Oops! Anti-gun CA senator proves he knows absolutely nothing about guns

While promoting a bill that would require individuals who manufacture homemade firearms to undergo background checks, California State Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) made a fool of himself as he attempted to explain the capacity of an automatic rifle. Referring to the firearm in his hands as a “ghost gun” because it allegedly homemade and lacks a serial number, de Leon clearly struggles with gun-related terminology:

DE LEON: This is a ghost gun. This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.

Glenn, Pat, and Stu by no means claim to be gun experts. In fact, they most certainly are not. But even they understand the difference the difference between a clip, a magazine, and the caliber of a firearm:

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TheBlaze summed up some of inaccuracies in de Leon’s remarks:

Firstly, there is no such thing as a “30-caliber clip” in the context of which he is speaking. He clearly is referring to a 30-round magazine. An ammunition magazine is different than a “clip,” but the two are often confused by those not familiar with guns. And though it’s obvious, there is also no such thing as a “30 magazine clip.”

Secondly, caliber refers the measurement of the width of a bullet or internal diameter of a gun barrel, not magazine capacity.

According to the Associated Press, the rifle on display in the video is indeed a homemade fully automatic rifle. Still, a rate of fire of 60 rounds per second — or 3,600 rounds per minute — is unlikely with a “homemade” rifle.

YouTube user David West put together a video pointing out the flaws in de Leon’s remarks, which has already garnered nearly 500,000 views.

Watch the California lawmaker’s comments in full here:

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you don’t understand. Democrats are automatic if not semi-automatic experts on anything they “shoot” their mouths off on. Sorry for the puns. I could not resist.

    • James Lee

      The same could be said for republicans who assume about democrats.
      Believe it or not, there are democrats who are avidly pro-second amendment.

      • Josiah Ronning

        Which is why I’m not part of any party!

        • Dennis Erickson

          Me I am a libertarian. My rights end where yours began and yours end where mine began.
          Personal Freedom means personal responsibility.

      • Jason Wheeler

        “Believe it or not, there are democrats who are avidly pro-second amendment.” hmmm…I’m in the Believe-It-Not camp…

        • Phydeux

          Don’t you mean the “or not” camp?

        • Bradley Hill

          Yes, I wonder “WHO” References please James Lee. References? Names? I mean people we all know. Waiting……..

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure there are pro-second amendment Dems. However they have no spine with which to stand up to their party leadership. They just do what they’re told like the good little brainless, spineless, know-nothings they are.

          • Anonymous

            The party of “free thinkers” and individualism forbids them from straying from the party mantra

          • Anonymous

            St. Senator Rod Wright is a liberal. However, he IS pro-Second Amendment.

          • thinkalittlefirst

            you mean the guy who was pressured into stepping down by his constituents?

          • Brandon Perron

            I am not sure if my mother counts… as she is registered as Dem but almost always votes rep

        • Nun Ya

          I am one of those pro second amendment Democrats who is also an NRA member. Believe me, there are a lot of us in my area of California that support the second amendment. Unfortunate part is that we are forced into the same category as the right-wing fanatics.

          • Anonymous

            How high up on the list of urgent issues do you place gun laws? I know it’s wrong to stereotype any one individual. But do you feel like Democrats exploit things like Sandy Hook to push legislation through? I respect your right to vote Democrat but sticking to the issue, do you feel that your party should change its stance on gun laws and should they tone down the rhetoric?

          • independent thinker

            If there are so many of you why does Kalifornia have some of the strictest and most ridiculous gun control laws in the US.

          • Brandon Perron

            we don’t get to vote… the system is rigged… the ‘government’ gets to do whatever they want… we voice our opinion and anything short of a violent revolution gets no where… take your pick

          • Nun Ya

            All though we support the 2nd amendment, many of us dont think anyone really needs to own a midi gun or other high grade military armament. But we do believe in being able to defend ourselves.

          • SacJP

            Whether we “need” it or not the 2nd amendment gives us the right to have it (and many would argue we do need it, since ultimately political power DOES flow from the barrel of a gun, like it or not, and during the 20th and early part of 21st century more people have been murdered by their own governments [after being disarmed first] than by every war and civilian-perpetrated homicide combined. I’m sure they thought it could never happen to them.)

            Incidentally, the so-called “military grade” “assault weapons” that the democratic side is so adamant be banned are merely moderate power hunting rifles that happen to have good ergonomics. They are no different from other semi automatic guns in any significant way, and are most certainly NOT fully automatic or select fire (which WOULD be military grade…)

            Do you really think that being too ergonomic, so the disabled and elderly can shoot them, makes a gun significantly more dangerous? If so you’re living in a fantasy land.

          • Dennis Erickson

            To bad you all are allowing your constitutional rights to be stripped away by your own elected officials. You cant even carry an UNLOADED firearm on your him. Come On, How pro 2A can you be if you just sit by and allow your own party to be hijacked by Socialist scumbags who support criminals rights but take yours?
            Anyone who calls themselves a Democrat and pro 2A, I ask, then why is your party, the party that is taking guns from American Citizens and pushing for registration lists.
            I would rather be lumped into the right wing category then the Communist Socialist Democrat Party.

          • Tony Viscardi

            Interesting and relatable. Us Tea Party folks get more than enough abuse from our own party.

        • Nathan

          Harry Reid (Maj. of Senate) is an NRA fanatic. But on the other hand, he’s a monopolizing socialist bastard lol

          • Dennis Erickson

            Being that I live in NV. Harry Reid is Pro NRA not Pro 2nd Amendment. He refuses to stray from Obama’s lap, and continues to be Obama’s lapdog.
            Clark County NV. Requires all handguns be registered with the S.O.
            One of the reasons I had stopped supporting the NRA was because of their support of Harry Reid. I however now support the NRA because we need them to fight Bloomberg and his idiots.

        • Jeff

          Seems odd, but I know a few. They are mainly liberal because they like to get high and their brother or someone they know is gay, and they are too simple minded to understand how it all works, so they just go with the party that professes to be for those things, while they assume Pat Robertson represents all conservatives. They are uncommon, and an odd combination, kind of like the platypus.

      • Kelly Layne

        well you better be careful they will kick you out of the democratic party for not towing the line. on a serious note i don’t believe that all democrats believe the way that progressive liberals believe just as conservatives don’t believe the way the progressive a conservative believe, there for there is common ground to build on.

      • Bradley Hill

        I’m strictly Conservative, but even I have to give you that one James Lee. I have never met a Democrat who is Pro-2nd Amendment, but there has to be at least one of them out there in America Land for you to make your point, right?

        • james

          Joe Manchin, senate from WV, although he is as close to a Republican as he can be without switching

        • Kevin Holland

          I consider myself a Democrat and I am incredibly Pro-2nd Amendment

          • DUST DOC

            My Dad was a pro-gun Democrat.
            It’s just that I never knew him to ever VOTE for a Democrat

          • Mike Taylor

            Same here. I’m registered as a Democrat, but haven’t voted for one since Jimmy Carter. The Democratic Party has become a platform for evil self interest. Should be the “Social Democratic Party.” Long Live The Republic!

        • M.Emmett Townsend

          I know one, and he is also life member of the NRA, a Democrat and a Mormon… but lucky not like Reed.. No I wont share his name he is not in public life so would not be fair to share. But know this his daughter is a crack shot with a pistol!

        • Anonymous

          Bart Stupa has an A rating from the NRA….

          • Dennis Erickson

            Harry Reid has an A rating from the NRA, the NRA doesn’t support Gun Rights, they support Gun Manufacturing and Sales. They are against Open Carry and the National CCW Movement. Look at NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights) and who they give a high rating to. I see no Democrats on that list.

      • Anonymous

        More left-wing gun owners than tea-baggers can count.

        They just don’t all have lifetime memberships in the gun lobby (NRA) front groups.

        • Anonymous

          We’re still waiting on NAMES…. (Crickets) Can’t wait till The NRA Convention in Indiana this year!

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t know you were waiting for names.

            Michael Moore happens to be an NRA lifetime member.

            Ed Schultz is a gun owner and supports the 2nd amendment.

            Go ask some liberals that live in rural areas.

          • Jim M

            Moore purchased a lifetime membership after his “Bowling for Columbine” movie with the intention of destroying it from within. This is who he is.

      • Anonymous

        Well, Jamey, landofaahs might have misspoke but I get his point. The Dems you hear about gun control are usually the ones that have no clue. The few smart ones know there is no major issue here except for the congressman who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He wants to sound “cutting edge” but the “blade” was on his own throat. The pro-second amendment Dems quietly cast whatever vote yea or nay in relative obscurity because they know what Madam Pelosi or Prince Reid would do to them if they told the truth.

      • Duncan

        The pro second amendment Democrats are like the moderate Muslims. Everybody has heard “of” them, nobody has heard “from” them.

        • James Lee

          That must be where the sane republicans are. You know. Before Reagan opened the doors for evangelicals to hijack the party.

          • Dennis Erickson

            what’s wrong with Evangelicals. The democratic party was Hijacked by atheist, pro abortion, anti capitol punishment hippies. So what’s your point?

          • Daniel Ward

            the first school text in this country was the holy bible and those evangelicals live closer to the way our forefathers lived than any other sec in America today your simply educated on our history with a statement like that I am 15th generation my history is passed down from my family not what we read in a book someone we never met wrote and you received your information where?

      • James Lee

        Based on the replies that sound incredulous to the idea of moderate democrats, should I then assume from you that all republicans are tea-bagging conservatives who want nothing more than to eliminate the separation of Church and State and establish a monotheistic theocracy, which, by the way, would make this country no different from countries in the Middle East? You all represent factions in your party that are unwilling to negotiate and forward this asinine behavior of partisanship which is destroying this country. If you truly believe the idea of strict partisanship, where were the republicans when Akin said that there was such a thing as “legitimate rape”? Ridiculous.

        For those who have recognized that there are sane republicans AND democrats, thank you for restoring faith in my humanity. Not all of us democrats think that what our party is doing is perfect, and trust us, we’re standing up to it. But to say that we don’t exist because you don’t hear from us? That’s asinine.

        • JBrendan

          Good post, but unfortunately the generalization of party lines as per what their majority actually votes in favor of is what becomes the bottom line in most of these debates.
          It only took approximately 1 minute for this senator, promoting a bill against the firearm in which he’s trying to explain mind you, to prove how little he actually knows about an item that’s “supposed” to fit the criteria of the bill.
          And being this comes from the top, from a man who represents our votes, the generalizations begin..and spread like wildfire!!
          I suppose in short, had this senator actually done some research in preparation for his presentation, chances are we’d be debating other issues that we can do little about.

      • Mike Hartman

        You are all wrong and James is absolutely correct. There are millions of democrats that are pro gun. They are called criminals…

        • Dennis Erickson

          And the best comment of the night, goes to Mike…lol.. You are so right.. Never met a violent Criminal/drug dealer/ Gang Member that voted republican, When I worked corrections, most inmates identified with the Democratic Party… The party of the criminal and party of the handouts.

      • nick. v.

        Well according to the liberals for the second amendment facebook page approximately 41% of gun owners are democrats or liberals. Clearly this isn’t exactly a well established statistic as far as I know but there facebook page with like 50,000 subscribers. Consider this. Harry Reid is an avid gun supporter. He has an A rating with the BAR whereas people like Chris Christie, John McCain and even mit Romney have C and D ratings. Besides what else would you expect from states that allow their governments to ban salt and large cokes and smoking at home

      • robotwolf

        the government is trying to change the second amendment to state something like only ex or current military personal can own a firearm

  • landofaahs

    That idiot lacks the “caliber” of IQ needed make public comment.

    • Bill Tilghman

      He is, however, a magnum caliber moron.

  • landofaahs

    I wonder if his inane “clip” will show up in some liberal rag of a “magazine”.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    And liberals watching this are saying what that sounds like a very scary gun and it is even a ghost and their for can go thru walls as it kills people by it’s own will.

    • Sherill Weber

      No but they are stupid enough to demand that a bill be passed to hire “Ghost Hunters” to round up all the ghosts so that they get a background check and be licensed to own one. Then the government can waste a few hundred million of our tax money on a computer system for them to register on for their FOID card.

      • JC69

        Another Illinois resident who has to Deal with our states antigun agenda. God forbid that you live in Cook County, you can’t purchase anything online anymore. No more Gun purchases from out of state that you would have shipped to your local FFL. They banned that, along with Magazines, Ammo, etc…… The only thing that keeps me in Illinois is my Family, otherwise, I would move to Texas in a Heartbeat.

        • Anonymous

          You say it’s your family that keeps you in Illinois,I would think it’s your families safety. My daughter graduated from Great Lakes four years ago and wanted to go into Chicago with some friends after. The weekend before there was 40 shootings 13 dead, that put an end to that. MOVE.

          • Sherill Weber

            The thing is you have to know where to go in Chicago. You avoid the South side big time,,,the city itself is ok. And I blame our Government and Chicago city government for what goes on on the South side. And I will tell you I blame our President for not doing anything…he came from Chicago. Unfortunately and maybe fortunately they kill themselves. And that is even a bad statement because they wound or kill the innocent in that area. We need to start holding our state government accountable and this year our governor is up for re-election. We have the most corrupt Democrat Government in Chicago. On a lighter note, if even that, it’s been that way since Al Capone days.

          • JC69

            I live in the Suburbs about 30 west of Chicago in a Quiet little town. Trust me, I wouldn’t live in an area that I felt was a danger to my family. We do have some Chicago related crime though, Some Van break-ins at night and some Home robberies during the day when folks are at work. They Caught the guy’s robbing the Homes and every now and then, they catch the guy’s breaking into Van’s. That’s the worst of it. Everyone in my Home has their FOID cards and we Target shoot quite often as a family, so everyone in the house is more than familiar with firearms and safety involved in using one. I am currently waiting for my CCW, but I have a feeling it’s going to be at least April till I receive it.

        • Sherill Weber

          I’m actually just outside of Cook County. I grew up in Chicago. I am currently getting ready to apply for my FOID card. Then I’m taking a class with the NRA. We use to go up to the family farm in ND and do a lot of target practice but I want to also be able to apply for concealed weapon so I need to put those hours in. And I trust the NRA plus they will know the laws here. I should have gotten my FOID card before my husband passed because not having it I had to give his guns to my sons. I hear you about Illinois. Family is my reason for staying here also. I’m not afraid of the city, I’m more afraid of our corrupt government here.

    • Bradley Hill

      Yes, this ghost gun actually gets up in the morning by itself and goes hunting for people. It DOES!!!!! What? You don’t believe me? Ask Diane Feinstein, she knows all about what I say here.

      • Sherill Weber

        Too funny. Love it!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I feel that morons like this anti gun nut should not be writing laws about guns when he has no freaken clue what he is talking about. Before I forget the world’s fastest machine gun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKlnMwuCZso I WANT ONE!

    • landofaahs

      Now if we could only get him to eat the barrel and squeeze the trigger….unloaded of course. We don’t want him harm, just exposed for the idiot he is.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

        They would to without anyone’s help.

    • Anonymous

      Hah! I’ve seen this thing before! One wicked piece of machinery. Would hate to be on the receiving end of it…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Why is he showing guns that no one can buy on market anyways?

    • landofaahs

      Because it represents a lie and democrats always like basing their arguments on lies just as their father satan does.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

        I bet you 100 bucks that the policeman behind him had to tell him 50 times that the gun in front of him was not a AR-15.

    • Stay Phat My Friends

      Same reason he’s describing an object he knows nothing about.

      • Bradley Hill

        Yes, the Progressives always hope someone, somewhere will believe them and give their money to them…..And we all know they will attract the ignorance of people who support the Liar_in_Chief, no matter how much he lies to them.

  • Matt

    Boy, you are a total moron.
    Have you had to go through security when boarding planes? They look at everything. If the security jackwagons don’t find a firearm of any sort (plastic “GHOST GUN” [wtf?] or not) they oughta be fired.
    De Leon, you and your constituents are the reason why I will refuse any donation to California wildfire relief efforts. You all should burn in hell.

    • Bradley Hill

      What? Just because someone disagrees with you? Hell? In you own words; Boy, you are a total moron.

    • Bill Tilghman

      That’s a bit harsh.

  • Randy

    That gun is already illegal (full auto) and has been for many years. Possession is a felony that his local law enforcement can arrest for so what is his point?

    • Phydeux

      The point is the FEAR factor. Gotta scare grandma into the voting booth to get rid of the nasty guns.

    • Anonymous

      Not exactly. Fingerprints, photo, background check and $200 tax stamp from ATF is all you need to have your own class III weapon (well, that and what it costs for the weapon). It’s no different than getting a silencer.

      • Phydeux

        Perhaps, but anyone planning on doing anything nefarious with a full-auto gun isn’t going to want to put themselves on the government’s radar by getting a class III license.

      • John Barnes

        Not exactly. The photo, background check and $200 tax stamp from the ATF ONLY applies if the class III weapon was manufactured before 1986.

    • Stay Phat My Friends

      So my question is why does he have one and how did I get it into a government building?

      • Phydeux

        Its most likely from a police evidence lockup and on loan to him by the cops behind him.

    • Timothy

      Not to mention the barrel length is less than 16 inches, but appears to have a full stock. That would make it a shortbarrelled rifle which is already illegal.

  • Scott Hellstrom

    Glenn, quit using facts… you are dealing with liberals. Facts must be checked at the door! The liberal goal is to lie and scare/control, not teach/educate/inform.

    • Bradley Hill


  • Chris West

    There is only one thing I can say to in any way shape or form try to argue with you. I can say that all these huge companies that make such high tech weaponry as to spit out 60 bullets in a second if that even exists had to start out in a garage somewhere. And another thing some one can be a machining whiz without any kind of proper schooling. So saying that just because it is “homemade” detracts from its ability to perform along side the commercial or even military versions of anything from guns to clothes to knives. Example kind-of: The Vikings were a “primitive” culture that got its fame from the simple yet outstanding boats and a savage barbarianism that even carried it racial thread into the 20th century during WWII. Then we compare them to today’s Navy. Did you know that to this day the layers of clothing the Vikings wore out to sea are warmer than any known suit we have made for the same purpose and their boats while very simply made and simply propelled are still used as a guideline for the shape of modern sea faring vehicles. They made it here before the Spaniards did but. Anyway just my thought on the assumption that just because it is homemade means it is inferior.

    • Anonymous

      You do know that the Vikings were of Scandinavian origin? The barbarism you referenced for the Second World War was committed by European Germans. And you do know that the Scandinavian countries protected and helped Jews escape from the Germans barbarism? And I suppose you know that most of the Scandinavian countries remained neutral during the war? There is no thread connecting the barbarism of Germany to the Vikings. However you are correct about their seafaring abilities, clothing, boat designs and making it to the New World first by at least 500 to 600 years.

    • Mac McFatter

      CW you smoking some strong mind bending stuff.

    • Vienta76

      Yeah. but Chris, without the government regulations, red tape, and bureaucracy NOTHING is good enough for us ‘mericans!!!! We need, need, need them to keep us safe, to keep us from buying unworthy products!! Didn’t you know?

    • Eric Clifton

      I have seen that on Discovery. Their sword metallurgy was second only to the Japanese blades as well. They used a twisted and woven design that allowed for a thin but strong blade. But back to this gun, it is an AR upper and the lower has likely been illegally machined to be full auto.

  • John Harris

    Fully automatic mouth. Single shot brain.

    • Phydeux

      I’m stealing that line!!! LOL

    • Bradley Hill

      ALRIGHT!!!! Very funny John…..laughing my butt off….

    • Terrell

      You hit the nail right on the head. lol

    • Bill Tilghman

      Are you sure it wasn’t a hang-fire?

  • Ryan D

    The thing on the bottom is the Go-Bang switch.

  • Sea Rock

    … it’s a “ghost gun” for sure … cauz it don’t exist …

    … just like the 2 billion dollars lost on an “Afghani / Al-Quaeda dude that didn’t exist …

  • Mike Millsap

    Glenn this guy is an expert but at hype and stupidity

  • Combat_Vet

    What can one expect, he’s a democrat in California

    • Bradley Hill

      The Land of Fruits, Nuts & Rainbow Chasers.

  • civilguy

    The IQ of the elected official is only slightly higher than that of those who elected them….

  • hyson12887 .

    Gun people still, inaccurately, interchange “clip” and “magazine”. But boy, he sure is a boob.

  • Dallin Wood

    What does a sniper automatic Weapon look like…. That sounds pretty cool… I hope that the groupings are just as good as the semi automatic and bolt action rifles are. LOL

  • Anonymous

    #1 He’s BORING, as are the other speakers!!!!!

    So, what our troops are using are ghost guns and ILLEGAL if he has his way??? Well, then, if the enemy comes ashore in California, I guess the citizens and police/military will just have to allow the enemy to take over that state.

  • Anonymous

    And can someone explain how different or new gun laws will prevent someone from having, or using a “homemade” gun? (Either Democrat of Republican, I don’t care which).

  • Shawn

    …and yet none of the officers in the background corrected him. Just shows that they are in it for their own career advancement through political favors. How do they know they exists, if no one knows they exists?

    • Stay Phat My Friends

      Nah they did a better job letting him look like an idiot. I would have too.

  • Vienta76

    Liberals swim in the ignorance they claim to hate…and they are always over their head

  • rba

    He says ” If the congress is not going to protect the public then we will.” I wonder if the U.S. Attorney General will fight him like he fought Arizona when they decided to fight illegal border crossing because the federal government wouldn’t?

  • Miriam Brenner

    thread is letting muslims to enter USA, immigration to USA! that is a thread!!!!not guns..guns do not kill people,people kill people!

    • Keith Dime

      When you repeatedly say thread do you really mean threat? If so the real threat is allowing people such as yourself to get GEDs when they clearly aren’t ready.

      • Vienta76

        Keith, don’t be a douche and act as though you’re somehow superior to Miriam because spell check liked ‘threat’ as much as it liked ‘thread’…ya putz, people like you should never turn your basement light on, just gaze longly, through the shadows, at the degree you paid too much money for that’s been a total waste, until it comes time to pretend you garnered some kind of useful intelligence out of the ‘education’ and are now contributing to society in any way….BLAH killin me

        • Keith Dime

          Good one vienta76, I see Miriam has two profiles, one in which she makes stupid comments that show off her lack of education, and another where she attacks others for calling her on those stupid comments.

    • Stay Phat My Friends

      The spoon made me fat, ban the spoon!

  • Brandon Combs
  • Tom Ament

    o Just sayin.. N one in this article has a clue what their talking about. either side.
    that being said, laws that he is referring t will do NOTHING! to stop the manufacture of these guns. honest citizens, will obey the laws and the illegals and other criminals will ignore the laws and continue o manufacture the weapons.

    • racindavid

      I take exception to the “either side” comment. A LOT of people here are fully aware of the real capabilities of semi and full auto guns…

  • Fat Lip

    You can check out any time you like but you can never leave .
    I have a fifteen round tree with a 900 cal bark . Oh yes and 7 round leaves

  • Valerie Cudnik

    And the masses of lemmings will listen to this idiot and start quoting this crap as fact.

  • Garret Hoffman
    • Garret Hoffman

      Also, he’s talking about 3D printing guns…

      Most 3D printers out there will only print in plastic, which is too soft to fire actual real bullets (or at the very least more than one round). The 3D printers out there which do print in metal are very expensive, and usually only large manufacturing companies can afford them. From what I’ve read it is actually much more cost effective to use a typical machine shop to build the parts for a gun rather then to full on 3D print them. Nonetheless, to me, this is proof that we need to encourage law abiding citizens to get MORE guns, not less… if its as easy as he says for [criminals] to acquire these “Ghost” guns, then what chance do the rest of us have if we are not armed?

      I also find it hilarious that at about 5 minutes in he starts talking about how serial numbers somehow make a gun “detectable” by law enforcement officers. Like they have some sort of sensor that will only detect guns with serial numbers when they go in to raid a suspected criminal hangout… XD

      • Garret Hoffman

        Wait… he is starting to talk about how he thinks he will be successful with the new law because the governor has a libertarian bent?

        I thought libertarians liked guns, gun rights, and an individual’s rights to own guns? o_0

  • Fat Lip

    Sorry I used to live there couldn’t help myself . may I emphasize USED TO .

  • Cpl DMan

    Wow, 3,600 rounds per minute? The M16 I carried in the Marines had a theoretical cyclic rate 900 rounds per minute. The M249 belt fed machine gun caps out at 850, but at that rate of fire you have to stop and swap the barrel after 200 rounds.

    But what is even more concerning is that morons like this guy want to tell me there is never a need for a 30 round magazine, when someone can build that Ghost Gun at home? I hope he is going to be the first to step in front of me and take the bullet that I am no longer able to defend myself against.

  • Eric Clifton

    3,600 rounds per minute is outrageous. It takes a Minigun 6 rotating barrels to get that cyclical rate of fire. That is likely not a .30 cal as it looks to be a dressed up AR-15, by the tell-tale bump assist behind the ejection port. While the AR has many aftermarket calibers, the most common by far is 5.56/.223. With that said, the AR-15’s full auto grand daddy, the M16-A1, had a full auto cyclical rate of 850 rounds per minute, or 14.2 rounds per second. The Army did away with full auto in the 70s and went to a three round “burst mode” because of barrel rise. So if the weapon in his had was modified to be fully automatic it could empty a 30 round 5.56 magazine in 2 seconds and the barrel would likely be pointing straight up in the sky by the last one. For some comparison, the GE Minigun has a rate of fire of about 2,000 to 5,000 Rds/min depending on the type of ammo. M60 Machine Gun (think Rambo) 850-1,000 rds/min. M249 SAW, about the same. AR-15, as fast as you can squeeze the trigger 30 times.

    • racindavid

      Doesn’t matter to libtards… FACTS mean nothing…. it’s all about feel good emotions for them….

    • Sea Rock

      … “It takes a Minigun 6 rotating barrels to get that cyclical rate of fire” …

      … actually it’s max is 6,000 rpm, it’s an “indexing card” that regulates it’s rate of fire. OBTW did I mention it is “electric” (driven by a chain and electric motor) … a 7.62 mm(30 cal or .30 cal) usually has a length of 51mm or 54mm ( to include 39mm & 63mm lengths) … cycle rates of fire are around 750 to 1250 rpm ( using recoil from the round / without assist) … so … that guys “eyes” are “brown” …

  • Caroline Albanese Paul

    People who know nothing about guns pushing for gun legislation….it’s a bit like people who know nothing about medicine or the insurance industry legislating Obamacare…But government knows best, don’t they?

  • David Hemingway

    Epic fail!! How can you try to ban something you know nothing about? Idiot!!

  • thetawake

    It’s not just that he is clueless, which is obvious to even non-shooters who’ve seen a few action movies, but it’s also that he couldn’t remember the script he was quizzed on beforehand. Come on, dems! Do you really want to keep electing ‘folks’ who can’t promote the right lies and spin? Vote for the underdog! Vote Republican…’cause, really, it can’t get any worse…

  • Jim


    The AEGIS weapons system is only onboard Navy Destroyers and Cruisers. You may be referring to the Close-In Weapons System (CIWS).

  • Thomas Bonnett

    I find it interesting that identity politics demands that ONLY women chime in on women’s issues, ONLY minorities chime in on civil rights issues. But when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, any moron can endorse legislation.

    This clip would be funny if these weren’t the people in charge, and if they weren’t trying to trample our rights at every turn.

  • SOTG

    This guys gives a bad name to oxygen thieves everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Is it the job of the US Mint to stay ahead of counterfeiters by constantly changing and coming up with new technology? Or is the job of ordinary citizens to ensure that counterfeiters stay within the limits of government technology to detect counterfeit money?

    Let’s think about this. They’re asking law abiding citizens to make sure their homemade weapons can be detected in metal detector.


    Does this idiot not realize BULLETS are made of metal?? What good is a gun, plastic or not, without bullets?? Congratulations! You got a gun through detection!! Now, good luck getting those “.30 Cal magazine clip rounds” through.

    I can’t believe these are our “leaders.”

  • Jeff

    LOVE the policeman’s face in the bacground XD

  • Maria A Trimble

    Glenn, the AR-15 platform is basically a .22 caliber bullet (.223 cal or 5.56mm) !

    Aegis is a full weapons system that includes the CIWS (20mmx102mm). The CIWS is the gun you are thinking about. But if you convert 20mm to caliber you will see that would make that gun a .787 cal. You were so close on this one but I think the CA Senators absolute lack of knowledge is scary!

  • Anonymous

    Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. If the gun was home made and has no serial number (ghost gun) and Mr. de Leon didn’t make it then it is illegal for him to be in possession of it.

  • Eric Cyrus Armstrong

    The [explicit deleted] senator is trying to explain a homemade ar15. Legal in many States, just not in California. Any firearms enthusiast can build a homemade black powder pistol with out serial numbers…but holding captin jack sparrows pistol wouldn’t look as threatening to California Democrats. The only stipulation to building your own firearm is that it is illegal to sell unless you have a federal firearms license, and of course not live in a liberal state! …this jackass represents California very well, at least his district. Being afraid of the ghost that will only scare you!

  • Bret McDanel


    “As with many other 5th amendment cases, felons and others prohibited from possessing firearms could not be compelled to incriminate themselves through registration.”

    In a 7-1 decision the court said that laws like this do not apply to criminals so it will have no effect on criminal activities. 7-1 is fairly compelling in SCOTUS terms.

  • Anonymous

    Is Kevin gay? Most gays don’t know guns.

  • John Gerlak

    “These guns are undetectable. Once they’ve been used in a crime, we don’t know who made them” If the gun has been used in a crime, and you now have it in police possession, Why does it matter “Who made it”? Oh yeah, so the government and lib lawyers can sue the MFGR for making a deadly gun…
    1. Lower receivers ARE required to have a serial number, if they are obtained without one, that’s already a crime.
    2. It is EXPLICITLY legal to make homemade weapons, as they are specifically exempted from prohibition along with grandfathered antique weapons, and pre-ban fully automatic weapons.
    3. The AR-15 is NOT an “Automatic sniper rifle” whether made by Colt, Bushmaster, or Joe in his garage! WTF is an “Automatic sniper rifle” anyway??? The whole point of sniping is stealth, not ripping of with “30 magazine clips in a half a second” Please, someone suggest this man have a brain scan, I think it will come back negative

  • Anna Rawson

    LMAO!!! I am amazed!! They use the words gang members and crazies and unlawful folks… Now just to be clear yes I do believe he is right they are… But they act as if their hands are clean and they need to protect you from that AS they themselves arm the same sorts and then lie about it. They are the biggest hypocrites re: gun safety and dispersments around.

  • Anonymous

    Why do we suffer these fools?

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    come on, he is wearing a toupee

  • Anonymous

    Everytime he says “Thirty magazine clip” I imagine this absurdly huge contraption that holds together 30 magazines. lol!

  • Devin McCoy

    Glenn, Yes there are several “30 caliber” guns out there. .308,30-30,30-06,300WM,300WSM, ETC. All have a 30 caliber bullet. This reject was trying to say 30 round magazine during his two attempts to describe the ammunition carrying device.

    • » gØrgØn «

      You fail reading comprehension 101.

  • Shaun Winslow Lafave

    Plastic spoons still get people fat

  • Paulonater

    How is the cop in the background not falling all over himself laughing at this fool?

  • Nathan

    Is this guy retarded?

  • Anonymous

    This man has nothing above his brain stem!!!! Totally without brains!! 30 magazine clip???? Does he know what a trigger is? He THINKS he knows what a
    “lower reciever” is… does he know what bullets are? Methinks not! Go undetectable??? This guy is almost as smart as Obama!!! How does one or something “go undetectable”??? GO BACK TO MEXICO, FOOL!

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I hear him say “30 magazine clip” I keep imagining an absurd magazine clamp system that holds 30 magazines together. lol

  • Charles Hurst

    And of course today’s shooting at Purdue not even a week from the last shooting on the news will be another anti reasoned fuel for their debate on why guns are causing violence. Never mind this guy’s ignorance on the screen, I’d like to add maybe they should use their energy to find out why the mindset of the youth pulls the trigger today.

    Shootings are becoming a weekly story it seems. Interesting that I grew up in Indiana and was surrounded by guns and never once did we have an incident like we hear weekly now. Because the problems were never the guns. It is a mentality behind the guns. The same mentality that developed the Knock Out game. And that mentality is propagated by Progressives—like Cuomo the other day. And California.

    We have no morals left in this country. If you don’t believe me
    feel free to look up any reality TV show. What goes on air in prime time is
    absolutely vile. And it is a reflection of our state of mind. And our state of
    mind has propagated everything as acceptable which shouldn’t have been while at the same time taking all responsibility away for one’s actions. The end result?
    Now we have a society where people are snapping.

    1)We have stated that a family can be altered, that two gay fathers
    can be normal for raising an adopted child just like a mother and a father.

    2)We have stated that children aren’t responsible for bad behavior–that
    they need to be dealt with by compassion to a variety of social disorders that
    is not their fault.

    3)We pursue not only abortions of a living heartbeat but many propagate
    that late term abortions are acceptable. We sacrifice the unborn for nothing
    more than convenience.

    4)We have a rampant divorce rate leading to multiple step parents,
    siblings and domains. And we don’t bother raising the children in these
    chaotic domains, we let The Jersey Shore and Real World raise them.

    5)When a child isn’t doing well in school we blame the teacher, when
    really the blame is the lack of parenting.

    6)We let our children become slovenly and obese. And then we blame
    McDonalds and genetics.

    Sure Cuomo and Kevin–us right wing nutcases that perhaps state we should adhere to our country’s original principles–we are the problem. We are the reason the shooting in Purdue happened today. It’s that push for morality that is causing kids to pick up guns or play the Knock Out game.

    You put these factors together like bitter ingredients in a cauldron and
    years later you will have a kettle of poison. And now we as a society are angry
    that we are being forced to swallow it. Newtown. Colorado. New Mexico, Virginia
    Tech. And today Purdue. I have written in my fiction what this breakdown in
    morality will lead to. And it will lead to collapse of our society. It already
    is. The problem isn’t the guns. The problem is people are now vilely ill from
    the poison you mixed years ago. And you can expect more. More shootings, more
    Knockout games and more depraved behavior on a large scale in this nation.
    Because we refuse to take the antidote. And that antidote is the regaining of
    morality in this country which was founded on Good and now has been overrun by

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • William Whitburn Jr

    I wonder when Jethro will start his brain surgery career

  • John Hoegemann

    The fool looks like an idiot!

  • James Lawson

    30 Magazine clip…….(insert heavy sound of toking a joint)……ere…….and can fire a 30 magazine clip in 1/2 a second……..

  • Mark H. Reed

    The leftist, freedom hating,putrid ilk are all the same; their arrogance is exceeded only by their ignorance!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Miniguns are the only conventional firearm that will fire 3,600 rnds a minute! Once again CA proves it doesn’t know its ass from a hole in the ground!

  • Ryan Allerheiligen

    Riddle me this batman….. 9 times out of 10, when there is a mass shooting, the weapon is recovered at the scene. Why is it that the gooberment needs to be able to track these weapons in the event of a shooting. The only reason they want to track them is to know who they have to go after when martial law is enacted. Wake up people.

  • Kathleen Bengel

    Glenn, is this real? Is this guy really this ignorant?? God help us all. Seriously, I don’t understand this. …Making the law won’t keep the criminals, who are the ones making the “ghost guns”, from making the guns anyway. Besides, don’t all weapons fall under the department of justice? The “law(s)” already exist. GEEEZ!

  • Imahairytoad

    Is this guy wearing a toupee? If it is, it’s a really bad one. If not, please someone give him a haircut! I can’t even listen to what he is saying. His hair is way too distracting.

  • Bill Tilghman

    First, this guy gets elected to public office, and goes out in front of the cameras and tries to establish himself as a great protector of the public. Good plan. Where he goes awry is in not knowing one damned thing about weapons he wishes to protect the public from.

    There is no such thing as a plastic firearm without metal parts doing the work of containing the stresses of firing the ammunition. Not now, and not within the scope of technology or reality. Claiming that any working firearm can’t be detected by metal detection devices or x-ray means is simply absurd. Having been around firearms most of my life, I can say without fear of being contradicted that what he is talking about is complete fiction.

    There is also the matter of his amateurish ignorance of firearms parts and their functions. He simply made an ass of himself by misuse of terminology and showed he has no real experience with firearms. This can be corrected with the proper amount of training, but I am fairly certain this boob isn’t going to educate himself.

    Then, there is the matter of “ghost guns” being used to commit crimes. I have never seen any reports of this ever happening. This is not the kind of thing that would escape media attention in today’s world, so where does he get this absurd notion? Apparently he has been indoctrinated – and rather poorly I might add – by some anti-gun doofus who can’t be bothered with knowing the facts of this subject, they only want to create more onerous legislation to use as a weapon against people they don’t like. These people will say and do just about anything to get their way, to the point of telling absolute lies. They think that the education they got at some college or university makes them instant experts and you can’t convince them otherwise – even when it is glaringly apparent how wrong they are.

    I am certain we all know someone like this guy who talks big about things they obviously know little or nothing about, and when they try to defend their statements it reveals just how stubbornly ignorant they are. These are the people that want to make laws to control the lives of everyone around them because they have an education and they know what is best for us.


    This is typical progressive stupid on display – and they wonder why people don’t want them to run things. After all, these college educated folks is smarter than us.
    That is what they want you to think anyway.

    I think it would be entertaining to take this guy to a firing range, hand him a box of cartridges, a magazine, and a pistol and have him load the magazine, and tell him he has one second to empty it into the target downrange. It would be lucky if he didn’t end up shooting himself in the foot!

  • Janne Gee

    if it comes from CA they always think that they know everything. They ruined MT, Now WA and OR. Wish they would fix their own state and leave everything else to the real experts.

  • Dave Mann

    Is English his first language? Maybe he just “mis-spoke”

  • Matthew Chan

    Does he mean the Phalanx CIWS 20 mm gun not the Aegis combat system?

  • patrick zazzaro

    that…..looks an aweful lot like an archangel kit without the 10-22 in it

  • ian

    he does realize that they actually could not be metal free… right? the barrel would absolutely have to be metal, as would the spring, and firing pin, etc. all that would make it almost impossible to be effective in sneaking it in to somewhere such as an airport. not only would the metal detectors pick it up, so would the *ahem* mandatory x-ray machines. there are so many things wrong in this video it gives me a head ache, and would give you an even worse head ache if i began to go over any more of it.

  • James Mattingly

    He needs to move back to Mexico where he would be safe.

  • James Mattingly

    He is obviously highly educated. HAHAHA!

  • Anonymous

    Dam this clown is dumb. So many things that he has wrong. which goes to show CA only elects morons.

  • ironwood

    the point is this guy is a senator and he doesn’t know what he he is talking about in this rant as usual our leadership fails us again ! that goes for both sides really but this is ridiculous

  • Jeh Jeh

    IMHO the onlything more moronic than the anti-gun polititician was Mr. Beck’s lack of knowledge regarding guns. At least Mr. Beck admitted that he knew nothing about guns. I only wish he had gotten an expert to explain the reality.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure you could hold that gun with it firing 30 caliber rounds at 3600 rpm-I do know it would get your attention!

  • Steve

    The democrats are unlike republicans who if the disagree with what there party is up to. They are will to start a Tea party , you democrats just keep supporting no matter what or how liberal in thinking your party becomes. If you are pro second amendment then please stand up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/moatsnet David Moats

    Politicians will say anything to get attention

    • asybot

      I have been trying to understand WHOSE attention they are trying to get? I bet the guy standing behind him wishes he’d had a lot more coffee just to try and stay awake while this guy went on and on and on, (but maybe not, he actually looks like he wants to go PP!)

  • Kiyomi


  • Anonymous

    Question: When politicians like these are parading illegal guns at a podium who owns them? Are they legal to own them? Where do they get them if their laws are so stringent?

  • James Binnie

    Hello Gentlemen, I’m in the market for a .30 caliber clip ghost gun, that can disperse 3600 .30 magazine clips a minute.
    Also it has to be black, so I know it’s an evil gun.

  • Mike Holmes

    Are all dems this stupid and ignorant? Just curious as to how do you get the barrel of the gun through a metal detector?

    • Anonymous

      Most are that stupid and ignorant.

  • Blake Harrison

    Does he even realize that firearms firing the ammo are sending out the ID numbers from the side of the gun, so these illegally owned guns are only really traceable through the riffling. (correct me if I’m wrong) So in reality if someone wanted to. They could go shoot some place up with s gun that was stolen Melt it down and there be no trace they ever owned it. The police would go to the owner who it was registered to last and start asking questions. So in all reality there is no real helpful benefit with having a firearm with ID numbers stamped on them. Other than to say this is the last owner to have this weapon go start here.
    Granted there are some firing pins in some firearms that stamp the round’s casing with a ID number. other than that it’s not like the weapon is leaving any real helpful traceable information behind.

    I could be wrong.

  • IAE

    The reason they want to take our guns is so we cannot fight them when they decide to chip everyone underneath the OBAMA CARE act. *Reading is fundamental* Trampling over our rights so you can activate your plan to monitor people is evil. *Drops mic*

  • P O’d

    It is not about gun control it is about people control, period. Personally, I believe they will work around the gun issue simply by using mind control and turning us all into complacent , soulless, do as they say, morons.


    Welcome to the hive, you will be assimilated

  • Anonymous

    Historically, worldwide, it has been governments that have mass murdered millions, including children, after first disarming the unsuspecting citizens. Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro and Pol Pot come readily to mind. Any elected official who violates their oath of office to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution, including the entire Bill of Rights, needs ejected from office, period.

  • Scott Lanier Sprayberry


  • Nick

    I have been a CNC machinist for the last seven years and I can tell you that the lower receiver that he holds up was not just thrown into a jig to make the final part. The final part that he holds up is a fully machined part and would run around 600 to 700 dollars to have machined. I also don’t know any machinist that would be caught making those for other people in fear of it being traced back to them.

  • drerwe

    fucking idiots glen becks an idiot fugg

  • luvbeingbald

    Also….where did he get that toupe’? Not a good look….

  • Anonymous

    How could anyone say background checks on gun manufacturers is a bad thing?…reading through all of the BS, that’s the point I think everyone here is trying to make

  • Bob

    Until someone invents a plastic bullet, then a plastic gun would be ineffective in passing through metal detectors.

  • Daniel Ward

    if outlawing guns keeps them out of the bad guys hands we should outlaw drugs while were at it that will fix everything right?

  • Daniel Ward

    them there dumbacratics are real good thinkers

  • Anonymous

    Consider the mindset of a liberal. They take pride in being smarter than all of us less educated folks…. I would bet that if I challenged them to a game of russian roulette, they would choose a glock with a twelve round magazine over a smith and wesson revolver, because the odds are better with the glock. One in twelve verses one in six…….. that my friends sums up the liberal brain. They think they know everything, yet they know nothing. You heard it here first, Mark T

  • Anonymous

    So my question is, how did the law enforcement officers there keep a straight face when he was being an idiot?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, I know very little about guns, and I knew that was crap. Thing is though, half the time this is about how informed they are on other issues, but less people will catch them making up junk about things like projected cost of programs over the next 10 years (even if the law kicks in 5 years from now and they conveniently leave that part out).

  • Hitched

    Since equality before the law is the only kind of equality compatible with liberty, it is the only type of equality that free countries should pursue.

  • Paul Smith

    Glenn, have to set you straight on some military tech as well. The Aegis system aboard US Navy ships is not a gun system. It’s an a phased array radar system to track and engage airborne targets with missiles. The anti-missile gun system you are thinking of is called Phalanx.It’s a M-61 Vulcan cannon (same as used on the F-16, F-15 and F-22) married to two fire control radars and a computer system. It fires 4,000 rounds per minute and it used to engage missiles at close range (2km or less). Once turned on, it goes fully automatic. I.e. the computer makes the decision to fire as human would not be able to engage targets moving toward the ship at supersonic speeds. It had 6 barrels and fires 20mm HE rounds to destroy incoming missiles. When used in an aircraft like the F-16, it can fire up to 6,000 round per minute. (it was first used on the F-104 Starfighter back in the late 1950’s).

  • Anonymous

    This guy needs to understand that the “buffer spring” is what you really need to be concerned about! http://www.ssgtchrisames.com/california-gun-laws/

  • Ad Astra

    Just a few random thoughts that popped into my mind while watching this….
    Undetectable even though it has a couple of pounds of steel that any 1940s analog metal detector could you know detect.
    And as you know once something is made illegal everyone stops doing it right?
    “Here I have a picture of a gun that really exists and is super easy to make, but for some reason I couldn’t get an actual example made to show you. But it’s real trust me.”
    I’ve got it he should introduce a bill to ban plastic then we’ll make the anti-gun and environmentalists both happy!
    Isn’t this the guy who was fired up to classify airsoft guns as firearms?
    Fortunately as a resident of California I’ve given up any hope of sane government here barring a meteorite striking Sacramento.

  • Mick Price

    From now on the guns that the US government allowed to be sold to Mexican drug lords are to be known as “Ghost Guns” because they were invisible to alleged law enforcement personnel.

  • 196devillizard .

    or you could just remove the serial numbers from a weapon you purchased through a “legit” source, even though that is already illegal. still, BOOM. GHOST GUN. Wat u gun do, breh?

  • robotwolf

    one of the only guns capable of firing a 30 round clip in that amount of time is a mini-gun which is already illegal foe citizens to own

  • Teddy Kennedy

    Well I am a Democrat who strongly supports the right to bear arms in its entirety. Lately, the explicit disdain from the left for the 2A has almost turned me into a one issue voter, and It really upsets me. If it not for the such dire state of this country and the great need for change that Obama originally (ironically) promised I would have been in more of a conundrum over at the ballot box last November. Now for 2016 I think it would be hard for a Republican to lose with such momentum in their favor.

  • Teddy Kennedy

    It really is a shame Republicans are so stupid. It just shows how susceptible people are a young age for being influenced by another person’s personal beliefs for a lifetime. Just look at the religious extremists, none of them are free-thinkers they were all programmed from a young age, then the logical thinking of the bunch go home at night and question the lunacy of believing the world was created 6000 years ago where we co-existed with dinosaurs, and witchcraft is a legitimate threat. Yet they still believe because they were taught doubts were part of the faith. I believe in God but the idea of being so arrogant and foolish by believing that the way you were taught is the only sure way is beyond foolish, who are you to tell a woman what to do with her body, if you think she is going to hell, well thats her prerogative is it not? Lets the gays marry is it really that big of a deal? Unbelievable, if you all weren’t such idiots I would be in, but I will probably just remain an outcast Democrat gun owner.

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