True Story: Glenn is cryogenically frozen

Glenn has been dealing with some back problems for the last few months, and he finally decided to heed the advice he received from a friend of his and try cryotherapy, which exposes the body to the extreme cold to help reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain among other things.

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“So I went to this place called the Cryosauna yesterday here in Dallas because I have been having back problems and stuff, and I don’t want to take drugs, I don’t want to do all that stuff,” Glenn said on radio this morning.. “A friend of mine said, ‘You should be cryogenically frozen.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t think so.’ But they said there is this place where you are frozen for 3 minutes at 200 degrees below zero!”

“That’s amazing,” Pat said.

Professional athletes have been using the therapy for years, but the technology has also been used for preservation purposes.

“I will tell you – I am going back today – I felt 10 years younger after it,” Glenn concluded. “It is the most bizarre experience. It’s like a giant ice pack. And it is absolutely amazing.”

  • landofaahs

    Germans and Norwegian’s have been dipping into the freezing cold water as a rite for centuries. But I cannot help thinking it could not be over-used or have some unknown consequences.

    • Rochelle Hopkins Fitzpatrick

      heart attack

    • Danner

      Isn’t the skin affected?

  • Sam Fisher

    That seems like a really bad idea.

    • Anonymous

      trust me it is – its -4 outside…I just got back inside after walking the dog – he did his duty in under three minutes, now I can’t seem to find my noaasatall-pill’s…if you know what I mean.

  • stephanie collins

    Try researching epigenetics and lunasin for pain and inflammation. This is the very first ingredient proven to affect gene expression. 60+ clinical studies Amazing for cancer, cholesterol, and other genetic issues. I have seen lives change. Even with $140 million in research the drugs companies are doing their best to keep this quiet since 1996! God Bless you.

  • MagnumMatt

    Of course, I have to wonder… Did he lose his mojo?

    • Guest

      Cryotherapy actually INCREASES one’s mojo by getting those endorphins moving and increasing blood flow.

  • Anonymous

    I have two blown disc in my neck. Trying a first go at radio frequency tomorrow which is needles put into the nerve to burn it. Frankly, a bit nervous about it but they say it has some good results. I have done the block and trigger point injections with some results but nothing stops the pain and having a hard time at this point just managing the pain to take away the the edge of the worst of it.

    • Take 2

      I had two blown disc. in my neck. Took about seven years for my own body to heal. Accupucture for pain relief and biofeedback for the head aches… Did not like the pain drugs or surgery concept with two 2 disc apart stiff neck.

      Lower Back took two tennis balls placed at both hips. 2) playing basketball…!

    • Dzydvl

      I’ve had this done 3 times, with mixed results. My entire lumbar spine is wacked. Currently I have 3 artificial discs in my lower back (L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1) are all artificial (Pro-Disc L) I had to get a special FDA compassionate use waiver. In fact I flew to Plano to have it done (TBI in case you were wondering). For daily pain, I have to take meds, but I do my best to limit as much as possible, but I do take a muscle relaxer nightly, or I wouldn’t sleep at all.

      Anywhoo, Unfortunately I still have problems, but it’s due to the discs above the artificial one, so I had the Radio Frequency procedure. The process itself is relatively painless. They inject lidocaine, and go from there. That’s the worst part, you feel a warming sensation when they heat the needles up (it’s between 90-100 degrees). The downside is the results are not permanent, it can lasts anywhere from 2-3 years, but sometimes as little as 1 year. The thing about nerves is they heal approximately 1mm a month, so it’s all based on how quick your body regenerates the nerve paths.
      I’m really looking forward to hear the results that Glenn has, it’s something that I may have to consider in the future.
      I apologize for the wall of text, but I thought it applied, if you still have questions, let me know, I’m happy to answer as best as I can.

      • Anonymous

        I am right there with you on this one. I know what its like to limit your activity so you dont end up in more pain. I feel for you, I take daily meds to to help with the pain also. I have tried everything under the sun, surgery is not an option, so I am stuck. The surgeons have said, “the risks of surgery do not outway the benefits. In other words if I am doing this to get rid of the pain, they can’t guarenty this will help, because there are so many other factors contributing to my pain.Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Anonymous

      I have plates and screws in the neck from prior surgery, and the screws had already come loose due to osteoporosis (I am one of few I know who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt I have screws loose in the head area), and then was in a car wreck where a chip of one of the vertebrae in the same effected area is pressing against a bone,causing the left arm to atrophy really. Went in for a presurgical screening for as minimally invasive surgery the doctor could do, just wanted to get the bone off the nerve, and flunked it due to blood pressure issues. So still have the arm atrophying, the loose screws (which many have suspected for years), and take OTC motrin for pain, and one 24 ounce high gravity beer at bedtime which relaxes the muscles better than any other drug. I can get my refills merely by visiting my convenience store of choice, take it if I want to or not take it if that is my choice. I will not allow a doctor to make me an addict and then have to obey his or her orders for life to get my refills. Have seen too many fall into that trap.
      BTW – originally messed up back sky diving in the Army in 1970. 8 lower back surgeries, three surgeries on cervical spine, and they are now saying I need both hips and left knee replaced, basically from the one attempt at sky diving. And they have been trying since 2006 to get me to let them put some sort of rod down the spine with fusions with plates and screws from the bottom two thoracic, all of the lumbar, to the sacral vertebrae. I won’t let them do that, as I would likely have to give up my pets and no longer be able to care for myself. Not the way I wish to spend the so-called Golden Years.

      • Anonymous

        I have had the fusions and the rods and screws. Don’t do it. I still have my pets. Why would you have to give them up? It has taken me about 3 years, but my back is better, probably as good as it is going to get. Swimming helped me more than anything.

        • Anonymous

          My problem with the back goes back to 1970. If I allowed them to do the surgery they tell me I need I would be left unable to bend from the waist. I might have less pain but would actually be more handicapped than I am now. I would need someone to come in to help me clean, and they likely would not like putting up with dogs. I will not agree to that surgery. The spine is curved now from all the surgeries and the osteoporosis to where one hip is about an inch and a half higher than the other. And you can tell looking in the mirror than the abdomen is moving to the right side. I am 66, have lived a full life, am right with God, so I am not afraid of dying. I would rather die than give up my personal freedom and independence. My doctor at the VA says I can put off this surgery as long as the curved spine does not start pressing against vital organs.
          I used to help out at a no-kill animal shelter. Four of my six dogs were ones I worked with who were considered unadoptable. That is why I have them I took in the last dog shortly before moving where I now live. Her owner had to go into a hospice and due to the dog’s age, 13 years old, and the fact she has cataracts she was going to be put down if no one would take her. She fits in here, and is doing fine. I do not want her or the other dogs traumatized anymore. I will continue to care for them as long as i can.

    • LaDonna Lowe

      I have severe back problems from being in a house that blew up from a gas leak and I have the nerves in my back burned and it is GREAT! I have to have it done one time a year but it really helps

    • Anonymous

      I have had radio frequency three times over the past several years. It isn’t so bad. You will be asleep to the point you won’t know anything unless the doctor speaks loudly to you and it will be over before you know it. I hope it works for you.

    • Rick M.

      JB1794: No worries for tomorrow. I’ve had Radio Frequency Ablation on my spine twice, in my heart 4 times, twice on the right side, and twice in the left side, and one cryo Ablation on the left side once. The first time it scares you, but the results should make a big difference in your life. Good luck tomorrow, and try to relax, it’s done very often.

    • Anonymous

      I have had it done to my lower back for blown discs. 2 times now 4 years apart. Works fairly well but my one nerve keeps coming back. But the others are gone for now till they grow back. Works fairly well.

  • ItalianScallion

    R U nuts. Come to Maine ,its free here.

    • Anonymous

      For sure! It hit 14 below up here near Bangor last week! We’re in the middle of a heat wave at the moment 10 degrees. And that ain’t nothin head inland and further north. That’s where the fun really starts.
      But what are we complaining about at least we ain’t in Great Falls Minny so tah!

  • Anonymous

    Go to the CHIROPRACTOR, dear. No drugs and no cryogenic treatments necessary

    • Lynn Davis

      My chiropractor uses gentle sonic pulses to relax my joints and muscles. This includes lower back pain and what feels like a hip dislocation. I feel like a milliin bucks when I walk out if his office! And no jerky manipulations performed. Find a gentle chiropractor. You’ll be amazed at the results!

    • Anonymous

      They don’t always help. They would kill my sister and they don’t do much here for the money….I had a Natropath that worked the best. He knew both worlds so he did the best for me when I was in my 20’s.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with going to the chiropractor for back pain?

  • thundrn

    yes it’s lost!

  • lee luna

    I have back pain , I will jump outside into a snow bank and let you know how it turns out…see you next spring when they find my frozen cadaver.

    • Anonymous

      The squirrels will find you nueces come springtime

  • Guest

    can being frozen help my “pain in the neck” I get when in the proximity of a liberal

  • lee luna

    can getting frozen cure my “pain in the neck” I get, when in the proximity of a liberal?

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Too bad people won’t try God – He’s still in the healing business!

  • Daniel Briner

    JBL 1794 I have done radio frequency 3 times now and I would never ever ever do it a fourth time! I am 31 had back surgery bed addicted to pain meds and have come thru that. But the radio frequency was extreamly painful and the nerves regenerate. I did it three times and honestly the little relief I received wasn’t worth it. Maybe it will work better on you I hope it does! I have had a fusion 19 epidurals and over 30 other injections iny back. Unfortunately I am still taking pain meds. It’s tough thing to deal with but it’s not gonna beat me, thru all this I continue to work. Self employed contractor. I and extreamly great ill god has given me the tools to ole with this! Three all this I haven’t asked for help from Uncle Sam. The best thing I have found is swimming or aquatic therapy!!

    • Daniel Briner

      I was completely awake and very little numbing. Sounds like I was getting it done at the wrong place! I also had more pain for a few days after.

  • Dave

    24 below last night, come on up to NW Wisconsin.

  • Ernest Hemple

    My back is really bad. I just recently had two cortizone injections. They helped, however I am not excited about the long term effect of cortizone. I have an artificial knee. Anyone know if I can get frozen with the knee? Tks
    Glenn, keep us posted on how you feel in a few days.

  • Anonymous

    Good Gosh !!–Glynn won’t see the Jewels til Summer.

  • Ernest Hemple

    Hmm…. A frozen Glenn-sicle? Share with your favorite liberal to correct far left syndrom.

  • Will Wright

    Glenn you need to read “It Starts with Food”. The problem is what we eat that causes most of our inflammation. My son got the book for me because my knees hurt to climb stairs. After the Whole 30 Program my knees quit hurting. The food we eat has so many chemicals and stuff that our bodies cannot handle.

  • Will Wright

    I believe in the holistic way to go. Don’t trust many doctors. They killed my wife with their to good attitudes and know how. To many people put their faith in them way to much. My opinion of them is like auto mechanics. If you find one that knows his business stick with him. The rest are just parts changers and they throw stuff at the problem till something starts working.

  • Anonymous

    I have a pain in the neck. It started about this time in January 5 years ago. I thought it would be taken care of a year ago last November and be remedied by last January. Unfortunately, at last report I will have to endure the pain for another 3 years.

    • Anonymous

      I think the official diagnosis was called Obama-itis.

  • Jeri107

    I’m ready to try anything except surgery. Had a neck fusion years ago, took about 3 yrs for the debilitating headaches to go away, but lost a lot of movement, which makes it hard to look to the left when driving. I presently have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, painful hips, and constant nerve pain in my left foot. Have gotten cortisone shots in my back and hips, and a laminectomy. I’ve tried deep tissue massage, chiropractic treatments, but no success. I need to use hydrocodone daily, and would consider radio frequency or cryogenics if available. None of the many doctors I’ve seen have mentioned either treatment. Would love to get off the pain meds.

  • Ty Marler

    My doctor told me I would have to fuse L5-S1. Three chiropractors gave little relief. Someone told me about a wooden roller ( Maxi-Backsie Flex Massage Tool ) and I bought one on amazon.. It is unbelievable that a $23 chunk of wood could do more than the thousands I spent on doctors… Not saying it will fix everyone but its worth a try…

  • Anonymous

    Xango’s ‘ Whole ‘Fruit Mangosteen Juice..worked wonders for me & my back challenges.. 1 oz. 3x’s day for about 4 weeks..B4 I was able to toss my medications & for over 7 yrs now..& have NOT used or needed ‘drugs’ for it since..Ya might check it out Glenn..then decide if it’s working for you…

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Zhivago, is that you?

  • Oz Chambers

    I’m pretty sure this is a joke designed to make the lib bloggers and progressive groups like Media Matters look stupid. Doesnt he know that they already look stupid to everyone that isnt a raging libtard?

  • Oz Chambers

    holy crap, i think this is actually real.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Good for you Glenn I hope it works, Please try Yoga stretching, it seems we share the same back problems…If I take 15 minutes in the morning and do some stretching using a long cotton belt to support my legs I have NO back pain that day..please try it ! Many Blessings.

  • Bradley Mullins

    That was at Cryo-X in Grapevine, TX.

    We feel SO honored to have him as a regular. He’s a great guy!

    To anyone who may be interested in trying it, here’s our website:

    Here’s our Facebook(We do TONS of giveaways)

    We have cryosaunas, which administer whole-body cryotherapy. It’s a
    quick, 3-minute treatment that triggers your body’s natural responses to
    heal itself. Here’s how it works: Very dry cold air flows over the
    surface of your skin for 3 minutes. It’s so dry that you’re unable to
    truly feel the actual temperature we are taking you to, yet your body is
    able to recognize the cold and respond to it. By letting the cool air
    flow over your body’s cold receptors, your body responds as if you were
    in a blizzard. (Remember, you feel perfectly fine, just a little
    chilly!) your body has no clue that you’re actually in a safe controlled
    environment in which the air is too dry to even penetrate the skin, so
    it responds as if it has to protect you. Your body pulls the blood away
    from your extremities and into your core, oxygenating your blood and
    filling it with nutrients. (You’ll wear socks and gloves to protect your
    extremities) After the 3-minutes is up, you step out of the cryosauna,
    and your body sends the nutrient/oxygen-rich blood throughout your body,
    but the majority of nutrients is directed to areas in most need of

    This means that any area of your body which may have
    needed repair, is then able to begin healing. It could be literally
    anything…a muscle, tissue, organ, an area where you’ve has surgery, a
    scar, eczema, acne, an area of inflammation….literally anything!

    • Anonymous

      Hey brother, I am gonna need something more than sock and gloves for my favorite extremity if you know what i mean.

  • Anonymous

    try yoga and pilates 3 x a week

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    In fact, the claim that our customs and traditions have been rationally designed is little but a pernicious pretense conjured up to undermine the learned practices and moral standards upon which liberty and prosperity depend.

  • T.A. Conscience

    There is at least one, perhaps two questions begged after watching the videos. I’m reminded of the consequences of swimming in the Frio River when I was a kid.

  • Zdena Aris

    Dear Glenn, please don’t do that, it will feel better at first, but worse
    afterwords, I tried it! Couple simple exercise few times a day and cleansing your body
    from toxins will do the trick, love Zdena from Czech Republic.

  • Anonymous

    MaMood AbAss, BareRock Who’sSane O’Bomber, Pillory Clinton & John Hurry-Kerry have been practicing CryerTherapy on BeanJammin’ Knittin’Yahoo for five years, backed by their cousins’ pocket-rockets. What was Glenn DOING in the Holy Land? If Texas was hit by as many rockets and bombs as Israel, it would be ‘holy’ land, too!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there a Sirius risk Cryogenic Therapy could leave Glenn cold hearted?

  • Anonymous

    I hope this works for him, but in my case, extreme cold only adds to my pain. My muscles tighten up when I am cold and that triggers muscle spasms. I have tried everything except acupuncture, which is to far fetched for me. I hope this helped Glen.

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