Pastor John Hagee talks about why American evangelicals support of Israel is fracturing

On radio this morning, Pastor John Hagee, founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, joined Glenn to discuss the growing trend of evangelical Christians lending their support to Palestine and the theory behind his new book Four Blood Moons, in which he argues the scientific and Biblical reasons Christians should support Israel.

“John Hagee is a friend of mine, a fellow Texan, one of the bravest guys that I know. He’s been standing up and saying the things no matterwhat anybody says about him. He’ll continue to say the things that he believes and feels compelled to say,” Glenn said. “Now, I had John on a couple of nights ago because he started CUFI, Christians United for Israel. And he is bringing to our attention a new George Soros plan banded by the Open Society Institute to go into our evangelical churches and convince the youth that Israel is the problem in the Middle East. It is highly coordinated and, well, evil.”

Pastor Hagee explained the efforts have been going on for a couple of years now, and it is an attempt to convince the 18 to 24-year-old members of the evangelical churches that Palestinians are suffering at the hands of Israelis.

“When we were in Israel for Restoring Courage, we had the George Soros money out in force, and they organized a rally against us… They had also intimidated the orchestra and the choir and told them, ‘If you perform with Glenn Beck, you will never work in Israel again,’” Glenn explained. “And what George Soros has done is funded all of these trips for evangelical leaders, youth evangelical leaders, and taste-makers. He is sending them over there.”

CUFI is working to counteract the Soros money by organizing their own trips for young evangelicals that will offer them a different insight into the history of Israel and Palestine. Glenn urged the audience to consider supporting CUFI and its mission.

“I would like to suggest is that you would go to and donate some money to be able to send people over. You can send a busload over for I think $150,000 and give them the experience that George Soros is giving except on the other side. If we lose the youth on this one, we lose period. We cannot allow it to happen again… It is the only hope left in America for the preservation of the ideas, and ideals, and the feelings that we have on Israel. They’re the only ones making any impact. Please stand with them. and if you can make a donation, please do.”

Glenn then asked Pastor Hagee to explain the significance of the Four Blood Moons.

“I think in April, right, the first one? And this has only happened a few times in history according to NASA,” Glenn said. “And when they do, it’s always a major event. And you say this is really significant. The next 18 months really, really significant to the world.”

“The four blood moons have only appeared three times in more than 500 years,” Pastor Hagee added. “A blood moon is when the sun, the earth, and the moon get into a direct alignment. And the earth is in the center, and the sun shines through the earth’s atmosphere, and the moon on the other side turns into a reddish glow.”

Pastor Hagee went on to explain the significance of the Four Blood Moons and the dates on which they are set to occur:

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  • Sam Fisher

    I find it odd the only one’s that have a problem with a Jewish Israel are the same people who claim we are Nazis. I mean do liberals realize the reason for a Jewish state and who would support the Jewish state being cut in to?

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      George C. Marshall had a problem with a Jewish Palestine.

      There are Jews who have a problem with the bigoted nature of Zionism.

      There are Zionists who have a problem with the increasingly bigoted, less democratic nature of Israel.

      Nazi is a label applied to regressive authoritarian governments whose specific meaning has morphed from Hitler’s regime to rightwing governments. Franco, Pinochet and Mussolini were not Nazis but rather fascists. Today the label Nazi is more evocative. Fascist no longer has the zing.

      There were Jews who have supported fascist states even Jews who worked with the Nazis to set up the Jewish state.

      So the term Nazi or fascist is not something exclusive of Jews.

    • landofaahs

      Jews have had varied influence on the cultures they were in. We can see good things the jews have brought to humanity. Sadly in America, many jews of influence have led this nation to the depths of depravity . Look only at Rohm and Ezekiel Emanuel. Sadly the jews in America have had too much influence on our country since the end of WW2. I do not go along with the term Judeo-Christian unless you indicate that you cannot be a true jew and deny Jesus Christ. The old testament and the prophets clearly point to Christ as the Messiah if they would only read it. Jews do not really want to read the prophets and see what was said of Christ. I know because I have been there.

      • Anonymous

        Sadly the Jews (very generally speaking), never identified their actual enemy and have believed that the Messiah would just conquer enemy nations. However, the actual enemy is the SIN condition humanity thinks its supposed to run rampant with. The Messiah has come and now sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty and all judgment is given to HIM and we feel HE could come any day now!! Please do read all of the prophecies in the Old Testament (Ezekiel, Psalms22, Isaiah 53 and so much more and HE is all through the OT. There is no excuse for not knowing Jesus (EMMANUEL::GOD WITH US). A Jew who has called upon Jesus Christ as Messiah for the Salvation that Jesus completed by His life and then shedding of his blood on Calvary’s Cross, then has become a COMPLETED Jew. Support of Israel is most extremely important because if the USA removes support of that God Blessed State, Our Nation will no longer BE!!Thanks for listening!!

        • Brian Geary

          Wrong. There is no “holy land” of Israel. When Jesus Christ came along, Christians – his followers – became the new chosen. Christ was sacrificed for people – all people – not for one tiny piece of land. Jews reject Christ and choose to worship a man-made wall. Judaism is a pagan, Jesus-rejecting religion.

  • landofaahs

    God is able to turn stones into sons of Abraham. — Their is neither Greek not Jew, male or female…do you all need a few more?

  • Anonymous

    Then Mr. Hagee, would probably consider America the biggest problem in the world, being that, we Americans, have more in common with the Jewish nation than with any other nation in that region. Israel has in fact, embraced western culture. Even more, our two peoples have a long heritage stretching back thousands of years – for both nations are members of ancient Israel. The Jews were one tribe, the tribe of Judah, the Americans another (Manasseh). Not only do our people NOT understand that biblical truth, apparently, the greater portion of our clergymen do not either. When God inspired the following words to be written in Revelation 12:9 he meant what he said, “…that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray.” Even organized religion, now this nut (Hagee) is teaching children to follow him verses, the God of Israel.

    • Brian Geary

      The Jews in Israel today are European converts who are usurping the true people who lived there for thousands of years – Christ’s followers.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry Bri, not true….

  • Anonymous

    What ministers and priests need to know is Allah, the god of Islam, says that Israel is for Israelis even in the Quran. There is no mention of Palestine in the whole Quran, only Israel, and Allah says it is for Moses’s people

  • Stephan Bruno

    Yeah drunk Uncle John is on!!!

    • Helen J. Johnson


      ✇✇✇ୣ✇ ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇✇ ✇ଭ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇The Jews wont be saved in any other way and Hagee is going against our Lords words and the clearly defined way of salvation.

  • Robert Sturges

    You should listen to Hank Hannegraf on this four blood moons nonsense, also Hagee perverts the gospel on many points. He denies Jesus as the messiah for the Jews, He promotes the prosperity lie with other horrible false teachings. He is a scam artist on the same level as Joel Osteen. I am amazed that Glenn is taken in by this foolishness. Are you going to look to the stars, like the horoscope and other stargazers that the bible clearly warns us not to do. Jews and gentiles can only be saved thru faith in Jesus Christ. The Jews wont be saved in any other way and Hagee is going against our Lords words and the clearly defined way of salvation.

    • Brian Geary

      Glenn Beck is likely Jewish. Mormonism is a front.

    • Marny F

      Sturges, Jews don’t need saving – we can take care of ourselves, with a little help from our friends!

      Trust me, if every Jew on earth was gone, the haters would come for you! Haters have to hate – and the tiny minority population of Jews has been their target for way too long.

      If you see Jesus in your mirror – you’re looking at a fool. It’s for sure he would be repulsed by how his name is used.

  • Doug Jackson

    More people are starting to question why should they support the”zzzz”
    when the “zzzz” are anti-Christian, anti-family values, anti-white.
    People are beginning to realize that the “zzzz” run Hollywood and the
    pornography industry and are behind pro-gay movements. IIIIzzz is the
    only nation in the middle East that allows homosexuality and gay rights.

    • P O’d

      “zzzz” indeed, should become a censored word.

    • Marny F

      Doug, you poor uneducated boor. If Jews are successful in their professions it’s because you Christians would not allow them to do the jobs they had – their businesses were closed/destroyed as were their homes because of the Christian church and Hitler.

      If you are healthy, thank a Jew. If you’re wearing denim jeans, thank a Jew. Cell phone up at your ear? Thank a Jew.

      Ten Commandments? Thank a Jew for believing in G-d.

      Immaculate conception that G-d’s sperm impregnated a Jewish woman? Thank the Christian church! LOL

  • P O’d

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Kabbalah Jews, Talmudic Jews, Protocols Of the Learned Elders of Zion, And Edomite Jews such as the Rothschilds central bankster cabal running the world and how people are getting EDUCATED on the FACTS ? Hagee is hoodwinked on who exactly the HOUSE OF JACOB IS, PERIOD. God has yet to gather us together for we don’t even know who we are. So sure donate to “cufi”, promote that satanic man made state of “isreal” and never mind the NATION of Israel. Some of the nation of Judah inhabit “isreal” and have divine protection, but the House of Jacob, ISRAEL is still dispersed to this very day throughout western Europe, England and North America.

    Anyone ever wonder why if Islam is so against the “nation” of “isreal”. Why the hell is Saudi Arabia an ally of “israel”? Saudi Arabia is the SEED BED of radical Islam. Radical Islam originated in the wahabist hell that is Saudi Arabia, it is financed through Saudi Arabia, and continues today, but yet is an Ally of “israel”. WHY? Because “israel” is not the NATION ( a group of people,such as the HOUSE OF JACOB) of ISRAEL. It is a manufactured, man made state. That is why the anti-christ proclaims himself God there on the mount of ZION. It is THAT WICKED A PLACE NOW. Just how stupid are you people? So of course the most wretched radical islamic state would ally with such an abomination. Birds of a feather.

    The seal of Solomon is is a HEXAGRAM, it is used to CALL FORTH DEMONS and only that. Hagee perpetuates a lie. Sells “prayer shawls” with satanic imagery. On his website, one can even see the temple of Luxor displayed so blatantly promoting a prayer shawl, how nice. Thank you for letting the informed know who you are mr.hagee. Do you have one with THE satanic symbols of symbols on it? The seal of Solomon ?

    A pentagram with BAPHOMET would have been too obvious a symbol to use on the flag of “israel” so the wierdo’s that financed HITLER used a lesser known, but much more powerful one. THE KABBAHALISTIC JEW SATANIC SYMBOL OF SYMBOLS ,the SEAL OF SOLOMON. It is everywhere now, and it literally brings us hell on Earth and is an ABOMINATION, PERIOD. On the day of judgement Mr. Hagee God will forgive ignorance, but if you know otherwise and are promoting what you promote KNOWINGLY, see ya later jack. Seminary schools are unutterably corrupted with the “truth” of “israel”. Completely infiltrated with lies pertaining to “zion” and “israel”. Financed by organizations that wish to plunge humanity into unparalleled slavery and misery for all eternity with filthy , lying , edomites at the top.

    Why don’t you do a sermon on EDOMITES mr. hagee? Or the TALMUD, or the KABBALAH? Explain the “seal” below and what it is and what is its purpose.

    I have come to the conclusion HAGEE speaks BLASPHEMY. He broadcasts to the WORLD such abominable sermons such as “JESUS CHRIST is NOT THE MESSIAH” [sic]. Educate yourself people. Wolves, ravenous wolves, that will drag you straight into hell, are in sheep’s clothing EVERYWHERE. Anyone in the limelight I DOUBT and am sure they are a LIAR. It is Satan’s world, he promotes his own or confuses those who are not WITH LIES. “israel”, the man-made “state” (1948) thereof is one of the BIGGEST.

    Mr. hagee why won’t you do a sermon of where EXACTLY the ten tribes of ISRAEL went after they fled over the Caucasus mountains, and what modern day nations and peoples THOSE are, hmmm? And how the two tribes of Judah were led into BABYLON and were INFECTED with LIES, by EDOMITES corrupting the Torah. And who THOSE are today? Hmmm? No?!! WHY NOT?!! Because, quite possibly, you ARE one of THEM?!!

    Don’t you people understand? The Menorah is the Symbol of ISRAEL, not the SATANIC symbol seal of Solomon. After Christ Died on the cross and resurrected, religion was DEAD. That includes JUDAISM, PERIOD. JESUS CHRIST is the way, the truth and the life, NOTHING else. Hagee rubs elbows with occultists. Start preaching the gospel mr. hagee, period. But alas, he can’t, Edomite “jews” won’t allow that. One might get a visit from the MOSSAD, you know the intelligence arm of the phony “israel”.

    ” But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

    Hagee does that in the videos below, the people in Israel who don’t know Christ should be preached too, not cowtowed too. Judaism is a CULT now, period. Christ said it was FINISHED and it is. Filthy edomite jews hide behind those that practice it and hoodwink the world with their lies, throwing those that they hind behind under the bus for their quest of a NWO that they themselves control. One look no further than the Rothschild house de HELL for that 6 pointed “shining” example. Hagee does it to the point of saying “JESUS CHRIST IS NOT THE MESSIAH.” [sic] ↓ Just deplorable, sir.

  • Nicola Jane Franks-Wright

    I think Pastor Hagee is an amazing man. I watch his shows on each week and on Sundays. I think half of the people commenting have never listened to him. His understanding of the Bible is amazing. The fact that he uses the verses before he speaks so you can verify what he says is refreshing of pastors and priests to say the least. I think there are two groups of Jews. On group believes they are just a race, the second the chosen people of God. The first group are extremely liberal a have very low morals, believe in doing what you want and never attend the house of God let alone obey His law. I have many a friend just like this, sadly. The second group truly believe that God is their Father and live to obey His word. Unfortunately they are not as prominently placed or as influential as the first are in media, Hollywood and with money. they have corrupted God’s law and are as faithless as their ancestors that walked in circles in the wilderness for 40 for disobedience. Take the time to watch Pastor Hagee- he has taught me so much and no I’m not a Baptist, I am a Christian who CHOOSES to worship in the Catholic Church.

    • Avram Cohen

      Sorry, but your a sheep following a false man of God, he is nothing but a charelton!

  • Af

    Dear RINOs (yes Glenn (did your parents decided you were too good for just one “N”?) you RINO in chief next to pill popping Rush and Lunatic Levin: I suggest you don’t support Israel. As an American Jew, we don’t want or NEED you psychos supporting Israel just because Jesus was a Jew. BTW in case you didn’t know, my people KILLED Jesus (according to you evangelical POS). I suggest you look more into Israeli culture because you will find some interesting things about it you will not agree with an may even HATE. Did you know the 1 of the LARGEST LGBT Film Festivals is in Tel Aviv Israel? Put it this way you right wing LIBERTARIANS (so NOT Conservative) LOONS: If you don’t know our culture and if you continue to BASH these beliefs that we hold, we DO NOT WANT your support. We also want you to STOP getting Jews killed by calling Obama a Muslim and by attacking Muslims. Even IF Obama is a Muslim, who the F cares? It’s called FREEDOM OF RELIGION. This nation is no longer a “Christian Nation”. If you agree with that, you need to go take some more Ron Paul Bong hits. Listen RINOs, you’re not part of OUR Republican Party. You are now RINO Teabagging LIBertarians. Go back to IRAN if you want a nation lead by religion and ideology. Face facts racists: we American Jews and our Jews in Israel have been hurt enough by you evangelical nutbags. Either SUPPORT US and OUR beliefs 100% or DON’T. We DO NOT want Teabagging “Tea Party” TERRORISTS, like Cruz – Rand ENDORSED McConnell so he’s 1 of US aka ESTABLISHMENT now – supporting us. And tell Rush to lay off the pills. That pill popper needs to go back to rehab.


    The GOP

    • Anonymous

      Who was Jesus by the way…I mean, who, do you and your Jewish bro’s think he was.

      • Marny F

        Guest, you’re a coward.

    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself.

    • Avram Cohen

      American Christians are truly the most ignorant while thy do nothing for their brothers of the middle east and say nothing about their governments, the west, US, Israel, Turkey, the brits etc.. supplying weapons to the terrorist rebels beheading and killing Christians!

  • Robert Starkand

    I guess support of Israel brings the anti-Semites out.

    • Brian Geary

      As support of our fellow Christians over Jews (whiich is our right, by the way) brings the Christian haters out.

    • Avram Cohen

      Because you question Israel does not make you a anti-Semite bozo!

  • Brian Geary

    Good! Christian support for israel SHOULD die. Israel is anti-Christian and spreads likes that imply Jews are superior (chosen) or that somehow, Israel is “holy” when the entire earth is holy. After all, God created the entire earth. Not one small piece of it. And Israel is engaged in a decades-long genocide against Christians. There were tens of millions of Christian palestinians in 1948. There are over 6 million less today.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously do not know much about what you speak. Nor do the Jews for that matter. The word “Chosen” does not mean HOLY. Yes, the whole nation of Israel – (not just the Jews) were chosen to do a job for God. A job they failed to do. Because of their stubbornness, and their continued refusal to do what God chose them to do, he eventually removed them from out of their lands, where they ended-up becoming captive-slaves. As far as the rest of your diatribe – no comment.

      • Avram Cohen

        Sorry but your ignorant!

        • Marny F

          No amount of education will stop these two fools, Avram. It’s a waste of breath, as always.

          The stupidity continues.


  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Christian but if you want to know what Jews truly think of your messiah, just look up “Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic.”

  • Fuchs XXXX

    It wouldnt surprise me if Glenn Geck was a Crypto-Jew. He has those huge jew ears, you know.

  • Boston You

    David Hume noted our inherent moral standards when he observed that “the rules of our morality are not the conclusions of our reason”.

  • Andrew Greenbaum

    You people make it hard to support Glenn beck. You have your beliefs and us Jews have ours. Supporting a Jewish state in Israel is supporting peace in the Middle East. One day we will all die and then be judged. Trust me you will not be judged for my beliefs, but you will be judged for the hatred you hold in your hearts for my beliefs.

  • guest

    Another end of the time prophecy. Another soon to be failed prediction by a religion nut. And people will still give their money to make this guy and his allies wealthy. The world turns, and keeps turning, and the snake oil gets recycled for another day.

  • Sheila Barber

    Read the Bible people before you throw out what is right and what is wrong. Not a single soul knows when the rapture will occur. But we have been promised signs to indicate “the train is coming”. Heavenly signs too!!

  • Avram Cohen

    Pastor Hagee is false man of God! Zionism is NOT Judaism and John Hagee mixes politics in to his Christian sermon!

  • Bomb Gaza

    Joel 3:1-2

    “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land,

  • Alex

    I am a christian but do not support the Nation of Israel at this time. Hagee tries to pass them off as a nation persecuted because of their religious beliefs. However, they are, at present, the only nation in the middle East which is pro-homosexuality AND the only MEastern country that promotes a gay pride parade. This is not to say that the entire nation is defiled. There is still a remnant which holds to the original law, centered in love, but not tolerating sinful acts. While I am no fan of Extreme Islam, the true peaceful Muslims at least acknowledge Christ as a prophet while all Jews declare him as a false prophet. Yet, Evangelicals blindly follow Israel as if they were light. I am not anti-Jew as they would like to propose. I stand for morals and ethics amongst ALL people of all religions. It’s hard to support Jews when they expose my children to the filth that is coming out of Hollywood and some of the very filthy and blasphemous things Jewish actors/performers show on TV and film. Make no mistake; Jews HATE Christ! They were promised the land of Israel “IF” they would not defile the land as the Canaanites had done before them. Yet, even today, they continue to defile the land. They defile it with their perversities and with spilt blood. They are hardly a light in the midst of darkness. If you are believer in the Book of Revelation, it talks about the Harlot that sits on a Beast; the Harlot is also referred to as Sodom and Egypt; the Harlot is a city where “Christ was crucified.” Ring any bells? Now, who is the Beast she sits on? I think you know.

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