Payback? Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza targeted by the Feds

The man behind the wildly successful anti-Obama documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, has been indicted in New York on charges he violated campaign finance laws. On Thursday, federal prosecutors announced the charges against conservative author and scholar Dinesh D’Souza.

According to TheBlaze, D’Souza will be arraigned Friday on charges he directed $20,000 in illegal contributions be made in the 2012 New York Senate race. The funds allegedly benefited Wendy Long, who unsuccessfully ran for Hillary Clinton’s United States Senate seat.

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“Let’s talk a little bit about the lead story on TheBlaze right now – the Dinesh D’Souza story. This story is sad. Really sad. I think Dinesh D’Souza is one of the smartest guys around… and was doing so much good,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He was at King’s College, and he was fired at King’s College because he was having an affair. And once that happened, we thought, ‘Oh, boy, Dinesh’… [But] Dinesh went and he made the second biggest documentary film of all time.”

We first learned of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups last spring, and since then the number of cases involving organizations and high profile conservatives being investigated or targeted has skyrocketed.

The Hollywood Reporter reports D’Souza found out he was being investigated by the feds in the mid-2013, months after his anti-Obama documentary earned roughly $33 million at the box office. Given the success of the film and its anti-Obama sentiment, one cannot help but speculate the documentary somehow played a role in this investigation and subsequent indictment.

“I think even before the IRS thing, a lot of us would have said, ‘I don’t know if they really do that,’ [but] I mean we would suspect it,” Stu said. “But we know they do this now, and we know they use the apparatus to target people that they don’t like. That’s confirmed. So whether this is a case of it, we don’t know yet.”

Sadly, Glenn doesn’t think it will much matter if D’Souza is found guilty or not because is career is most likely over either way.

“You know what? Even if it turns out not to be true… this country now can indict you – and will. They will indict you. Whether you’re guilty or not, it doesn’t really matter because your career is over,” Glenn concluded. “If they want to destroy you, they will get you on something. He was a target. I don’t know about in this case, but if you’re not clean and you’re going after the people in power, you’re done. You are done. Prayers with Dinesh.”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read one of Dinesh D’Souza’s books “The Virtue of Prosperity,” and I HIGHLY recommend it. I also watched the 2016 documentary and enjoyed it likewise. The man is a genius when it comes to economics and he’s down to earth as well. He relates to the poor and the rich alike, due to his background and his success (which he built all on his own).
    Perhaps he broke a law here, perhaps not. That’s why there’s an investigation. If he broke the law he has to pay the price but consider this: In a Senate race, with all of the contributions out there, $20,000 seems like a paltry sum to me. Both parties are full of candidates who constantly try to modify campaign finance rules to their own perceived benefit. D’Souza’s candidate lost, i.e, he bet on the wrong horse. This “offense” of his doesn’t even matter to anybody, save someone who seeks to do his image harm, just saying.

  • Anonymous

    One of the few people left in the film-making industry, who actually speaks the truth for what it’s worth and one, who isn’t afraid to publicly talk about it. By what the fed is up to, it tells us “D’Souza was right!

    • Anonymous

      D’Souza’s got haters. Your level of success in life is directly related to the amount of haters you have.

      • Anonymous

        Because of D’Sousa’s ethnicity, and for instance, say he were a liberal and a conservative administration was conducting this investigation, I’m fairly certain that somehow this would be attributed to racism.

        • Anonymous

          I tend not to think of it that way. If D’Souza really did what they said he did, then he needs to own up to it. We don’t have all of the evidence in yet so it’s really hard to speculate as to what is really going on. I have black friends who complain about getting pulled over by white cops. If they get a speeding ticket or go to jail for driving without a license…they still broke a law. Yeah, it sucks that the cop scrutinized them, but if they had nothing to hide, then the worst that’s going to happen is they’ll be late for work from getting pulled over.

          • Anonymous

            Of course, that’s what civilized societies do, they respect the rule of law. So I’m in complete agreement with you on that one. Bernie Goldberg, has it right, he said (not a quote) that the silence is deafening over Benghazi, the IRS scandal and a host of other governmental lawless actions. These highly important news stories are somehow swept under the rug and Obama’s adoring press stands mute, meanwhile, a perceived enemy of the “liberal”state, is treated like the man who killed JFK. Again, those who break the law, should learn from their mistakes – for some reason I’ve received three speeding tickets over the past two years….so…maybe that theory doesn’t work for everyone, but I think you know where I’m coming from. What a story (in conservative circles) this will turn out to be if D’Souza is vindicated. If that be the case, then America has most definitely turned the full page to becoming a dangerous and lawless society. Then, none of us are safe…this story is worth keeping our eye on.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it’s worth keeping an eye on. D’Souza is a good man and it sucks seeing him raked over the coals. I’m only playing devil’s advocate here. I think that pretty soon bad things are going to be so normal that we come to expect injustice from our government.

          • Anonymous

            It is to bad for any of us to “expect” the unmoral behavior of our government as the new norm. – A bit off topic, but, my daughter lives out in LA. “nice place to visit – but you know the rest”…anyway, we were talking about the time you must have been writing your post, she was out shopping today – as most young American women do – and there was a man standing close by with only half a mustache, now she has only lived there for almost a year and is still able to be shocked by the strange customs, but most people out there don’t even bat an eye because they’ve grown so accustom, my fear is, this same lax attitude, might be prevalent – from sea to shinning sea – when our government decides to throw in a few more hoops for conservatives to jump through. Here’s one for you – and this is off topic – my wife and I own an adult foster care home, we hire on-site doc’s and nurses, along with that package comes therapy, labs toe-nail specialists etc. Well about 2yrs ago our “toenail-guy” who by the way was “gay” (imagine) decided he’d had enough and quit his job in search for greener pastures out west. My wife was watching HGTV today and guess who was on the show with his new boyfriend looking to buy a house or condo…we couldn’t help ourselves from laughing. Like I said not on subject at all, but I feel as if I had to tell someone, aren’t you glad it was you LOL…Z

          • Anonymous

            Totally glad. My sister lives in San Francisco. I don’t mind it to live and let live, but when you come across a bunch of weirdos all at once in the same place, you just want to go…somewhere, anywhere but where you are standing.

          • jen

            Punishment for such cases is only a fine, as Laura Ingraham researched in other cases. $20k is not worth is for government to run a case. Obviously, this is for revenge.

          • Anonymous

            Is it a felony then?

          • jen

            Not according to Ingraham and her legal research. Just an administrative fine.

          • Anonymous

            This is new information to me. I guess it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see what’s going on here huh?

          • jen

            Yup, every American should be in dread of such a government. If you don’t stay in line or else is their message, they come up with the most irrational ways to get you or set you up.

  • Sam Fisher

    But I thought liberals say Obama never does this sort of thing? Which only goes to show you Obama will go this low and their for someone besides Obama suportters should look into the whole IRS mess because clearly the worshipers of Obama are blind to reality.

    • jen

      Listen to 4:40 mark – as Beck said “they will use every apparatus, republicans and democrats’. And here you are, covering up for republican party masters when both rnc/dnc don’t want their crooked 2 party system to be shaken up and will harm whoever gets in the way in any real way.

  • Deborah Phillips

    Unfortunately, this is not just a recent phenomenon. For a very long time (at least 50 years or so), this country has been targeting individual citizens randomly to ruin their good reputation.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t have a Watkins Committee today. Government overreach goes unchecked now.

  • Anonymous

    Emperor Barry Soetero giving paybacks to some guy who made a film?

  • fire lion


    Under the Bush regime

    His DOJ specificially targeted Tommy Chong of cheech and chong on BS charges

    His DOJ targeted the porn industry

    Republican congress targeted black congressmen for ethics violations
    ( something white politicians get away with because they have better lawyers)

    • Crassus

      Yeah, Charlie Rangel really got a long prison term, didn’t he? Jackass.

    • Jim1p

      Yeah! All those poor innocent people who never did anything wrong, at least those guys didn’t try to tank our economy and send the IRS after anyone.

      Tommy Chong? The porn industry. I do hope this was intended as humor, because it is funny . And congress ethics violations are not excusable. They make rules they want to be exempt from. There is no excuse for them to break their own rules. A private citizen I can understand not being aware he broke a law.

  • fire lion

    20 thousand dollars. A blackman with that kind of money and a small amount of drugs would have 20 YEARS IN PRISON from your precious mandatory minimums you conservatives so love.

    Of course you all love fraud cus you love capitalism so he’ll get probation.

    • Anonymous

      Obama got campaign money from foreign countries.

    • russell zinter

      you are a moron

  • Charles Hurst

    We have ignored the bully in America with our federal corruption. And it started long before Barry arrived. Let me draw a parallel example of what happens when you sit by and let it happen.

    I began a fictional account of this in 2005. It is terrifying how much closer we are since publication. People told me at the time I was being over dramatic. Actually I was basing my work on the history of fallen nations. I was in California at the time. And we were being overrun by illegals. I said California would become a third world country. Nine years later it is on its way. And why? Because people allowed it. They slowly let the bullying agenda go forward. The ignored illegal aliens–it would be ok they said. This was America. Guess what–they now outnumber you in California. It won’t be long before the courts rule you need to give your land back to them.

    And now this unconstitutional and tyrannic mindset of the government is nationwide. And most are just hoping it goes away on its own. Or thinking GOP in 2014 or 2016 is going to stop it. Hate to tell you, most of GOP is in the same camp.

    Barry should have been removed the second he infiltrated government into our health care. And the fact is he should have been removed by our military. He should have been removed the second he said he would use executive orders at his whim. And he should be removed now.

    Many will sit back and idly hope it doesn’t get worse. Let me explain what I learned about tyranny in my research for my writing. Trying to hope tyranny goes away is like hoping a bully stops on the playground. You can hope it stops, hide in the corner or try to negotiate with the bully–there is only one way to deal with the bully in the end. You break his damn nose.

    In the original conflict between North and South in our own history, it didn’t just happen overnight. People grew angry over years and began to utter the words–long before the first shots were fired. And I’m hearing those words now. I’m seeing them on these screens.

    And those words are Civil War.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Hurst, if the House goes to the Democrats in 2014 I do believe that 2015 will be a very bad year economically. The Senate and House will vote on bill after bill to expand Obamacare into a single payer system and I do believe they will price most of the nation straight into poverty in a very short amount of time. When we can’t get our food or medicine at the supermarket anymore, this will be a pissed off country.

    • Anonymous

      There is an account speaking about the fall of America, that is not fictional, although, most of our citizens will say that it is, or, they’ll write it off as ancient history, but that idea is just as erroneous. I commend you for standing strong in your urgency pertaining to a gloomy forecast for the future for our nation. Most people educated in America today, have elected to forgo the lessons of history. When we look back – about the only thing that one could conclude from that ignorant mistake is, the only thing history has taught us – we are in fact, bound and determined to repeat it. Our nation is lacking the benefit of having strong willed men in power, who truly understand the significance of the past. If anything, what the volumes of world history has recorded, is this world has never known anything but war. Today, those positioned in high level office believe just the opposite. They feel the best avenue for peace is through the use of diplomacy, when recent negotiations have proven that route an absolute joke and failure. Even our best diplomats, are woefully out gunned and maneuvered by crafty opposition.

      Because of this failure to teach our future generation (which in my opinion, this generation is probably the last) civil-war is unavoidable, but this go round, the stakes are much higher. There are to many nations out there that relish the idea of an American downfall, if we revert to killing each other, there’s more than a handful of rogue nations that will add their “bang for the buck” helping to finish us off. As if anyone at this juncture in world history needs to be reminded, we live in a nuclear proliferate age. Many ill-advised world leaders think that an atomic war can be won. Are we willing to take that chance, or better stated, if we refuse to look back at the lessons of history, we are bound to repeat them and nothing so far in American circles of government say otherwise. .


  • dennis reilly

    the politicians are all so corrupt and get away with all their crimes while crying holier than thou to all who might listen

  • Anonymous

    I knew this would happen to Mr.D’Souza after he expressed his opinions of Obama. To me, it confirms what an insidious person we have running our country (or should I say, “ruining our country”?). And I understand Payback. very well. I was the victim of Payback once, and I’m not a threat to anyone. I’m a retired piano tuner with no political background. I once disagreed with an elder in a church matter and didn’t know that he was the Zoning Official. Five years later, when I was building an addition, along comes Mr. Payback with a list of false charges that shut down my construction. I hope that Mr. D’Souza’s situation ends as well as mine. By the time I was through with this Zoning Official, he got a judgment from the state and lost his job. I would like to see Obama impeached and lose his job, too.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, that is not going to happen as long as Reid has control of the Senate.

      Will we win the senate in 2014? Not until they clean up all the voter fraud.
      These people have unrelenting power of destruction. They lie, cheat and they do not care who they destroy in the name of victory!

      • Crassus

        It’s not going to happen even if the Republicans take the Senate in 2014. Let’s say they pick up 10 seats making for a grand total of 55. They’d still need the votes of 12 Democratic Senators to remove Obamao from office. Does anyone really think that will ever happen?

    • Anonymous

      You can very well not be a threat to anyone. Some evil idiot will eventually come along and decide that you don’t have the right to be the good person that you are. The evil one will also decide that you need to be harassed, namely because you won’t sanction a certain behavior or endeavor of theirs. Such people don’t deserve any of your time or attention. You are obviously but a pawn to such a person like that. Why can’t people see that every single one of us is a pawn in Obama’s little dictatorial game of chess?

  • Keith Pallo

    This follows typical Stalin and Communist dictates!! They do this to their enemies however with Stalin you just disappeared as happens in most communist/marxist dictatorships! Since we haven’t yet hi that point this communist piece of garbage use the full power of the corrupted federal Government to destroy those who actually stand up to it. They aren’t even hiding it anymore!! They are so arrogantly waiving it in our faces because they beleive we can’t stop them now or ever anymore!!! They may be right because the silent majority just says whatever…it doesn’ hurt me!!

  • Anonymous

    Communist America. This government is totally out of control. Chicago thuggery in progress here. This man is getting indicted for giving money to a candidate, when BO and his minions directly lie consistently, destroy industries, economies, and the US healthcare system, spend taxpayer money on trips and family parties, etc. and this is okay. What is wrong with America? How do we allow these atrocities to continue. This is more of a crime than campaign money. Besides, when BO received millions from undocumented offshore accounts…where is the DOJ and it’s zeal to catch tax felons who donated to BO????

  • Anonymous

    Remember the video and the filmmaker that was accused of starting the Benghazi riot? Was he sentenced to prison on some charge related to the film? And Is he still in prison?

  • Dave Neumann

    When i read these post or listen to news concerning Obama’s Marxist regime and how all aspects of it operate it should come to no surprise at they’re oppression and retribution. It doesn’t take a genius to understand we have a Marxist running the show he has gradually revealed himself but to very little avail and coverage very few americans have figured that out. Oh the guy is very slick on camera but behind closed doors functions in the realm of uncontitutionality and a way of life that hasn’t worked for 200 years. All indicators reveal the country is steadily going down the toilet and no one seems to care and notice. After Benghazi, the irs, Nsa, and the lies about the unafordable care act. Obama and Hillary should be behind bars which proves to me there is no true blue justice in the land.

  • Anonymous

    The guy who financed john Edwards was charged with the same crime, a misdemeanor.

  • landofaahs

    It seems the democrats cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. I call the “Democnazi’s”. By the way, when did being tolerant become an automatic good thing? When did murder become tolerant? When did a constant complaining neighbor become something to tolerate without condemnation? When did a drunk or doper beating on his or her kids become something to tolerate? When did being communist become something to be tolerant of? We should never tolerate evil in our personal lives even if a bunch of half-baked brain legislators, president and judges say otherwise.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    Even though liberty and free enterprise are proven to be the most effective ways to unleash civilization’s advance, the natural uncertainty associated with them sometimes motivates insecure people to rebel against them.

  • fire lion

    I hope Souza learns about REAL america in his prison cell.

  • Kenny

    D’Souza plead guilty to campaign finance violation: I knew I was wrong. Can’t wait to see how Beck spins this..LOL He faces 10 to 16 months in prison. Hope the judge throws the book at him!

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