Open letter to Gov. Cuomo: “Are we welcome in New York?”

Dear Gov. Cuomo:

In light of your comments this past Friday, in which you declared that those “…extremist conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay” have no place in the state of New York, we would humbly request a written explanation as to whether or not we are welcome to do business in this state. For many of our employees are pro-life and believe strongly in the Second Amendment. All of us will stand against any group being discriminated against.

But if we are not welcome, we will leave.

To give you some background on who we are and what we believe, Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze Inc. is a multimedia news, opinion and entertainment company, dedicated to delivering high-quality programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through our Mercury One non-profit organization, we have also raised and given away for emergency relief over $14 million since its inception.

We were the first responders to Coney Island during Superstorm Sandy, not the federal government and not the state government, but Mercury One. We are good neighbors. We employ approximately 200 people in the State of New York and well over 300 people nationally from Washington D.C. to Dallas, Texas.

Our television content is broadcast to millions of people across America, including to New Yorkers through Dish Network and Cablevision.

Our internet content is seen by over 24 million unique visitors a month across the world.

Our radio content is carried on 400 stations and heard by millions across the nation daily.

Under the leadership and vision of our executives, one of whom incidentally was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Huffington Post, our employees earn and are provided with the highest quality health care money can buy, regardless of its rapidly-increasing cost.

We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries, hard-workers, straight, gay, black, white, believers, non-believers, liberals and conservatives. More importantly than any one of these labels, we are decent and kind human beings, and upstanding, loyal and patriotic Americans.

We are principled in the content we provide, and we work under a simple ethos: We tell the stories of love and courage where the good guys win.

We will stand with those with whom we may often disagree, like GLAAD, when they defend Russian citizens against hetero-fascists who argue that gays should be thrown in the ovens.

We will stand with a Hispanic actress who is compelled to resign from a performance because she happens to endorse a conservative candidate and we will stand with an MSNBC host who makes a mistake in a segment on race.

We think it was wrong when President Franklin D. Roosevelt interned Japanese Americans, and when our government mistreated Native Americans, such as during the massacre at Wounded Knee. For Manifest Destiny is wrong now and it was wrong then.

Why do we take these positions that at times do not comport with your notion of “extreme conservatives?”

We do so because we don’t believe people are parties.

We don’t see things as left and right. We see things as right and wrong.

And we believe that the only moral position is to stand up to bullies and fascists of all kinds. We believe in equal rights for all and special privileges for none. We believe it’s our duty to dedicate our life and sacred honor to all American citizens, and every last one of us deserves and has a right, not from our government, but from our Creator, to be heard.

If the majority tramples on the rights of the minority we all lose.

And the most important minority is the individual – whether he or she be an “extreme conservative” or an “extreme progressive.”

The fundamental basis on which our country was built was on robust free speech. The very first right that the Founders of this nation enshrined in our Bill of Rights was freedom of speech because we created this country to escape the yoke of tyranny. When freedom of speech is chilled, we cannot openly express our ideas, and without competing ideas there can be only tyranny.

If a man cannot be free in his thoughts, can a man be free?

If a nation cannot tolerate all thoughts, can a nation be free? Is not our very strength as a country measured on its ability to tolerate and encourage all ideas?

Do we not all lose something when any one of us is excommunicated from society for our deep-seated opinions and beliefs?

So Gov. Cuomo, we must ask in light of your comments, would you build a tyranny here in New York? Would you stand against your constituents and blot them out into the darkness merely because you disagree with them, or because it serves you or your party politically? Would disenfranchised peoples have ever gained their freedoms in this country were it not for the right to free speech, and the pluralistic and truly diverse society that free speech facilitates?

Our organization creates jobs for hundreds of people in your state, and provides news, opinion, entertainment and a helping hand for millions of people across this country. Are our contributions, tax dollars, and genuine goodness as citizens not welcome here?

We respectfully request an answer on whether there are two classes of citizens.

But Gov. Cuomo, it’s not us that you should worry about, because as we have seen, every time this kind of speech is taken up by those in power, eventually history demands an answer.


Glenn Beck
Founder and President of Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze Inc.

  • Sam Fisher

    And I bet he get’s the response from him to get out seeing how liberals hate the idea of tolerance.

  • Anonymous

    It is getting more and more difficult to tolerate the party of ‘tolerance.’

    • Tim Carrithers

      “Of or pertaining to a centralized government, in which those in control, grant neither recognition nor tolerance to other parties of differing opinions.” – definition of Totalitarianism. Hmmm … what does that tell you?

    • landofaahs

      Perhaps we should take Andrew Cuomo at his word and maybe the red states will leave the corrupt marriage after the economic crash that is to come.

    • The Old Hippie

      “In order for a tolerant society to prosper and succeed, intolerant people must not be tolerated”. Heard that on a video somewhere and is the truest description of our society today ever written or spoken.

  • Anonymous

    If he was honest, he would answer: “Yes, Glenn, there are two classes of citizens. There is the political class, which deserves respect and consideration and money and power and all kinds of goodies, and there’s the rest of you who provide those things, who don’t deserve anything except to be milked for a lifetime and then disposed of.”

    If he was honest.

    • Karen Rose

      Great comment…And here is what the Word says….

      James 5

      New King James Version (NKJV)

      Rich Oppressors Will Be Judged

      5 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the LAST DAYS. 4 Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. 5 You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.

      Be Patient and Persevering

      7 Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. 8 You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

      • landofaahs

        The Federal Gubment and it’s corrupt politicians are the super-rich.


        You don’t need the “word” to see evil and remedial action . Logic would dictate the truth and how to deal with an evil fascist like Cuomo

  • Lynn Davis

    Beautifully written letter. Too bad only the choir will be reading it. We need to start mass demonstrations in DC and every Capital city. The reason this has not happened is because we conservatives are busy trying to take care of our own business, being at work every day and taking care of our families. How can our voices be heard? How can they impact a change?

    • Tim Carrithers

      Lynn, everybody can make a difference …. There is a way to make a difference and also impact a change at the same time. Write a letter or an email to your congressman/congresswoman, (most all of them have emails) and express your opinion. Sponsor or give donations to groups that will help voice your concerns!

      However, if you keep giving your reasons why you can’t do anything about it, you’re certainly not going to get around to asking yourself “How can I make difference?” and or doing something about it (i.e. like committing yourself or other resources) to make that change a real possibility rather than a passing thought.

      “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
      ~ Mahatma Gandhi

      • Lynn Davis

        Tim- I’m already writing my congresswoman and donating what I can.. My comments are written out of frustration and to spur others to action. There is strength in numbers, but more conservatives need to be making noise.

        • Glennfriend67

          Tim: my senators are Chucky Schumer and “Slicky” Kristy Gillibrand. Now you know where I live. I have written them letters till my fingers felt ready to fall off. You should see some of the condescending letters Chucky’s sent back! But I keep sending ’em. I hope to be remembered as a thorn in their side. I doubt it, though.

      • Julie Hoyer

        There are many things that individuals can do, but unlike the occupy movement we can not sit around and have mass protests for days much less months because we are too busy working and paying our taxes.

      • Jennifer Guthrie Packard

        what is most frustrating, is how ignorant sooooo many people are. and when you try to warn them and educate them about what’s really going on around them, they don’t want to hear it, they are content living in their bubbles of ignorance.

        • Cindy

          Jennifer, boy do I hear you when it comes to people NOT wanting to be “educated.” I notice it mainly in women but perhaps men are similar. Most the women friends I know (both close & just acquaintences) don’t want to talk or even know anything about what’s going on. They say it depresses them or some other lame excuse. I live in Missouri so we are often last to experience much of the repercussions caused by liberal policies. Until they begin to feel the effects, personally, from people like Coumo, they will remain with their heads hid down in the sand. It’s so frustrating!

    • Geo Carey

      Elections your vote counts , I am watching McCain an graham theses two losers how can they keep getting elected .

      • Julie Hoyer

        I would love to see more conservatives running for office. This last election we had a choice between a far left radical and a left leaning republican. The republican party needs to wake up and start getting real conservatives

        • Glennfriend67

          The Republican Party, for the most part, are Democrats in sheep’s clothing. The RINO’s should be given a choice-join the Dems, where they belong, or they’re SOL for a party affiliation. Then the Republican Party must go the way of the Whigs and we’ll create a TRUE second party- maybe the Constitutionalists, or something.

  • Brenda Lynn

    Well written sir!

  • Michael Labus

    The liberal talking points on Governor Christie, who I could care less about, call him a bully, Talk about “bullies”, Cuomo is trying to bully anyone who has a differing opinion to his to leave “his” state. Kudos on the letter, but he’ll never respond to it.

    • Tom Musso

      Well said!

    • Anonymous

      what did Hitler do? these liberals are wanna be Hitlers

  • Marvin E. Fox

    Glenn has penned a really relevant letter about Governor Cuomo’s presumed abdication of Constitutional law in New York. It captures the liberal’s hopes for supremacy over our Constitution, and our conservative demand for our Constitution to be the supreme law of our Republic. Constitutional liberty is not something one must deserve; Constitutional liberty is every American individual’s personal property.
    Marvin Fox

  • Crassus

    Pack your bags and move your entire operation to Texas, Glenn. It’s the only logical option.

    • Mike

      Well said by all. I will offer however that if you would choose to do so Glenn we would welcome you in Nebraska.

      • landofaahs

        Liberals are like those hotel bed bugs. They just keep following you like the parasites they are. Get out the spray.

    • Andrea Burrows

      Yep… Ya’ll are welcome in Texas (the friendly-to-business state, btw)!

      • Glennfriend67

        Maybe I should have a fund-raiser to help send ME to Texas. Thanks to the taxes here (and an accident that left me crippled) I am too poor to do it on my own. Texas seems to be the only safe place left to live and prosper.

        • Arthur

          A bus ticket is 99$ grey hound, next disability check you get pack up and move housing is muchos cheaper here…

          • Glennfriend67

            That’d be great, but with a spinal injury,I’d never survive a bus trip! My family and I are seriously discussing it. Texas seems like the only safe place to live now. For sure it’s the only place you won’t get kicked out ‘cos you support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Maybe we could declare Texas an independent country? At least, as long as we quarantine off Austin, and shove them into another state. Whee! Then you need to vote for the president.

          • Cindy

            I sympathize with you with being crippled due to spinal injury. I was healthy, very active, a jogger even-and 8 years ago when I was 50, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare & incurable blood cancer. It affects bones & did a number on my spinal column. While my cancer is in a very good partial remission, it did so much damage that my spinal cord has ‘atrophied’ and I am pretty much crippled plus other side effects that go along with spinal cord damage.

            So I must say…I empathize with you immensely. I look at things very differently now & have a whole new respect & consideration with others who have spinal cord issues that cause one to be crippled.

            You’re not alone, though I suspect you know that. Best wishes to you & yours.

          • Glennfriend67

            Cindy, I was the victim of a hit-and-run. I guess some punk kids thought it would be funny to scare me, but they went over the line. They were never caught and I live with all of my lumbar discs knocked out, along with slivers of spine that never grew back, If they did, they didn’t grow back in properly. It will have been 10 years since the accident,and I’ll be 47. That gives you a clue of how young I was when these careless,entitled brats ruined my life. I’ve since met other people with spinal damage, but it’s always good to hear from another. It reminds me that yes, others probably have terrible pain 24-7,just like me, but we soldier on. Hope you kick that cancer’s butt!

    • Rita Poole

      Glenn could also come to Iowa! Tho, He might want to wait til spring!

      • Anonymous

        Why would anyone wan to live outside the NYC, Chicago, LA, Boston, Detroit, DC Metro Areas ? Fly over country is boring

    • Robert

      As a resident Texan, let me assure you that Gov Perry’s words would be very similar to Gov Cuomo’s with the exception that they would be the exact opposite. The thought of a liberal political base in Texas terrifies the status quo.

      • Anonymous

        And it should. The places people are leaving are liberal strong holds. The problem is they bring those liberal voting practices with them then they have to look for another Texas. Beware Texans of the liberal influx. Mke them welcome and hopefully they will change their voting habits.

  • Jerry Furr

    Wouldn’t it be great if every conservative just packed up and left the state of New York? You would then see how quickly New York would turn into another Detroit.

    • Geo Carey

      what’s keeping you in NY, I left in 66.

      • Patrick Culeton

        Just finishing up school and trying to get more coin saved up… I’m one of these whacked out, crazy libertarians that believes in this insane idea that I should be self-sufficient when I put down roots somewhere new

        • Arthur

          Patrick, get your education done and come down to Texas where jobs are available and the people are still American. I left Seattle in 2004 after it was made apparent that socialist controlled the whole of the state even though they only win the vote in 1 city area. The whole state is held hostage by bad politicians bent on ruining the lives and freedom of the sheeple stuck there.

          • Anonymous

            Texas where the Governor says “We are Pro Business” ? I would rather a state be “Pro Worker” and not Pro Business

          • Rebecca Easterling

            No, you would rather a state be Pro-worker AND Pro-business. Not Pro-worker and anti-business. Because if it’s anti-business then it’s anti-worker by default because of it’s anti-business then the businesses go elsewhere and then there’s no more work for the workers. Conversely if it’s pro-business and anti-worker then you end up with overworked and underpaid workers and strikes and shutdowns. etc. There must be balance.

      • Anonymous

        I left in ’68, never looked back. Counseled fuzzy-headed cousins to get out for their kids’ health, but kept hearing “Nobody can make a good living outside New York.” where they made very good livings. When they, too, had finally had too much and fled the nest, they went from “making a very good living” to “making a killing!” Go figure.

    • Patrick Culeton

      Already happening Jerry. As soon as I am done with school I am out of here. I’m 33, and about 80-90 percent of people with any job skills or education in my age group are fleeing this state in a mass exodus

    • Bonnie Somer

      its going to be w/the marxist new mayor Hitler marx De Blasio

    • Prudent

      Yes if it be possible, but its not always possible for all , but since when does GODS children GIVE UP GROUND? What have we become? God the Father cannot USE COWARDS,and He won’t be using cowards in the end. period!!!

    • T funk

      It would make a huge statement.

    • Anonymous

      You dozen people would not be missed one bit

      • Paula Maricle

        There has to be one ( ass hole) in every discussion, and your it.

  • Anonymous

    Bet dimes to donuts that cuomo will not respond.

    • landofaahs

      He’s probably sharing a substance with Rodman.

  • Anonymous

    You must be the reason why he now says that he was misrepresented…

  • Guest

    Glenn. Florida would great you with open arms – ever been to Sarasota? You’d love it here!

  • aznative

    This governor is a traitor to our constitution and bill of rights. This man is no American.

  • Karl E Hubrath

    People and Glen Beck please let me ask. What are you for that matter all of us attempting to accomplish overall anyway? I know that my point of view is like all of the other points of views that are floating out there, however to me the truth is everyone here has a point of view that is only strengthened by Glen’s response, where as the real needs of this country does not appear to be even looked at or thought about. OK so does it not feel real good that Glenn really put this guy in his place? I guess now that he did this, the whole country is now safe and all of the problems have been dealt with properly, NOT. PEOPLE THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS, WE NEED TO GET ALONG AND COMPROMISE, MEET THE REAL NEEDS OF THIS COUNTRY, STOP BEING GREEDY, LAZY AND IRRESPONSIBLE; THAT GOES FOR RETIRED PEOPLE TOO!!!! LET US TALK ABOUT THAT OK? This guy is weird, let his comment be the foolish comment that it is, because when you pile on you look just as ridiculous, really, God bless.

    • lenox Constituent

      That’s the premise of his letter Karl. You talk about the needs of the country? Sure, a working economy. People paying their taxes and the Governments HANDS out of the tax money coming in. I believe Glenn is simply stating that if Cuomo wants the “extreme conservatives” out of his state, then what would be left are the conformist to a new tyrannical STATE. The whole reason we left the British to begin with. Yes, deal with the problems of our country…but remember, it starts at the STATE level! if Cuomo doesn’t want hard working conservatives, then he’s isolating and discriminating against a “public”, thus doing an inservice to HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS!! see…in order for us to be a WHOLE NATION, it takes the working class on a STATE level! the government doesn’t employ people, it’s small business like Glenns that employ people..and that’s a state to state, each constituent per state that pays The governments bills and the state and local communities bills. Compromise? On what? If it’s not good for the people…what’s the compromise? i won’t compromise on something that ultimately will end my means to provide a living for my family. Just saying…

      God Bless all of us and the USA.

    • Candy Johnson

      Please help me out Karl. Where’s the piling on? I believe that Glen delineated his positions as a conservative. And, he told us some of the things that he and his company are doing to help our fellow men. Where in his letter did you see “greedy, lazy,irresponsible”? I’m not seeing it. Could you clarify your post. Thank you.

      • Karl E Hubrath

        Candy and Lenox thank you for your reply, I know what you both are saying is true; I am fed up with this back and forth stuff that burns one or the other and really does nothing to solve anything. It appears to me that these conversations only strengthens one side against the other, really do we get the whole truth, just one side and it always ends with us and them. I do not think that if we argue what I have said the real needs and such, it is a win win thing you know? I have to admit I am like a person with one leg shorter than the other on that one all together but I do not like to argue for arguing sake, see? Sorry but that is what I see, God bless.

        • Scott Todd

          Thank you, Rodney King.

          • Karl E Hubrath

            Scott, you are to funny because Rodney King was never mentioned until you brought him up, Scott that is a very bad way to avoid something an is a perfect example of the laziest answer a person can give. Yes sir you are lazy, see? Just saying, God bless.

          • Scott Todd

            No, just using the old Rush Limbaugh tactic of illustrating absurdity by being absurd. You say “we need to get along” (sounding like Rodney King there!) “and compromise.” You think you’re so smart, then explain to me- how do people who believe in fiscal restraint “compromise” with those who practice fiscal profligacy? How do people who believe in a God-given right to self defense “compromise” with those who want to impose draconian gun bans? How do those of us who know limited government is the only way to avoid tyranny “compromise” with those who want government to do everything? YOU, sir, are the lazy one as you obviously never thought those things through! Insofar as we don’t have to hate each other over our differences, I think Glenn already embodies that, had you been listening to his show this morning (1/20), as do most of his listeners, myself included.

          • Karl E Hubrath

            Scott thanks for the reply, and I agree that this second comment took some thought as opposed to just being Rush’s little puppet, that comment was lame, sorry in advanced. I know that you know the definition of compromise and all and to tell this entire web site that you do not know how to compromise, well that stands for itself don’t you think? I would hope that this country can compromise with all of the things you have said by simply educating those around as opposed to bullying by not compromising. As Glenn was talking about today, compromise. I would feel that we all can have guns and still keep them out of the hands of those that would abuse them. Back to the subject though, that the word compromise is to understand where the other person is really coming from and although I totally agree with Glen, sometimes tact can play a key role in this. To first understand and show that you understand why this guy said what he said, verify it then educate him and others why it is a wrong way to be, or to say. Most importantly is if we speak the truth and the real needs of this country, nothing or anyone can argue that and will be forced to compromise, like you are, see? What is the real needs of this country, please? God bless again. <– My way of saying no hard feelings, OK?

          • Scott Todd

            Tact- now THAT we an agree on. Had you used that word to begin with I would have understood you off the bat. Compromise can be a good thing when it’s between parties of good will. Too often, I fear, we see it used by those who aren’t solely for the purposes of advancing an agenda. No hard feelings and thanks for the explanation.

        • Candy Johnson

          Bless ‘ya back my dear! I guess I don’t see it as arguing back and for, but trying to replace a misrepresentation of me and my position with what and who I really am…… Webster has a definition for words…..and there is really no question as to the definition of what the word “is…” It “is” or it “isn’t”. This is a genuine question of concern; when did we as a society get to this point where “Webster” became irrelevant? The Govenor of NY made several declaratory statements. By definition, his point was not in doubt. As his words took on Glen directly (though not by name) Glen wrote the open letter to state the positions that he and his company take and stand for, which are in direct opposition to those attributed to him…… Take good care my new friend (:

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see Gov. Cuomo’s open letter reply. Does he have the guts to publish one?

    > Bmoc66
    Spot on.

    And, don’t forget, Billary 2016 is in bed with Cuomo et. al. Want more “tolerance”? Vote Billary.

  • Jim

    He won’t reply and if he does he’ll double down. It’s standard lib practice. “Never apologize!” It’s why there’s a double standard in media. They know they can pressure people with principles for apologies, but libs?…they have no soul, so why should they care what they say?

  • Atticus Von Teufel Hunden

    Don’t be so nice to that asshat Glenn. My great grandfather 5x removed fought in the Continental Army on the Niagara Frontier. He was given the family farm in western N.Y. for his service and it’s been handed down ever since and probably my parents will be the last to own it because of the crushing taxes forced upon them. Between myself and my immediate relatives we have over 200 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps serving our nation and it’s ideals as well as the state of New York. We are both ashamed and sickened by the decline of New York into the hands of the progressive leftists from New York City that are taking our freedoms and our pride away. We’ll see you at the polls you insane communist rich privileged pandering fool. Molon Labe! Go tell the Spartans passer by, that we lie here true. Even unto the death of our Spartan way of life. We aren’t going no where. Come and take them.

    • landofaahs

      Hoka Hey.

    • Prudent

      Well said!

  • Mickey O’Brien

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response, his foot is already firmly inserted into his mouth. Thank you for articulating this so well. Though a conservative, I truly do love liberals. They think differently, see things differently, and they provide frequent reminders about social and economic matters that I might overlook. If we were a country run by conservatives who sought to silence liberals I would probably be a liberal. Because as you pointed out so poignantly, it isn’t about right and left, it is about right and wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and both the democrats and republicans claim that THEY are saying the truth. Both accuse the other with the same words, threats and mud-slinging. Neither one can fix what the other might have done wrong. You see, either side is just as bad as the other.

  • Tom Musso

    Thank you Glenn! Let him think about what he said and what impact it could have.

  • Ellen Vaughan

    Mr. Beck, I totally agree with you on every point. I am a previous “Democrat”, But I only use this to say that I was the kind of Democrat that President Kennedy was. I am a Conservative, Constitutionalist and I believe that this country is going so far away from what our founding fathers wanted that they would never recognize our government today. I will stand in any capital city along with all my other brothers and sisters to show support for our rights any day of the week. If you organize it I will be there. I am only 1 old lady here but I am sure there would be thousands if not millions that would also stand with me.

    • Lynn Davis

      I’ll be there, too, Ellen, standing right beside you (though in my own Capital city)!

  • Maryliziz

    He doesn’t mind collecting our NY state taxes though. All the pro-lifers should secede from down state NY and live in upstate to the west of I-81, wonder if he would mind being gov of a state of east NY. We’ll elect a conservative up here who is tolerant of life. Right?

    • John B

      How about all parts of New York that are west and north of Albany seceding and forming a state called Excelsior? Prince Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Commie-O can fight over who will take Albany and NYC into the crapper, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Glen, I’m so proud of your evolution to Libertarian beliefs and thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    That Song from the 1980’s comes to mind….
    Shine the Light…… O Shine the Light…….O Shine the Light

  • Sandra Sue Stitt

    Glenn, you hit a home run with this communication. The words echoed my convictions and principles. Thank you for standing up for me, my family, and a country I so dearly love. You are sincerely appreciated…

  • TREP


  • fire lion

    In your bible you are told by God to wage war on sorcerers and people who worship other gods.
    Why is this any different. Oh wait you ignore parts of the bible that are inconvenient for you.

    • Anonymous

      Please give us the chapter and verse and context for this claim. During wars, citizens are asked to attack the enemy.

      The New Testament takes a more peaceful approach to conflicts.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      So you’re saying the Bible is basically the same thing as the Qur’an? Wonder what the other Christians on here have to say.

      • Patriot oath keeper 21

        Jeff, evil men throughout history have used the word of God to their own evil ends. Don’t confuse the teaching of the Christian faith and the words of Christ with the rantings of evildoers using weakness of human spirit in God’s name to do evil deeds on their fellow man in God’s name. I don’t think that even yo could be so intellectually dishonest. But all the same…God even love’s you as well.

    • Patriot oath keeper 21

      It doesn’t say that. If you’d try reading it…you’d know that. And oh by the way…God still does love dogs and fool’s and it’s your Bible too.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a dirty little secret: 30% of the residents of NYC are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. NYC would be a GHOST TOWN if not for Illegal immigration. This is critical news and is probably true of Chicago and LA also … !!!!!!

    • Rob Wolgemuth

      Lol you have been so misinformed. I’m sorry to hear that.

      • Anonymous

        My data comes from the NY Post newspaper and deals only with the City of NY, not the State of NY. The illegal immigrant population in NYC is from diverse parts of the world: Asia, Slavic countries, Latin America, Africa, etc. Most of the children in NYC public schools are the children of illegal immigrants; without these children, more than 50% of the teachers in NYC would have to be fired.

  • Rob Wolgemuth

    Third line down he says “All of us will stand against any group ‘being discriminated against.'” I’m sure it’s an error on his part, but it would be hypocritical to claim otherwise. When have you ever stood up for Muslim-Americans, Glenn Beck? African-Americans? Latin-Americans? Or are you just referring to White Anglo Saxon Protestant minorities? Hypocrite.

    • » gØrgØn «

      Apparently you didn’t get past the third line?

  • Anonymous

    Governor Cuomo = Bully = Fascist = Statist.

    • Anonymous

      wanna be Hitler types

  • landofaahs

    I sure would like to see a New stock exchange open up in a Red rural state that could let us boycott NYC.

  • Tim Carrithers

    Glen, well written Letter!.

    I have the privilege and honor in saying that you, and others of your kind, are what an ideal American citizen should be or aspire to be. I also proudly consider you to be one of my true mentors.

    Oobi wan kenobi, please keep and heed the spirit of the message of Paul Revere alive for our times: Oneth by land and Two by Presidential decree (i.e. Executive Order).

    God Bless and save these United States of America!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of old movies like Meet John Doe a another old movie to play on 9-12 or to fill in a time slots on weekends ! The 1940 movie ( The Mortal Storm) with Jimmy Stewart. I urge for Glenn and his great staff & listeners to see this movie it will scare you of the encroaching evil of darkness ready to consume our great nation and a threat to all !!!! History is repeating itself our nation starting to resemble late 1930 in Nazi Germany ???? 1.) At our colleges speakers and professors cannot have a different view or opinon or speak them 2.) incited Union workers to acting like a mob of thugs going to people homes and closing statehouses 3.) Having leaders like our President obama and Governors leading our nation into division, race,religion,class warfare, just having different view and inciting hatred , to shun,treat others as 2nd class citizens with no respect ,incite violence against them ( knockout game against the old and Jews) ,they will look the other way like voting intimidation in Penn.,not to listen to others with different opinions, to silence them !!!!!!!! 4.) Occupy Wall Street promoting class warfare hatred . 5.) a captive press going along with this obama progressive fascists movement !!! I hope you can colorize these old movies so more young people will watch them or with your studio make new verisons !!! The left wing have dupe people to this way of thinking or condition to accept slanted views & numbness , and being turn callous with their slanted news and brain washing movies !! Maybe Glenn you can undo this with a couple of new movies and throw back this encroaching evil of darkness , Thanks for listening you all P.S and don’t forget to watch this movie , THE MORTAL STORM movie which may protrays where our nation is heading toward a police state ???!!! Thanks !!

  • mary siedschlag

    Well written letter, Glenn….I also will be anticipating their “politically correct” response. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s way past time we bother responding to these criminal dirt bag leftist-Communist in power. Time to do something is now. Isn’t it TIME to jack slap the public’s ears with some truths, those that care listen, those that care to side on the side of the conscientious conservationism, capitalism, or I’ll settle w/ moderate thinking people are welcome, the rest are societies enemies and must be destroyed or does someone else after a better solution that will work?

    As far as I’m concerned, those continuing to side with self center progressive murders of unborn/life and restriction of freedom can go straight to hell! WE are well into the majority in this country and if we weren’t so what, our cause is righteous and just. This is after all is our country. Screw the democrats/Leftist, socialist parasitic selfish sexual perverts. Notice that’s who the are, sexual misfits, admit it. They all have extreme issues with their identity and sexual orientation. Stop playing their game, they are NOT nominal human beings and i don’t care anymore what our so call leaders in the christian community have to say about that. They are part of the reason(s) we’re where we’re at in the country in the world.

    We owe those bastards like Gov. Cuomo and his group thinking A-Holes no explanation. They owe us explanation(s). Now, dam it! The truth, they need to disappear, not god loving peoples.

    Remember that one less liberal leftist progressive parasitic (aren’t they all?) criminal fool=s several freed tax payers-citizens…

    • Anonymous

      They seek not tolerance but blind acceptance for their ways. I don’t live in New York. I can’t imagine the indignation I’d have if my own governor said this. I like how you point out that the strange are playing themselves off as nominal. Societal norms are shifting significantly these days but there are still those of us who know the dangers of Leftist thinking. It’s not the people who you put in power that matter, its how much power you give them. A governor of a whole state is a bigot.

  • Liz Daugherty

    He is just a political who wants to rant and rave. He has failed in many ways to the citizens of NY State. We have allowed him to live here with his girlfriend and accepted her as a member of his family. He has assigned people to posts who should have been out of a job in a heartbeat (Commissioner Carron from the Dept. of Children and Family Services.) He forgets he works for us and we are the people that are liberal and conservatives… we are the taxpayers of the great State of NY. Thanks Glenn for speaking up!

  • Mary K. DeStefano

    Glenn, your letter says it all. Even equally as disturbing as Governor Cuomo’s comments, is the media that does not seem to have a problem with this.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that Andrew Cuomo…cancels this ass…We don’t need this nut!!!

    • Patriot oath keeper 21

      You make my above point. By “cancel” you probably mean “send to a resettlement camp”. As I said; you and your like would be holding the rifles (probably by the wrong end) and march us off for the boxcars and the showers. Let none of be lulled into thinking lefists are pansies and don’t murder those they disagree with! Don’t forget how many tens of millions were killed by left wing lunatics Stalinist/Leninists!

  • Anonymous

    This charlatan is making millions on the “fears” of conservatives….sad!!

    • Patriot oath keeper 21

      Charlatan? The entire ruling Democrat/Republican establishment are the true Charlatans. They and people like you will be the ones marching us off to the boxcars… .

      • Keg

        Stop the hyperbole. It is not very flattering.

  • Keg

    >Our internet content is seen by over 24 million unique visitors a month across the world.

    Watch out! Glenn is reaching .34% of the world!

  • Patriot oath keeper 21

    Once upon a time, there “was” a State where the “Leader” who was elected by a popular referendum of over 90% said, and I paraphrase: “you people and those who believe what you believe; need to leave our state…there’s no place for your kind here”. That “Leader” then suspended “those people’s” gun ownership, freedom of the press, and eventually their citizenship… even though many of them were patriots and had fought bravely for their state. Eventually, this “Leader” shipped them off to “resettlement camp’s” where they were easier to keep away from those who weren’t like them.

    That State was called Germany and that “Leader” was Adolf Hitler. And when he and others who sent people that they didn’t agree with politically and religiously out of the state to the east for resettlement…they murdered them by the millions.

    Can’t happen here you say? I’ll bet you there are a lot of people (who are now dead) that could never believe that a culture and society with so much art, music, science and philosophy could have done what it did.

    • Anonymous

      Ya your right it could happen here ,we have a lot of people brain dead only can think of freebies from government,American idiot or sports. follow obama leads like lemmings ,but he will never make the leap himself just say his minions done it on their own for his cover !!!!!! Example his IRS witch hunt on people who oppose his view or closing sound auto dealerships who made donations to the other party !!!

    • Keg

      You paraphrased the start of the holocaust. That is not how it happened. Also, the Germans went after ethnic groups first. Then Communist and Socialist. Keep up the fear mongering though.

  • Patrick Culeton

    I’m now hearing rumors up here (unfortunately, I live in upstate NY) that these liberal lunatics are now trying to push something through to tax people for leaving the state! Now that would be unconstitutional though, and we all know a Democrat would NEVER do anything unconstitutional, right?

    • Anonymous

      There actually was a bill. The gist of it was that former NY residents would still owe income tax to the state. Don’t think that it passed though.

  • ellievl

    Well done Glenn!

  • Mark McLaughlin

    RIGHT ON, SIR!!!

  • jack r. tolk

    I thought you had left NY in 2012???

  • Anonymous

    The governor ask the question who are you people who have different opinion than him and his group , then telling them where to live when your not a criminal !!! Now a question deserve a question in response !!! Who are you telliing U.S citizens where they can live ,what right do have to do this??? Are implying threats of misusing governors powers like obama and the IRS ??? You might be the governor I did not hear someone elected you as king were elected to be king of New York ??? What busiiness of yours where someone lives are you going stalk them with your government goons or Democrats goons squad ???? Maybe you will incite violence against people with different views that should not be allow in the state ??? will these acts be carry out on your verbal prompting ????

  • Anonymous

    This governor Cuomo using the tactics of a bully ,German SS ,lynch mob, because you have a different view for marriage per your religion or for your church he labels you your out right gay hater he know how you think nothing but BS bullying base on no facts !! People should ready for these bullies with a quick response I know how think about something,what your thinking,make you guilty of their imagination what you might do or planning !!! You should come back with a question do have million dollars in your pockets ??? And since your not walking around with a million dollars in your pockets your not a renoun mind reader to know how someone think about things or renoun psychic can see what someone will do in the future !!! All they’re doing spewning BS at your expense base on no facts !!!!

  • Beanlet

    Thank You Glenn. You have expressed it perfectly. On the one hand, it is very sad to look down the road and see the direction our country has taken. On the other hand, I know that God is in charge, so I won’t worry. I don’t expect to be visiting New York any time in the future. I’ll just take my chances here in… um… California. :)

  • Anonymous

    A great letter that deserves an answer…hmm…I wonder if the great and progressive Governor of New York will deem it beneath him to respond to the peon that is Glenn Beck and his millions of peon minions?

  • Mike

    I cant wait to get out of NY state the $2500 county tax bill is due next week.
    * IMPORTANT NOTE: If New York State financed its MEDICAID program like most states, the County property tax would go down by 64.32% . This is on the tax bill and has been on the tax bill for the 25 years that we have owned a house. The number keeps going up and up along with the $4100 school tax bill that never shrinks either.
    Just like alot of people we cant wait to get the hell out!

  • John A Cordero

    Msnbc host makes a mistake,Glen I have to disagree with you on that it was an intentional attack on Mitt Romney and his adopted grandchild

  • Anonymous

    Has Cuomo purposefully stepped into the limelight? Hmm.

  • Hutch King

    Although some question the benefits of inheritance, no argument can be made that the citizens of a free country are worse off because of it.

  • Prudent

    WOW!And whats his plan to do with US people ?What an evil man indeed. This is like BHO saying there is no place in this country for those that criticize Islam Danger!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AutumnGrey

    Glenn, you are welcome in New York. Cuomo’s comments do not apply to you. He spoke about “extremists” who are pro-life. You allow for abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother. You and the 52% of Americans you cited are not pro-life. You are pro-choice; and some would say pro-abortion in those cases.
    You can’t be a little pregnant and you can’t be a little pro-life. You either allow the murder of a defenseless, innocent human being, or you stand against that murder. And I can assure you, God does not apply the same caveats and concessions you apply to the abortion issue. God is pro-life. You are not.

  • landofaahs

    How would this sound “Who are these people? Are they extreme liberals who are anti-second amendment? Are they for baby murder? Are they anti- traditional marriage? If they are these extreme liberals democrats they are not welcome here. They are not who(Insert Red state name here) are.

  • landofaahs

    Andrew cuomo. Are you willing to say the conservatives and liberals should be physically separated into their own autonomous country.

  • Pat Kosorek

    Well if people aren’t good enough for New York Government, I’m sure our money isn’t either…. :) What if all the “Extreme Conservatives” Stopped paying for your tyrannical dictatorial Ideals??? hhhmmmmm How’s that saying go.. No taxation without representation…

  • Anonymous

    New York doesn’t welcome pro-lifers but it is open arms to pro-killers. The state, according to Cuomo is fine with baby killers. That’s what he said. He said pro-lifers are not welcome. That means anyone not pro-life is welcome, i.e. baby killers like planned parenthood. Planned parenthood does anything but help prospective parents plan ahead, it insist that the prospective parents plan to abort (murder) the unborn child if the woman is pregnant. Says a lot about Cuomo doesn’t it.

  • Setag Mailliw

    I must say I was disappointed to hear the governor say this. I always hate it when Texans say the same thing about non-conservatives in their state. Of course, Glenn did want to build a community and only allow like minded individuals so…

    • Jeff Coil

      Building a “community of like minded individuals” is vastly different then saying those who don’t think a certain way are “not welcome”. The first merely invites those individuals to come if they desire, the second forces those individuals to leave whether they want to or not. Apples to moon rocks.

  • Anonymous

    As I posted earlier on my Facebook page, Governor Cuomo would be welcome in any of our churches, where he just might have an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of his political persuasion.

  • 13citizen13

    Nice letter, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Left NYS in 2007. I miss the beauty of the state and the family and friends left there. Don’t miss paying a property tax rate of 6% per annum on full market value, or the 8.5% sales tax, the enormous income tax where (back then) you hit the highest bracket making around $50k, cops pulling you over in about every burg there was, just to generate revenue. And, though they are the largest users of natural gas in the US, the hypocrites don’t allow hydrofracking. It’s a third world country – even has its own dictator.

  • Anonymous

    Bill de Blasio as NYC Mayor, Andrew Cuomo as NY Governor My kind of state. All Governor Cuomo meant if you want to spout Red State Wingnut ideas then go live in a Red State. I could not agree more.

    • Anonymous

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams
      Enjoy your chains.

    • Jeff Coil

      Really? So you think people who don’t think as you do should be forced to leave their homes? Maybe those people were born there, and love their state as much as you do. Do you not think that other people have the same rights as you do?

      Would you say the same thing if the Governor of Texas said people like you “had no place in Texas”? Or if some conservative said all gays should move to San Francisco “where they belong”? I think not. Remember, the Nazis also thought that way.

      Thank you for once again proving how hateful and intolerant liberals are.

      • Anonymous

        Outside of Austin I would have no place in TX look at it Death Penalty, Guns, Low Wages, Anti Union, No Marriage Equality,, Abortion Laws, A Governor more bleeped up than mine here in NJ so again I agree with Gov. Cuomo

  • Strahlen

    Hi Glenn and Everyone,

    I am a single mom of five incredible boys! The last little guy was a surprise pregnancy, and my husband took off suddenly for a woman he reconnected with on Facebook when I was five months pregnant. He texted me to let me know he had filed for a divorce when the baby was three days old.

    I was a stay at home mom and part time youth minister. Pending supreme court actions are not enforceable in child support collections (another reason government should stay out of marriage); we lost our home and my A credit rating dropped like a rock. Landlords were (understandably!) incredulous when I inquired about moving in, and I couldn’t find housing for a single unemployed mom of five boys. Our local Christian churches and Lyons Club really stepped up and helped us out especially since social services went by the paperwork which said we should be making a decent amount but in reality were given VERY little.

    My Masters in Curriculum Development was virtually useless since I had never taught for three consecutive years and, therefore, had lost my teaching license. I decided to go teach myself material and test out of as many classes as possible to get my 7-12 math license because it is more marketable. I still have not been able to find a job though, so I started my own SAT/ACT test prep business, which is
    doing okay but not enough – yet! :)

    I sometimes think I’m stuck in a Life Time drama 😉 There is so much more to our story and I blog about it on (The blog is a work in progress, please bear with me!) but there are thwo things I most want to say:

    First, I so understand when you say, “Get to know your neighbors!” I pray every time I hear that, that people take you seriously. I can’t imagine where we’d be without our small community!

    Second, God has a plan so much greater than ours! He gave us that baby at a time I never would have planned to have a child, and what an amazing gift he has been! His smile lights up our day, and his kisses and hugs are the sweetest things ever. He now has quite the personality and calls his brothers and me out when we say bad words (aka “stupid!”) and encourages us when we do right!

    My three older boys are on their way to attaining Eagle Scout, and my oldest is applying to go to the NRA YES conference in DC this summer. BSA meetings are at the gun club night, and there are certainly nights I think to myself, “I can’t believe I’ll be sitting in this gun club chair every Monday night for the next 14 years (when my little guy will be 18), but I would have it no other way, and I wish everyone could
    see the beauty of the surprise but never “unplanned” pregnancy. That little guy was planned by someone so much greater than me!

    I often think of moving to Texas, where I hope more people share my beliefs, values, and work ethic, and I can raise my boys so they have a positive future, but, because of my divorce decree, I am locked in here. I am also not sure I could find housing again or the support our town has given and that makes me nervous.

    But I work REALLY hard now, and I’m still not sure I can make it here either.

    I am a pro-life New Yorker. I tweeted Governor Cuomo, but (surprisingly) he didn’t respond. Thank you for speaking out for my boys and me.

    Life is good. My community is great. My little family is terrific, and God is AMAZING!

    Thank you for listening, and

    God Bless…

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