Indiana State Senator David Long joined Glenn on radio this morning to talk about what he is doing in his own state to facilitate an Article V Convention of States. While there are certainly very real concerns related to opening up the Constitution for amending, Long makes a compelling case for returning the power to the states.

To begin, Long explained the historical significance of Article V.

“It was a key provision. George Mason had that put in as a delegate for Virginia for the state driven process. It’s never been used. But they figured we would use it,” Long said. “And in fact, if it hadn’t been in the Constitution there’s a very good argument the Constitution never would’ve been ratified in the first place. The founders felt that strongly that the state’s needed to have a leash on Washington. And they felt this was the key way to do it. If they woke up today and found out we never used it, they’d be shocked. They thought we would be using it regularly.”

The way Long sees it, a Convention of States is not only an important exercise of states’ rights, but it is also necessary “in order to fix this country.”

“First and foremost, arguing that Article V convention is doable and that, with proper controls and structure in place, it is not only Constitutional but necessary in order to fix this country’s future. And there are people out there trying to do this right. To make sure it is not a runaway convention,” Long said. “Frankly, when you look around today, you know if you want to call the ‘nuclear option,’ maybe that’s what it’s become today. I don’t think [the Founders] intended it to be that. I thought they figured we would be using this a lot and that it would keep the states in charge. Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred.”

Learn more about what Long is working on in Indiana HERE.

Check out the entire interview below:

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