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On Monday’s show, Glenn spent the opening monologue criticizing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s remarks stating that that some conservatives have no place in New York. At the end of the segment, Glenn told the story of a flag he has had on set for the past few months, and how it shows the true spirit of Americans and conservatives who are living in the state.

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I don’t think any American, left, right, straight, gay, believer, atheist, believes that less diversity, less voices, more intolerance is better. I don’t think anybody thinks that that that’s what they had in mind when they came up with Excelsior. I’m disturbed because I have 200 employees in New York, and let me tell you, Governor, who we are.

It was the day after 9/11. Dust was still in the air, smoke at Ground Zero. I was there a few days after this, and it was an awful place to be. And I’m sure the governor was there too. And it was a time that united all of us. The day after, it was 9/12, a day when we were amazing to each other, and parties didn’t matter anymore, when we were John Doe.

A woman and her spouse left their apartment, it overlooked Ground Zero, and they didn’t know what to do. Everything was closed. Everything was utter chaos and covered in ash. It was awful. I saw this area a week later, and I will never, it took me a decade to get the smell out of my nose every time I thought of it. It reeked of death.

So here these two are, they’re walking down the street, and they go into a restaurant. And they’re sitting in this restaurant. And they look out the window, and they see this woman covered in ash. And she is distraught and disoriented, and she’s talking to herself. And she has wrapped this flag around her like a shawl.

And they see her coming, and they immediately get up and leave the restaurant and say we’ll be right back. And they go out, and they comfort this woman. She was sitting on the sidewalk, and she was absolutely incoherent. And they couldn’t console her for quite some time. They talked to her about anything, and they talked to her about this flag. And she said I was down at Ground Zero, and it was in the rubble. And I pulled it out. And she was using it as a cover, a shield.

She said that her husband was a police officer. She hadn’t been able to get a hold of him, and she was going down to see if she could find him. She walked across the bridge. It was clear that the odds were not in her favor at the time. Well, they calmed her down, and she stood up. And she said I have to go home. They asked if they could help her, go with her, and they wouldn’t happen.

And she was grateful for the good Samaritans, for they would provide a shoulder to cry on. As they started apart, she took this flag off of her shoulders, and she gave it to this couple. They returned home, and they put that flag on display for everyone to see right outside their window overlooking Ground Zero.

A few years later, they joined something we started called the 9/12 Project, and they tried and tried and tried to get this flag to me because they said the flag didn’t belong to me, it belonged to America. It belonged to anybody who understood who we really were on 9/12. It belonged to everybody that understood that we need to come together, and we need to come together not just after an awful tragedy.

I share this story for two reasons: One, this is who we are. We’re people that live side by side, and we help each other when we’re in trouble. We don’t wait for FEMA, and we don’t wait for the Republicans or the Democrats. We just do it because it’s right.

But the other reason I wanted to share this is the one detail of the story that I left out, the members of the 9/12 project, that couple that was looking for a flag, two Conservatives, they are strong on the Constitution and the right to life and everything else, but they’re also two lesbians, two women, Conservatives, members of this audience who live in New York.

Yesterday, I thought about this flag. As I thought about the governor’s statements, I thought boy, Governor, do you believe they have a place in your state?

  • Anonymous


  • Sam Fisher

    Well I am all for getting to a place in this country where we could just stand civil with each other but I bet the hard core liberals will try to keep the gap because it is good for them for their followers to remain in the dark about us and let them think the lies about us are true and the more Americans try to see passed their propaganda the more they will fight civil unity.

  • Anonymous

    According to Andy, noone who isn’t a liberal progressive has a place in the State of New York. Some of the first pitched battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in New York. George Washington’s spy ring was based in New York. Clearly, New York is in the crosshairs of many of America’s enemies. My family have lived in New York for generations and, now, we are being told to leave by a man who I hope is a one term governor(small g on purpose, he deserves no more). No, I think I will stay and fight rather than cede my heritage to a loud mouth who has no real idea who New Yorkers are. New Yorkers have been instrumental in every conflict since the idea of a free country was born. We can certainly withstand the likes of Cuomo.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said!! The likes of Obozo and Cuomo WILL NOT DESTROY WHAT AND WHO WE ARE AS AMERICANS–PERIOD!!

  • Anonymous

    Thats quite a story and quite a flag.The Lesbian couple did a good job and are true Americans and they and other gay couples have a place anywhere in this country.

  • Anonymous

    That statement will haunt him for a long time just like, “What difference, at this point, does it make” will haunt Killery for a very long time–waaaaaaaaay past the 2016 election!!

  • Anonymous

    YOu have to remember that in God’s eye this is a sin – God loves the sinner just not the sin. It is abomination, and plainly states that in the bible. We need to pray from them and prayerfully they will find their way. They are not born that way – God does not make any mistakes. You can write what you want I don’t care.

    • Sandra Heimbach

      No, God doesn’t make any mistakes and it is hard to understand why there are babies born w/o limbs, birth defects and heart problems etc. But God loves us, one and ALL and we won’t know why until we get to Heaven and He will make everything clear. But He is the Creator of us all, He has His own reasons and we will have to trust in His love and infinite wisdom. As far as it being a chosen life style – Dear Abbey had a letter in one of her columns from a mother of a 11 year old boy who had killed himself. She had just come from his funeral and was heartbroken – because they had done everything humanly possible to help him. They knew from the time he was very young and only wanted to play w/girls and girls toys, wear little girl dresses and paint his fingernails. She had taken him to many doctors, specialists and done very extensive hormone therapy, but to no avail. He would come home from school crying because the girls didn’t want to play w/boys and the boys made fun of
      him. So lets not judge, lest we be judged now, before the final judgment day.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the claims of those promoting despotism in democracy’s name, we must realize that only a combination of knowledge, advertisement, and fortitude will be enough to preserve morality, liberty, and prosperity.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike most states, I believe New Yorkers enjoy the rights of Initiative, Referendum and Recall. New Yorkers have more on the ball than Cuomo thinks. They learned what Hillary really is. I believe New Yorkers will do the right thing: Recall Cuomo. The coattails he campaigned on do not fit. Before long, New York centrists (most of its people are centrists) will begin to worship the ground he has coming to him.

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