Why are Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough defending Glenn?

During an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File earlier this week, Glenn admitted that he wished he would have done more to talk “about the uniting principles a little more instead of the problems” during his time on the network. His statements apparently took many in the media by surprise, but Glenn has found support from two very unlikely sources: CNN’s Piers Morgan and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

“Here’s what I regret saying the other night with Megyn Kelly. I regret leaving out: Has anybody else in the media asked themselves this question? Because all of us are responsible,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And it’s not only just those in the media. How about all of us across the country? What role have all of us played [in dividing the country]?”

Last night during a segment with Ann Coulter on his CNN show, Morgan actually paused to ask himself that very question. In rare moment of being “self-reflective,” Morgan admitted that when he gets “over angry” or “abusive” to pro-gun advocates during gun debates, it “actually doesn’t help the debate.”

MORGAN: …Because Glenn Beck was quite brave, I thought, to say what he said. If I’m being self-reflective – it doesn’t happen very often – I might as well throw it out there. We mentioned guns. When I’ve done the guns debate, I can tell when I get over-angry. I get a little bit abusive to the gun people that it actually doesn’t help the debate.

“That is good. A very good step,” Glenn said. “How many people in the media are looking for silence to think and to say, ‘What role did I play? Have I played a role? Can I be better today or tomorrow?’ That’s what we all should be doing. And apparently Piers Morgan did this.”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe also got in on the action with Scarborough finding Glenn’s comments to be sincere.

“Joe Scarborough is not a guy who’s never been friendly to us,” Glenn said. “And I don’t think we’ve ever been friendly to him…When I left Fox, he said, ‘You’ll figure out that, without Roger Ales, he’s nothing.’ I mean think of the vitriol that guy had for me.”

SCARBOROUGH: You know, he came out this past week and also said, ‘If you are anti-gay, if you don’t like a person because they are gay, you have no place in this country, don’t call yourself a fan of mine.

I think what’s fascinating about this is that if Glenn Beck were saying all this from a position of weakness that would be one thing. Glenn Beck, from what I saw, made like $90 million dollar last year. He has done on the Internet what the largest corporations in America have tried to do on the Internet. I mean, he has, he has somehow brought together TV and Internet and he’s had an extraordinary year financially. So I think that’s what’s even more telling about this is that he’s making these admissions from a position of strength.

I mean what do you think about it, Mika? Let’s toss it around the table… By the way, I don’t think anybody is more harshly critical of Glenn Beck over the past several years than me. I take him at his worth. But Mika, even some reason he’s being conical in these things he’s saying – that’s even better because that means that he recognizes that there is a market for this sort of inclusive talk… I commend him actually. Not that he needs my commending at all.

“He’s giving you the benefit of the doubt either way,” Pat said. “He’s taking you at his word. He said that you are sincere. But even if you’re not sincere, even if you’re doing it for profit that means there’s a market for it and you’ve realize that. You’re tapping into. Either way he likes it.”

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As Glenn explained, the purpose of TheBlaze is not to play to people’s cynicism. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. TheBlaze’s mission is “[to] tell stories of love and courage where the good guys win.” That mission is so not in line with anything anyone else is doing, however, so it is difficult for people to really comprehend it all.

“It’s time they understand. It’s time that they see,” Glenn concluded. “Because if we can get just a couple of people on their networks that say: You know what? I don’t agree with Glenn Beck on a lot of stuff. He’s, he’s pro life. I’m pro-abortion. Fine. But you know what? We’re not enemies with each other. We’re not enemies. We’re going to be doing serious battle on that front. But we do believe in the community of man… Are we going to disagree on certain points? Yes… [But] I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. You don’t tell me how to live my life. And we can get along.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Is the world ending? Never in my life I thought I would see the day. I got to give them both credit for being a honest for once.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t expect it to last…..they’re liberals…..rationalization nor common sense are attributes of theirs…just saying…..

    • Crassus

      With friends like Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough, Glenn doesn’t need any……..well, you know the rest.

      • Safeguard

        Wow… You can’t have a conversation with the other side if they are not listening… Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough have the light on… Look, I would love nothing more to get a good fight going… but right now.. these guys need to understand that First Amendment isn’t just for the Dems and the “Agenda”… Its for everyone around the world…

        If Freedom of Speech is not fostered to open intelligent dialog then Beck won’t get them to hear him…

        Then it is GAME OVER and believe me when I tell you we all loose the game… Even the Winner… because they will then have 1 party… theirs.. that makes it a Dictatorship?? Just Throwing It Out There… 😛

    • Anonymous

      This kills me. They are only being honest when they say something you agree with !!

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

        Well maybe if they did not lie 90% of the time of course you never pick up on that do you?

        • Anonymous

          Lies or truth ?! Not my point. The majority of what many commentators espouse Is nothing more than their opinions. So in this instance we agree with their opinions. Doesn’t determine if they are honest or not. It’s like they are only honest if they agree with me..

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

            Not true with me. Their are somethings Glenn say I have to disagree with but I know he is being honest about his sources and things like that even if I disagree. With many on MSNBC very few will you find even a hint of honesty.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right when it comes to cold , hard facts. But I was referring more to the ideological stance some folks have. And regardless of if we agree with them, I’m sure they are just as sincere and honest in expressing those beliefs as you are in yours.And the post was all about being introspective and expressing feelings

    • T funk

      He is actually an honest person. Not perfect but fair and honest.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you are sounding more and more like O’Reilly every day.

    • Anonymous

      I sure hope not. I used to watch O’Reilly but he thinks he knows it all and is very condescending to those who he thinks he is superior to.
      Just watch how O’Reilly talks to Krauthammer and compare that when he talks to Beck and you see what I mean.

  • Shirley Francisco

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    ♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣ ♣♣￿♣♣ ♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣♣ ♣♣�♣ ♣♣♣I get a little bit abusive to the gun people that it actually doesn’t help the debate.

  • Anonymous

    This just shows how stupid these commentators are. The Tea Party was NEVER anti-gay or any of the other horrible labels they tried to tag us with. We are for less intrusive government; less debt; controlling the deficit; controlling our borders and reigning in out of control waste and spending. Who has a problem with that??

    • Anonymous

      Good, never compromise your principles but always be open to discussion.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, the majority of Americans who voted for the other guy. What you say makes sense 100%, but the government is a business for itself, ie Washington, and it’s all about MONEY. Look at all the divisiveness among voters, putting in millions for party support, without understanding where each one is leading the country.

      • Alex

        yourpaled, good point. It’s because voters keep supporting the two corrupt parties – the DemoPublicans – that our nation is dying. Neither one supports the U.S. Constitution, and both favor government control instead of individual liberty. That’s why I left the Republican Party and joined the Constitution Party.

        • Anonymous

          Leaving the main party is almost always wrong. You’ll never find anyone you are totally in agreement with. There are some fine people in the Republican part, as well as not-so-fine people. The answer is for all of use that have ideals like the Tea Party or Constitution party to put people in office that agree with your ideals. But, splitting up the Conservatives into different parties will only strengthen the Democrats/socialists/communists. They are laughing all the way to the bank while people like you destroy the Republican party rather than rebuild it.

    • Sam F.

      “Who has a problem with that??”

      The people who vote to receive more money and those who use your money to buy their votes.

    • Anonymous

      To answer the last question at the end of your comment? Obama!

    • Marianne Dagher

      we are a straw man in that regard and they pile on the lies to describe us when all we are is pure patriot. How hateful can you be?

  • Greg

    Used to be “live and let live” but somehow morphed to “live and let die”!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I look at your time of TV as an awakening. You woke us up, you gave us information we would never have had access to otherwise. You made us sit up, you gave us facts and inspiration, because, finally someone on TV cared enough about OUR country to put themselves on the line.
    People want to naturally trust our government and now we know to what extent personal agendas will be followed to destroy our country. If you had not cared, time would have passed, we would have continued to believe,the lies and it would have been too late to save America.
    You always gave us choices, but you made us think outside the box. You tested us.
    There are so many things I would have known zilch about, CC, Agenda 21, the useless czars, the corruption and the infiltration.
    You stood up against the old media at a great cost.
    But, it did not go unnoticed. Millions appreciate all you have done and to this day we are more united than ever before. Your time was not wasted. Jut look at the great meeting on the Mall you put together. It was not in vain. You made us stand up and take responsibility.
    Now, even more than ever, we need your voice to continue with uniting those that care. The others mean nothing. We need you to help riding this country of the evil miscreants that are taking over. I will never regret your time on TV. Thank You.

    • art laramee

      These sentiments reflect mine. But I must admit that since you, Glenn, appeared to back away from your time on Fox News, that irritated me. It sounds like you are caving to the left pressure on you, so, what, you can be liked? They will never like you. You inspired me to get involved and learn, educate myself, gather with others of like sentiments. I too went to the mall with my wife. The beauty of it, the cleanliness that the condition the mall was left in spoke volumes of your supporters. But what you gave us was knowledge. A connecting of the dots that we couldn’t do on our own.If you abandon that you will have made a grave error and the country will be worse off for it. You have done the job we expected the media to do but doesn’t do. The left has always been viciously against anyone not on their side. And the right was unresponsive or incompetently responsive. We need leaders like you. Please don’t let us down. You didn’t divide the country. It was already divided. You gave the weak side backbone through leadership and information.

      • Anonymous

        All we need is one or two true leaders to get us going again. To show us the way and expose tthe wrong doing.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said, I hope Mr. Beck will not cave to pressure from the top.

      • Anonymous

        I know Glenn has stepped back to some degree. The left overstepped the line by attacking Glenn’s family. Glenn did what he had to do to protect them. He didn’t keep pushing because of his ego, he backed away when he should. The progressives are bullies, but there is a tipping point.
        A White House insider said last year, everything they are doing, is to see just how much we will take. They are about to find out.

        I just wish someone would address the massive voter fraud the last election. Plenty has been documented.

    • donna pentecost nichols

      I couldn’t agree more. I highly respect Glenn Beck. He cares about where we are going as a country.

    • Marianne Dagher

      Your voice is actually the only voice we need to hear.

  • Anonymous

    There are subjects that unite even the extreme positions on either side. The NSA invasion of personal information privacy has both the left and right on fire. The SCOTUS incredible (even I would say unconstitutional) expansion of state sovereignty to allow seizure or personal property purely to enhance the tax base inflamed the most extreme elements of both left and right.

    Glenn’s focus has always been on those elements of the Founders’ vision of a government that was based on the will of individuals to do their best to improve society built on personal responsibility and freedom. That vision is what even liberals have to recognize.

  • Anonymous

    So. To sum up: The TEA party has never been anti-gay. It’s never been about race. It’s always been about cutting government spending, government living within the means it already takes in and stops increasing our taxes. It’s always been about making sure that ALL of us have the maximum amount of freedom in our individual lives with the minimum amount of government needed to do things like ensure the safety of its citizens through maintaining the military (for example). It’s always been about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    The problem I see here is that truth is truth. Truth, by its very nature can be divisive. A lot of people don’t like the truth. Honestly the only thing I can think of where Glenn really went off the rails was when he wondered if President Obama didn’t like white people. Otherwise his time at FOX News was largely spent telling people the truth. Could he have been more “uniting?” Well, yes–but only if you can get people to unite around TRUTH. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to unite just to “unite.” If that were the case I’d be going along with what the Republicans keep telling me we “have to do” to be “relevant” and so on and so forth rather than standing up for what I believe to be true and right.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, very good point. It reflects the idea of party politics.Don’t democrats say the same thing about their points. They keep telling their followers what we “have to do” to be “relevant”. Therein lies the problem. Both parties spew the same rhetoric. America needs a strong new party that will live up to the foundations of the great nation and rebuild the country as it was intended by the founding fathers. Unfortunately, both parties today are continuing to destroy America without letup.

      • Marianne Dagher

        Democrats’ talking points are always about separation, rich vs poor, black against white, gay against straight. Citizen against alien, and on and on. Republicans are working for a united country , for smaller government and for Constitutional values I grew up with. We can’t trash them but we can teach them. Hopefully they will learn not to trash us.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn gave us the tools, it was up to us as to whether we wanted to unite. He did not divide the country like is current admin has made it a point to do.
      When the progressives have no sane argument concerning budget, spending, etc, they toss out race and sex. They are so predictable.

      • T funk

        He played into the likes of huffpo and others of the same suit.

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    It is pretty amazing, but then most of the people who have a negative opinion of Glenn are NOT basing it on their OWN experience, but on the comments of the liberal, Progressives. Ditto goes for the Tea Party. The MSM, editorial cartoons, Lib news sites all paint the TP as bigoted, racists, extremists, but have nothing to back up the attacks other than that they disagree with limited gov’t, and the Constitution. It is somewhat ironic that Glenn criticizes himself for being divisive, when his 9/12 project brought so many people together who had thought they were all alone in their respect for and promotion of love of God, Country and the Constitution. The 9/12 project will be celebrating its 5th anniversary in March. It stands as a model to the community Glenn has fostered.

    • Anonymous

      These are the same people, when asked, never watched the show. They are sheeple that refuse to think for themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything Glenn has said lately. I applaud him for taking a stand like he has on various issues over the past month. I think it’s great and wonderful. However, I find it very odd that he really does care what Piers and Joe think of him. It appears that Glenn Beck really does care about getting in good with some of these extreme liberal individuals. This to me is rather shocking because I thought that Beck didn’t care about what these people say about him? It shows that at the end of the day, people on the right are still concerned what low rated news personalities think about him. It’s also shocking because Glenn makes fun of moderate republicans caving into the media. Glenn has just done the same thing. So apparently, it’s ok for Glenn Beck to over-trust the liberal media, but establishment republicans can’t. I’m sorry Glenn, but you really have no right to ridicule the “rinos,” when you do the same thing with the media. Glenn, why not use uniting language when talking about the republican party? Calling Christie “A Fat Nightmare,” along with attacking and threatening other republicans is pretty hypocritical and eye opening. You are willing to work with extreme liberals, but not republicans. Why is that?

    • Anonymous

      Because in this case, they agree with Beck’s purpose. One of the worst mistakes to make is to favor political personalities against others, and Beck has done that all along.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, when Cuomo said “anti-gay”, he meant those of us to define marriage the way it was CREATED – one man and one woman. You should know that. But you should also know that as a Christian, I am anti-sin. (And yes, I am a sinner by nature and choice who has been redeemed only by the grace of Jesus Christ.) Homosexuality (“gay”) is clearly defined in the Bible as sin. Therefore, am I anti-gay? By that definition, yes. I would much rather be true to Christ than your “fan”. (And I’ve supported you for years.) The fact is that the sin of homosexuality separates a person from a good and holy God for eternity. It should be hated as all other sin is hated for that very reason. (Not hating a person but the sin.) If you do not hate the sin of homosexuality, you cannot claim that Jesus Christ is your Lord (meaning “boss” or “master”). Period. Time for you, Glenn, to choose who you will serve.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it a sin?

      • Anonymous

        Because sexual behavior falls under the category of morality. God, who designed males and females as complementary beings for human happiness, pleasure and the propagation of the human race, knew that certain behaviors were destructive. This destruction is obvious to anyone with an open mind. They violate the laws that God gave us for our happiness and protection. These immoral sexual behaviors include sex outside of marriage, incest, homosexuality, and other behaviors that lead to disease, brokenness and ultimately eternal separation from a holy God.

    • jalina susan stutte

      Glenn has spoke and said that he hates the sin but loves the sinner and Glenn serves God, no doubt. I call that being Christian.

      • Safeguard

        So in order to be Christian we shouldn’t extend our hand and hearts to help other people?

        Oh my word… I am going to hell… I didn’t bother to find out if a few of these folks are gay or not… was I supposed to ask that before working with them?

        What if we help orphanages and they have children in there?? How do we know which ones to feed… How can we tell which ones are going to be gay or not? We don’t want to feed the ones that might be gay..?

        Is being Homosexual like a disease..? How do we see the warning signs of that…?? Is there a vaccine for it?

        If a gay person saves a straight person’s life is it ok for them to go to heaven?

        Is it contractible? Didn’t we already determine that is wasn’t airborne with the GRID thing in the 80’s?

        Does the Jewish, Muslim, or Catholic Community know about this gay thing or is it just some selective group of people in the US?

        Didn’t we already suffer through this thing with Clinton in 1996 with that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell thing?

        What bearing do gays have on the economy and the countries ability to function… as a democracy?

        Hey folks… there has been documented gay folks since George Washington… lets grow up and get over it.. they were out of the closet for more than 200 years now… show some tolerance please…

        Let’s have an intelligent conversation about something we can actually deal with…

        Tell you what… If I am laying in a hospital bed, headed to surgery, waiting on the Angle of Death… and my choices are some Junior College, Dope Smoking Hippie, who’s Privileged because of his Economic Status… or a Top Notch Surgeon, Ivy League Educated, Minority, Gay Guy… and the Gay Guy is a total Butt Head… Just downright rude… and I have to choose between the two of them… to go and Kick the Devils Ass for me while I am fighting for my life on the table…

        I am going with the Gay Guy!!

        I am going with the Dr. GG Everyday and Twice On Sunday…

        You let me know how Dr. Straight Bong Water works out for you…

        Don’t lie… If it were life or death… and you signed off… your family would be in there with a set of ticker kicker paddles praying for the Gay to walk in the room…

    • ArielMalek

      Glenn from what I have seen has simply said while he like the Lord, hates the sin, he also loves the sinner-which is the heart of Jesus. To hate the sinner is to come against Christ who died that they might be saved. And we are all sinners-not just homosexuals.

      Too many Christians are isolating that particular sin of homosexuality-and agreed it is a sin-but ignoring other sins, many of which are popular in the church such as gluttony, gossiping and especially judging and condemning. That last sin of which the religious leaders of Jesus day were particularly guilty was about the only sin that provoked anger in Jesus. The other sinners flocked to Jesus because they saw grace and love wrapped in righteousness. But Jesus was particularly angry at the condemning religious leaders because as He said, they were keeping people out of the Kingdom of God. And that is one thing we have to keep in mind: when we judge and condemn anyone for their sins, we are not drawing them to Jesus who died for them as well as us, but only driving them further away-and possibly to hell. Not knocking you brother, but I certainly wouldn’t want that on my record when I go before the Lord.
      As a practical note, I have both personally experienced and known of numerous homosexuals and lesbians who have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus because of the love and grace of Jesus shown-not the condemnation. God’s word says, “The goodness of God draws men to repentance.” God bless you.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent post. Agreed!

    • Marianne Dagher

      This is the gotcha question they can catch any of us on any day of the week. Do you think homosexuality is a sin? When did you stop beating your wife? There isn’t an innocent answer in the age where discrimination is a sin and not a careful way to think.

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    Every night, I thank God for the gift he gave us in Glenn Beck. Glenn has Educated, Enlightened, Entertained and Challenged us to be better people, more honest, more inclusive, more forgiving, more dedicated to the finding the Truth for ourselves. Is he a perfect person? I think not, but only those who know of him second hand dare doubt his sincerity and basic goodness.

  • Canadianlady

    I couldn’t care less what Piers Morgan or Joe Scarborough have to say about anything.

  • Dee Dunbar

    WE spent too much time rolling OUR eyes at the antics of the left and saying “Whatever” Glenn Snapped US back to OUR senses and stopped this RollOVER. Otherwise you can bet had WE not started standing up for OUR America and Morality WE would have never of taken control of the House and alot of the Senate back! WE must stay firm and focused if WE don’t they will start the PLOW and plow US under without remorse! Think of what could have happened if WE hadn’t gotten the House back! No Compromise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Speak the Truth. You cannot tell someone how to live life but you can show them by example and counsel. We know that some will not see or listen. When all fails, pray to the Lord.

  • landofaahs

    It makes little difference because the destruction to come is baked in the cake. Too late mate.

  • landofaahs

    Why? Because you have caved in to at least some of their positions.

  • ArielMalek

    I think Glenn’s step is commendable. Christians are called to speak the truth, but speak it in love. We are to love our enemies and bless those who persecute us. But too often we have contributed to the dividing of our nation in the culture war. Jesus said “A house divided cannot stand.” So satan loves to divide so he can conquer us. Of course that doesn’t mean we surrender our convictions, but we speak them in love not hate and anger. And if we obey the Lord we will no doubt win many of our opponents to at least listen, and probably many to see and acknowledge the truth.
    As Christians our first call is to declare and demonstrate the Kingdom of God on earth and so win people to Jesus. Good and godly government is only a byproduct of a good and godly people-we will not produce a righteous nation by changing the government and laws. Sinners can’t help but sin-they need a savior. Throwing stones at them for their politics or lifestyle only puts up walls and drives them further into the enemies camp.

    Our Lord has given us the same spiritual tools and new nature as the early church-and they turned their world upside down. We can’t blame sinners for the condition of our nation. If we will stop judging and get out of our comfort zone and share the Kingdom and Jesus with our neighbors-all of we believers-this nation will be back on its godly feet in no time. It’s time for each of us to stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror and ask our gracious Lord, as an arrested Saul of Taursus did, “Lord, what would you have me to do.” The destiny of our nation is in our hands. What are we waiting for? God bless you as you hear and obey our Lord and Savior!

  • Anonymous

    So, the view on economics ie, in conservatism is guilty by association. In other words just because conservatism believes in the second amendment, all other ideals of conservatism are wrong.

  • Josh Middendorf

    Total Quality Management and Edward Demming always said that Cooperation is better than competition. I think there is some real truth to that. Now, I don’t think we should all become liberals and sing kumbaya but if we can be diligent enough to listen to each other and cooperate, instead of constantly fighting we might actually find some solutions for American that would steer us in the right direction.

  • Walter Flatt

    Glenn is the only person on TV that tell the complete truth, next in line is Shawn, Bill, and the Judge.

  • Walter Flatt

    I wish that the below people would dig deeper in Obama’s history. According to his Grand Mother on his Dad’s side, he was born in Kenyon, so said the Ambassador from Kenyon. What about his College records, also, while digging, get into the White Water scandal in Ark., where so many people died.

  • Walter Flatt

    Why did Obama set up a shipment of tanks and planes for the radical Muslim group that took over Egypt and then cancel the shipment when the army kicked them out?
    Could it be he is trying to help the Radical Muslim’s world wide. It seems so.

  • linda barnett

    The devil is the devil and he will never be my friend. I will try to destroy what is evil before it destroys what is good. There is just no negotiation on some things.

  • Alex

    Glenn Beck is quoted as saying: “If you are anti-gay, if you don’t like a person because they are gay, you have no place in this country, don’t call yourself a fan of

    Well, Glenn, although I agree with most of what you say, sometimes you do go
    overboard. Homosexuality is a sexual perversion, among the many
    sexual perversions. God hates it and calls it an abomination. So
    it’s OK for people to tell the truth here, and tell people that it’s
    bad, immoral, and wrong. And this doesn’t necessarily mean that we
    don’t “like” homosexuals. Everyone is a sinner, but we need to
    make it clear that homosexuality is a sin too. It would have been
    nice if you had clarified that.

    Remember that the world is never going to love people who stand for truth, for truth
    can be divisive. Jesus was crucified for telling the truth. So, Glenn, don’t make the mistake of thinking that “unity” is the highest calling. It isn’t.

  • Safeguard

    We are all so busy with our own world and forget that we all need each other in one way or another, Too often we abuse ourselves by using and abusing others. It’s not just at the politics level or work level, it’s everywhere. We are allowing people to use Race, Creed, Color, Gender, Disability, Economic Status and more to dictate the accountability and responsibility for wrong doing, unfair practices and actions. So I say… “Hey, we are all different, talented, special and important with the Creator of the Universe (God, Higher Power, Higher Purpose – you fill in the blanks)… Now shut up and get over it… We are all in it together!” Stick with the truth… you may not like it, but it never changes.

    • Alex

      Is it ok for us to tell people that homosexuality is a sin, and that it’s bad, wrong, and immoral?

      • Safeguard

        Hi Alex

        I personally don’t agree with Homosexuality. However, I don’t stop what I am doing to help people to find out if they are gay or straight before I extend myself. See the way I look at it, we are here to help People. Not just straight people, not just they guy next door, or the guy at the top… But each other…?

        If “Sexuality” is a disability, gender is a hindrance, race is a deliminator factor, economic status is a “role, race is an entitlement”… then where do we stop the line. It seems the line keeps moving… Who stops the line from moving for the Agenda?
        We still haven’t compensated the Five Civil Tribes for the Trail of Tears… so we really don’t have anything to talk about when it comes to this other stuff… It is another disease of myopia.

        If we sell out every time we are uncomfortable then how do we expect to have a true democracy?

        Basically what I am saying is that democracy is for everyone regardless of the “Agenda”. All of these distractions and grey noise of who fits in the “box” are traps made of lies that have been indoctrinated into the masses for fools.

        Meaning that if we all used a little common sense in looking at the problem… the problem is that people need Water, Food, Housing, Medicine and will do what it takes to protect their family. It is survival for most of the world. We (the US) are painted as being lazy, rich and wasteful. But this is simply not true.

        This country is made of hard working men and women that (in some cases) have worked their whole life at the same factory that the last 3 generations of their family has worked at. Because we had the work, we had the jobs, we had the economic balance. Economics are based on relativity, it is relative to where your relatives live. :)

        My point is that we have all been programmed to see GAY and not focus on that GAY doesn’t mean GAY. It means that they are a person that should have the God Given Birth Right to opportunity, resources, and preference. If we don’t protect their rights then we will loose ours next…!

        There is some force standing by with a flame thrower to torch the Constitution if you answer the littlest question wrong. We don’t have to agree… We have to agree to disagree but agree to protect the right to disagree. NOT TO HARM, RESTRICT,HURT… You have the right to say that you don’t like Gays. It is ok to say that you don’t like it. But the same right that you use to disagree is the same right that they are using to say go sawed off.

        We can’t have it just our way for we when it suits us and it not be EQUAL for everyone else.

        Also I would like to point out that you focused on the issue of “GAY” and missed the point the opposition should be commended because they MANNED UP and said … that they didn’t look around at the other points of view.

        I personally don’t have time to debate GAY Issues… I am more concerned with the Higher Purpose of Humanity and Common Sense. For me the Constitution is COMMON SENSE to me; the Proclamation of Independence and the Declaration of Independence. We got to get back to the basics… we are way off base as a country… and we need to get our country back.

        Blame Games aren’t going to fix it. We need to let go of the “isims” and treat each other with respect. Mutual Respect. The same respect that you would want someone to give your mother. If we did that, then would be a lot nicer to each other. That bit of understanding and compassion would be 1/2 the battle.

        Identify the problem. (Ok, there it is).. Can we fix it? (No – Get Over It and stop wasting space and time). (Yes – Get on the stick and get a solution up here)

        Celebrate the Victories Together… Fight for Solutions on the Defeats.

        “We are all in it together.. there is no one better than another… just different…

        Let’s talk about how we can help with jobs… Let’s talk about how we can help the Left.. what can the right do to help the left and what can the left do to help the right?

  • Alex

    It would be nice if Glenn bothered to reply to the discussions on his website once in a while. Is there any way to actually get him to answer questions?

  • keith howard

    there is a lot I disagree with Glen Beck about, especially his views on homosexuality, and his Morman faith, but that dosent mean he is my enemy, or that I hate him. There is so much we can agree on and work together on. I wish everone could put aside hatred and work together on the things we can do to make our nation a better place for us all. That we can value truth over lies and deciept. Try to be honest honorable people.Say what you mean and mean what you say, treat others as you would have them treat you. That cant help but make us all a better world to live in.

  • Anonymous

    Since most knowledge exists as personal insights into the ever-changing conditions each of us faces, it cannot be systematically organized.

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