The Wonderful World of Stu gets anti-social on abortion

On radio today, the guys got into a discussion on abortion, and Stu in particular got very fired up during one of the debates claiming that in one hundred years people will look back at the issue the same way people today view slavery.

“I really truly believe that in a couple of hundred years, people will look back at this practice of abortion and not at all understand how anyone was on the side of doing it. It’s just in the same way that we look back at slavery today. I don’t understand – here’s people that we praise regularly that were on the wrong side of this,” Stu said. “Now you feel like hundreds of years later, we look at slavery and 100% of us agree it was insane.”

This isn’t the first time that Stu has made the pro-life case. On The Wonderful World of Stu, he dedicated a whole segment to the fallibility of the pro-choice argument. In fact, a woman told Glenn that the monologue below actually had a profound effect on a viewer and shaped their view on the issue.

  • Anonymous

    Show this at CPAC

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of popular or Supreme Court opinion on this matter, abortion is murder and intrinsically evil in every circumstance at the moment of conception. Period. Choose life.

  • landofaahs

    Sorry Stu, that is like saying that 100 hears from now people will look upon adultery and say “how could anyone have thought that it was right” Man does not progress. Man is a lost and condemned creature in need of God’s salvation through his plan Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit blows where it will. Do we think that man will progress and say “how could a man ever kill his brother”? But sadly, the heart of man is deceitful above all things and who can know the depths of it”. When Christ comes at the end of the age, all things will be set aright.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is the best one on here. If Christ has not come back yet, men and women will still be sinning. Abortions will still be done by women who are selfishly thinking only of themselves.

  • Charles Hurst

    Roe vs Wade had nothing to do with logic–only an easy way out for men not to be responsible for their actions. And I blame men more than women especially the ones who sat on the Supreme Court bench forty years ago who ruled for abortion.

    Roe versus Wade was the turning point in our country. And
    that was a point in which the nation opened the door for evil to infiltrate.
    For that was the decision in which we deemed that a heartbeat was not life. And
    the concept of the decision was an abomination.

    A fetus heartbeat starts in a matter of weeks for the pregnant
    woman. And the woman doesn’t know she is pregnant until after the heartbeat has begun. This is not a Christian viewpoint. It is not a separation of church and
    state issue. It is a scientific fact. The heartbeat is there. And we gave
    license to end it.

    It is not just a matter of the issue being a woman’s body. I say
    this loudly. And trust me, this statement does not go well in the literary
    world of Leftists I reside in. But it is a fact. It is no longer just her body.
    It is two heartbeats. She no longer has the right to end one unless she is in
    physical danger herself. There are no other “what if” scenarios. The
    heartbeat trumps all.

    This was the opening to the downfall of our nation. And
    people like Cuomo, NARAL, Hollywood, intelligentsia and the rest of the
    Progressives lash out when we say it out loud. They are like a temper tantrum
    thrown by a child with cookie crumbs on his mouth who screams he was never near the jar. Because once we allowed abortion, why not allow everything else? Why not state gay marriage and adoption is normal? Transgender marriage is normal? Terrible behavior by our children is normal and to be accepted? Rampant divorce? Passing out condoms to fourteen year olds? Why not? We have already committed the ultimate evil–we end the unborn. Everything else pales in comparison.

    The results of this mindset that started with Roe vs Wade? A
    generation that has been brought up on the long acceptance of Roe vs Wade and all the other Progressive agendas? Well here it is. The youth is opening fire.Newtown, CT. Colorado. New Mexico. Philly. And yesterday Purdue. You have created a generation of monsters. A generation that plays the Knock Out game for fun. Can’t just be the guns Mr Progressive. The Knock Out game uses fists.But why would today’s youth engage in such violence? How would their minds get there to being with?

    Because you opened the door Supreme Court. You said it was fine to
    end a heartbeat. And then everything else became fine over the years as
    well.And now the young have no morals. They are amoral.I don’t have to
    prove my point. Newtown proved it for me. And so did the shooting at
    Purdue yesterday. Expect more. There is one antidote to the poison you
    have swallowed. And that is a return to decency. Not in a religious
    sense–just a pragmatic decency. And if we aren’t going to return to
    basic moral values then we can expect only more destruction as our
    nation plummets.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Lindsey

      I agree and am 100% pro-life (or anti-abortion, I should say). I would just like to point out that women CAN know they’re pregnant before a baby’s heart is beating. Maybe just a week or two (a heartbeat generally begins at about six weeks gestational age). With early result home pregnancy tests, a woman can know she is pregnant sometimes as early as three weeks, but almost always by four weeks. Just FYI =)

      • Anonymous

        and if she is using NFP (mostly the sympto-thermal method but some other forms also) She can suspect she is a bit sooner because her temp doesn’t drop but continues to rise.

      • Rachel L Rondina

        Studies have shown that heartbeat can be detected as soon as 16 days after conception. There is no possible way a woman wouold know she was pregnant at that time unless she was taking daily pregnancy tests. There is absolutely no excuse for ending a life. God gives eacxh child a soul upon conception. It is nothing short of murder to abort a child. Even if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother. I woupld never choose my own life over the life of my child. Never!

    • A Jenny

      Well said, Charles Hurst!

      • Helen J. Johnson


        ✇✇✇ୣ✇ ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇✇ ✇ଭ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇Regardless of popular or Supreme Court opinion on this matter, abortion is murder and intrinsically evil in every circumstance at the moment of conception.

    • Cathy Clark

      Let me encourage you with the fact that the upcoming generation has not fully accepted progressivism. They are actually far more prolife than the generations preceding them, because they grew up in the age of ultrasound. Nowadays, most pregnant woman get an ultrasound image of the baby at some point, which becomes a keepsake. The picture is hung on the fridge, posted on Facebook, and copies are sent to the grandparents-to-be. Those images are everywhere, and they have turned the tide against abortion. They are the reason for the big jump to 61% against abortion at 4 months. It’s very easy to vote for getting rid of a “formless lump of tissue”, but due to the ultrasounds people know what a 4-month fetus looks like, and it’s anything but formless.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything you said, EXCEPT “She no longer has the right to end one unless she is in physical danger herself”. She DOES NOT have the right, under ANY circumstances to end anothers life. Only GOD has that right. If she dies giving birth, then that is God’s will.

    • Itso Ashkee

      I think you are absolutely wrong.

      Roe v. Wade was about medical privacy – the privacy embodied in the relationship between a woman and her doctor, and their ability to privately decide on her decision to carry a child to term.

      That’s what it decided.

      All the rest about men wanting to be able to get away with being irresponsible. etc… that’s just hot air.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Stu. In a hundred years from now, Christ and his saints will be here ruling over men, abortion will definitely be something out of the pages of history.

  • AutumnGrey

    If you allow abortion for ANY reason, including in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother, you are NOT pro-life. You are pro-choice. Stu, Pat, and Glenn need to stop calling themselves pro-life. They all admit to not being able to deny a woman an abortion under those circumstances. They cite compassion for the woman as a reason for their view. But, I guess they don’t have compassion for the child who is murdered by the abortion.

    So stop calling yourselves pro-life, Stu, Pat, and Glenn. You are all pro-choice.

  • Sam Fisher

    That was the best argument ever.

  • tim

    Im just wondering how all these pro choice people can back it up,they are here today because someone in there life gave them life.

  • Johnathan Read

    Well done Stu….Well done.

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats will still be using this as the war on women. Meanwhile, there will be very few Democrats because they aborted most of their children. Now that’s what I’m looking forward to.

  • El Capitan

    Democratic methods that support liberty rely upon independent opinions formed apart from the corrupting influence of centralized government.

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