Ted Cruz wants to make sure the IRS can’t limit your freedom of speech

On radio this morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Glenn to discuss what he is doing to ensure those responsible for the IRS targeting of conservatives is held accountable. He also explained why is optimistic about 2016.

“Is anybody doing anything at all on the IRS,” Glenn asked. “I mean weren’t we supposed to have some answers by now?”

“We were. And the current state of affairs with the IRS is, is shameful. This week, Glenn, I sent a letter to attorney General Eric Holder pointing out that it’s now been eight months since the Department of Treasury Inspector General concluded the IRS had improperly targeted conservative and Republican Party groups,” Sen. Cruz said. “The day that news broke, President Obama told the country he was outraged, he was angry, and he was going to get the bottom of it… in the 8 months that’s followed, not a single person been indicted.”

Instead, the person leading the investigation at the Department of Justice has been revealed to be an Obama campaign donor, and the FBI has publically said it does not plan on bringing charges against anyone involved. In his letter to Attorney General Holder, Sen. Cruz asked him to stand up and appoint a special prosecutor with “meaningful independence” to investigate the criminal conduct. Ultimately, Sen. Cruz believes the American people deserve answers so that they can be sure it will never happen again.

“Wait a minute, Senator. It’s still happening,” Glenn interjected. “Read the New York Times today. They are targeting Hollywood. I mean this is the new McCarthyism. They are still targeting today and nothing is being done.”

“Actually on this one, I don’t think it’s a case of complicity as much as it is a case of just being ineffective on this,” Sen. Cruz responded. “In my view, the House of Representatives should appoint a select committee following the Watergate model.”

Sen. Cruz takes issue with the current model of committee hearings in which representatives have just five minutes to try to ask a question – typically without follow up – and the questions have no continuity because it is every man for himself.

“I’ll give you an example. The head of the IRS under President Obama testified before the House and it was discovered that his name appeared on the White House visitor’s logs 157 times. Now that’s more than any cabinet member under the Obama Administration… The head of the IRS during the comparable period under George W. Bush visited White House twice,” Sen. Cruz said. “Now, if we had a select committee in the House with the chief counsel who was an experienced prosecutor, he would bring that individual in and say, ‘Okay, we’re going to walk through all 157 times. I want to see your notes. I want to see your agendas. I want to see who was there. We’re going to talk about what was discussed at each one of those meetings.’”

On his website, Sen. Cruz has set up an information portal for concerned citizens who would like to learn more about what is being done in regards to the IRS scandal. The website allows citizens to comment through February on the IRS regulations that are looking to limit free speech.

You can access the website HERE.

Switching gears to the 2016 presidential election, Glenn expressed concern over the plummeting approval rating of the Republican Party. While Sen. Cruz was confident the Obamacare disaster and lack of leadership will haunt Democrats in the midterms and beyond, Glenn wasn’t so sure.

“A period of time I would look to for inspiration and encouragement is the late 1970s,” Sen. Cruz said. “I think where we are now is eerily similar to the late 1970s with a president in office with failed economic policies producing malaise and stagnation with affectless foreign policy and with a Republican Party that has lost its moorings.”

“If we’re in the late 1970s that would assume that there was a Ronald Reagan on the horizon, somebody that might say, ‘I want to run for president. I have very strong values, and you can look at my track record,’” Glenn interjected. “Do you know of anybody like that that’s thinking of running for president of the United States?”

“Well, look, what I’ll say on this is: I hope there are an abundance of Reagans out there,” Sen. Cruz said laughing. “I think every person who might be thinking about it, the path that they ought to follow is to stand up and help lead the fight.”

Check out the rest of the interview below:

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  • P O’d

    this would imply that it hasn’t already which in itself is a LIE

  • Lucas Forde

    Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jonh Beonher, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and Peter King must be voted out. Also Harry Reid also my states senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich I didn’t vote for them, dam those Northern Democrates.

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Shirley Francisco


      ♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣ ♣♣￿♣♣ ♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣♣ ♣♣�♣ ♣♣♣Also Harry Reid also my states senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich I didn’t vote for them,

    • women99

      The answer is PRAY. Sounds silly but Go is standing at the door and waiting
      This week 250 k men, women and children marched for LIFE in 10 degree weather. PRAY THAT GOD WANTS TO HLEP U.S. AGAIN. One pray from EACH PERSON can make a difference. ASK family and friends

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Liberals and the GOP elites want to shut us up shut us out because we are a threat to their way of life. Which is suck as much money and power out of the system as they can like a big huge leach.

  • Anonymous

    Question when IRS demands lists who take part of your group, who at meetings in halls or on the internet, or recieve mail news flashes ,donors matter how little !! Now IRS with these newly create regulations for their cover to target certain groups on their political stance so they won’t be breaking the law !! Now what the IRS is doing with their regulations does it is not blatantly violate our constitution or our bill of rights of freedom of assembley without repercussions ???? Now if you join a group on internet (might be consider a group too )or assembly in some hall ?The IRS will be holding over the head of members to be targeted because your not in lockstep with obama of a IRS witch hunt , audit,harassment, put you on blacklist for all govenment agencies to harass you like people who donate, outspoken before but use regulations for cover now ,IRS penalty etc !!! Plus what the stunt IRS done before hand over these lists the Democrats goon squad,, to publicly be blacklist etc !! I want to know where is our U.S senators and reps and suspreme courts where obama and his cronies using sneaky back door regulations (unlawful ???) ,that should be close to them in violating our right of freedom of assembly without the threats penality from obama police state ????????????????? The only crime here your not in lockstep with obama progresive policy and you speak out your views !! This is a way to silence your freedom of speech denied your platform to be heard by a group !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      If we let obama and his constitutional shredding cronies of IRS get away with this with their foot in door to silence these groups of free speech and the right of assembly without threats from obama and government !! What next !!!!! Will they stretch with the playing of words what is possible threats a group and donators to completely silence all free speech ! All who are not lock step with obama and progressives policy ??? Possible threats from people who are out spoken with opposing views to obama and the progressives movement !! This will be Glenn,Hannity, O Reily foxnews,Russ and all talk radio !!! They will define groups as all who join their webs site all that listen of view their programs. Now for donators people who listen to your ads and buy products or just haven’t got around to buying your advertise product. Now if Glenn and others cannot provide a list of all their groups of viewers and listeners your in trouble with the IRS witch hunt ,list of people who contact you by e-mail, ,provide contents of every program and e-mail you receive etc. This will completely silence free speech and the right of assembly by air ways and internet welcome to obama progressive police state with no right of freedom of speech or assembly by regulation should never been inacted because it goes against our constitution or bill of rights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    I’ve said it before…I blame the press! If they had done their jobs and treated BO equally…as any Republican would’ve been, he would never have been elected! Think about it. He’s an admitted drug user who refuses to provide details about his past. Without a willing press, he couldn’t be elected dog catcher in Mayberry!

  • Anonymous

    Now what obama and his cronies are doing is selectively enforcing the regulations or laws which should be enforce equally matter who you are !!! Not to be profile if your a conservative as all of you enemy of the state and a dangerous threat !! To discriminate against Tea party, conservative,Israel backers while Democrat groups get a free pass !!! We wouldn’t profile Spanish and Mexicans as all criminals why should we let IRS get by using profile & discriminate against conservatives,Tea Party,Israel backers as criminals being enemy of U.S with full investigations!! IF the IRS is doing this discrimination then they are just obama goon squads misusing their government powers ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jalina susan stutte

    I would be very overjoyed if Sen. Ted Cruz would run for President! Im proud of him and so glad that he is my Senator. He is our “John Wayne” and unites all the conservatives, tea parties, Libertarians, and even democrats that I talked to.

  • Anonymous

    Question is obama IRS trying to pull off another fixed election for progressive, hinder opposing groups to get organize,frighten off membership and donators make,for anyone to be afraid to attend fund raisers,meeting,discussion might be subject to IRS witch hunt ???. To obama you must be real proud of yourself on how you won your elections !! I say one thing I don’t think anyone can accuse you and your progressives democrats cronies of winning elections on the merits of your character and merits of your policy’s !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The GOP needs to get a grip and get these RINOs OUT OF OFFICE!
    Mitch Mc Connell has told anyone who is a Tea Party affiliate THAT IF THEY TAKE ANY TEA PARTY MONIES THAT THEY WILL NOT GET ANY GOP MONEY!!!
    WHAT?!? These RINOs are the older GOPers who don’t want the new guys to gain the power away from them AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE VOTED OUT!

    • Anonymous

      I think your right but, it a ruse where he wants to take our country , I think just want to bring our country down to the lowest level of government model !! !My ,opinion believe that he outright hates our country,government and the free world The first stepping stone in his ruse to bring our country down is bring us to the model of Europe socialists type government with all the freebie to get people hook.From there transfer us to the Russia model government ,then the China model type government Then for clincher to the North Korea type of model government ,at third world level,people hungry, no freedom, and can you picture the image our country be completely dark at night like North Korea ?? No money for energy and our country went back in time , In mean time obama be gloating my country making good war on global warming not hardly burning any energy at all !!!!!!! While infidel U.S citizens suffer !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    These Republic RINOs don’t they know once Conservative and Tea party are cut down by the IRS what will come next by the Progressive party !! They use this weapon of IRS on them and they be alone wipe out of office and our country be destroy !! This like if we didn’t stand with Russia and Great Britain during World War Two our country be no more because we be fighting alone!! With Germany misusing modern weapons to make un provoke wars on countries !! Matter who in the White House Democrat or Republican the misuse of using the IRS as weapon on your opposing political groups will destroy our great country. I think obama stoop too lowest level of any U.S president with these IRS implications for gain of office for short term he will bring down our great country!!!!!!!

  • landofaahs

    I wish you luck and God’s speed on that one Ted.

  • David Wilson

    Rand Paul/Cruz would be the dream ticket

  • Call2Glory

    With the mounting evidence building on this Administration and its arrogance to continue it’s abusive agenda and destruction of America without accountability is astounding to me. Our Nation has seriously gone down the tubes when our representatives stand-by and watch on behalf of self interests, while a nation and it’s people get trampled to death! We are on the cusp of tax paying citizens tiring from being ignored, while we continue to fund their inappropriateness with our tax dollar and receive more losses for our return.

  • https://www.gardenandoutdoorsolutions.com/ Mark Powls

    Glenn – We lost the Republic! Your question should be, “can it be restored?”

  • Anonymous

    The possible reason why obama progressive hit team of the IRS is targeting the Hollywood conservative group is that they definitely afraid !!! For years now the progressive been using the left wing Hollywood group with their large microphone to influence and slant the way the large block of low information voters THINK !!! They know the power of Hollywood on the low information voters !! Now obama IRS is afraid this right wing conservative even they have no intention to use their large microphone to spread the truth and info to the lower information voters with opposing views !!! They cannot stand for the possibility or hint of this conservative Hollywood group might change their mind and use their large microphone and start to undo the brain washing of the low information voters of our country !! So they do pre-emptive strike to destroy this group before they might speak out , silent their freedom of speech rights before they even start thinking of using their microphone and keep this group from getting larger by violating their right of freedom of assembly by the threat of IRS witch hunt repercussions to those who attend their meetings or join their group !!! This is obama and progressive cronies in attempt to silence any oppositon voices by misusing government powers of the IRS !!

    • Anonymous

      Question where is the IRS in investigating left wing Hollywood groups ,do they have go though the hoops like the conservative group ??? Should not the law or regulations be enforce equally ?????????????

  • Anonymous

    To Glenn if the IRS outing these members of this conservative group of Hollywood to be black listed in public to be shun and be outcast because they might speak out and for their views !! Then since you own a movie studio in Texas offer them a home where they won’t be shun because of their views and can exercise their freedom of speech and assembly without the threats of losing their status in making movies and TV programs and maybe to air on your channel !!!!!!!

  • Safeguard

    Look the right is on the Wall. We can blame anyone we want but at the end of the day we abused our First Amendment Right (times 2)… We don’t use it and we don’t make people accountable for abusing through lying.

    The bottom line is you should be able to say anything you want and do it anywhere. That is the MAIN CORE OF DEMOCRACY.

    If you are an NSA Employee with “sensitive information” and you are working a job that requires you to KEEP CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION as part of your “Job Description” than you need to be held accountable for it. But once it is out, it’s out.

    ‘US citizen has no right to free speech?’ State Dept spokesperson…’

    The issue with the IRS or any Government Contractor (I want to repeat that… “Government Contractor”) they have ABUSED THEIR POWER… It is an abuse of power for them to be involved in any engagement of Religion, Politics, Race, Creed, Color, and so on. THEY GOT ONE JOB and that is to WORK THE NUMBERS.

    In one column you have income, in the other column you have debt, you do the math with the little chart and pay it. They receive it and account for it. They have no business dictating 501(c)3s and “if” they qualify under the IRS’s Agenda. They don’t have an Agenda. So let’s be real clear, if they do, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT…

    They are not here to redistribute wealth of the world (since they do the taxes auditing for the whole world), establish political agenda, enforce health care, or anything else.

    Look, the First Amendment Right to disagree while agreeing to respect other’s opinions to disagree is the very foundation of democracy. Now we can complain all day long, but the reality is, it doesn’t matter if we don’t use it constructively.

    • Anonymous

      The simple act of asking inappropriate questions to the Conservative organizations applying for 501 (c) 3 status is a felony, government corruption, and a form of extortion. Not to mention, Obama owes his re-election to it. Obama knows EVERYone who is responsible for this and there is no way in hell that he will ever prosecute the delinquents. Democrats often wonder why Conservatives champion the right to own automatic weapons. If they keep going down the road they are going, they’re going to find out soon enough.

      • Anonymous

        They will champion their right to free speech and assembly without repercussion from obama police state IRS goons. What obama and progressives fear the most is a revolt from Holywood where the exercise their free speech where they make movies, show that will info the low information like sport freaks and America idol etc freaks !! But the don’t care to work crowd leeches who want all obama freebies at the expense of workers and retire workers they are beyond reach they live in fantasy world and never can return to reality !! It semi -automatic weapons only to use in self defense if obama turn government agency to his private goons squad ,no laws,regulations ,rules,no respect for contitution or bill of rights when operating in U.S and acting like German SS witch hunting Jews or anyone not in lockstep with this fascist regime that is different matter !! First I would try to votes these progressive fascist out office using their method of hollywood instead of proganda but with facts and whole truths to wake up the low information voters !!!! I believe this what scare obama and the progressive the most !!!

      • Safeguard

        The IRS, NSA, HHS and other Government Contractors are being used to keep us all busy from the real issues. The reason for the attach on the 501(c)3 is to restrict cash flow in the country. Whomever controls the cash is king. They are using these agencies to keep people under control and contained.


        If you can get through this link and just listen to what they are not saying. They are supporting Obama…. but they aren’t… They don’t believe that they have political power…


  • Ocean Sprayz

    The more centralized control, the more the forces of liberty that enable prosperity are extinguished and the more the forces of freedom that shaped the very minds attempting to centrally direct it, are destroyed.

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