On radio today, the guys got into a discussion on abortion, and Stu in particular got very fired up during one of the debates claiming that in one hundred years people will look back at the issue the same way people today view slavery.

“I really truly believe that in a couple of hundred years, people will look back at this practice of abortion and not at all understand how anyone was on the side of doing it. It’s just in the same way that we look back at slavery today. I don’t understand – here’s people that we praise regularly that were on the wrong side of this,” Stu said. “Now you feel like hundreds of years later, we look at slavery and 100% of us agree it was insane.”

This isn’t the first time that Stu has made the pro-life case. On The Wonderful World of Stu, he dedicated a whole segment to the fallibility of the pro-choice argument. In fact, a woman told Glenn that the monologue below actually had a profound effect on a viewer and shaped their view on the issue.