Yesterday, Glenn said he had undergone his first cryotherapy treatment and was pleasantly surprised by the results. After dealing with back problems for the last few months, it was time to heed the advice he received from a friend of his and try the bone chilling procedure that exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures to help reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain among other things.

On radio this morning, Glenn said he has received a lot of emails from listeners who have also tried the treatment, and he explained a little more about how the process works.

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“A lot of email from people on being cryogenically frozen,” Glenn said. “A friend told me about a place called Cryosauna, where you’re cryogenically frozen for 3 minutes at 200 below zero… It takes all of the inflammation out of your body and freezes you… You’ve never felt anything quite like this. In fact, they stand there with you and just talk to you to keep your mind off it… It’s really unbelievably cold.”

After walking out of his first appointment feeling “10 years younger,” yesterday’s treatment didn’t go quite as smoothly.

“I did it again last night. And last night was a little more difficult. [I was told the] first one is good, the second and third ones are a little harder because your body is purging toxins,” Glenn said. “But the first time, I’m telling you I felt 10 years younger. And I felt better yesterday as well. It was a little tougher to take, you know, the next time. I didn’t last the full three minutes. I think I went like two and a half minutes.”

Professional athletes are big fans of the therapy as an alternative to ice baths. And while it’s not the most pleasant experience, Glenn is planning on completing all seven treatments.

“I guess a lot of the Dallas Cowboys use it because it saves you sitting in an ice bath. I couldn’t sit in an ice bath, could you,” Glenn asked. “When you’re working out, all that acid builds and up you’re trying to flush all that acid out of you. And that’s what this does. It flushes all of that out of your muscles and everything. And it comes closer to the skin… It could be complete hogwash. I don’t know. I will tell you that it has made a difference in my pain and it makes sense. I’m going to try it for the seven treatments and see how it works. It’s worth a try.”

While it remains to be seen whether the therapy will help Glenn’s back pain, one thing is certain: He will not, under any circumstances, be frozen to death.

“It’s weird. You’re standing in this like tube. And they fill it with nitrous oxide. And so your head is right out of this cloud you’re standing in. I mean you’re being cryogenically frozen. It’s bizarre,” Glenn concluded. “It doesn’t make we want to be Walt Disney. If I get cancer, don’t freeze me. Don’t freeze me. I want to die. I’m going to kicking and screaming, but I am not going to be frozen to death.”