Photos: The new “Global Warming” art installation at Mercury Studios

There is some new art on display at the Mercury Studios in Dallas, TX. You’ve already seen the “David and Goliath” piece with TheBlaze and The New York Times standing in for the Biblical characters, but check out the new piece that just went up this week.

  • Rob

    Love this! Ben McPherson is an amazing arteest.

  • Anonymous

    Great piece of art. Wish I had one for my front yard but I would freeze to death putting it up!

  • landofaahs

    If we could just get some global warming going on, we could have more money in people’s pockets to spend on other things besides heating oil, nat gas, propane etc. God sure has ways of making idiots of scientists who support the lie of global warming.

    • Thomas Davenport

      I sincerely doubt the millions and millions of folks in central America, Australia and most of Africa are spending a lot on heat…..there is more to the world than the lower 48….take your noce out of your bible for a minute and you might realize it.

      • landofaahs

        I believe those scientists got stuck in all that ice at the pole because they were not correct on their assumptions. The scientists who support global warming have financial gain at stake. They have research grants etc. which I guess they can fudge the numbers like they did before to reach the conclusion they wanted. As far as my “noce” I don’t think I have one because I don’t know what a noce is. But I’m sure if you have one, it’s stuck up your rear.

  • Sam Fisher

    I have to be honest I do not get it.

    • Anonymous

      Sam, clearly, it’s a person on surf board going down a rat maze ending up in Hell. It’s called modern art.

      • Anna Barger Gaskin

        Isn’t that a dinosaur?… With my tiny screen, I can’t tell what this is either.

      • Sam Fisher

        Thanks for explaining it.

    • Anonymous

      I do not get it either, there should be an interpreter right next to the picture.
      If I see these modern art pictures, I am reminded of the fairy tale: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Every one pretended to see the new garments although he paraded through the streets naked.

      • Anonymous

        Reminds me of a time I was in the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg FL.

        A group of art students were led into a room with a tour guide, and their attention was directed to a typically preposterous sculpture (a woman with ears of corn stuck to her head or something).

        The guide stated that the work represented the struggle of the farming peasants in Dali’s home state, and the oppression of the powerful land owners. The students dutifully took notes, and left the room with the guide, moving on to the next piece.

        Then another group came in, led by another guide. Their attention was brought to the same piece, with the corn-headed woman, and the new guide explained it’s meaning to the students,

        Except that, instead of repeating what the previous guide had said, this guide explained that the work represented Dali’s repressed sexual feelings toward his mother, and Oedipal resentment of his father.

        NO mention was made of the previous guide’s explanation, nor was the new explanation presented in any tentative or uncertain way. It was simply stated as fact, just as the previous guide’s explanation was presented.

        I witnessed similar contradictions regarding other works there.

        To me, the funniest part of the whole thing was the way EVERY interpretation was both politically correct and deathly serious. Meanwhile, if you have seen any amount of Dali’s art, it should be completely obvious that humor is a very big part of his approach, and political correctness was not on the menu at all.

        I mean, here were these dour guides describing in grim tones the darkest interpretations of what was a completely silly-looking image, and no one seemed to acknowledge the incongruity of the situation.

        That’s the Art World today. Pretentious and ignorant.

        • Anonymous

          Just read your post. I studied art for a short while in college. I believe that Dali’s Surrealism borders on a bizarre and nightmarish scenario. To me most modern artists love the paradox and love to shock those who view their art. Dali’s outrages images and also his behavior seemed irrational, but then again people say genius and insanity often live in the same mind. When I told my art teacher that modern art is not my “cup of tea” she was dismayed and told me that “anything the mind composes should not be dismissed or frowned upon. Art comes in many forms.” That might very well be but these modern artists often stretch the tolerance of the observer to the very limit.

    • Anonymous

      I think the point is that it does not make sense, not just abstract.

  • Rich Cizik

    hate to sound this way, but would be easier to see if someone wasn’t blocking the same spot in all 3 photos… Pat please move…

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs photography lessons,
    All I see is half of something and the backs of 3 guys in a dimly-lit room.

    • Anonymous

      And a very poorly-lit painting.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure this was worth the money! Hey Glenn,I miss the old Glenn from Fox. Too fuzzy (not your beard) and all cuddley.I miss your news and the old format.Pease
    consider going back as I’m not learning anything new. Hope I’m not alone.

    • Anonymous

      I’m completely with you.

  • nutt

    (If you’re going to trumpet the NYTimes ripping-off your artwork, then you have to trumpet this as a blatant Banksy rip-off…)

  • Anonymous

    Psst . . . Hey – Pat! Next time stand more to the “right” during photo opps like this. (you make a better door than a window)

  • Anonymous

    How ’bout getting the hell outa’ the way? It’s difficult enough to interpret somebody’s “art” when you have the whole picture, let alone half.

    If I must, here’s my “literal interpretation” of this gem. I can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

    It appears to be a dinosaur skeleton (possibly a T-Rex) walking along, with a black pipe sticking out of its head. Out of this pipe comes a hose, or a cord, if you will, that winds upward until, eventually, it meets up and becomes the umbilical cord for a flying black panther, or possibly Batman, I’m not sure. Anyway, the contents of the cord are apparently so caustic that they explode right through this flying black thing with a dear head and antlers for a tail.

    You’re welcome.

  • Doctah Hooves

    I think the picture is trying to portray the connection of “Fossil” Fuels hence the Dinosaur leading up to the Airplane. Yes, it would be nice if they weren’t standing in the way BUT I think this was also done on purpose? so to interject the “Human” element? and the fact that our Beautiful Globe created by our Heavenly Father is still here and the “He” is in control, not man. Just my assumption.
    For the record I think the whole “Global Warming” thing is a bunch of BUNK. As was proven by the group of scientists that actually came out admitting that they were told to “Fudge” the numbers on Global warming remember that Folks? For years and years they were lying to us all! In which they are still doing.

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