The Washington Post published an article today by two political scientists from the University of Georgia which shows that although Americans mostly identify as moderate, really, they’re not. Glenn Beck joined the Real News discussion on America’s polarized political beliefs and what people can do to unite the divided. In the discussion Glenn, reflects on his interview with Megyn Kelly and also reveals TheBlaze’s mission statement: “We tell stories of love and courage where the good guys win.”

After a short discussion on uniting principles, Will Cain asked Glenn what mistakes he made while at FOX News and why he told Megyn Kelly he felt like he wished he had been less divisive.

“Look, there’s no way I could have done it any different than I did,” Glenn said, “I only look back at what is it I can change now so that I can reach more people.”

Glenn explained that while at CNN and FOX News, he was branded as a Republican and he focused a lot of his show on the debates between the two big parties.

“If we could have made more impact on the Libertarian front away from the Republican party it would have been a lot different, or rather a lot better,” Glenn explained.

He added that he wants to throw more “curveballs” at people, and to break away from people’s preconceived notions.

Will also brought TheBlaze’s mission statement that Glenn revealed to employees at the end of the year Town Hall back in November. The mission statement? “We tell stories of love and courage where the good guys win.” But how do you define good guy and bad guy while still promoting uniting principles.

“The good guys are the ones who try to do the right things…they try to stand up against the machine,” Glenn said. “The people who are empowering others.”

Glenn added that rather than focus on conflict “good guys” and “bad guys”, he is looking to tell stories of hope and inspiration that empower the individual.