

      Can you imagin what it will be for our grandchildren? The hope of “The American Dream” will be nonexistant for them with this rising debt.

      • Anonymous

        We have seriously under-estimated the nature of this alien ideology known as liberalism. It is pure evil.

      • Anonymous

        Not much. The scraps are being fought over right now.

  • Anonymous

    they want Biden, cause they know he doesn’t have a chance which will make hillary a shoe-in. obama was right about one thing. this administration is becoming more transparent by the day

  • Zachary Wolfe

    All I can picture when I think of Joe Biden is actor John Heard’s portrayal of Vice President Matthews in the movie My Fellow Americans.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

      I have not thought about it to now but their is a striking similarity.

  • Scott Snoopy

    joe has one purpose make The White House occupant look intelligent. Between them it is possible they have the true intellect of a five yr old…of course TOTUS/VTOTUS saves them…

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    When I think of the VP, I think of a big goof who is always putting his foot in his mouth, and maybe that’s why those people can’t think of anything to say, they don’t let him out alone very often, and for good reason, he would spill the beans. But he is a good distraction when the heat gets to bad, because it always gets turned on him, for saying yet again something stupid. :)

  • Kristinb5

    The first thing that pops in my head: village idiot

  • Jeri107

    If you’ve ever seen Jeff Dunham’s “Walter”, you’ve seen Joe Biden. The similarities are amazing. Only difference is “Walter” has a higher IQ…..

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately most Americans are so agenda-driven, or don’t know enough to form a realistic opinion of how incompetent (at best) or willfully seditious this man is.

  • http://www.donaldappleby.com/ Donald Appleby

    Obama had to find someone that would make him (Obama) look good. Biden was the man.

  • Anonymous

    They think he is an American idiot,but he is American and not a chump like Obama.

  • russellmuscle1

    I always think of the mock debate on SNL when he said “he was old man strong”, LOL. That man is the village idiot.

  • Odin


  • Dan Heizinger


  • Connie Tonsgard

    Well, when Mister O got him at the very beginning when he was the president, he chose him to be the VP because Mister O heard Biden say that he would never get Mister O to be the VP if he got to be the president. He new that Biden was stupid enough that he would do whatever he said to do & that he could do whatever he wanted to do and get away with it.

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