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TheBlaze has been working hard to get onto TV providers across the country for close to a year now, and has encouraged viewers, readers and listeners to help with the effort. Because of the outpouring of support from TheBlaze audience and their willingness to tell their TV company that they want to watch TheBlaze, the network has been added to over 50 TV providers across the country. However, some of the big guys still haven’t added TheBlaze, so today Glenn kicked the “Get TheBlaze” campaign into high gear.

“We are by far the most requested and fasted growing network in the entire world,” Glenn said. “It’s not been done before what we’re doing. And it’s because of you making the phone calls.”

Glenn said that in many meetings his staff have had with some of the big TV providers, they have been told that there just isn’t enough demand for TheBlaze. They don’t think that their customers will really do anything but complain, and that TheBlaze won’t bring in any new viewers.

“We’re trying to be nice guys…they don’t believe you’ll ever cancel or ever switch. They just don’t believe it. I don’t want to ask you to do that, I don’t want you to have to do that,” Glenn said.

However, Glenn said that these “day of action” campaigns are an incredibly important part of the effort to spread the message of TheBlaze. He explained that every time TheBlaze does a big grassroots push, he repeatedly hears from the TV providers that they have never gotten that volume of responses from an audience.

Glenn added that phone calls are especially helpful to the effort, as each TV provider has to pay for the time the customer service representatives spend on the phone. It actually hurts their bottom line not to have TheBlaze on air.

“You are paying for Al Jazeera, MSNBC, and everyone else,” Glenn explained. “We’re asking for an equal shot. And they’re not apt to give it to us without you.”

This morning, Glenn and TheBlaze circulated the message below to their audience:

Hello America,

For over a year, we have asked and asked again for TV Providers to carry TheBlaze… a new kind of television network we’ve been building from the ground up, a network with world-class news and entertainment. One rooted in truth, freedom, faith and family values.

Some have enthusiastically listened to you, but sadly, many have not. Many TV Providers – big ones like DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner Cable – have decided that channels like CNN, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera America are all you need. We know you disagree. We disagree too.

Today, TheBlaze is available in a growing number of households through over 50 cable and satellite systems. That is great progress, especially since we’ve only been broadcasting over traditional TV for a year! None of this would have been possible without your help and I cannot thank you enough.

But more work lies ahead.

We know your TV provider has heard your phone calls. We know that they have read your emails. Our partnerships with DISH, Optimum, RCN, and others prove that there are TV Providers who listen to their customers. Our GetTheBlaze campaign is working! So let’s keep it up and convince those who have chosen not to listen — like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, U-VERSE and FiOS — to add TheBlaze.

Today I am asking you to call your TV provider and demand that they add TheBlaze. Simply demand that they give you the choice to watch programming that reflects your values.

Make your choice heard now by calling 1-800-996-2529.

A chorus is made up of individual voices, and they accomplish together what none of them could do alone. So it is for us too. We cannot win this fight alone, but when we join together, we cannot lose.

1-800-996-2529 is the number. Now is the time. You are the voice. Please, take a moment and do it right now.

For more visit GetTheBlaze.com.

Laus Deo,

Glenn Beck

P.S. While you wait for your TV Provider to add TheBlaze to your channel lineup, you don’t have to miss out. You can support TheBlaze, and watch the network, by subscribing to TheBlaze TV.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I am not holding my breath for Direct TV because they are runned by liberals.

  • landofaahs

    I’d like to help you Glenn but I don’t watch TV. I have more profitable things to do. Besides, if any of my money goes to pay TV, then I am at least nominally supporting crap like Al Jeezeeriah or any other list of garbage on it..

  • Lucas Forde

    Fox News needs some friendly competition so they aren’t forced follow the rest of the media. For example Boston Children Hospital scandal not covered as well as the Blaze, I believe they would if the Blaze is on national tv. I have one fear though if the Blaze on national tv, will they be penetrated Muslim groups because even the conservative and larger Fox News did. Example no reporting on Saudi at the Boston Bombing.

  • Sikon

    We requested Blaze about 6-8 weeks ago to our provider Direct TV. Still no response so we have cancelled Direct and are going with DISH since they carry Blaze!!
    We were customers with Direct for over 8 years. Maybe they will finally start to listen to their customers some day. We are telling our friends and families and Direct should expect more cancellations coming soon…

  • Pamela Cinquini

    I have been calling Direct TV since last March (2013). I call every month at least twice, I called again today and was told that “new” programs will be added in February—but they do not know which ones. I have always been told the blaze was in current negotiations; right. I also continue to complain about Al Jazeera in their line-up. If in February….The Blaze is not offered….I too will switch to Dish and also pay for my son and his roommates’ switch to Dish Network. Enough!

  • Stephan Bruno

    It always comes back to please gimme money. If you don’t see the con then you deserve to get fooled.

    • Mike Nelson

      If only people would view college degrees in this way…

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    Reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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