‘Keep calling!’ A cable TV phone rep shares his experience with customers requesting TheBlaze

Yesterday, Glenn asked you to call your television provider and ask them to add TheBlaze to your channel lineup, and guess what: It’s working! Television providers around the country received over 8,000 phone calls, 1,000 emails, and countless social media posts from people like you who are looking for more voices not less.

TheBlaze has already partnered with 50 cable and satellite providers, and we are in talks with many more thanks to your support. If you haven’t already, please call your TV provider and ask why they won’t honor your choice and add TheBlaze. Call 1-800-996-2529 or Tweet a photo of yourself using #IWantTheBlaze and tell us why you want TheBlaze!

On radio this morning, Glenn received a call from Robert, a longtime listener who happens to work for a cable company and saw his paycheck directly effected by the outpour of requests to get TheBlaze yesterday.

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“[We have] big operators at the table, and it makes a difference if you’re calling the… It does make a difference,” Glenn said. “Yesterday, call centers all across the country were flooded, and I got this email from a guy named Robert. He works for an unnamed cable company because we don’t want him to get into trouble.”

Below is the email Glenn received from Robert:

I listen every morning and you cost me a thousand dollars in my paycheck yesterday with your call to the cable companies. I’m a single dad and I work as a call center rep for a cable company. My salary is commission-based solely on the revenue generated per call and on the last day of our fiscal month. I took so many calls about TheBlaze you destroyed my paycheck.

Robert called into the radio program this morning and explained that call volume he received yesterday from customer requesting TheBlaze was “staggering.”

“The volume of calls I got requesting TheBlaze was staggering,” Robert explained. “To give you an idea: We have large call centers on the northeast, and we probably employ approximately a thousand people. And the calls come in at a queue, so you take the next call available. On a given day, I take an average of between 25 and 30 calls. I would say the amount of people called yesterday regarding TheBlaze was 33% of my calls.”

Robert said the customers he dealt with yesterday were very firm in their request of TheBlaze but very respectful at the same time. He chose to write to Glenn primarily so that those who are calling their providers and requesting TheBlaze know their efforts are not falling on deaf ears.

“I got to be honest, the main reason that I did write the email and called is I want your listeners to know that they are heard and it is working,” Robert said. “So keep calling!”

“What a guy, thank you very much,” Glenn concluded. “Well, I got your email and Robert, and I’m sorry that we cost you money. You just happened to be the first one, and the only one that I’m going to take. But I want to send you a check for $1,000 because you’re hard working and I didn’t mean to cost you money. I appreciate you writing in with the little happy faces and everything to know that you were joking. I appreciate it.”

Make your voice heard by calling 1-800-996-2529 or Tweet a photo of yourself using #IWantTheBlaze and tell us why you want TheBlaze!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I will keep doing so but I will not hold my breath because Directv being run by liberals.

    • Richard B

      Hmm… I didn’t know that. I originally tried to sign up for DirectTV, but due to technical problems, I ended up with Dish Network. If I had known this about DirectTV at the time, I would simply never have considered them at all.

      • Barbara Shealy

        I reall admire DISH for the willingness to sign up right off the bat. We happened to be with DISH at the time — and happily so because of their prices AND customer service — but were REALLY glad when we were able to get The Blaze right away!

        • Anonymous

          Yep … I dropped DirecTV & went with Dish solely because, at the time, they wouldn’t even consider carrying TheBlazeTV. Even if they sign on, I won’t go back b/c their customer service stinks!!

          • snooki61

            Now I am totally perplexed! First we were with comcast, and their service stunk, so went with dish which for us was worse, then have been with direct for years now and no problem.
            Amazing how the same company can give two different customers different service. They are all a bunch of greedy
            B’s. Oh for the days of free TV!

          • Anonymous

            It’s DirecTV customer service I wasn’t happy with – not Dish Network.

          • Boo2

            It’s still there! Just not many stations. And it’s nice to be free of cable. Just watch DVD’s & old VHS tapes. Fine for us. Football’s become sissy ball with all the bad calls so I don’t really miss that. Only thing I really miss is Barrett-Jackson Auction & CashCab! ;-). Oh & FOX News!

          • Anonymous

            Just get a ROKU box. I believe you can get Fox News ala carté; I know you can get the Blaze; as well as severel other entertainment options via Vudu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime and tons of other options. No packages; just subscribe to what you like.

          • bumpkin

            OOH! I need to know more! I have to go look that ROKU thing up now! Thanks!

          • bumpkin

            OOh. I stopped watching FOX when they shoved Glenn out of his spot. And I ONLY watch the Blaze tv for television news! I dont miss fox at all. Mamma watched FOX, and she NEVER gets the truth like we do with Glenn.

          • John Zack Zichterman

            Discovery stopped making the Cash Cab series a couple years ago. Reruns are available on local stations around the country. “Check your local listings” — usually on independent stations. And 2 hours of the Barrett-Jackson Auction was on the FOX broadcast network this past weekend.

          • Anonymous

            The days of free TV are still here. I have not had cable or satellite TV for 25 years. I cannot get cable because I live in a semi-rural area, and the cable company refused (years ago) to run cable. At the time I had a big satellite dish and could get a lot of feeds. Now, I have a large TV antenna and I installed a signal enhancer. I get all of the local stations (Fox, etc.), public TV (numerous stations) and a lot of others (about 40 stations all told and most of them are very clear). I do not get paid channels like ESPN, etc. but we would not watch them anyway. The only one I miss is the History channel and Fox News (cable). The local Fox station is too liberal. I would like to get Glenn Beck and the Blaze on TV, but I have a subscription, so we watch on the internet. I even used to get Al Jazeera over the air until that treasonous Al Gore sold them his cable channel. You couldn’t believe anything Al Jazeera had to say, but they did provide a lot of video of trouble spots in the world (ie., Egypt’s “Arab Spring” that the “mainstream” media would not show or down-played tremendously. You can’t believe them, either. I do have to note that, while we are in a fairly rural setting, we are only a couple of hours from downtown Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, so we likely get a lot more stations than some folks in other areas might get.

          • Boo2

            We got rid of cable about 2 years ago. We were with Verizon. Talk about a sucky cable distributor! Their customer service stinks! For example: we waited till the contract was up to get out & the loser woman said there would be a $30.00 out fee. I said no there isn’t! Back & forth….long story short, I won. It was a matter of principle not $30.
            Oh & they actually try to get us to re-up. Lowest price for 2 years? $59.00 for their triple play. I told them I’d turn them in for harassment if they call again!
            If & when we get cable again we’ll go with Dish.

          • bumpkin

            Oh, BOO! That is awesome that you stuck to your guns! More and more people nowadays are stealing from people… they think, I assume, that since their government does it, it should be OK for them to do it, too. Very recently, in Roseburg, Oregon, the ARCO gas station (on Northeast Stevens street,) attendants FORCED me to buy another woman’s gasoline. They pumped it into the wrong vehicle, and then said I would have to pay for it. They told ME what pump I was on, I said fine, because I didn’t know, and had no idea I had to go inside and pay, or that I had to know what pump I was On. (in Oregon, people cannot pump their own gas) Even though I told the attendant it was the (including my make and model of vehicle-just not here) green one and she looked over my shoulder outside of the store, and told me what pump I was on. Then the outside attendant came in said the girl in the little red car got $35.00 worth of gas, but only had a twenty dollar bill. Inside attendant told me I had to pay for it, and LIED and told me I told HER the wrong pump! So, I called the Corporate offices, they promised the head of a department would call me and, he never did. Not even after I called again. I am still waiting… My bank said since it was a debit (I will never use debit again) it was too late for them to intervene, since a debit comes out of your account immediately.

  • landofaahs

    I used to have direct TV and paid the bill for all the crap I never watched. I only wanted FOX business news without paying extra and they told me they could do nothing. I dropped the service and later got a call from a rep that said he had authority to make changes in order to keep my service. It was too late but this is a tactic you can try.

  • Richard B

    You know, I’m with Dish Network, and they already have TheBlaze. But how come they do not have High Definition??

    • Barbara Shealy

      They do. In fact, when we signed up for high speed internet, they threw the HD in at no charge (and the HS internet was only $5 more per month!).

      • Anonymous

        I’m still waiting for DishNet (internet) to be available in my area. I tweeted them a couple wks ago about national advertising in certain markets where some of their services are not available (San Antonio, TX is one of those markets). BUT .. DishNet is available in Austin, TX … go figure!

    • Jon Galt

      I was checking out DishTV, they do have HD. It is an upgrade over their standard package, like $10 per month more. Comcast does the same thing – a charge for HD, on top of the HD box rental…

      • Richard B

        After I got your response, I called up Dish and found out they do indeed have the HD version now! They didn’t a few months ago. But it costs me only $5, why is it costing you $10?

      • Richard B

        I had added TheBlaze to my Dish subscription a few months back, and it wasn’t in HD, so I cancelled it.

        Today, some of you folks told me HD is now available, so I called up Dish and was told HD is available. But after the channel was added, it doesn’t look like HD, so I had to have them remove the channel and just stick to having to watch the programs through my Roku box.

        What bums me out though is that they charged me $5 for the change. I feel duped at this point because they said it was in HD, and it wasn’t, nor are they giving me back the $5.

        • Boo2

          Is your tv HD? Not all are.

    • Anonymous

      Each network has to have the camera equipment in order to broadcast in HD. It is very expensive, which is probably something Glenn’s company is holding off on a purchase at least for the time being. You never know … as TheBlazeTV gets more carriers & subscribers, they might invest in it in the future. That’s my two cents – or for whatever it’s worth.

      With that said, I also have Dish Network with HD. On the bottom left corner of my receiver remote underneath the #7, there is a Format button with a * on it; as I press it, it will “stretch” or “zoom” in the picture. I know it’s not a true HD, but it works for me especially for non-HD programming. Not sure if all remotes are the same for each receiver, Richard; so you’ll have to check yours.

      • Richard B

        MissDiane47, you are absolutely right. The Dish representative walked me through pressing the ‘*’ button on my remote to zoom the picture to fill all four sides. I had to call Dish 3 times to get this straightened out and have the service change fees waived. Two of the three people I spoke to claimed TheBlaze was in HD, but it took the third to tell me it really wasn’t, that the first two reps were mistaken.

        Anyway, they waived all charges, but they still wasted my time due to the ignorance of the first two representatives.

        • Anonymous

          Richard, I am sorry you had to go thru all that hassle. Glad they waived fees for you and hope you could get at least something close to HD for your programming with your remote.

      • John Zack Zichterman

        TheBlaze has been full HD from day one. Looks incredible — crystal clear — on my Roku. Glenn hasn’t done anything second-rate with his network.

        • Anonymous

          I never implied that Glenn “did anything second-rate” with his network. According to Dish Network, TheBlazeTV is NOT available in HD.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see, 33% of his calls that day were demanding TheBlaze and he lost $1000 pay? So normally he makes $3000/day?

    • Jared Conrad

      I need that job.

    • Jon Galt

      Yeah, something seemed fishy there. I think he was saying his pay is based on revenue… but additional calls asking for the blaze wouldn’t subtract from revenue calls. 25-30 calls per day seems really low too. Only about 15 min per call.

      • Tony Clifton

        I call BS on losing $1,000 based on 10 people asking for The Blaze. I understand how commissions work and understand that he gets paid for signing people up. I don’t understand how ten calls on one day that didn’t end in sales could possibly cost him $1,000 for the month. If he takes an average of 27 call per day and works 22 days per month that’s about 600 calls per month. If those 10 callers for The Blaze (1.66% of his monthly total) were worth $1,000 that means his monthly commission would be about $60,000. I’m in the wrong business if that’s the case.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure he’s taxed on it so he lost more like $600. IRS will probably track down Glenn to get the guys name for their cut.

    • http://www.putoldonhold.com/members Barb M

      Grumpy Cat, This is still America (well, sort of). If he can make $3,000 a day, good for him. But I doubt he’s making that much. Perhaps your calculation is skewed.

    • Anonymous

      The guy explained how his pay is generated. If you’ve never worked in commission based sales, it can be brutal. “My salary is commission-based solely on the revenue generated per call and on the last day of our fiscal month. I took so many calls about TheBlaze you destroyed my paycheck.”

    • michaelcuddlehammer

      Having worked in that industry at one time, ,I believe his $1000.00 loss is for the month. Those commissions are usually paid at the end of the month and are “revenue based”. In order for him to get paid, he has to enroll a caller.
      Don’t know about all of the rest of it. Depends on the commission structure.

      • bumpkin

        Thanks for clearing that up. I was feeling a little confused, too. He doesn’t get paid per call, he gets paid per sign-up. Brain fixed.

  • Roger Anderson

    Called Comcast AGAIN this afternoon.

    • publius

      Falling on deaf ears, Roger. I can’t tell you how many times I have called and tweeted them.

    • Anonymous

      Comcast owns the likes of NBC and MSNBC. They don’t allow opposition opinions, so I doubt they will ever come around. They can’t handle the truth.

      • bumpkin

        Yeah, but doesn’t it MAKE your DAY to call them about it AGAIN? Fun! (Don’t tell me I have a low fun-threshold… I already know)

      • Jp Hale

        Sully4kids ….You sounded like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men!” My girlfriend’s fave actor!!!!

  • Stone

    I just called DirecTV and they said TheBlaze had not yet signed the contract with them. They are going to let me know when that happens.

    • Pat

      That’s not the answer I got, but I hope it’s correct and not just someone pacifying you.

    • Anonymous

      Stone I think i will be a cold day in hell when Direct TV adds the Blaze… We switched to Dish so we could watch Glenn Beck….. Direct keeps calling us to get us back but we told them let us know when you get the Blaze so until you do don’t keep bothering us…..Well the phone calls stopped so maybe that is an indication of how soon they will add it…….NEVER!!!!!!!

      • Kim Hansgen Granger

        Same here! We left Time Warner for Dish JUST FOR THE BLAZE!!

  • Shirley Capes

    Very funny, this makes my day,we the public never know if people are listening to us, Robert is a nice dude, sounds like he works hard, I’ve had a phone job and it’s hard work, thanks for making him whole Glenn, I know he appreciates it, so do I,
    I did contact my server, hope they don’t want that from me, I sure hope not,
    I’ll be in touch if they do! Ha , love your shows and your answer to Megyn Kelly
    Last night about what you got out of your time on Fox, you are very humble,
    I sure got a lot from your time, you’re a fav,and wishing you all the very best
    In life and beyond, love from Georgia,

  • Anonymous

    I must admit, either this guy is making a lot of money or NY will be under 20ft of water in 10-20 years. Not sure which is more believable. But power to him for getting Glen to cut the check. As far as writing a check to IPCC to save NY, not likely.

  • Richard B

    I hope someone from TheBlaze staff reads this, but your Disqus is not working properly it seems. I get an email from Disqus when someone replies to a post I made, and I normally would just click the Reply button, and it would bring me back to the site of my post. But when I do so, I get an error page with a video background telling me something is wrong. (It says something like Uh Oh …)

    I am not new to Disqus, as I get these email notifications of a reply all the time from WND.com. So I hope this is something you can take care of on your end.

  • Anonymous

    Great response Glenn!

  • Marcas L

    Wow three thousand clams a day for working in a call center. Many years ago I worked in a tech support call center and I had to work two weeks to make that! Yeah I know he was just kidding. Anyway when I called AT&T UVerse they also told me they were in “negotiations” with TheBlaze. We’ll see.

    • Raphiki

      That was for the month.

      • Marcas L

        GrumpyCat • Posted 5 hours ago

        Lets see, 33% of his calls that day were demanding TheBlaze and he lost $1000 pay? So normally he makes $3000/day?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get through Verizon’s phone to speak to a person about adding the Blaze. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Email them … be careful – don’t spam them ..

    • Timothy Bunting

      Send email to tv.feedback@verizon.com I’m a fios tech support rep and this is the way to suggest channels for them to carry.

  • 13citizen13

    I regularly post on Cox Communication FB page and call them as well. I always get the same response, “We’re in negotiations”. It seems like they really don’t want to carry it, but they’re bombarded with requests.. Progressive New England really, really needs The Blaze. People up here need to wake up.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get an answer from Comcast…I believe they are a Liberal Cable Company.

    • publius

      Falling on deaf ears, JB. I can’t tell you how many times I have called and tweeted them.

  • Linda Sue

    posting on the company’s face book page will get attention as well.

  • M N Wood

    Roku streaming box $60-$80 one time. The blaze subscription $99 per year. Glenn Beck, and the rest of the Gang, PRICELESS! (p.s. DirecTV does have some of the best CSR’s in my experience. Ownership are a bunch knuckleheads. Goes double for Comcast.)

  • cheral

    Regarding call center guy’s pay loss, he says his monthly check is based on the total sales he makes divided by the number of calls he takes. I figure that so many non-revenue calls that one day reduced his $/call average by about $1.68. Multiply that by the number of calls he fields per month (about 595) and, Bingo, the total is $1K!

  • Anonymous

    I have been blessed to be a DISH customer for about 15 years now, so I’ve had the Blaze from its conception. Direct TV has tried to woo me away from DISH, but I ignore them. For one thing, DISH is just a better company, and I like their layout, their programming (for the most part) and the fact that they DO try to give something to EVERYONE, not just to liberals. I got rid of cable years ago and I’m satisfied with DISH. Thank you, Glenn, for all you do to keep us informed about our choices. I have enjoyed you for years and hope to enjoy you for many more.

  • Belteshazzar Hoggard

    Posted on Direct TV FB page today. I’m not sure why they won’t put you on. I just want y’all on. I py to have you on my computer but it’s not as easy to watch.

  • BG

    Glenn, I have really missed you. We watched you daily on Fox and the Dish. I kept wanting to watch on Roku but I never could understand how that worked. After husband passed away, I couldn’t afford cable. Glad you are back on cable, but now I don’t even have cable or a TV! Still have the computer and daughters WiFi, so you’re not completely lost to me. Just keep educatin’. Maybe someday the scales will fall off deaf ears and the America can fundamentally change back to our good ole Constitution and sanity.

  • Anonymous

    Not being able to be without the Blaze assures my patronage of Dish. When it first started on Dish with a two week preview I was hooked. When it ended and it took me a couple of days to get subscribed I thought I would go crazy. I couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on in the world. The Blaze is the only Real News out there.

  • Sisko Stenfors

    I called Comcast 2 days ago, waited just about half hour before someone answered! Asked him that can you tell me how much it would be if you added TheBlaze on my bill??!!! ( I tried to be serious!!!) He didn’t know anything about TheBlaze, and started to check on Internet, and said that we could connect you with IPad if I had one, or something really crazy! But it would cost me over $200 ! So I said listen, I’m over 80, I want just plane new channel where I can watch this theBlaze!! Do you think he was really ignorant, telling me that he didn’t know what TheBlaze was???!!!

    • bumpkin

      No. I have told some of the kids that answer the phone for DISH about the Blaze,- they don’t all know about it, either. Also, many people are paid to post ugly things about Glenn and the Blaze on some of the liberal sites, which turns the unlearned against Glenn and the Blaze. There is nothing more uncanny than to see people want to fit in so they do whatever the core of the group they want to ‘wear’ tells them to do. I read recently that there have been studies by different people on whether or not large groups in a Nation will do whatever their government tells them to do, regardless if its right or wrong, -almost mindlessly, and their conclusions over and over show that there ARE significant groups of people who will blindly do whatever their government tells them to do. This is, in large part, why there have been so many mass murders of the populace in different countries. Like under Hitler, Mussolini, etc. -And likely coming again to a shore near you,,, WE really need to reach out to people and SHARE with them our concerns, or in this case, our good news about the Blaze… We all need to become educators if we want people to know or to care… if we don’t educate the acluistic, who will? The liberals? Obama? Oh, GREAT! Lets get to them first…

  • Anonymous

    I started with Dish and was happy for 3-4 years. Then someone opened a second account in my name. Dish would not give me the address that was charging to my account and would not back off the charges. I folded up their antenna and sent it back to them. Been with Directv for 8 years now and very satisfied except for the Blaze, but that will come also. Will go cableless or Roku before I go back to Dish.

  • Anonymous

    For those in the area around NYC, including NYS, NJ, CT, and nearby parts of PA, Optimum/Cablevision has carried The Blaze for about six months now. They also serve CO, UT, WY, and some other mountain states under the name Optimum West – and I assume they also carry the same programming. I believe Cablevision is the parent company and Optimum the brand name – but it could be the reverse.

    They also provide internet and telephone service via the same cable line, and have excellent customer service. I use all three services and find them very responsive when I have a problem – and no fees for customer service. I have a web site with a remote server and I use Cablevision as a transparent ISP with no problem (although I did have to set up a “fake” STMP channel with my remote server as they were blocking some of my outgoing message as potential SPAM – and I compliment them for that).

    I recommend Cablevison/Optimum to any of you in their service areas – I have used them for over ten years since they came into my area – I have had problems, as one always will with any electronic service, but they have always been responsive, knowledgeable, and quick.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happened to me, I called Directv to cancel and told them it was because I wanted the Blaze. They upgraded me to a Genie, gave me movie channels for three to four months and took $30 a month off my bill so I could afford to subscribe to Glenn online and then I got a Roku so I could watch it on my tv. All in all I am happy with my outcome but they sure went to a lot of trouble and expense to keep from adding Blaze to their line up.

  • Chris D

    I keep hammering direct TV and said im going to Dish if they don’t carry the blaze and spouted about all the other channels they provide that are stupid and nobody watches. it amazes me that happens. 1000’s of channels that are basic junk, and we want 1 channel and they don’t provide it.

  • Robert L. Rice

    And a tip of the hat,to glenn and the BLAZE,way to go !!!!!!!!

  • Ben-Ghazi

    I dropped DirecTv because of the AlJazeera channel.

  • Russell

    This is why I respect Glenn Beck, he uses his money to back up his words !

  • Phillip Grask

    the dish just removed the blaze TV from my lineup because I downgraded to their middle option hey dish I want my Glenn Beck back!

  • Frank Hoffman

    I called Cox Communications, they said they are going to send out a form for me to fill out so we can get the channel. Apparently they have had many calls and are doing some polling in writing. I am in the Phoenix Az, area. Go Blaze TV.


  • Anonymous

    I called the posted phone number where I was redirected to ATTUverse. There I had to prompt through and wait for a customer service rep. After verifying my account etc. I was told to go to HTTP:uversechannels.att.com to address my request. At that web site I was allowed to fill a survey request.

    Not sure how much this will enhance the process to add The Blaze to my channel line up, but I did it.

    Please note the web address and save yourself some time.

  • Mike Donovan

    I used your number, which transferred me to Time Warner.
    A message came on that said they didn’t recognize my number as an “account subscriber” and promptly disconnected me.
    Next,I called Time Warner direct and spoke to a representative who said I had to go online and fill out a form. She got off the line quickly. I have made calls to them in the past about adding the Blaze where they at least pretended to be helpful.

  • Gene

    I bought a ROKU shortly after Glenn left Fox, and just between you and me, I prefer it because the ROKU opens up a whole set of new video options and movies. It does have a few draw backs when viewing the Blaze, but I can live with them.

  • M Broderick

    I called Direct TV yesterday. The customer service rep said she didn’t know what The Blaze channel was but someone else had called earlier to request the channel be added too. She said she would pass my name along.

  • Jp Hale

    I bought ROKU in order to watch The Blaze …. My Direct TV System hasn’t added The Blaze yet …. I wonder if they are missing my watching revenues during The blaze on ROKU???? I love the ability to see Glenn and Team with a little extra effort … no problem!!!!!

  • Litlgrama

    I have called and emailed Directv on a very regular basis for the past 16 months specifically requesting The Blaze to be added to my channel lineup.

    Three months ago I found and increase on my bill and after checking, I found some charge that I didn’t understand or authorize….so, I phone Directv and ask for an explanation for the charge on my bill. After remaining on hold for four minutes the rep returns to the line and happily informs me that it is a “credit” to my bill for regularly requesting “The Blaze channel” they unfortunately do not offer. After taking a moment to wrap my mind around her explaination, I asked her, “please repeat your response because I think I must have misunderstood! ” Once again, she happily repeated the explaination that, I was receiving a credit for requesting, “The Blaze channel that we don’t offer.” So… ok, ok…I now believe that I have been transported to the Twilight Zone! What???

    My next step is to explain to this inept rep, that I had a “charge on my bill, not a credit.” She responded, “No, its a credit for requesting The Blaze so many times.” Feeling quite amazed that this person actually has access to the numerous requests I have made for this channel, but more so that she actually, mentally, believed in her explaination of the so called “credit!”

    Slowly and patiently, I informed the girl that a “credit” is money subtracted from your account and a “debit” is a charge added to your account, I know this sounds confusing…she remained quiet for about 30 seconds and then replied with frustration, “No, you have this all wrong!” I agreed that we have a problem and perhaps I might talk to her supervisor, she agreed.

    Once transferred to her supervisor, the charge was removed and the explaination was for an unauthorized charge upgrading my plan, credit was finally given. No, I didn’t upgrade my plan, I can’t wait to get out of my contact, I hate these two year contracts for services, what a consumer rip off! I will drop Directv like a hot rock when that day finally gets here!

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